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Hold Me Up

Ship : Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Warnings : None

Author note: Here it’s my first imagine (more like a drabble since it’s short) on this blog! Thanks @milleniumxhan​ for requesting it ;) It’s been quite a challenge! 

Maybe it’s a bit too sad, you know :c Anyway, feel free to correct my grammar and everything if there are mistakes :)

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Listen to it while reading : Conrad Sewell - Hold Me Up


In a minute you can realize you lost it all
In a second you were always there to break my fall
Till you came and saved my life

Feel like his world have fallen apart, maybe it’s because she isn’t here anymore. He knows too much the feel of her skin against his. He needs her right now, it’s the only thing that can make him stay James Buckanan Barnes. Not even those words can make him turn in his dark side when she is here.

In the lonely hour
In the lonely hour
Oh I’m praying for some help

Loneliness, that’s what he feels right now. He is screaming her name, wishing she was here, telling him that everything will be okay, but he is taking control of him, he can feel it.

I can’t do it by myself, need you now
Need you right now
You know there ain’t nobody else
Who can save me from this hell
Need you now, I need you right now

He’s not strong enough when she is not by his side. He had tried to find someone else, spending hours drinking in the bars, seeing her in every woman who came sitting beside him.
“Aren’t you foolish Barnes, thinking you can replace me after all of this?”
That’s the only thing she had said to him when he dreamed about her.

So hold me up, Oh
I know you’ll never let me down
Need you to hold me up, I
I need someone like you around

His hands exploring every curve of her body, kissing the nape of her skin, caressing her legs. She is his drugs. He need his drugs, because it’s the only thing that make him stay strong enough.

I wanna tell you secrets no ones ever heard before
I wanna give you everything, all of my heart and more
Cause you came and saved my life

Maybe if she had given him the time he needed, she will know everything. She will know everything that he feels when he is around her. She will have everything, his heart, his body, his soul…

In the lonely hour
In the lonely hour
Oh praying for some help

Even if the years have faded, he can’t forget her. Every memory passes fast in his head, fading away.

I can’t do it by myself, need you now
Need you right now
So hold me up, Oh
I know you’ll never let me down

Everything was getting out of his head. The way her red lips curved up in a smile when she says those words. The way her pupil dilated when she saw him. Everything was gone, maybe for the best, because, she was gone because of him…


There it is :3 I didn’t use the full song because I was running out ideas, sorry!

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tbbt season 10 episode 24 spoilers

I will add dialog but it wont be accurate to the actual taping as there were lots of re-writes. The report below is just a guide on what was taped tonight. As always. DO NOT TWEET OR POST TO PRODUCERS ABOUT SPOILERS.

So we know Amy has gone off to Princeton for a few months…

Cold Open:

Sheldon is sitting in 4B skyping with Amy. They are expressing how much they miss one another. Amy comments that its weird that Sheldon wasn’t there that morning to correct her grammar. Sheldon took the opportunity to start correcting her and this turned into some flirtatious back and forth.


Leonard, Raj and Howard are sitting chatting when Sheldon enters followed by Ramona. Sheldon introduces Ramona to the gang. He explained that she had worked on the CERN project and she was at Caltech for some research. The guys offer Romana to join them and Raj leaves to grab an extra chair. I cant remember why exactly but Ramona deny’s the offer and leaves to sit elsewhere asking Sheldon to accompany her which he complies.

We see Sheldon and Ramona sitting and chatting while the guys are observing and discussing what might be happening. Ramon reached out to touch Sheldon on the arm at one occasion. They were pretty certain from this point that she was after him.


Penny and Bernadette are at the island speaking about Sheldon and Ramona, The guys had told them what was going on. They were voicing concerns about what Romana might be up to. It was mentioned that Ramona had got Sheldon a Toblerone. Penny commented that all Leonard had told her was that the Toblerone had nuts.


Sheldon and Amy are again skyping and expressing that they miss each other, They go on to talk about their days. Sheldon openly tells Amy about Ramona and how they had lunch. Amy is visibly not impressed immediately and expresses she is not happy. Sheldon is completely oblivious to why this is a problem and goes on to explain Ramona’s research and how she is a tall, blond and ex swimmer.


