is that a band aid on his finger

It feels like another couple of hours before Kageyama finally pulls his eyes away from Hinata’s to peel the back off the second bandage, and warm fingers press back into his calf, thumbs gliding gently over shiny adhesive and continuing to brush over smooth skin, eliciting a prickle of goosebumps in their wake. Rough pads of gentle digits trail along the edge of the band-aid so slowly, and Hinata’s heart flutters at the sensation. The light, feathery quality to Kageyama’s touch makes his body ache and skin positively burn beneath those calloused fingers.

He’s not sure what he’s done in his life to deserve such heinous torture.

Binding Problems by @majesticartax <3 Ahhhh I put so much love into this piece. I tried to take as many small details from the fic as I could and make them come to life. I hope I did it justice! This fic is just so incredible. Go read it, NOW!

Blonde’s Cover..

Blonde’s cover showcases Frank Ocean taking a shower with a band aid covering his finger.

Frank subliminally mentions this on the 13th track “Close to You” where he sings: 

“Let my mind run underneath warm jets”

the term “jet” is a nod to the pressure of the water and is also a type of nozzle that comes in shower heads and water hoses. 

So what Frank is actually stating is that he’s taking a hot shower with a lot pressure to let his mind relax and think about his lover leaving him. A subtle yet clever reference to the albums cover.

Imagine pocket-sized Dino taking so much care of your tiny cut on your finger.
*sees that you’ve cut yourself by accident*
*runs and gets his tiny first aid kit*
“Y/n! I’m coming! Don’t touch it!!” *drags the kit to you as fast as he can*
“Dino it’s just a small cut-”
“SHHH!!! BACTERIA CAN GO INSIDE! IT’LL GET INFECTED! AND THEN *whispers* your finger will fall off.”
*cleans your cut and carefully wraps a band aid around your finger*
“See, now your finger won’t fall off.” *kisses your finger and walks away*

Pocket Sized Yugyeom


  • When you aren’t home he causes mischief.
  • Scribbles in your notebook.
  • Pushes over all of your things.
  • He constantly tries to demolish the things you give him.
  • Somehow actually gets it done.
  • Will always fall asleep in your hand if given the opportunity.
  • Plays with your fingers like they are a play ground.
  • Dances all over the place.
  • Probably slipped and fell while dancing on your papers.
  • Trying to find a little band aid for him because he hurt himself.
  • Uses your perfume.
  • Always wants attention.
  • Bullies the other tiny people he invited over.
  • Tries to use aegyo to trick you into doing things.
  • Screams and cringes afterwards.
  • Wants to dance battle you.
  • Wants to fight you.
  • Always.
  • Highkey wants to kill you when you put things in his hair or dress him up.

Inspired by “Just Right” and my friend Gaby. (Also, these will not actually be completed. They are completely scrapped, but I figured I should still upload them.)

Bitches Get Cut

“Bitches get cut.” Geoff explained in a calm tone of voice as he inspected the thin slash across Michaels palm caused by a biking accident. “But bitches also get Band-Aids.” He continued as he covered the wound with a dinosaur Band-Aid. “And bitches also get kisses.” Geoff smiled warmly as he kissed the bandaged finger.

“Thanks Geoff….” Michael murmured bashfully in reply, both embarrassed and reassured by Geoff’s response to his injury. He ran off back to Gavin and Ray, while Geoff congratulated himself on being the best dad in the universe.

Jr. x reader  When you accidentally hurt yourself

Summary: You hurt yourself and tried to hide it from him

Genre: Fluff

You were ecstatic that Jinyoung was coming back for dinner tonight. He usually come back late at night after you were asleep, You decided to cook a special dinner for him. 

You started to cut vegetables. You were doing well until the stack of dishes behind you crashed into the sink. You were startled by the sound and cut your finger. It wasn’t a serious cut but it still hurt. You grabbed some kitchen towel and pressed on your cut. You were going to get some band-aid from the bathroom when the door clicked open. You stood frozen in the kitchen, thinking a thousand ways to hide the cut from him.

“I’m home, jagiya.” He said as he took off his shoes.

“I’m in the kitchen.” You frantically tried to stop the bleeding, but luck was not on your side.

Jinyoung went in the kitchen and you hid your hand behind you.

“What are you cooking here?”

“Nothing. I mean dinner.” You stuttered.

