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I’m only 13 weeks but I’ve already got a little bump growing and you can kind of tell I’m preggo, and today at work this sweet little old lady notices and starts talking to me about her pregnancy and giving me advice and things.

She asks me if I’m going to breastfeed and I say that I’m going to try, and she tells me to take a washcloth and rub it over my nipples to help toughen them up because it’s going to hurt a lot. I nod along and she tells me about breastfeeding her son and it’s just a really nice conversation.

Anyway, a man is standing behind her in line and my coworker takes his check and starts cashing it while I’m still talking to the nice lady. The man gives us both mean looks but I ignore him and continue to listen to this sweet woman tell me about how she’s had four children and breastfeeding each one was different but the washcloth trick made it much easier. Finally, the man clears his throat INCREDIBLY loudly and me and the woman turn to look at him.

“I don’t really want to hear about what you’re talking about.” He says and I’m instantly embarrassed. But, without missing a beat the woman reaches out and puts her hand over mine and glares at the man over her glasses.

“Then don’t listen to other people’s conversations.” She says, and it’s so hard not to smile even though the man got really pissed off. Thank you kind little old lady, for the advice and for reminding me that there’s nothing wrong with talking about breastfeeding. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I need to remember that.

Road Trip - Ashton Irwin

You were sat in the passenger seat watching as your husband drove down the busy roads out of the city.

He put on the radio, music blasting loud despite your three children sleeping in the back of the car.

You, Ashton and your three girls were going camping for the weekend whilst he had time off from the band.

As a family you had always stayed at expensive hotels so you wanted to try something different whilst you could and you both decided that camping would be fun for all of you.

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Post Partum Identity Crisis
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Doesn’t that sound dramatic? Post partum identity crisis. 

That’s how I felt for the first six months of being a new mom. The contents of my life were throw into a can, shaken up and unceremoniously dumped onto the sidewalk. I did not feel like me.

Things are great now and hindsight is 20/20, so I feel like I’m able to look back through a clear lens and process everything that happened. I’m on the other side now, the bright side, and I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled or joyous in my life. But at the beginning, my world was turned upside down. 

It wasn’t about my baby either. He’s healthy and happy and I really enjoy the time I spend with him. I love this kiddo!  But when he was first born and the duties were thankless, it was really freaking hard. And when I say hard, I don’t mean hard like before you have a kid. I’ve been told things were going to be hard my whole life. This was not the same. Raising a newborn kicked me flat on my ass and temporarily losing my sense of self was one of the worst parts.

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this week on My Dash is Full of Bad Discourse:

claiming terfs are exposing minors to porn by having icons that are vulvas or uteruses. unable to explain how uteruses are pornographic, nor able to explain how a vulva outside any context is not simply just anatomy, especially if it’s drawn. also, consistent use of the word vagina instead of the word they mean, which is vulva. everyone ignores my great joke that my icon is a picture of my pussy, which it is. I get an anon that tells me my icon creeps them out, but I think it’s unrelated.

someone makes a post that says terfs aren’t against ddlg, but delete it when two million people reblog it with “?” attached 

I read yet again that there aren’t two sexes because intersex people exists.  

coming up next week Probably:

someone saying breastfeeding a baby with your super sexy boobs is just like jacking it in public once again, cause that hasn’t been around in awhile. maybe with added discourse of  talking about breastfeeding on tumblr is exposing minors to porn, which would be a fun twist

I get called a terf for getting about 100 likes on drunk shitpost that says “your dad sucks, not even his satisfactory grilling saves him”

Wife and Child PT.5

This one’s really cute, just a warning. I’m really excited about this one. Last Chapter, Ao3

“Gail, wanna talk about what’s been on your mind lately?” Holly soothingly asked as she ran her fingers through the blondes hair.

It’d been a week since they laid everything out and Holly gave Gail the choice to stay or leave. She still had yet to get an answer but Gail had changed, she’d seemed more at ease, and had gotten more affectionate. Gail had begun to shyly kiss her cheek randomly, play with her hair when she laid in her lap, and she’d caught the blonde more times than once checking her out. It was really nice to have those small things again, whether or not Gail did it with years of familiarity or brand new curiosity, it was her Gail none the less. Nine months was far too long to not have her wife’s touch, her wanting, loving blue gaze on her, so Holly wasn’t going to complain. Instead she was going to bask in it. She was going to soak in every moment while she had it, for she didn’t know if it was going to be taken away from her again.

“Nothing. Why do you ask?” Gail wondered around the string in her mouth.

“You’re eating your hoodie string, and you’ve been sleeping with the blanket in your mouth. Which means you’re upset.” She continued to play with the dark blonde strands of her wife’s hair, trying to pry as little as possible. She didn’t want to set Gail off, make her run and hide like she used to do. “Is. Is it about last week?”

