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‘Juno’, Jason Reitman (2007)

Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.

Hello Everyone!

Hello, and pleased to meet you. I was on Tumblr before, a really long time ago. I got scared away from the Internet (and witchcraft!) for a while after some bad things happened IRL, but now I’m back and looking forward to getting to know everyone! A little bit about me… 

Hey, my name is Chris, which is short for Christinia. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m still in school but I hope to finally graduate this year. I like art, especially watercolor, and love watching anime and action adventures shows and movies. I’ve been studying witchcraft for a few years now, but I know I still have a lot to learn.

I’m not Pagan or Wiccan, so I’m pretty much just a non-denominational witch-in-training. I’m not religious, but I do like reading about religions, especially ancient ones. My mom’s side of the family is from Iceland, so I kind of want to know more about Icelandic traditions, too.

I have an online mentor called Leda who has been kind enough to give me witchcraft lessons, and I have learned a lot from her already. We met when I found her email address in a book on witchcraft I borrowed from the library (and ended up keeping). I sent her an email, and after corresponding for a few years, she agreed to take me on as a student, so I talk to her regularly and study with her.

So far, I’ve been experimenting with elemental spells, charms, and candle magick, but I also want to learn about divination and all kinds of other things. I want to learn everything there is to know about magick and be the best witch ever! :-)

It would be really great if other witches could fill my dash with awesome witchery, lol!

So, if you post:

  • Spellcraft
  • Sigils
  • Herbal lore
  • Tarot or other divination
  • Anything witchy, basically!

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Some Advice for Incoming (or Current) Film Majors
  • Don’t feel guilty if you haven’t seen a lot of the movies you’re going to watch in your classes (especially if you’re from a household that was pretty strict)
  • Explore movies from a variety of genres, even ones that you may not like (i.e. if you’re not a huge fantasy fan, perhaps check out a few but look at it from a filmmaker’s standpoint)
  • That being said, if you still genuinely dislike a certain genre after checking out some movies from that genre, don’t force yourself to like it (you tried, therefore do not feel bad)
  • Don’t dislike a popular movie for the sake of disliking it.  If you genuinely dislike the movie, then that’s perfectly fine, but if you’re disliking a popular movie to seem “cool” or “edgy”, don’t
  • Try your best to watch the movies that your class assigns (it’s for the best-really)
  • Check out movies from a different country-watching a film from a different country tells you some interesting insight on that country or about the time period that film came out from said country.  Not to mention, some countries practice certain techniques that may be different from your home country, so it’s always nice to watch a new take on how to make movies.
  • If you feel like your passion’s waning, always re-watch your favorite movies/the movies that made you go “I know what I want to do in my life”
  • Check to see if there are any film clubs/organizations on campus that you can join-it’s always nice to connect with people
  • I say this with so much love: start on your short films/screenplays early (your sleep schedule/sanity will thank you)
  • And most importantly:

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∟ Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.

Caffeine (pt 2)

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Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Fluff/Slight Angst/Smut in Next Part

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You screamed, slamming your hand against your living room wall before tossing your phone onto the couch and falling down onto it, wriggling into the pillows, letting them muffle your groans of frustration.

This week had been going pretty great considering the breakup. Usually your breakups were filled with movies and ice cream and some friends braiding your hair and telling you to get it together but not this time. Well, you still watched movies and ice cream and talked to friends but since your meeting with Jongdae, things hadn’t seemed so bad. Your ex did cheat on you, and even though it hurt, there wasn’t anything you could do about it.

It was all fine and good until about an hour earlier, when the messages started popping up one by one, along with the string of calls that you continuously rejected.

I’m sorry

Please just let me talk to you

Please pick up

I wasn’t thinking okay

You weren’t sure what to think, what to say, what to do…your mind spun as you stared at your phone in shock. He didn’t seriously think that you believed him, right? Did he think you were that stupid?

Things would’ve just easily blown over if he hadn’t started spamming you with all these messages and voicemails that you didn’t even bother to listen to. You moved onto your back, grabbing your phone and turning it off in frustration, not wanting to see your ex do this. You were doing fine. You were doing really well considering it had only been a week and he just had to go and ruin it. You felt your chest tighten as the pain returned, and you cursed loudly, wondering why you had to feel this awful when you didn’t even do anything wrong.