He looked at you suspiciously. “What are you hiding at your back?”


“What were you doing before I came home?” He eyed the kitchen carefully, spotting the cutting board and knife on the counter. He picked it up and saw a little bit of dried blood on the blade. “Did you cut yourself?”

“No.” You said without looking at him. He grabbed your hand trying to look at your finger. You used all your strength to keep your hand behind you.

“Let me see it.” He said sternly.

You slowly showed your cut finger at him like a kid who had done wrong. You looked down at your feet as he held up your finger. He led you to the living room to let you sit on the coach. He went to the bathroom to take out the first-aid kit and came back to you. He keeled down and started to treat your wound. 

“Don’t hurt yourself again. Be careful with the knife too.” He kissed on the now treated band-aid finger. You nodded your head.

“Are you finish with our dinner?”

“No. I’ll just need to finish cutting the vegetables.” You were about to get up and finish cooking, he pressed you down.

“I’ll cut the vegetables. Just tell me what to do.”

He took your hand and led you to the bar and you sat there directing him how to cook. 

You both sat down and enjoy the meal Jinyoung cooked.

“I should hurt myself more so that I can eat your cooking.” You said with your mouth stuffed.

“I’ll always cook for you. All you need is to ask,baby. I don’t want you hurting yourself.” He said as he poked your forehead.

“Then I want to eat it everyday.” You said with puppy eyes.

“I’ll do it when I can.” He looked at you lovingly.

The dinner was eaten in a loving and comfortable atmosphere. 

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

Scenarios master list here

Mine - PART 1

Originally posted by mcshipit

Intro - haha heres something to make sure my blog doesnt die. ive been working on this for a while now so expect more parts <33 (ironic that i hardcore ship spirk and im writing a mckirk fic) 

Paring - (Bones X Kirk)

Words - 1,851

Triggers - Anxiety, some passing out, explosion/mass disaster/loss mention, general Bones behavior.

Summary - Bones takes a visit to the bridge to argue with Kirk to lead to an unexpected anxiety attack.


Bones grumbled at his ratted desk, caressing a stress ball in his palm, which was worn tired from how much the doctor had squeezed it. He had to tightly scrunch the ball until his fingers turned a pale white in order to rid himself of the feeling of boredom. The emptiness of his office troubled him, as he always had to deal with a reckless Kirk in ruins, begging the tired doctor for a second chance in life, when all he needed was a band-aid. The harsh noises of the kinetic sand in the stress ball was grinding into his ear drums, making McCoy twitch to each grain of sand being twisted and toyed with. Eventually, he had to set the stress ball down, which was already a loud enough of a noise. He rested his weary head on his hands, as he firmly situated his gnarly elbows on his desk. For once in a couple years, he let out a sigh of dismay. He didn’t know what to do. The whole Enterprise had seemed to stop with no real cause. He tried his hardest to circle around the med bay, looking for jobs, or any kind of work, but his men only seemed just as puzzled. He tried to reorganize his hypos and medicines, but they were already in place and collecting cobwebs while they were at it. It was so barren and sad. McCoy hated that.

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Exo reaction to getting hurt while helping their crush

This was a cute request with EXO ot12. I hope you like it. Feel free to request more reactions <3

I do not own these gifs.

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: You couldn’t help but laugh as Baekhyun over reacted about the small cut on his finger. “It hurts so badly! Kiss it and make it better.” He joked as he waved his finger in front of your face.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Chanyeol: He smiled brightly as you placed the Band-Aid on his finger. “It’s ok, it is just a small cut.” He would reassure you as he chuckled at how cute looked while freaking out over him hurting himself.

Originally posted by c-vitamin

Chen: This troll would tease you nonstop. “No, I refuse to help any further. You are clearly trying to kill me. Maybe you are a vampire and you want to suck my blood.”

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D.O.: Kyungsoo would be the calmest. He would blush the whole time as he watched you place the Band-Aid on his finger. He wouldn’t be able to say anything because of how embarrassed he is from hurting himself.

Originally posted by essentyeol

Kai: “Look at this! I am bleeding so much. You should pay be back for helping.” He would say over and over again as you cleaned his cut. He would not stop begging until you finally buy him food.

Originally posted by exoturnback

Kris: This cold boy would act as though nothing happened at all. You would insist on taking care of the cut, but he would shrug you off. “Band-Aids aren’t my style.”