Amy skype Penny and Bernadette, she is furious with Ramona being in the picture and expresses her anger at them saying “I asked you to do one thing and keep and etc on him”. Penny and Bernadette are sorry to Amy.

ComicBook Store:

Leonard, Howard and Raj are searching for comics and discussing the issue with Ramona, Raj suggest someone should ask out Ramona in an attempt to prove she is not interested in Sheldon romantically. Stuart enters the conversation and offers to do it. The guys immediately shoot Stuart down (in a funny way) explaining she is a doctor. Stuart replies saying doctors love him. There was some jokes thrown around here before Raj says he will do it.


Ramona is sitting alone, Raj enters and starts talking to Ramona, “So nice to see you again’, Yes you to!, May I join you? Ramona replies a subtle ‘No” and got back to her work while eating. Raj leaves to join Howard and Leonard. They comment on how they need to phone the guiness book of world records for the quickest shoot down ever.

Sheldon enters and Ramona instantly waves him down for Sheldon to join her, To which he does.


Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernadette and Raj are at the Island preparing dinner and talking about Ramona advancing Sheldon. They cant decide if they should phone Amy and warn her or if they are overreacting.

As they leave the island with their food to go and sit down, Sheldon enters the apartment with Ramona. The gang stops in their tracks as Sheldon re-introduces her to the gang and mentions how they have been swimming together, The gang awkwardly say hi to her. Ramona comments on how proud she was of sheldon for putting his face underwater. They all sit down and Ramona takes her place next to Shleond where Amy would normally be. Bernadette is the last to join the group and she decided to squeeze herself inbetween Ramona and Sheldon trying to separate them,


Penny asks Sheldon if he has spoken to Amy that day, He replied 'Yes this morning, And I assume we will before bed tonight". Ramona comments: “He talks about Amy all the time, I cant wait to meet her” And Sheldon responds with 'Yes, She keeps asking how long Amy is away for". Obviously there are alarm bells ringing everywhere.

Sheldon comment on how Ramona has been working on the CERN project. Ramona continues to say she had a front row seat for it all. Sheldon offers to go get some correspondence that he has with someone that headed the CERN project and if Ramona would like to see them. Obviously she does and Sheldon stands and leave for his own apartment, to which Ramona offered to accompany him. Sheldon being oblivious to her advances comments “oh fun! just like a play date”.

The gang are visibly concerned about what was happening. Penny comments about “This is the sort of thing we should be keeping an eye on!!’ They all argue about who is going to go over there to keep an eye on things. Eventually the argument turns into 'Who is going to call Amy?’


Sheldon and Ramona are talking in 4B when Sheldon’s laptop starts to ring. He excitingly answers to find Amy on the other end. She said she just missed him and wanted to call him. He commented on the perfecting timing as he called as Ramona was there. Amy was NOT impressed by this. Sheldon went on to say how they had been swimming together. He turned the laptop to Ramona so she could say hello to Amy. Just as this happens, Amy’s phone get a call form Leonard warning her of Ramona. Sheldon is not impressed with Leonard calling Amy at such a late hour and is still completely oblivious to how inappropriate Ramona being around him is.


The gang are once again discussing the situation. Raj is sure they are overreacting as someone like Ramona couldn’t be pursing Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon and Ramona enter the apartment and Sheldon is apologetic about having to break up the part as Amy has told him he is tired and needs to go to bed. Ramona thanks everyone for Dinner and asks Sheldon to walk her to her car. Penny jumps up at this and offers the whole gang to walk her down to her car.

We get a scene with the whole gang awkwardly escorting Ramona down the steps to her car, no one is talking at all, Bernadette and penny make efforts to put themselves between Sheldon and Ramona.

Ramona pulls away in her car with the gang watching. Penny tells Sheldon 'we need to talk”.