You suddenly heard the doorbell ring and you froze on your couch, your eyes widening as you looked around your messy apartment. It wasn’t exactly messy perse, just a bit unorganized. You hadn’t done the dishes from last night’s dinner yet, and they were still piled in the sink. There was a laundry basket full of clean laundry that you were just too lazy to fold. Everything else looked pretty okay in your opinion, so you stood, running your fingers through your hair as you shuffled to the door.

“Hey neighbor,” chirped Jongdae as he leaned against your doorframe, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he grinned.

Jongdae was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to you after your ex cheated. He wasn’t lying when he said he’d visit you at work, because that past week he’d walked in almost every single day to get coffee and chat with you. You’d see him in the mornings sometimes before he left for work, and he’d give you a cheeky grin, saying something cute like “Bye neighbor!” and giving you a little wave.

You smiled at him as he stood in front of you, rubbing the back of his neck as his eyes travelled down your body. Your eyes shifted down too, and you cursed as you realized that you may have been a bit too underdressed with your oversized t-shirt and slightly too short shorts. You didn’t have work today, so dressing well wasn’t exactly a high priority on your list.

“I promise there are shorts underneath this,” you insisted, and you were rewarded with his musical laughter.

He shook his head, the corners of his mouth still twist upward as he replied, “No, no, I just thought you may be cold is all. Um anyway, I came over here because I wanted to ask if everything was okay.”

You lifted your eyebrows, tilting your head to the side. “I think so? Why?”

“I heard screaming and banging noises so I figured that something was either very, very wrong or you were just having really fantastic sex.”

You snorted, doubling over as you laughed at how casual his words sounded. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and you lifted your head to meed Jongdae’s worried eyes as you continued to shake with laughter. Seeing your face, his expression changed, his worried look changing into a smile.

“Sorry…I…no, no sex…” you confirmed in between little bursts of giggles, wondering why you were still laughing, knowing you probably must’ve looked pretty stupid at this point.

He grinned, his hand squeezing your shoulder lightly as you shivered, feeling him lean a bit closer to you. “Was it really that funny?” he asked, his brows lifting and his tongue peeking out to lick his lips quickly. You shrugged awkwardly, feeling your cheeks heat up as he watched you. “Wait no,” he began, his thumb rubbing your shoulder where he was still holding you. “Don’t feel shy, I didn’t mean it like that. I’ve just never seen you laugh like that before, it was nice, I’m sorry.”

Now you felt really embarrassed, and you looked down at your feet, nodding as you felt him release his grip on your shoulder. He cleared his throat before he continued, “Um well anyway, what was that sound from earlier? Are you sure everything is alright?”

You smile faltered and you heart sank as you remembered the building messages from your ex. Jongdae noticed the change, bending down slightly to get a better look at your face.

“Um…” you began, feeling him near you slightly. “Well my ex started texting me and calling me…like a lot…and I’m just a little frustrated.” You looked up to see his eyes widen, flickering between anger and disgust.

“What did you say?” he asked, his pitch slightly lower than before. “I mean, how did you respond?”

“I didn’t.”

His lips formed an ‘o’ shape as he slowly let out a breath, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. “May I…see?” he asked carefully, realizing that you hadn’t known each other long and not wanting to overstep his boundaries.

You nodded, stepping away from the door and gesturing for him to enter before closing it, heading back to your couch where your phone was. You plopped down, turning it on again as he sat next to you, leaning in to look at your phone.

“What kind of a password is that?” he muttered sassily as you unlocked your phone and you turned, glaring at him before smacking his chest lightly. He held his hands up in surrender, laughing as he apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t look at anything…”

“Don’t make fun of my password…” you grumbled, making him laugh again as you looked back at you phone, gasping as you say how many messages had built up over the few minutes you’d tuned off your phone. Jongdae, noticed as well, grabbing the phone out of your hand and beginning to scroll through the fifty or so unread messages.

Jongdae clicked his tongue, his brows furrowing as he looked back at you. “Yah, this guy’s crazy. Twenty missed calls? What the fuck-” he was cut off by your ringtone as you ex called again, and before you could protest, Jongdae answered, putting the phone to his ear before you could grab it.