Originally posted by taozia

Lay: “Are you okay? Did you get hurt at all? I’m fine, but are you?” He would ask while you wrap the Band-Aid around his finger. You would insist you are perfectly fine, but this angel would not rest until he is sure that you did not get hurt too.

Originally posted by an-nyeo

Luhan: Would refuse to let out a single tear. “Nah, I am fine. I’m a man after all, a small cute doesn’t hurt.” He would insist as you watched him get back to moving the shelf. The cut looked bad, but he was too stubborn to look like less of a man.

Originally posted by igot7shineeexolove

Sehun: “This is all your fault! I told you I didn’t want to help! Now my perfect body is ruined.” Sehun would complain the WHOLE time. He would be so sassy, but would secretly blush as you took care of his cut. But he would no longer help you. He would use his aegyo to get out of anymore work for the rest of the day.

Originally posted by fearless-hyun

Suho: Suho would freak out playfully. “Why do you want to see me get hurt?” He would tease as he made an ugly crying face.

Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Tao: The moment he saw the blood, he fainted. It took him a while to finally wake up, but once he does he will give you an angry glare. “You must hate me. Why would you let me get hurt?” He would complain, but would still help you finish the task.

Originally posted by zitaoa

Xiumin: “Kiss it!” He would yell at you as he shows you the cut. “But that’s not the only boo-boo I have.” He would tease after you kissed his finger. This flirty boy would be too much.

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Lay Me Down Pt. 3

Summary | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |  Part 5 (Final)

Taehyung gripped the packed lunch he had made for both Jungkook and Jimin. Although the majority of the side dishes were made by Jin, Taehyung had tried his best to contribute even the littlest things. He even sliced his finger when he was using a knife to cut up the vegetables into thin slices like Jin directed. Taehyung just hoped the two would appreciate his hardwork, especially since Jin made him wear a Mario themed band aid around his index finger.  

His steps were light and stealth-like, the hospital’s hallway too clean for his liking. He adjusted the mask around his mouth and lowered his baseball cap. Usually, Taehyung would love the idea of disguising himself. He would use a fake accent and walk with his back hunched over, but this was clearly not the appropriate time for his emerging acting skills.

Taehyung found his way around the numerous white coated employees, whether they were nurses or doctors, Taehyung had no idea. He finally approached the front desk after trying dodge young teenage girls and other possible fans that could recognize him. He cleared his throat, “Hello.”

The receptionist replied with a smile, “Hello. How may I help you?”

“I am here to visit someone… actually two people. Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook.”  

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Based on this post by willsolqce


“Ow” Nico whispers under his breath as he feels the paper slice through his finger. Nico is no wimp, he’s had a lot of injuries in the past, most of which were nearly fatal. The werewolf scratches from last year instantly sprung to mind. But it seems there is a universal law that states all paper cuts hurt like a bitch.

He glares at the little droplets of blood running down his finger, cursing himself silently. Sure, he trains with deadly weapons everyday, but this is what hurts him. He rushes to his bathroom in the Hades cabin, washes his wound, and dabs a tissue on it, but the bleeding doesn’t seem to be stopping.

I guess I should go get a band-aid he thinks to himself, totally not using this as an excuse to see a certain son of Apollo. No way, not at all.

He scurries across camp, and into the infirmary just as Will is walking out of his office.

“What’s up, death boy?” Will asks, giving him a bright smile.

“I’m injured.” Nico replies, unwrapping the tissue from his finger to show Will. The blond glances at the slightly bleeding scratch, to his face, then back down again. He then bursts into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Nico asks, a little bit annoyed that he doesn’t have a band-aid on already.

“A paper cut?” Will asks, in-between giggles, “Are you serious?”

“You made me promise to come to you if I ever got hurt.” Nico pouted. Will sighed, but grabbed his uninjured hand, and led him to a bed. He hopped on without any instruction, having gone through this process before, albeit, when his injuries where a lot more serious.

“I’ve seen people have their limbs torn off in battle, people with hideous curses put on them. I’ve delivered a gods-damn saytr baby, and you come here complaining about a silly little paper cut.” Will grumbles as he disinfects the cut. It stings a bit (a lot) but Nico doesn’t wince. Will has got a point. “You’re lucky that I don’t have any other patients to take care of to today.” He puts a band-aid on the cut, looking up at Nico. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you’re keeping your promise, but couldn’t you’ve dealt with this on you own? Or do I need to teach you some first aid?”