Penny and Sheldon on the couch - Penny is trying to explain to Sheldon about Ramona. He is in denial of her trying to pursue him romantically. He finds it impossible to happen because he is in a relationship with Amy. Penny explains that some girls don’t care about that.. Sheldon is still no understanding the situation  and suggest penny and Leonard need marriage counseling. Penny goes on to try and explain in another way with whats happening. She explains that he is a limited addition toy that not everyone can have but some people will try and get it anyway. Sheldon responds with “Well that maybe true But Amy has already taken me out of the package and played with me”…

Sheldon is still not understanding the situation and leaves for bed.

Sheldon’s Office

Sheldon is sitting at his desk working when Ramona enters. She asks him if she has had any lunch and he say’s no he hasn’t. She replies “Good because I made us sandwiches” Sheldon is happy at the gesture but then something snaps in his head. He confronts Ramona head on asking is she is hoping for some kind of romantic relationship with him. “what if I were?” she replies. Sheldon goes on to list that would pose a number of problems because they work together and more importantly, He is with Amy. As he finishes his sentence.. Roman leans in quickly and plants one on Sheldon’s lips.

Sheldon doesn’t kiss her back. He just sits there Eyes open from shock. When it ended he is visibly emotionally compromised from what just happened. He just had a look of shock on his face. He stood up from his desk and said “excuse me” and left.

He left the university, Straight into a cab, Straight to the Airport, Seen buying a plane ticket, Sitting on a plane (Watching sponge bob). Arriving in NJ, Going to Princeton, In the hallway looking for Amy’s apartment.

Amy was on her couch in her robe. From the door came a familiar knock of 3 for Sheldon. Amy looked shocked that he was there and rushed fro the door. As she opened the door, We see Sheldon down on 1 knee holding a ring. He was looking up at her with a serious look on his face.

“Will you marry me”

Amy just stood there in shock. The scene faded out before Amy could answer.



risky asks

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

2. screenshot the tabs you have open

3. the last text you sent to someone?

4. do you have a nsfw blog?

5. i dare you to _____ 

6. screenshot the first page of your search history

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story

8. how often do you take showers?

9.  what was your first blog URL?

10. if you draw or write, show some of your really old work

REALLY risky asks (watch out!!! super Risky)

1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

3. whats your favorite color?

4. if you have pets, what are their names?

5. do you like a warm bed or a cold bed?

6. whats a really good memory you have?

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?

9. do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase?

10. whats something thats made you laugh recently?

psa for fic readers

Do not add comments to our stories that are just grammar corrections and not actual responses/impressions to the story. Don’t say that you’re merely “commenting” and not “reviewing.” Don’t say that you’re helping us bc the error is turning away readers. Just don’t do that.

Chances are the writer knows the difference between its and it’s, their and they’re, and to and too. They probably made a typo, which is common when you’re typing quickly and rushing to get updates out. No need to assume they need a grammar lesson, much less give them one in the comments of their story.

It’s rude. It’s condescending. It’s disrespectful to a fanfic author who is writing stories for free, for fun, and for your enjoyment.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Au!

“He said he’ll point him out to us,” Derek rolled his eyes “So you approach on foot from the south, and me and Devon will be in an unmarked car here.” he placed a finger on the marked alley on the map.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,”  Stiles waved his hands before stopping and staring at officer Hale “Me and Devon? Didn’t you mean Devon and I?“ a grin grew on Stiles’s face.

“Oh, God.“

“I corrected your grammar!” Stiles exclaimed “Are you so proud of me? Are you horrified? Are you super horny?” he wiggled his eyebrows mischievously.

(what can i say, am weak to uniforms…and b99!)

anonymous asked:

airmom. tumblr. com/post/159215839296 is the mars post I was talking about you doing for the rest of the signs. it's simple, to the point, and informative. I like it a lot. lol.

ooo hehehe ok sure

Aries Mars:
-anger e over everything
- 1, 2, 3 action! (cannot handle laziness)
-loves competition, either gym rat or athlete monstr
-hates waiting 
-angr e sex could be a strong desire
-strong risk-takers, u either try or die trying
-loves the chase
-actions speak louder than words!!!
-str8 to the point
-wants to play basketball w ur feelings probably
-wants to live their life to fullest