“Hello?” you heard the muffled voice of your ex on the other side, and you tried to grab the phone from Jongdae but he grabbed your wrists with his free hand pinning them together as he held the phone to his ear.

“Yah,” began Jongdae loudly, making you jump slightly. “Why do you keep calling her, huh? No- No, you shut up, why does it matter who the fuck I am? Your messages are so creepy dude, like fucking chill okay. She doesn’t want to-” Jongdae groaned loudly, turning to look at you, his hand tightening slightly at your wrists. “I’m sorry that you had to deal with this excuse of a human being, you did not deserve this man as your boyfriend,” he said to you apologetically before turning back to the call.

“Jongdae, I-” you were cut off by him yelling at your ex again.

“Oh, so you think that you’re better than me? You don’t even know me dude, why are you even-” he scoffed, clicking his tongue again. “Yah, you can’t seriously think she actually wants you back, right? Like please at least tell me you’re not that stupid…Oh my god, you’re a fucking idiot, aren’t you? My IQ is dropping just because I’m talking to you. You know what- no, no you listen to me, okay stop calling her, because I swear if I even see one tiny little message you will fucking regret it…God, do you kiss your mother with that mouth, what the fuck is wrong with you? Ugh,” he scoffed, pulling the phone off his ear and ending the call.

You stared wide-eyed at your neighbor as his thumb tapped away at your phone, his other hand still on your wrists. You tugged slightly and he looked over, his mouth opening as he released you quickly, apologizing.

“It’s…um it’s fine,” you mumbled, rubbing at your wrists. He stared at the slightly red marks he’d left, dropping your phone to gently grab your hands.

His tongue peeked out to lick his lips, and he whimpered softly. “Was I really holding you that tight? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Do you need ice or something?” You watched in disbelief as he rubbed the red spots soothingly, his brows crinkling.

“You,” you began, making him look back up at you with his brows crinkled. “What…wait why are you…what the hell just happened?” you muttered, blinking several times as you replayed the past few minutes in your head.

His laughter filled your living room as he released your wrists, grabbing your phone and tapping away at it again. “I hope you didn’t mind,” he chuckled, watching your expression. “Oh, also I’m blocking his number on your phone. You know how to do that right? If he ever bothers you with another number just block him again.”

You nodded, your eyes flickering to his face. His hair was ruffled and messy, and you figured he didn’t have work today because he was still home. His t-shirt and sweatpants made that even more obvious, but before you could keep studying your neighbor, his eyes caught you staring.

He laughed, “Do you think I’m being weird? Sorry, I just don’t like people who cheat. Well, honestly I don’t get the point. If you don’t want me, then tell me you don’t want me. Don’t just start seeing someone else behind my back.”

His words turned bitter quickly, and you bit your lips as you softly asked him, “You’ve been cheated on too?”

He looked at you again, the corners of his mouth twisting upward as he shrugged. “Maybe,” he teased, handing you your phone. You took it, sticking your tongue out at him and making him laugh again, his arms stretching to rest behind his head.

“Thank you,” you added, bowing your head slightly towards your neighbor. You felt his hand touch your head, and he ruffled your hair, chuckling slightly.

“Anytime, neighbor,” he mused before standing, stretching again. Your eyes met the strip of exposed skin at his waist as his shirt rode up when he stretched and you swallowed, knowing it was way, way too early to be having any of these thoughts. He turned back towards you, crossing his arms and letting his shirt fall as he looked around the apartment. “So, should I help you clean?”

“What?” You looked around, your eyes landing on the dishes and the laundry. Everything else seemed fine, and you looked back at Jongdae with your brows raised in question. “Um…is this really messy?”

His eyes widened and he shook his head, his hand shaking with it. “No, no I mean…I didn’t mean it like that. Sorry, my old roommate was kind of a neat freak, and he kind of rubbed off on me I guess.” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, his eyes landing on the dishes piled in the sink. “Want help with the dishes? I can help you, really-”

“No, no,” you interrupted, standing and walking towards the kitchen. “I can do them myself, it’s alright, you don’t have to-”

“But I want to,” he whined, his bottom lip puffing out. “Ok, what about this. You scrub, I rinse. You’ll basically be the one doing the dishes, I’ll just rinse them and put them on the rack. Please, please, please I want to be helpful.” He stomped his feet like a child, pouting as you watched.