A light blush makes it’s was across Nico’s cheeks. “Maybe I just wanted an excuse to see you.” He hears himself say, without thinking. The blushing get worse, especially when he sees how pleased Will looks at the statement.

“Well, for the record, you don’t need an excuse to come see me. You’re welcome here whenever you want.”

Nico can’t help the butterflies in his stomach at Wills words. He has a feeling he’s going to be spending a lot more time in the infirmary.

Post-Its II

Scully found a dog-eared copy of her senior thesis on Einstein tucked in Mulder’s drawer with a couple of old Playboys. She grinned at his categorisation skills and thought about her journal, pages covered with post-its from him with lines from e.e. cummings.   

When he tried to raise chickens to have free-range eggs for the house, he was upset when he was chased out by a particularly fat one with a cantankerous temper. He had gingerly walked up the porch steps with beak-marks on his finger and a defeated look on his face. She had placed a band-aid and a kiss on it and had left

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

on his pillow, and a copy of the Kamasutra underneath it, to cheer him up and remind him that sometimes you have to practise in order to get something right.

When he was driving them through the long dirt road that would take them home, he had slipped his hand from her knee to her thigh, and had inched his way between her legs while she squirmed against him, and sighed when he slid a long and inquisitive middle finger inside her. When she came, he leaned across the console to kiss her and the car swerved off the road. She shook her head, kissed him back and patted his hand. He then found

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves….Thank you, S.

on the steering wheel the next morning. 

When he found 

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science

on the positive pregnancy test pinned on the wall of his home-office, he cried and cried and made dinner and thought of baby names while he waited for her to come home.

Adam was beginning to think his friends only wanted him for movie cuddles. First Nick, now Alex, it was a pattern he couldn’t deny. But he didn’t mind, Adam was both a lover of movies and cuddles. He held Alex’s band-aid tight in his hand, making sure he didn’t drop it as he made his way down the hallway. Hotels should have first aid kits in every room, he shouldn’t have to go all the way down to the lobby to save his friend’s finger. It put a dent into his movie watching time, but finally he was at Alex’s door, knocking rapidly. He was ready to burst in and save the day, stopping Alex’s bleeding with his heroic plaster. He was also ready for coffee ice cream, but that was beside the point.

Band Aid Heart

Characters: Jungkook and you!

Type: Fluffy angst?


“Ouch! Aish Y/N look what you did!” Jungkook exclaimed as he examined the small cut on his pinky finger. A pout found it’s way onto his pudgy face, and you scoffed at his dramatics. You two were at your favorite spot, the playground. The monkey bars was always a favorite amongst both of you, because you both took pride in who could cross fastest. Even at the young age of 8 years old, Jungkook’s ego was through the roof when it came to competitions with you. However, today you were willing to admit that you might’ve taken the competition too far.

It started off w\as a light hearted venture across the bars. Childish laughter filled the air as you both swing back and forth on each bar you encountered. “Yah Y/N how about we see who can get across the monkey bars first? Winner gets the others share of ice cream for a week!” Jungkook exclaimed as he dropped to the ground and looked up at you with wide eyes. You let go of to bar you were holding onto and thought for a second. “Okay Jungkookie, you’re-” you weren’t even able to finish your sentence before Jungkook took off. He ran towards the first bar and leaped on, but you were close behind. “Cheater! You had a head start!” you shouted behind him, but he merely giggled. He could taste that extra ice cream already.

You were not one to give up too easily though, so you pushed yourself forward until you were right behind him. In the heat of the moment, you kicked Jungkook right in the butt. Why? you weren’t really sure but in your under developed mind you thought that it would slow him down. You were not satisfied when you saw that he was not slowing down, but merely ignoring the action and pretending as if it hadn’t happened. Frustrated, you kicked him again. This kick was more powerful than the other, and it sent poor Jungkook flying to the ruble beneath him. You gasped when you saw him fall, his body bouncing off the ground from impact. You dropped to the ground next to him and placed a hand on his shoulders. “I’m so sorry! Are you alright Kookie?”

