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A reminder

Four months ago, we were graced with the masterpiece that was
Double Black episode

anonymous asked:

Lekmets dead. Sorry buddy I don't make the rules

no,,,he’s not dead yet,,,he’s still alive,,,in our hearts,,,somehow,,,he’s managing to live in our heartts,,,,i refuse to beleive h e dead,, becuase goat grandpa is,,a,nd i quote,,,,alive in our hearts,,,

in,,,our,,,hearts , , ,


astertale  asked:

Hey I just wanted to ask if you're still alive D: You haven't posted anything since February it feels like. (Also I got my book in the mail (finally) it looks AMAZING thank yooou!)

oh……………… uh, I guess I’ve been in this sad-hole for awhile now, whoops. I lose track of time down here sometimes. 

I’m ok, tho, thanks for checking in. 

(PS if you were waiting for something from me, those have all been sent, sorry for the delay.)

anonymous asked:

How are you still alive from all the Jen and Colin goodness at Vancon??? Just witnessing it through you guys is amazing, I'm sure it's 100x better for the people who are actually there! Is it true their close friendship is even more palpable when you witness it in person than through TV interviews?

Absolutely. There is just something about seeing it live in front of you. They are so close and funny and it’s seriously heartwarming to see.

If you ever have the opportunity to, go to an event with the two of them. Nothing beats seeing it for yourself.

96kyirah  asked:

Any HCs of how the batkids would meet in a no-power/parents alive situation?

-They would probably see Jason all battered and bruised on the streets trying to get money so he doesn’t starve to death and so he can help some of the kids who are in a similar situation in his neighbourhood

-Dick would probably have been adopted into some family (maybe still Bruce’s home, who knows) and he would’ve had a somewhat normal life where he would maybe see the other kids on the street as he’s going back to school shopping and they’re doing whatever it is they have to. Duke would probably go through a similar situation.

-If Dick’s parents were still alive then he would be in the circus and then everyone with the exception of Jason and Cass would have seen him at a shos

-Tim would most likely meet Damian and Barbara at some Wayne function that his parents dragged him to and then abandoned him so he could “mingle” with the others

-Steph would meet Tim at school and probably talk to him briefly because they sit next to each other in physics or something like that

-Cass would most likely know of the more notable/upper class kids like Tim, Damian and Babs because she would still probably be an assassin