is spoiled

Once you find your soulmate you realise how beautiful life can be when you have the right person by your side.
—  Tenari Ioapo

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I don't have to be to beg my parents for a dime, I grew up spoiled and always will be:) sucks you cant relate. & my bf spoils the fuck out of me too. Best part he's only a few years older and not an old man that drains me/ ruins my mood like the men u sbs constantly rant about. It's not feminity that gets u shit, it's how desperate u are and how u have to actually work & fuck guys u don't like to have things given to u.. LOL thatd suck I'd hate that

If splitting a big mac and small fries with your man equates to being spoiled i guess… You go girl. Sex workers are so jealous of you sis


Alright, so the POT definitely turned into SD. I’ll call him New York, because he’s my ticket there. I can tell that he doesn’t see himself as a SD, so I’m gonna have to do a spoiled gf approach, which is new to me, but I think I can make it work. We went to this really fancy chain restaurant (I didn’t know fancy chains existed). I had to drive almost two hours, but I live in a small town, so I’m used to it. We started with a calamari appetizer (which I left in his car fml) which was so spicy and so yummy. I had to stop myself from eating so much. He ordered some fancy bottled club soda (yuck) which I pretended to enjoy, but I also got a mint lemonade on the side which was bomb as hell. He did most of the talking, which I prefer. I like being able to read who I’m with and get to know them without having to reveal too much about me. Anyway, I got some of the best sea bass of my life. This shit was sweet as hell. And we finished with a chocolate espresso cake, which I had to stop myself from eating all of again. He told me he wished we had more time (I had to be at work) so we could go shopping (we were at the international mall) and just hang out more. When we finished, we walked back to his car and he asked me to get in so he could give me my gifts because he wanted to see my reaction (I kept the door open with one leg out the door). And I opened up an Instax polaroid with film (which I already have, so it was my vanilla boyfriend’s lucky day since he’s wanted one) and a brand new Coach bag (which smells so good and isn’t bad for a first meet). We both forgot about my gas money, and he texted me “I’m sorry, baby”. I asked for like $20 through google wallet, and he sent me $50. Overall, pretty great date. I’m excited for the future of this one.

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In your newest hybrid au can the reader as a hybrid get pregnant or not because the hybrids were bred for sexual purposes so are they sterile or??? And if they can is it only from other hybrids or could the hybrid reader get impregnated by Yoongi? I hope this makes sense

Oooh, good question! I’m going to touch on that in the next part. But, they were actually made for companion purposes (though, Namjoon says they were made for sex, if only to ease Yoongi’s mind lol) so they can get pregnant in case their owner wants a family… and it sounds like it’s a bit much, i know. lol But you’ll see more in the next part how it’s not recommended until way later, when they’ve adjusted.