Taurus Mars:
-likes to touch rather than talk
-process things slowly and steadily (not saying they’re slow, I meant by approach)
-takes patience to understand them heh
-might b a sugar daddy/sugar baby
-obsessed with their things, so don’t b surprised how protective they can b abt u
-so calm, so hard to read
-keeps sexual activity like a secret, sh
-might forget that sex is abt creating a bond, bc they are so focused on their own pleasure oopz

Gemini Mars:
-so unpredictable omgknjvnsjvnd
-like to makes things abt themselves sometimes
-likes to learn, hit them with that new math problem u learned at school
-double-texters imo
-want someone to keep up w them
-so easily distracted, and scattered o no
-have a way w words oo la la
-likes to talk over the phone, might have a phone sex kink (shrug)
-prefers variety and to keep their options open
-needs their space, does not like to rush into things

Cancer Mars:
-will talk about having children
-cute girls > hot girls
-huge homebody oo co zee
-most likely to come off really cute!!! cute energy!!!
-v smart, will make the effort to the things they want to achieve
-hides in their shell, so ppl don’t see their true intentions
-takes a while to get with these bad bois (eas e peas e? ya u tHouGht)
-likes to observe the ones they like
-might give u a quiz, n will see where the relationship is going from there (might make platonic or romantic move on u, and see ur response to it)
-might come off harsh if they feel trapped 
-want to feel secure!!

Leo Mars:
-anger e over everything pt 2
-lazy but are very goal-oriented
-confident over the person they r trying to pursue (might not always b the case)
-need to learn to slow their roll, 100/100 likely to go straight into flirting
-likes attention n affection hehe
-when they aren’t trying to seek a partner, they r busy doing something artistic
-loves everything art
-wants to make themselves n the ppl around them proud!!!
-super stubborn grrr
-loves the adrenaline they get when they r in love ahh, thats y they like falling love
-enthusiastic, and warm makes them v cute partners
-pretty much a top

Virgo Mars:
-keeps it one hunneh
-likes to pursue things n not make a big deal out of it, they know they did good
-strives 4 success
-polite conversations > flirting
-calm, and quick-minded
-dont get in their way bc they’ll just push u aside
-has sharp-tongue (b careful when u french kiss them o no)
-can turn calm into detached, ya theres a difference
-hit them with that correct grammar and that advanced english
-old-skool loverz
-they remind me of….office sex
-another earth mars that keeps things secret sh
-prefer to do things thru experience 

Libra Mars:
-another air sign that has a way w words oo la la
-commitment is not in their dictionary (ehehe jokes)
-most likely to win ur heart (fUcK)
-so charming, alluring, and kno how to grab ur attention
-dont kno what they want 
-decisions r so frusTurAtInG
-when they become weak when they are being pressured (sorry I’m exposing u like this)
-struggles to be fair, what other ppl want and what they want
-want to have fun, so rushing things will b ur downfall heh
-like to b complimented and shown any type of attention
-likes dirty talk probably, sexting may b?

Scorpio Mars:
-hates losing, losing is not an option
-prefer to have a few goals, so they can b focused in order to achieve them easily
-possessive & controlling 
-will sit back n think whether u r worth the effort
-digs deep into things
-probably a stalker (love to research and find out things for themselves but that doesn’t mean u should b dishonest w them)
-very hard to befriend 
-takes a while to gain their trust, lots of patience pls
-pls proceed w caution
-very good healers, very strong fighters
-fascinated w occults, death, dangers, and things that r unanswered

Sagittarius Mars:
-adventure seekers
-change their wants everyday probably
-always coming up w ideas
-likes someone who keeps them entertained
-not a cheesy/corny lover
-fun > emotions
-quick-witted, and r very fun to have a conversation w
-funny!!!!! so funny!!!!
-they r so spontaneous 
-always going thru new experiences, wisdom is key!!!
-can never finish projects bc a new idea always pops up o no!!
-will dip when things get 2 serious 2 soon

Capricorn Mars:
-sorry but reality is harsh and so are Cappys
-goals come first
-very serious & straight-forward, lets cut to the chase
-work-oriented, especially when they r pursuing someone!!!
-can b cold when u c their bad side, move aside, they want to achieve
-love and sex is a slow-burning pleasure yummy
-they strive for success like the other earth signs
-can control their anger
-old-skool as heck
-plans for the future!!!
-make great spouses tbh
-dry dark sense of humor ):<