True Holly understood that she couldn’t expect Gail to stay because of some ring around her neck, some words she didn’t remember saying, but it hurt to give her that option. To open the door and tell her wife that if she didn’t chose her than she’d have to leave. It killed her. Especially that Gail seemed to be standing in the doorway, watching in the house and playing along, almost like she was getting a taste of their life before she ultimately took that step out the door and out of their cozy home.

Gail immediately shook her head in protest. “No.”

“Then what is it? Maybe I can help.”

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So how do communities with limited electricity and running water in Ethiopia reduce infant mortality and dramatically improve newborn and maternal health?  With a system designed by Ethiopians for Ethiopia, and a lot of amazingly dedicated health extension workers and volunteers. (The tier system is explained in the first picture.) I’m obviously no expert, but from what I could tell the nonprofit funding worked precisely because it was helping people execute their vision, rather than trying to impose a strategy upon them.

Today, I visited a health center and then a health outpost, a small structure with no electricity serving a community of around 5,000. The Outpost (picture two) was staffed by two women who can do everything from treat malaria to deliver babies. They have a detailed and systematic approach (those files in picture three contain information about every family in their area), but they rely on the volunteer Women’s Health Care Army to provide education, prenatal care, and family planning assistance, among many other things, to every family in the area. It was fascinating to start my journey at a facility that can do Caesarean sections and then follow the health care system into individual residences, where a woman can talk directly to someone she trusts about prenatal vitamins, contraception, and breastfeeding. 

The health challenges here in Ethiopia are massive, obviously, but these volunteers are a big part of the reason that Ethiopia’s infant and maternal mortality rates are dropping so dramatically.

You’ll meet several of them in a forthcoming video, but I just wanted to share the amazingness of today’s experience.

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Do you happen to know the fic where Stiles is an omega and Derek is an Alpha, and Stiles is babysitting a family's friend infant and Derek like keeps thing he's breastfeeding the baby? I'm sorry my summery suck but please help me I'm craving this fic so bad. Ps. I'm absolutely in love with your writing as well!

  • #omegaproblems by subnivean (E, 13k) Stiles didn’t need an alpha. He might want one, though.
Decisions || Luke || Pt 1/?

table of contents

Word Count: 1,869

Summary: After you shut him down when talking about trying for a baby six months prior, Luke hasn’t bothered you about the subject anymore. But now, after watching him play around with his baby niece, you might’ve changed your mind…

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Thoughts on breastfeeding

What exactly do you want me to talk about haha like it’s how you feed infants and the literal purpose of breasts

calidotheprophet  asked:

Hi, I feel superconflicted, cause like, on one hand, I get the whole free the nipple thing, cause it helps stop the slutshaming which is super good, but on the other hand I don't want to see anyone's nipple, or ass, or genitals, cause I'm prude and asexual, so everytime I do see either of them I kinda look away or scroll past it and I don't know, maybe that's internalized misogony, and I don't mean it like that, but I'm thinking what if it is, and I should just look at it anyway

A few thoughts:

Nipples shouldn’t be compared to genitals. Seeing a flash of someone’s nipple while breastfeeding, for instance, is not at all like seeing someone without their underwear on. 

You’re not a prude for not wanting to see someone’s naked or partially naked body. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves what they’re comfortable with at any given time. 

That said, it would be rude to ask a parent breastfeeding their child to stop just because you’re uncomfortable with how their baby is fed. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding an infant, and if someone views it that way it’s because of what they are bringing to the situation, not the situation itself. 

When we’re not talking about breastfeeding, but rather freeing the nipple in order to break down sexist stereotypes about typically female bodies and the sexualization of typically female bodies, our discomfort may partially be internalized misogyny. The voice that tells us that women are sluts for baring their chests the way that men do and that being topless is an inherently sexual act. I think it’s important to address and modify that way of thinking, and seeing non-sexual images of breasts of people of all genders is one way of doing that, but it’s not the only way. 

Don’t feel like you have to or that you should look at images that make you uncomfortable. Try to analyse why you feel that way, but don’t feel bad for being uncomfortable with nudity. 

People who say they don’t do that and they’re like ‘I was out just hanging out with my friends eating a waffle’ and you’re like ‘No you weren’t. No one eats a waffle before they go to the red carpet.’ Stop lying! And you didn’t lose all the weight by breastfeeding! Let’s just start talking about the truth: we’re all dieting and the food is being delivered, folks. That is how it happened. Period. End of story. I just can’t stand it, ‘Oh it burns so many calories breastfeeding’

The Supreme, Sarah Paulson, telling it like it is.