is still ~alive

[My family, eating in a restaurant. A kid walks past our table in a Star Wars “Rebels Have More Fun” T-Shirt]
Me: That shirt is inaccurate. Rebels don’t have more fun. No one in Star Wars has more fun than Sheev. I mean, that guy is living his dreams. 
My Husband: Exactly. Everyone else is mostly watching their friends die and getting betrayed and crying all the time.
Me: It’s like they never even saw Return of the Jedi. I know he dies in that one, but come on. Sidious is having a BALL right up until the minute he he gets chucked into the abyss. 

OKAY, I HAD TO WROTE THIS! Im so MOHNSTAD/CHRISEVA TRASH! Its my version of the last clip. 

(Probably maaaany mistakes but well.. i dont give a shit and I want CHRISEVA!)


They finally was a couple. Chris just still couldn’t believe in that. Eva seriously asked him to be her date on Sana’s party. 

And of course he said yes. He was her boyfriend, officially.

They were talking about the food and lookng to each others eyes.

-I don’t like tomatos. - said Eva, pursed her nose. 

-I can eat it if you don’t want to. - whispered Chris to her ear. Eva smiled to him and gave a little kiss on his cheek. 

In next minute they both saw Jonas and Emma together. Eva looked at Chris face. 

-Are you still mad about what happened with me and Jonas? - red-haired asked him without smile. 

-No, not now. I know you did this because you was afraid your feelings for me and I know that meant nothing for you. And well, Jonas looks happy with that girl.

-And I’m happy with you. - said Eva and kissed Chris. 

Now, everything was perfect for both of them. They were perfect for each other.


So I saw this one Conan ep once with Blake Anderson in it and I can’t help but imagine Matt singing so (imeancmonmattandhisvaneedssomemorerecognitionno??)

This took like a week or 4 days I can’t even remember rip my fingers iworkedsohardonthisplsappreciatteit

  • Alison: i'm going away for awhile (to meet beth at our secret cabin in the woods where she has been hiding this whole time pretending to be dead)

shoutout to my ex i was just outta therapy when i got a dog and met him at this point i might just go check into treatment for ptsd
i still hear his demons screaming in empty hallways it feels like
and now i dunno what to do, it’s been 6 months i didnt forget yet if he was around people wouldnt dare talk to me especially not in the ways they are, making fun or poking the situation i don’t want him talking to me he would only lie, i thought nobody is as messed up as i am but i found someone similar and gentle to open up to and go outside with, my entire life nobody really had spent that much of a year with me, i didn’t sleep at home for a year i was silly enogh to think hey i’m special then u end up not being it all ends up being shit and youre in shit up to your ears beyond your baby hairs
so much manipulation in my head, what made you wanna do the same? you fucked up if you kept me without wanting me i’m fucked up for liking you then too i still wanna raise my dog thought i’m not you, i’m nothing like you
i’m not brave but i’m not weak


I have to say, I’m truly enjoying writing Pierce into this fic. He had so much untapped potential to be a wonderful villain in The Winter Soldier and we never got to see just how evil he could be. He is diabolical and manipulative and he plays perfectly into my plans for this fic. I’m glad you guys hate him so much, it tells me I’ve done my job making him seem cold and heartless. These next few parts are my absolute favorite for this series and I can’t wait to see what you think of them! Thank you so much for continuing to read and leave me feedback on this fic! 😊💞💞💞💞💞 

Still Alive