is that a 16 pack


Matthew Broderick, Macaulay Culkin, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Jon Cryer, and Anthony Michael Hall pose in the press room at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards on March 7, 2010 in Hollywood 


True Crime Magazine Giveaway #2 - All-Star Edition🌟🌟🌟

Thanks to the huge success of my last magazine giveaway I am doing it again, with more opportunities to win!!!

I am giving away SIX magazines in prize packs of TWO each to THREE lucky TCC members!!! 👌👌👌Good luck!


Real-Life Crimes Issue #67: Jeffrey Dahmer

Real-Life Crimes Issue #6 : Richard Ramirez


Real-Life Crimes Issue #10 : Ted Bundy

Real-Life Crimes Issue #16 : Charles Manson


Real-Life Crimes Issue #31 : Aileen Wuornos

Real-Life Crimes Issue #46 : Edmund Kemper


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-This competition is for over-18’s ONLY.


- This competition is open internationally
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- stay tuned for more giveaways!!!!!



Fandom often likes to put him in ANBU but please also consider: jounin-sensei Shino.

Kids are calling him “sensei” and uphold him as some sort of fearless adult figure, but Shino does not lie to them nor does he instinctively try to assuage their worry. He’s scared. He’s human, like anyone else. But later in a manner very characteristic of him, Shino also says “there is no need to fear battle”. Because he truly believes good friends will always have your back. He’s teaching them they don’t need to run from fear and emphasises the importance of bonds. 

He’s not even a jounin yet, but tell me he wouldn’t make an excellent teacher.

the signs as things my friend anna has said
  • Aries: He dumb but I like him
  • Taurus: me, everyday: what the hell sebin
  • Gemini: im layin in bed its 9:30pm time is wild
  • Cancer: "u look like a guitar"
  • Virgo: i, too, am switching lanes when i see that pic
  • Libra: i impulse bought a 16 pack of face masks off amazon earlier
  • Scorpio: dont ever spend $$$ on me fool
  • Sagittarius: she runnin away w/ ur $$$
  • Capricorn: i cant stop him from being beautiful if thats what ur suggesting
  • Aquarius: i cant do this im going 2 sleep bye
  • Pisces: wgat tg efock,,,, my hear t is screaing

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2017

April 18th is David Tennant’s birthday and I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a whole week - from 4/16 to 4/22 - packed full of appreciation for this amazing human. ♥

How you can participate! 

🌟 There’ll be themes for each day of the week that you can use as inspiration however you like. 

🌟 Tag your David Tennant appreciation posts with #dt appreciation week in one of the first five tags (tumblr doesn’t track after five). All original posts with this tag will be reblogged here for everyone to enjoy! 

🌟 Anyone can participate with photos, gifsets, edits, fan art, fanfic, meta, headcanons, experiences, discussion, anything DT related. Don’t be shy, the more the merrier!

🌟IMPORTANT: Please do not use or post others’ work.

For any questions or concerns, drop me a line and I’d be happy to help!


DAY ONE (Sun. 4/16):

  • Favorite non-Doctor Who Role
  • Hair appreciation

DAY TWO (Mon. 4/17):

  • Favorite Outfit or Costume
  • Love 

DAY THREE (Tues. 4/18):

  • Happy Birthday David
  • Favorite quotes

DAY FOUR (Wed. 4/19):

  • Favorite attributes 
  • David’s quirks 

DAY FIVE (Thur. 4/20):

  • Most heartbreaking moments 
  • David in theatre

DAY SIX (Fri. 4/21):

  • Interviews, conventions, photoshoots
  • What would you cast David in?

DAY SEVEN (Sat. 4/22):

  • Favorite Dorky Moments
  • David + his co-stars
Birthday Wish - Peter Parker x Reader

Imagine for @hownottodie101 - hope you enjoy it! xo

Request: Hey!! Can you do anything cute and fluffy with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker? Something reader x Peter. Tia:)

Originally posted by khylinrhambo

After making your wish, you leaned over and blew out the 16 candles that covered the cake. You met the eyes of your mother who looked as if she were going to cry.