You rolled your eyes, giving into him as you stood in front of the sink, scrubbing and then handing him the soapy dishes for him to rinse off. He smiled, humming an unrecognizable tune as he ‘helped’ you with the dishes.

“Oh, fuck,” he muttered under his breath as one of your plates slipped out of his had and clanged into the sink. It wasn’t broken but he still gave you a sheepish look, apologizing before picking it up and setting it on the rack.

You scoffed, squeezing more soap onto your sponge as you teased, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

He burst into laughter, realizing what you were referring to. “Yah,” he chuckled. “I don’t say stuff like that in front of my mom, okay? Come on, do I really seem like that kind of person?”

“I wouldn’t know,” you shrugged, handing him a soapy cup. “I mean, I barely know you, and here you are in my apartment, doing dishes.” The strange reality of the moment hit you, and you were greeted with a wave of uneasiness. He seemed to notice as he set the cup on the rack before turning to you.

“Hey,” he murmured, and you turned up to the sound of his voice. “If you ever feel uncomfortable, feel free to kick me out. Sorry, I just…I mean I didn’t notice that this might be weird for you. You’re right, you barely know me, I should-”

“No, it’s fine!” you reassured, waving your soapy hands at him. “You’ve helped me a lot, and you live next to me. I mean, I’ll get to know you. I’m not uncomfortable.”

He smiled, “But seriously, I’m really glad you’re my neighbor. I was hoping I’d live next to someone I could talk to, you know? I’m really talkative sometimes so it’s nice living around others who are willing to talk to me.”

You hummed in agreement, handing him the last soapy bowl. “So, what would you like to talk about?” you asked, and he chuckled, rinsing off the bowl and setting it on the tray as you dried off your hands.

“Well,” he began, tilting his head in thought. “You seem to be in a good mood. Are you feeling better now?”

You nodded, handing him the towel for him to dry his hands. “Yeah, thank you. You know it’s funny, doing dishes actually helps me cope with things a lot. Or just chores in general, because I get so occupied that I forget that I was upset. It helps me clear my head…is that weird?”

“Not really,” Jongdae shook his head. “I mean, everyone has their little ways of getting over things. Like my old roommate? He’d always clean. The place would be extra spotless whenever he was upset about something.”

“Ahh, I see,” you nodded, shifting your weight as you felt the atmosphere turn awkward. “So what do you do when you’re upset?”

His eyebrows lifted and he licked his lips, his eyes teasing as he replied, “I’m not sure you want to know.”

“Come on, it can’t be that bad.”

His eyes darted around, not meeting yours has he rubbed the back of his neck. “I mean…it’s not bad…I just think you’d feel uncomfortable.”

“Just tell me, now I wanna know,” you whined. “What’s your secret? How do you get over breakups?” You raised your brows suggestively, and he wrinkled his nose leaning down slightly towards you. He turned his head to the side, flashing a grin and making your stomach flip as he answered.


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Doctor Strange review

2016 has been such a mixed bag for superhero movies. We got Deadpool and Civil War, the two greatest superhero films ever made, we got Batman v Superman, a pretty but ultimately mediocre effort from DC to try and rush into an expanded universe, X-Men: Apocalypse, which is a very enjoyable but still quite flawed entry in the X-Men series that takes quite few steps forward and then stands still, and then Suicide Squad, which is a really fun style-over-substance movie that still suffered from problems plaguing other DC films (though not nearly as bad, probably due to Zack “Sucker Punch drained my talent” Snyder not being as hands on with the film). And then here we are, at the final big superhero film of the year, Doctor Strange. Much like some of the other films here, it was a very controversial movie, mainly due to the whole Ancient One casting thing, with Marvel and the director being accused of racism. So, how did that turn out? Is this a good film, or is it a step backwards for Marvel?

Well, it’s certainly no great leap forward, but… fuck, this movie was fantastic, and the controversy, as usual, was way overblown. I’ll get into why shortly, but let me just say upfront that all casting decisions were ultimately for the best. No matter what, this movie is important for doing something long overdue in the MCU: it introduced straight-up magic with no bullshit science or alien excuse.