Aquarius Mars:
-rules? never heard of her
-r not obvious lovers
-prefer to b ur friend first!!!
-they think instead of express, they r an air sign not a water (ahem)
-can be very detached, anything expressive or physical can give them discomfort
-reasonable, and calm
-kink e
-they like to experiment ((((;
-idealists, they know what they abt to do to u 
-logic & reasoning, logic & reasoning
-have a very headstrong approach to everythinnnnnnng
-independent!!! quirky!!!!
-”me, myself, and ego”

Pisces Mars:
-things change their moods v easily n they won’t notice!!!
-goes thru things unconsciously
-will like u one day then won’t answer ur texts the next (wauw)
-so indirect
-if they want to pursue something they need to b emotionally committed ):<
-never know where their feelings r coming from when they express them (y r they sad? tHey DOnT KnOW)
-things like money, power, security, etc will not tempt them
-they r v soothing, feels like u r rocking in the ocean when they hug u (try it)
-patience pls for this water sign (aside Cancer & Scorpio)
-difficult, u r in for a ride!!!!
-should meditate when angered

+ I got some lil understandings from this site

Correct grammar

Today, Mark -who normally completely and utterly ignores TLS-related questions- couldn’t resist correcting a grammar mistake on Twitter: 

Now wait. Where have I seen that before… 

Ok. Bye. 

Note: Of course this can also mean that Mark is just super annoyed by all the questions about TLS. In that case I just love coincidences like these😉

What kind of friend are you?

Our 11th house rules friends, groups and communities. Planets and signs there show how you are in front of your friends and in a group. It also show the kind of friends do you feel attracted to!

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Keep in mind that all this interpretations could change depending the planets’ aspects, asteroids and, basically, the whole chart.

♈Aries in the 11th house is that friend that insults you but actually loves you . People with this placement want to look rough and hard to get, but they’re babies. They’re the ride or die friends™. Also this people seem to get angry or be angry 24/7 with you but forget about it like 5 minutes later. They’re fierce as fuck so don’t fuck with their friends. These people seek reckless friends, the ones that will understand them.

♉Taurus in the 11th house is that kind of friend who smells and dress well. They’re chill and like to hang out in. You know they love you when they lend you money or share with you some of their things (i.e food, old pictures, clothes, etc). Keep the same friends and enemies from 2nd grade. They’re the ultimate loyal friend™ and the one that still keep their stuffed animals™. These people seek calm friends who will stay and won’t make their life a chaos.

♊Gemini in the 11th house is that friend that somehow knows all about everyone or everything. You just can ask them whatever cross your mind, and they will tell you random facts about it (or they’ll investigate it!). Gossip queen/king™, they’ll use what they know in order to defend their friends. They also can be the smartass friend™ , always with something new to talk about. These people seek for someone who listen to them and help them to grow intelectually.

♋Cancer in the 11th house is the kind of people who find themselves being the mom friend™, they don’t have enough authority for being a leader, but they’ve enough presence to make people vent all their secrets. They’re blind when it comes to loved ones, they will defend them no matter what. Also this people is the kind that keep friends from childhood and make scrapbooks of your friendship. These people seek sensitive people and ,unconsciously, friends that will let them show their natural nurture skills.

♌Leo in the 11th house is the kind of friend who’s overprotective and jealous over their loved ones. People with this placements could be leaders or want to be one. If not, they could be the artsy friend™. They like to do your makeup and gossip with you. They’re one of the most loyal friends you can get, but don’t fuck with them. As long as they’re your friend, your enemies are their enemies. See you cry makes them cry. Tend to talk over you, then apologize about it, and do it again. Also they like presents and cheesy letters, probably a lot of kissing and hugs. These people seek devoted and optimistic friends.

♍Virgo in the 11th house is the friend who’s always by your side. They won’t left you and, plus, they’ll advise you about everything, and probably critizes you for your own good. They’re the ones that correct your grammar and actually make sure you have eaten and sleep well. They’re that perfectionist friend™, probably the best at something. Also they’re the concerned friend™, a kind of overanxious  mom. These people seek intelligent and calm people who will help them as much as they help other people.