“Mom, I’m only 16. Don’t start packing my bags and meeting with suitors yet.” You laughed and she blinked away her tears.

“I’m sorry, I’m just thinking about this very day 16 years ago.” She sniffled. 

“You mean the day you cursed me out in the delivery room and said you hated me?” Your father winked at you and your mother smacked him on the arm. 

“Hey hon, where is that camera your grandmother sent you? You know she’ll want to see some photos from tonight.” 

“When will she get a cell phone?” You rolled your eyes and excused yourself from the table.

You headed straight for your closet to look for the camera package that was most likely buried under your clothes. Once you found it, you stuffed your shoes and clothes back in and headed for the bedroom door.

In the corner of your eye, you saw a figure sitting on your bed, causing you to shriek.

Your boyfriend Peter sat with a grin on his face.

“(Y/N)? What is it?” Your dad called up the stairs.

“Oh it’s nothing, dad. I just saw a spider.” You smirked and closed the door. You crossed the room and tackled Peter in a hug, pulling away to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Very funny.” He sneered. “Y’know, you really shouldn’t leave your window open all the time.” 

“I’ll try to be better about that. I wouldn’t want to find some creep in my bed.” You gave him a playful shove and he laughed.

“I wanted to see you on your birthday.” He took your hand and placed a small blue box in your palm. “And I wanted to give you this.”

You looked up at him with a sheepish smile. “You really didn’t have to get me anything. You being here is enough. That’s actually what I wished for.”

“But I wanted to get you a gift. Open it!” He nudged your shoulder.

You lifted the lid and inside the box was a small, silver heart-shaped necklace lined with little jewels the color of your birthstone. Your heart swelled and a huge smile broke out onto your face. “It’s beautiful! Thank you so much, Peter.” 

“Read it.” He sounded nervous as he cleared his throat.

You gave him a confused look and pulled the necklace out of the box, flipping over the pendant. On the back in small engraved writing read “Love always, Peter”. 

Your stomach flipped and you felt your face burn. You looked up at him through your lashes and saw that his face was equally red, but still gleeful. 

“I’ve had so much fun with you these past few months. You’re the most interesting girl I’ve ever met. You’re so smart and so warm and kind and-and beautiful. I hate when we’re apart because I want to be around you all the time. You make my days so much brighter and…I’m in love with you.” He finished. 

Your heart felt like it was going to beat right out of your chest. You never had any experience since Peter was the first boy to ever really show an interest in you, but what he was feeling, you felt too. 

“Please say something.” He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. You smiled and leaned into him, giving him an eager kiss. 

You had kissed a few times before, but it was nothing like this. This one was deep and electrifying and you knew it would be one of the most memorable moments of your life. 

You finally pulled away and pressed your forehead against his, your (E/C) eyes gazing into his brown ones. “I’m in love with you too.” 

He smiled and pulled you into another kiss, this one much softer. His hand reached up and held your cheek, his thumb stroking it gently. Once again, the two of you pulled away and he tucked your hair behind your ear before planting a kiss on your forehead. “May I?” He tugged at the necklace that was still clutched in your hand.

You turned around and lifted your hair so he could hook the chain. Your hand reached up and grasped the heart as you beamed down at it. 

“Well…” He trailed off, looking disappointed.

“Well?” You looked at him in concern.

“I hate to say it, but I should go.”

You nodded, feeling sad that he couldn’t stay with you. “I understand. Everyone needs you.”

“Go enjoy the rest of your evening with your family. I’ll be back later, okay?”

The frown on your face was replaced with a grin. “You will?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t want to disappoint my girl on her special day.” 

You blushed at him calling you “my girl”.

“Bye, Peter!” 

He covered his cheerful face with the red mask and ducked out your window, disappearing into the night.

This is the first imagine I’ve written in a while, and I really enjoyed it! Requests are still open :)