Let’s see just how strange this magic is: Steven Strange is a talented neurosurgeon with an ego to rival Tony Stark’s. One day, Strange thinks it’s a good idea to text while driving, and gets into the most ludicrous car crash imaginable, which absolutely fucks up his hands. Now incapable of working and desperate to find a cure, he finds out about a place in Nepal that can heal him. He’s then roped in by Mordo to a secret society of sorcerers lead by the Ancient One, the Sorcerer Supreme of earth. Right now they need to stop an evil renegade wizard who has thrown his lot in with the evil entity Dormammu by the name of Kaecilius. Can Strange get the fuck over himself and become the almighty sorcerer we know he can be?

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Calling Horror Movie buffs

I’m sorry, I’m having a bit of an issue remembering the name of a horror movie I watched as a kid and it’s driving me up the wall.

It’s not The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist or The Messengers.

My memory could be a little foggy but I’m pretty sure it was about a husband and wife that moved into a house (or built one?) on top of an Indian Burial ground because the trope was popular at the time.  

Progressively through the movie the husband winds up going gradually insane.  He denies his wife access to their basement and threatens her if she does,

Long story short, the house is what’s making him go insane, the wife ends up going into the basement and (I think???) seeing her long dead son.  Basement turns into quicksand and skeletons or zombies or something start coming out and try to drag them down as the house is sinking into the mud.  Husband has to pull the wife out of one of the basement windows to save her.

And then it ends with the husband and wife writing a /book/ about the house because that’s what healthy couples do after a traumatic experience, right?

Somebody please help before I drive my girlfiend up the wall with this, I’ve been agonizing over this for hours.

Bleach rn
  • Ichiruki peeps (and me): I guess the manga ending was pretty bad, but I guess it can't get worse.
  • *live-action movie has a non-accurate ichigo design*
  • *"orihime is heroine, rukia is aibou/nakama" interview*
  • *Renruki novel*
  • Me: (._______.)

Something I think is important, the only white dude in the new Power Rangers movie seems to be some kind of a delinquent. I think that’s important, it shows all the kids out there who might also have made some pretty bad mistakes that despite all of that, you can still be a hero. It’s kind of something that was there with Suicide Squad, but I think this’ll be more relatable because it’s no one who’s killed someone or robbed a bank, it’s just some stupid kid who lost his temper one too many times and now has to deal with the consequences. I knew a lot of folks in high school who wound up getting shipped off to the alternative school, and I think that this Jason might be a good role model for them. You can fuck up something awful, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, you can still be a hero despite that

drunkardonjunkyard  asked:

Charles is vicious toward Logan since the beginning up to almost the end of the movie. But, Logan takes it all & still cares for Charles.

I’d like to think that it’s not so much vicious, but that neither of them have anymore fucks to give and therefore just let it all out good and bad (mostly bad lol) without bothering to sugar coat it. Maybe it’s more noticeable with Charles because he’s always been so much more careful and diplomatic I don’t know? I agree there have been a couple of pretty brutal bits, but in the way that we are with family, with people we love and understand the most….

“Beauty and the Beast” review:

Well, first off, I can safely say the movie has a reason to exist. It’s difficult to say whether it’s better or worse than the animated movie but it definitely does some things that improve on the original. Personally, I still like the animated movie better but I’d gladly see the remake again.

First off, the superficial stuff. I liked the added backstory. There’s an added subplot about Belle’s mom that may seem out of place but it provides character development for Belle, Beast, and the dad. All the secondary characters are fleshed out more. Visuals are pretty (but dizzying at some parts). The songs are basically the originals but with new singers. Then there’s the new songs, which are hit and miss. The songs are not bad, just passable.

Also, maybe this is just me, but I’m glad the teacup didn’t save Belle in this version. I liked that the dad was the one to do it since it made more sense in the narrative.

Now the biggest change I liked was that the movie managed to make the romance feel more believable. There’s more focus on Belle and Beast bonding over being outcasts in their own social circles, as well as their mutual love of knowledge and the arts. Also, Emma Watson’s chemistry with Dan Stevens was surprisingly good, especially when you have to consider that Emma had to pretend he had a monster head.