♎Libra in the 11th house, like Gemini, likes to talk and gossip about other people’s taste. They think they have a better taste than the rest of the people (and they actually have it) and will be your shop buddy™. People with this placement tend to be popular or well-liked by most people they meet. Like Leo, they’re your artsy friend™. In fact, these people loves to talk about art and have their exclusve group of friends. They apprecite harmony in their relationships. These people seek for comforting relationships and constant mental stimulation.

♏Scorpio in the 11th house like Gemini, they seem to know everything about everyone. If you ask this people about other person, they’ll tell you a biography (if they trust you, of course). This people keep secrets from everyone. They’re hard to get and if you finally get their trust, never, NEVER, fail them. After all, they know everything about you, too. On the good side, they give the best gifts. These people seek true friends, who won’t press them or make them feel vulnerable.

♐Sagittarius in the 11th house is the argumentative friend that atually doesn’t take nothing seriously but his/her opinions. They could rant of politics and animal rights for hours, and tend to stick their foot in their mouth when trying to tell you that you mean a lot to them. They’re your travel friends™ and the wannabe philosopher friend™. These people might be talking about their neighbour’s dogs and then they tell you they’ve an Internet friend from Perú called Carlos. These people seek road trip pals and adventures.

♑Capricorn in the 11th house These people, like Cancer in the 11th, tend to keep friends from their childhood. They’re the ones that help you with school and let you copy their homework. They like to talk about books that you both have read. They’re the friends that introduces you to job interviews and help you to get them. For them, time is what makes a friendship worthy. These people seek down-to-earth friends.

♒Aquarius in the 11th house is the kind of friend that introduces you to new music and experiences. They treat everyone as their friend, but inside you, you know you’re one of their few friends. But believe me, steal one of their ideas and they’ll forget about you. They may seem cold, but they’re just thinking about other things. They find themselves original and interesting, so they tend to be the snob friend™ or actually the weird friend™. These people seek unusual people and those who seem interested in change.

♓Pisces in the 11th house is the kind of friend that has his/her head in the clouds. These people like to help their friends and they will try to advise them wherever when needed (and when not lol). Therefore, they’re the counselor friend™ or the emo one. They’re very creative (I wouldn’t be surprise if they had drawn you in their sketchbook at least once) and half of the time they’re not listening to you, but they’re not trying to be rude. In fact, they may remember all their friends’ birthdays but not what they have said 10 minutes ago. These people seek for friends as sensitive and helpful as they are!

☉ Sun in the 11th house is the kind of people whose main focus is on their social life. These people tend to be natural leaders and are very popular. They seem to only care about their reputation and their ideals, which is mostly true (of course, you have to see the rest of the chart and the Sun’s aspects). Their friends shape their identity the most. For this people, you are who you’re friends with.

☽ Moon in the 11th house is the kind of people that feel easily attacked if they find someone gossiping abourt their friends. These people have a rough time separating their emotions from their friends’ actions or emotions. They’re easily hurt by them and tend to be overdramatizers. Their emotions could be aligned with a group’s emotion (for example, if your classmates are all angry at a teacher, these people may get angry with that teacher too, not because they have a reason to get angry, but they feel the atmosphere and imitates it unconsciously).

☿ Mercury in the 11th house is the kind of people that is constantly airing their opinions and knowledge. They seem to know everything, or at least they’ll act like it. They update their friends with all the news and gossips, and pretend the same from them. They’re the brain of the group.

♀ Venus in the 11th house is the kind of people that need peace in their group of friends and try to get along with everyone. These people may feel really stressed out if there’s problems in their main group. They have a way with words and know how to talk to each person. They might become known for their relatiosnhips.

♂ Mars in the 11th house is the kind of people that seem to be angry with everyone. They have troubles making enduring relationships and tends to have a lot of frenemie relationships. On the other hand, they can focus all their energy on defending their friends and fight anyone who threatens them and their friendship.

