is tagging this as spoilers a spoiler

tbh honestly, to be tbh, keith is a kid.
he’s a kid who has lost a lot of family. hes an orphan who met [shiro] someone kind enough to take him in as family, who wants to take him in as family, just to watch him disappear and abandon him like everyone else has - and not just once - but twice. 

his reactions and feelings are 100% valid imo and he has the right to be this upset. ESPECIALLY with everyone telling him they’ll get a new black paladin like….that’s fucking heart breaking. his only family is gone and everyone around him wants to replace him without blinking an eye? 

I’m so tired of seeing anti’s take what Lauren said out of context. No she did NOT sink the sheith ship. She wasn’t even talking ABOUT Sheith. She was talking about shidge. Shidge is more of a mentor or older brother relationship. Nowhere in that video did she talk about Sheith so stop taking things out of context. 

Here is the video it starts at 15:30 where she talks about Shidge not Sheith

the voltron tag: so here’s the new trailer, here’s what happens in the first episode and some emotional moments, there’s some new information about the main characters and look, we even had hunk’s food truck!! also check out all of these amazing detailed theories i came up with,,, hey have you seen this screen cap? wow i love the song in the trailer, you can listen to it here

my brain, on repeat: new female characters, new female characters, new female characters, lance is the youngest child???, new female characters, new female characters, new fe-

Dunkirk Review

 I’m  going to put all of this under a cut just cause I know people are picky and some don’t really want to read much about it and I don’t really know what counts as a spoiler. (I’m not going to intentionally post any spoilers so don’t worry.) This is just like, my overall feelings on the film.

So if you don’t wanna know how I feel, just keep on scrollin’ friends.  Otherwise, read on!

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