“Great! Now I’m going to bleed out and die! Y/N you just murdered me!” he screamed and you just ended up laughing. The miniature cut he obtained from the fall was barely producing a drop of blood. You pat him on the shoulders and said, “Wait here, I’m going to get something to help you.” He groaned and said, “You better hurry, we’re cutting it close here.” You got up and skipped towards your fluffy pink bag which was resting on a bench right next to Jungkook’s black bag. You fished around your bag for a bit until your fingers grazed on the item you were looking for. You took it out and hurried back to a “dying” Jungkook.

“Here, give me your hand,” you said and Jungkook held out his injured hand. You unwrapped the band aid which you had retrieved from your bag and gently wrapped it around his finger. “There all better, I’m sure you’ll live.” you said and Jungkook inspected his finger. “Where’d you get the band aid from?” he asked and he stood up and brushed himself off. You smiled, “I always carry around band aids, you never know when someone will need it.” Jungkook stayed silent for a few seconds, and then he frowned. “That’s stupid,” he said simply as he kicked around rocks. You smacked his shoulders and started walking back to your things. “You needed it though didn’t you?” you asked him, and he shrugged. “Trust me this won’t be the last time you’ll be thankful that I carry around band aids!”


That all happened 14 years ago, and Jungkook was currently sitting by himself in a coffee shop that he didn’t know the name of. It was customary for him to go out alone, he had so much going trough his head at times that he needed to clear it or else he might explode. It had been four years since he last seen you. Four years since he last heard you laugh or talked to you. Four long and agonizing years of not knowing what happened to you. All he knew is that one day right before graduation, you and your family up and left without a warning. The departure left Jungkook confused, hurt and slight angry. But most of all, it left him heartbroken.

Jungkook had been harboring feelings for you ever since the beginning of high school. Everything about you made his heart flutter, he couldn’t deny it. He was planning on confessing his feelings for you graduation night, hopefully getting you to be his girlfriend that night even. He was never able to do any of this because you had gone without a single goodbye beforehand. There he was, an 18 year old boy in love with a girl who didn’t seem to even care enough to tell him she was leaving. Four years later he still can’t seem to forget about you. He’s gone high and low to try and figure out where you went, asked everyone he could if they knew why you left. Sadly, nobody seemed to be able to solve the mystery of Jungkook’s lost love. He sighed sadly, now he was in need of a band aid, but for his wounded heart.

“What can I get you today sir?” he heard a woman say, but the voice felt distant. He felt like he wasn’t even there, in the coffee store that he still doesn’t know the name of. “Can I just have a water please?” he said absently, and the waiter gave him a concerned look before tuning her heels and walking away. In the midst of the walk back, her finger accidentally grazed over a standing menu. She pulled away from it and hissed, “Ow, I think I cut myself.” He should’ve been concerned, he should’ve jumped and asked if she was okay. But he didn’t, he could only think of you. He could only think of how you would’ve instantly jumped out and offered up a band aid. He felt his heart sink a little lower at the thought of you.

“Yah Claire, get me a band aid please!” she called through the store and the lady whom Jungkook assumed was Claire nodded. “Wait, I have a band aid right here!” someone exclaimed, and Jungkook felt his entire body freeze. He knew that voice like he knew his own name, but he didn’t believe it. He blinked a few times to see if the voice was just a dream. His head whipped around the cafe in search of you. It had to be you, he thought to himself, but he couldn’t find the face to match the voice. Suddenly a figure approached the table just in front of him where the waiter stood. “Here you go,” the woman flashed a bright smile, and Jungkook felt light headed. It was you, it was his beloved Y/N. His throat felt dry as he managed to croak out a quiet, “Y/N?” you almost obtained a severe case of whiplash when your head turned to see him. You gasped, 


Deleted Ichabbie Scene from "Kindred Spirits"

Crane sat down at the table. Abbie held her hand out for him. He dabbed the bit of blood with a paper towel. She stared at his fingers as he wrapped the band aid around the cut. She closed her eyes for a brief second. His fingers felt nice. She missed him. After he was done, her eyes opened. She glanced up at him, caught him staring at her. She couldn’t look away, didn’t want to. What if he disappeared, or she found out this wasn’t real, that she was still in the catacombs? He lifted her hand while he still kept her eyes. His breathe tickled her skin. He kissed her palm. Her eyes fluttered.

“Welcome home, Abbie.”

“Welcome home, Crane.”