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Yoo, precious! Well, now you know who I am, but nah I'll still ask as anon. What bout some Connor hc's with Evan's sibling!Reader. Just because I love both boyz, but today I'm more of a Connor person. Thank you! -🍊

Connor x Hansen!Reader

Let’s pretend that Connor didn’t end up dying because he and Evan became friends first; also, you’re a year younger than the boys like Zoe

- You and Evan always go over to the Murphy’s house for dinner when Heidi can’t be there, so most nights

- You and Zoe mostly hang out together, while Connor and Evan hang out with each other

- Every once in a while, all four of you watch a movie together or something, so you and Connor start to get closer

- When Evan and Zoe start hanging out more, you and Connor like to tease them about it

- Neither of you really think much of it until Evan asks Zoe to homecoming

- At first, you and Connor just think it’ll be funny to give them crap, until Cynthia suggests the two of you go together

- Surprisingly, Connor actually agrees

- You didn’t even think he wanted to go, but now he wants to ask you?

- Connor’s all like “What, do I need to make a sign?”

- Jokingly, you tell him yes

- He makes the stupid sign, and that just about settles it (it’s absolutely some cheesy pick up line)

Now for some general dating headcanons:

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The boys being first time fathers was so cute!!! I don’t know if you’ve done this before, but could we see the girls being first time mothers with their s/o??

Suuuuper cute! Hope you like it, it was a pleasure to write!

Maki Harukawa

  • She knows her way around with kids, so she’s fairly good with the baby!
  • She rather her partner play silly games with them, but will occasionally sit down to play hand games with them.
  • The baby cries a lot, but whenever it’s placed in Maki’s arms, it’ll immediately quiet down.
  • Sometimes she’ll just sit with the baby, stroking it’s head, in awe that something so innocent is tied to her!
  • She’s the one who always volunteers to go check on the baby when it cries out at night.
  • She’ll read the baby stories at night, and sometimes, when she thinks her partner isn’t around, she’ll sing a soft lullaby.

Kirumi Toujou

  • She’s a fantastic mother, and has lots of experience from watching over her friends.
  • She appears to be not worried at all, but deep down, she is terrified.
  • She watches her baby like a hawk, and likes to have it sit on her lap.
  • She enjoys sitting with her baby and showing it pictures of the outside world.
  • Reading to her child is her favorite, along with singing softly to it.
  • She cleans up after her baby, and teaches it to clean up after itself when it grows older.
  • She dresses her baby in rich colors, purple being her favorite.
  • She coaxes her baby to try new things! She’s quite good with convincing it to eat and bathe.
  • Her favorite memory with her newborn was watching it see snow for the first time! The expression of wonder warmed her heart right up

Angie Yonaga

  • She didn’t know how stressful taking care of a baby can be, so she’s a bit exhausted and down at first.
  • At first, whenever the baby could cry, she would immediately freak out, and ask her partner what should she do.
  • But then she brightens up as the baby grows, and begins to talk and walk!
  • She loves dressing her baby in colorful clothing; yellow being the most common.
  • She kisses it’s forehead all the time and cuddles as much as possible!
  • She tries her hardest for it’s first words to be either her name, or something related to the ocean.
  • Once the baby’s a toddler, she immediately introduces it to art.
  • They spend the days finger painting pretty pictures!
  • They have paint wars, and she lets her child smear paint all over her face!
  • She likes taking her baby outside, and soaking up the sunshine with it!

Kaede Akamatsu

  • She freaks out at first, yet eventually relaxes.
  • Although this doesn’t stop her from freaking out over every little thing the baby does.
  • She’ll photograph everything the baby does so she can look back on it later!
  • She’s the one to teach the baby how to talk, and later, sing.
  • She’ll listen to music all the time with her baby, and is really happy when it sings or makes noises alongside it!
  • She likes to hug her baby close to her, and’ll carry it around as much as possible.
  • She really likes the contact, it makes her feel warm inside.
  • She’ll sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, likely having a nightmare about something happening to her kid. She’ll beg her partner to go check on it at these times, or do so herself!

Miu Iruma

  • She worries that she will not be a good mother, but her partner assures her she’ll do fine.
  • She’s quite loud, which causes the baby to cry whenever she yells.This causes her to feel extremely bad, and she’ll fold in on herself and apologize to the baby and her partner.She likes to take the baby outside once it grows, and they’ll spend hours watching the sky, trees, and all that.
  • She likes to explain stuff to her baby, and it makes to be a great audience.
  • She’ll spread blueprints out in front of it, and excitedly ask for it’s opinion, even though it can’t respond.
  • She’ll let her baby watch her tinker and work, and she takes breaks often to cuddle and play with it.
  • They can be found crashed in the corner of her workshop often, the baby resting safely on her chest.
  • She makes her baby little goggles to match her own! It’s super cute! It makes her feel good.
  • She calls her child “Miu Junior”
  • She brags often that her baby, along with her, are super great and literally the best!