This is where I say Gaston is used in a much better way than the original. Because the remake emphasized Beast and Gaston’s looks and levels of intelligence, the two men became mirror opposites of each other. This actually makes Belle choosing the Beast over Gaston more significant than the original since it’s clear the Beast won her over with who he was on the inside. You get the same idea in the original, don’t get me wrong, but it’s much clearer, more thought out in the remake.

What are some other goods? The whole cast was great. Emma Watson won me over as Belle and Luke Evans was scarily good as Gaston. Josh Gad was great as Lefou but there were times where it felt like he was just playing Olaf again.

Speaking of Lefou, yes, he is gay in the remake but they don’t say it outright. But there’s LOTS of subtle hints that he is, not just a throwaway line that could be interpreted as him being gay. No, it’s very clear that he is gay and honestly, I liked it. I’m not gonna criticize representation, no matter how small it is.

Now, what did the movie do wrong? Well, the climax is way too silly for its own good. Like, really, REALLY silly. It killed the intense tone that the climax should’ve had. The movie, despite adding in scenes, still hits the same notes as the original. If you’ve seen the original, you basically know what’s going to happen here. They do try to throw you off but it’s still predictable. Also, the pacing in the first third of the movie was surprisingly off for some reason. Everything was moving too fast and the movie only slowed down once we reached the castle. It’s like they were rushing the story to get to the Beast.

Also, while the cast was great, a lot of them were underused. Casting Ewan McGregor, Sir Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson as the castle furniture characters may SOUND good on paper but really, they should’ve given the spotlight to a less famous actor. They aren’t given a lot to do since this is Emma, Dan, and Luke’s movie, so really, they were wasted here.

And going back to the music, I want to emphasize that the soundtrack is hit or miss. There’s no bad singing, it’s just the songs aren’t as memorable. To give you an idea, Beast gets his own song which was written for the remake and I can’t remember how it goes. Seriously, he had a whole song and I can’t even recall the tempo.

So yeah, to summarize, the movie wasn’t bad. It does some things better than the original and it does some things worse. But I’m definitely glad I saw the movie, it was worth the price.

Tom Hiddleston looks back on his days as a boarding school rebel

Tom Hiddleston stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday to promote his latest film Kong: Skull Island. Other than successfully promoting the movie, Hiddleston also revealed that he attended boarding school and had a pretty wild time.

Which in our minds happens at all boarding schools.

Jimmy Kimmel joked, “If you’re bad, you go to boarding school here. Your parents have had enough you,” to which Hiddleston replied, “I always say boarding school was like a mixture of Harry Potter and The Great Escape — without the magic or second world war.”

The actor told Kimmel that even though the dorms were separated by gender, he and his buddies (who he’s still super close to) managed to find mischief.

“You try and think of crazy things to do,” Hiddleston said. Specifically, “dorm raids,” which consisted of “

going to get your pillows after lights out, get the pillow at the end of the pillow case, make it a kind of club, and go and start a huge pillow fight with the next door dormitory.”

Umm sounds destructive and SO fun.

“The winner is determined by how many pillows you destroy,” he said, laughing, to which Kimmel responded, “You’re lucky to be alive!”

Is it too late for us to sign up for boarding school?

Hiddleston also revealed that he can speak many languages, including French — which is apparently what happens when your classmates are all from different countries. But he seems to be a little less fluent in Spanish (although, we’re still impressed).

Check it out:

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters TODAY!

♥ Lightwood-Bane Family HC ♥
  • one time alec came home to find that their living room had transformed into a huge ball pit and his husband and kids were screaming and chasing each other through it
  • even though alec was tired, he couldn’t help but smile at his family
  • magnus is not a good cook not as bad as izzy but still pretty bad especially when it comes to making things from scratch 
  • alec still can’t figure out how pancakes got stuck to the kitchen ceiling 
  • max is more like alec. he studies hard and is more serious.
  • rafael is more like magnus. glitter, fedoras, eyeliner? check!
  • simon made all four of them sit with him and izzy to watch all 7 star wars movies and max became such a fan. he can quote the movies word for word.
  • alec is horrified
  • one time when alec was sleeping the kids grabbed magnus’ make up bag and painted his face
  • he looked like ronald mcdonald for hours and didnt realize it until magnus came home and started laughing
  • rafael can sing in english, spanish & latin and he has an amazing voice
  • they take the cutest family photos 