♃ Jupiter in the 11th house is the kind of people who weirdly get along with EVERYONE and seem to have friends around the world. They expand themselves through friendships and new people. However, they can become inconsiderate of that that are less socially savy (i.e that obnoxious kid that is constantly telling you to dance in a party).

♄ Saturn in the 11th house is the kind of people that keep friends forever but have a hard time getting friends at first. They get disappointed when their need of stability isn’t fullfil by their friends. Can be very critical over people and, therefore, damaging their relationship. Anyway, they want the best for their friends and when they find the right people, they’ll be the most loyal friends ever.

♅ Uranus in the 11th house is the kind of people that constantly change friends in order to get new experience. They like people who have something new to offer and have strange interests. However, they may reject people that don’t share the same moral values and politic view as them. They might reject urban tribes and may want to start their own club/group.

♆ Neptune in the 11th house is the kind of people who put their friends at the top. Their friends are not bad, they’re not hurting them. They’re perfect and, of course, better than the person with this placements. People tend to reflect themselves in this person, put on them high expectatives and and mispercieve them. People with this placements tend to have struggles with letting people walk over them. However, they’re very comforting and intuitive.

♇ Pluto in the 11th house is the kind of people that, like Uranus, constantly change friends. They may have trust issues and, therefore, have a hard time forming durable bonds and getting along with groups. When they finally trust the other person, the bonds are intensily strong.

Thanks to @phantasticforfob for helping me writing this shit. 

Study organization- notebooks

I love stationery of all kinds, especially notebooks. And when you’re planning on studying, of course you need notebooks for taking notes and practicing! In this post, I’ll talk a little about my notebooks.

What kind(s) of notebook(s) do you use?

My personal preference is for spiral notebooks. I used to use notebooks that just opened like normal books, but they never liked to stay flat and they took up too much space on my desk. It’s funny because I used to hate spirals back when I was younger and way into drawing because the pages were more free to move against each other which led to more smudging, but I love spirals so much for note taking. They lay flat with no problem, which is the biggest thing for me. The spiral does get in the way of my hand sometimes, but it’s a minor annoyance.

I also consider the quality of the paper when buying my notebooks. It doesn’t have to be super high quality, but I just can’t deal with paper the quality of standard US looseleaf. It’s too thin and, more importantly, the surface is too rough. Paper with too rough a surface has led to the early death of too many of my pens—if you use fine-tip pens, size 0.5 or lower, and find they stop writing before the ink runs out—little bits from poor-quality paper probably got into the tip and ruined it. The paper I like the most feels a little bit weighty and nice and smooth!

Hardcover or softcover is also a choice to make! I use both, types:

Left to right- hardcover lined notebook, softcover lined notebook, softcover 원고지 squared paper notebook

How many notebooks do you use?

I have three main types of notebooks! I’ll go over each type:

Grammar notebooks

My grammar notebooks are all hardcover. I use them to collect grammar explanations and other important notes. I write them as cleanly as possible and even use my many colorful highlighters to make them look a little nicer. If I need to know about a grammar point that I have already learned, I open my grammar notebook for the right language and find it. This way, I don’t have to remember which textbook or source I saw a certain grammar point or explanation in—if it’s important, I write it down in my grammar notebook! So, my grammar notebooks are mashups of multiple texts and sources. These are for reference only; I don’t do any practice or extra writing in them. Nothing but the facts!

Practice notebooks

My practice notebook is where I write down definitions of new words I learned, practice sentences for my vocab flashcard words, breakdowns of articles I’ve studied on my Chinese reader apps… I guess calling it a “practice notebook” makes its purpose pretty self-explanatory. It’s nothing special; I write quickly and messily in it, and when it gets full, I can just throw it in the recycling bin and start a fresh one. My practice notebook is a softcover spiral.

Chinese article notebook

Korean squared paper—or I guess any squared paper—is wonderful for writing Chinese characters. Once I’ve encountered an article in a Chinese reader app and broken it down in my practice notebook, I rewrite it cleanly in my article notebook so I can easily find and read it again later.

