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After reading your answer to the question, what is your favorite levihan moment?

Ah! I get this question a lot. I usually direct you guys to this post. I think it is still my favourite moment to this day. Whenever I read that post again, my heart just blooms. lol. But for you anon, I scoured for another worthy moment that gave me the tingle tingle.

The levihan date with Roy and Pierre

I like how they were wearing their own jackets, the proximity of their hands and in the next few panels, Roy praising Hanji for a doing a good job. Hanji was bashful and all but Levi was “Write something nice about us! You ungrateful old man”. I improvised the line.

And of course, how could I leave out this-

That.. that.. I cried. I squealed. I laughed when I saw that. Levi the emotionless clean freak, warning Hanji the excitable scientist. That is the core of every Levihan fanarts and fanfics. You can’t deny that.

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favourite ability: no longer human (人間失格)

“Death at the claws of a mad predator does possess a certain appeal… but sadly you cannot kill me. My power allows me to nullify the gifts wielded by others merely by touching them.”

i love how in stories about ancient times and ancient heros there’s always someone who says “you will be remembered for centuries, the glory of your name will never fade” because it’s true, we’re hearing about them right this moment, they lived thousands of years before us, yet we still idolise them and love their stories. it overwhelms me and fills with awe


I only wish I’d been a better sister to her when she first got here. I can’t… I can’t even imagine it now. I used to resent her for coming into my home. For following me around at school. Some strange girl who didn’t know how to fit in. For embarrassing me in front of my friends.

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