So 2015 was a pretty great year for me, I think I can easily call it the best one of my live

In 2015 I started to watch Dan an Phil, I discovered Rick and Morty aka the best show ever, I’ve watched The Force Awakens and Kingsman which are now my favorite movies, I became much better at art like really I was so bad before ugh and gained A LOT of new followers which is still unbelievable 

So I want to thank all of you guys for being here and for all of your comments and nice tags and your heartwarming messages!! Without you this year wouldn’t be nearly as great as it was for me. You are amazing and I love you all (●´□`)♡




What do you see when you watch the films today, now that the time has passed?
Pretty much the same as they were before, it hasn’t changed one bit. It’s like it was just yesterday, that’s the weird thing with time. It seems like yesterday. But I still look at it and wonder what people are seeing when they see it. There’s a couple of films I’ve got a really good idea of how the audience is going to react, but not in general. Like the very first one I made was Goodbye 42nd Street, that’s on there. The first time I showed it, I was really surprised people were into it. I just thought it was such a shitty Super-8 movie, but people responded well and that encouraged me. The first time it was at a screening, it wasn’t allowed to be screened. They immediately said, “You can’t show this.” That was also inspiring, to say “fuck you” to those kind people.

So you were part of the Cinema of Transgression. Were you trying specifically to shock people and freak them out or was that an after-effect?
The group of films that immediately preceded it in the underground were all very boring. It seemed like one of the qualifications was to make it boring and slow and long. So our plan was to make it short, and make it non-boring, if possible. And that may not work now, but back then it did, and we just tried to break down any moral thing or taboo you could. One of my personal things was to fuck up relationships and fuck up people’s heads as much as possible. People were completely shocked by some of the stuff. But this was in the 80s, so I don’t know how they will react now.

Do you think it’s as shocking now as it was then?
There was this show in Berlin at the KW Institute of Contemporary Art in Berlin. They did this whole Cinema of Transgression month where they installed the films in this club-like atmosphere, like you would’ve seen back then, in different, weird rooms. People said it was really effective, and it was. I walked through and there was one film that I watched that a friend of mine made that I hadn’t seen since then and I couldn’t sit through the whole thing, it was just too fucking hardcore. So it’s definitely a negative attitude, everything was negative, everything was nihilist. It’s the whole belief, and it probably sounds stupid sitting here in this restaurant, but you have to destroy everything to start over again. That was the whole anarchist approach, which was pretty much the punk attitude. It was “fuck everything”. And I felt the only way you could really destroy and fuck with people was to fuck with their love life and their personal relationships. When you see something, it coarsens you. Every bad thing you see coarsens you. Think about video games, like playing Black-Ops – it fucks with your head. I don’t care what people say.

I was reading some of the reviews and one of the main critiques was that these people were shitty actors. Was that a secondary care for you?
It’s funny you just said that because I never thought about that. It wasn’t the same kind of approach, and if I was making one now, I still wouldn’t think about it. I never thought about that. But yeah, they are shitty actors. It’s all your state of mind when you’re looking at them, everybody in the movies is pretty real.  

Yeah, the things they were doing were real.
Believe me, in Fingered, Marty Nation was exactly like that, no exaggeration. The guy who’s lifting weights, he was like that. Everybody was real. Lydia Lunch was like that. Lung Leg was like that. The story was based on Lydia and Marty’s travels when she was 16 and they would hitchhike and get picked up by somebody, and Marty would take his knife out and start stabbing and cutting up the upholstery in the car, looking at the guy. All those guys were really scary. The guy who’s lifting weights in it got killed about two years ago, somebody shot him finally.

You were pretty prolific in that time period, when these films were made. Were you just obsessed with making these films?
Yeah, it was what I did and I had a lot of ideas and I had all the equipment, which wasn’t much, it was a Super-8 camera and three lights and I had a big apartment to shoot in and plenty of people who wanted to do stuff. And I wouldn’t call them actors, I’d call them performer types. Nothing was scripted, the closest thing we had to a script was Fingered and You Killed Me First and those were just, “This is what’s gonna happen in this scene. You’re gonna say this. Or you say something like this.” Lydia and Marty in Fingered would just make up dialogue as they went. They would play off of each other. I would tell them what we were gonna shoot tomorrow and they could say what they wanted. It wasn’t traditional filmmaking, by any means.  