I don’t always have all of my notebook types with me. If I plan on studying grammar, I will bring the correct grammar notebook along, and if I plan on studying Chinese articles, I might have my article notebook with me, but not always. However, my practice notebook is always in my bag!

How do you organize your notes and all? For those of you who might be struggling to get your notes together, I hope this helped!

Happy studying~

Meme War

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Sam, Steve, Bucky, Wanda, Nat, Bruce, Peter, Thor, Vision and Scott.

Tony: Okay so, me and Bruce worked real hard on this one.

Nat: Bruce and I, just FYI.

Tony: We created a special program that should keep anyone out that we don’t want in.

Tony: So they shouldn’t be able to get in.

Tony: Oh fuck off.

Scott: Wait who can’t get in and why?

Bucky: So how sure are you they won’t be able to get in?

Thor: Sir Ant-Man, I believe they are discussing Lady Y/n and Sir Clinton.

Bruce: I am hundred percent positive they can’t get in.

Peter: Um guys, I am a little bit confused. What did they do?

Sam: Well Thank Goodness.

Steve: I had enough of that nonsense.

Tony: Nope, just me and my buddy Bruce.

Vision: Peter, I believe it’s called a meme war.

Wanda: My buddy Bruce and I.

Tony: Will you stop correcting my grammar?

Steve: Will you start making proper sentences?

Tony: Oh you too, Steve?

Scott: Seriously, so that’s why you blocked them out?

Scott: Party breakers.

Sam: Well Tic-Tac, you don’t see memes all around the tower.

Wanda: I wouldn’t mind seeing them, if they didn’t suck.

Peter: Well some of them were good.

Steve: On who’s side are you now Peter?

Tony: Hey leave the kid alone.

Peter: I am just saying.

Y/N has entered the chat.

Y/N has added Clint.


Vision: I am not fully sure how this happened.

Vision: My computer doesn’t acquire that kind of information.


Bruce: But how?

Nat: I will seriously kill you two imbecilic.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce: There was a special password that they need to guess before entering, and it’s not that easy.

Clint: Oh you mean “Y/N and Clint aren’t allowed in this chat”?

Clint: Pretty easy to me.

Wanda: Typical Tony.

Wanda: Now you should create a program that’s not gonna allow Tony to leave the chat.

Steve: Seriously Tony?

Thor: Interesting thinking, Lady Wanda.

Scott: Yeah, let’s torture Iron Man.

Scott: Who’s with me??

Bruce: I swear to God, I’m going to strangle you.

Bruce: Without turning green.



Tony: Alright there buddy, calm down.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony has been disconnected

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda: Someone’s gonna get their ass beaten.

Clint: Hey Vision

Vision: Yes, Mr. Barton?

Clint: How’s your vision?

Clint: Because


Vision has left the chat.

Thor: Humans.

Thor: I would rather be stuck whit my idiot brother Loki, than you two.

Thor has left the chat.

Peter: Huh, good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: This is so stupid.

Bucky: Lame.

Peter: I mean, buu, it sucks.


Clint: Hell yeah, Y/N, hell yeah.

Peter has left the chat.

Y/N: Yaiks, think I got him too hard.

Y/N: Poor little baby.

Sam: Then go suck his dick for comfort.


Clint: Shit Y/N


Bucky: Y/N can I film it when you kill him?

Wanda: I’ll hold your hair so you don’t mess it.


Scott: I will bring popcorn

Steve: I’ll plan a funeral.

Clint: I’ll bring memes.

Bucky: Oh dude, you know you’re going down.

Wanda: Harder than titanic.

Bucky: But not the way you’d like to.




Bucky: GO Y/N, GO Y/N.


Scott: Look guys what I’ve found.



Steve: What is this?

Bucky: This is life

Y/N: Yasss Scott.

Clint: Good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: Hilarious.

Steve: You gusy suck.

Steve has left the chat.



Wanda has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat

Scott has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: what the heck?

Y/N: They think their cool.

Clint: Let’s do something

Y/N: what?

Clint: Okay meet me in the training room in 5.

Clint: I have something great planned out.

Y/N: Can’t wait.

Clint has left the chat.


Y/N: Just had too.

Y/N has left the chat.

I dont even know anymore.