How much contact are you in with these people now?  
I saw Lydia a few weeks ago in a bar in Williamsburg doing a reading. And she’s playing in Williamsburg again next Monday. But she lives in Barcelona, I see her occasionally.

I’m really interested in understanding the evolution from doing these nihilistic films to the stuff you do now, which seems a little bit more gentle and subtle.
Fingered was one of John Waters’ favorite films, and I hung out with him a few times and he said, “It’s interesting to be an angry young man when you’re young, but when you’re old you just look like an idiot to still be angry.” A lot of those films were made when I was a drug addict, and when I got clean the only thing I could afford to do was take photos. And I started taking photos of everybody I knew and tried to get them naked. And it just evolved into this other thing.

There’s some films I’ve made that are still like the old ones. There’s one I finished last year that was harder than anything I ever did. It’s just hard to watch. And it’s the perfect movie for me because it’s a documentary about a girl explaining why she cuts herself, and then she does it. I shot it with a shitty little video camera, I set the camera up and she sat there and talked about it. But it’s a really powerful movie. It was in a show here in New York at Maccarone, and at the opening it was just bumming people out like crazy. For me, that was a huge success. To be able to have that effect, and it wasn’t fake, it wasn’t set up, it was just a real thing that really bummed people out, and I was lucky enough to get it. It’s the same attitude. But then there’s these other films, Face To Panty Ratio for example. It’s a pretty film, there’s nothing bad going on, but you’re looking at girls’ panties, looking at their faces, it’s very hypnotic. But you realise, “I’m looking at girls’ panties.” A lot of people are into the movie, but it’s a little music video about girls’ panties. So other people think it’s perverse.  

You can’t say it’s porn, because it’s not porn. It’s just focusing on two really interesting parts of a female, their face and their panties, and what’s wrong with looking at it? One of my things has always been to make no apologies for what you’re doing, and if you have some kind of perversion, it’s not a perversion. Guys like to look at girls’ panties, plenty of girls like to look at girls’ panties, but people act like it’s such a big fucking deal if they get caught doing it.  

Everything’s a joke. Every film.  A joke on the audience.

I thought I saw a bit of your work now in Submit to Me and Submit to Me Now.
I quit making films for like ten years and then around 2008 I started again and then I really started again a couple years ago. All this stuff is just random stuff I shoot when I shoot photos, it’s not completely random, I have these themes. Just this past summer I spent four months making ten or 20 films, all made up of all these pieces I shot. I just collected them for four years and then sat down and edited them. But that is not traditional filmmaking. I would just say to the girl, “Okay give me a walk from here to here, this way to this way to this way.” I just shot a whole bunch of girls, like B-shoot photos, I was like, “We’re gonna shoot some video. You sit here, and I want you to cry.  See if you can cry, can you cry?” They go, “Maybe.” And I just sit there and wait for them to cry, and if they cry I got it. Or I have them throw a fit. “Beat the bed, beat the couch,” and all this shit will end up in different movies. It’s not the traditional filmmaking or videos.

I think it’s interesting, especially in the Submit to Me stuff, they’re almost like moving photographs, there’s not a plot but they’re still very interesting.
I was looking for weirdness. Just trying to think of what weird thing can this person do. There was one guy with a really little dick and he said, “I really want to be in there.” He would just bug the shit out of me. And I said, “Okay, you can just shave your pubes.” Which was a weird thing back then, if you’re a guy. So he said, “Okay, I’ll do that.” And it was just really weird.

@hedwig-dordt replied to your post: Speaking of horror, possibly unpopular opinion…

I feel like I’m the only person in the world who genuinely enjoys Lady in the Water.

My roommate loves that movie! I don’t think it’s as bad as people make it out to be, but I didn’t like it. I do, however, like The Village, which was similarly panned. I get why, but it’s still a pretty movie with a decent story? Like, not a favourite, but I did like it.