Himiko Yumeno

  • Having a baby is rough for her, because it’s extremely tiring.
  • But that doesn’t stop her from being a great mother!
  • The first gift she got her baby was a plush rabbit, resembling those she’d pull from hats.
  • She likes to watch her baby sleep, sometimes dozing off alongside it!
  • She’ll do magic tricks for her baby! She considers it, and her partner, her number one fans!
  • She laughs at the shocked expression the baby makes as she does simple tricks.
  • She always makes her partner go and calm the baby in the middle of the night.
  • For the baby’s first Halloween, she made it a little witch hat like hers!
  • She loves her baby a lot, and gives it cute pet nicknames, though was restricted from calling it her “familiar” because it freaked the other moms out.

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • She’s super excited to be a mom!
  • She’s one of the mothers who makes sure that everything is perfect for her child.
  • This means that they must use the safest shampoos, wipes, clothing…
  • She fawns over her baby’s every move, and is never far away with a camcorder!
  • She makes her baby cute little outfits, and stitches their name into everything!
  • She made a quilt for her baby to sleep under, and stitched the names of family members into it! -She’s super proud of her child, and tells it that on a daily basis.
  • She buys her child a ton of plushies and toys, and is always ready to mend a tear!
  • Sometimes she spaces out when watching the baby, so she freaks out whenever it’s doing something different from when she last saw it.

Tenko Chabashira

  • She is absolutely t e r r i f i e d.
  • She reminds her partner over and over that she’s too loud, too clumsy. She’ll mess it up.
  • Her partner reassures her that it’ll be fine, yet she still worries immensely.
  • When her baby first cried at home, she cried too, worried that she did something wrong.
  • When her baby laughs, she always laughs alongside it.
  • She likes to pick up her baby, and carries it practically everywhere.
  • Once her baby can walk, she’ll follow it around like a lost puppy.
  • She’s delighted at how flexible her baby is, and will gently help it stretch.
  • She’s always ready to swoop down to the rescue, and whenever the baby wakes up crying, she’s there in a heartbeat.
  • Telling stories is her favorite, and she’ll get extremely into it, and even act out a few scenes!
  • She likes to kiss her baby’s stomach, and tickle it until it laughs!
Exo reaction when their girlfriend fangirls over another band

Xiumin: *He doesn’t really mind as long as it makes you happy*

Lay: *Sings with you and doesn’t question why you’re going insane over a song*

Kai: *You’re in the kitchen making yourself a snack when Kai walks in and turns up the radio, it takes you a moment to register that SHINee’s Lucifer was playing, at that point you lost your shit and scared Kai in the process*

Suho: *Dances with you to Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby because he loves the song just as much as you do*

Kyungsoo: *Stares at you in confusion when you start squealing over Infinite’s new song* 

Tao: *Tries his hardest to ignore you when he hears you talking about Super Junior* 

Chen: *He walks into the living room to see you beaming at your laptop only to find you watching BTS’ Boy In Luv video, he decides it best to leave you alone and wait for you to go back to normal*

Kris: *You two are having a nice conversation when B.A.P’s One Shot started playing you instantly abandoned the conversation the start singing leaving Kris both confused and a little bit annoyed*

Chanyeol: *He’s confused at first as to why you’re pretty much dying over Got7 but then his favorite song by them comes on and he doesn’t hesitate to join you*

Baekhyun: *He starts freaking out with you and you two end up spending the whole day just fangirling together*

Luhan: *Sits there nodding his head when you keep talking about TVXQ wishing the time would come when you finally shut up*

Sehun: *You are in the living room singing to BTS’ Danger and he decides to annoy you by constantly pausing it and making you turn it back on*


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Bakagami bumps into his future s/o on the first day of school & she starts cursing him out angrily before crying because she's having terrible mood swings due to Mother Nature ? 😭 I'm so weird for making this up but this is my life.

No problem! Here you go ^-^ (I hope I’m interpreting this right) -Admin Fyre

Lots of swearing, I guess?

“What do you mean there’s no more coffee?!”

Monday morning. The bane of every college student’s existence. And there’s no more freakin’ coffee.

“I’m really sorry.” The freckly kid at the cashier didn’t look very apologetic, and frankly just looked bored. “The machine broke down just a few minutes ago. We’re trying to get it fixed.”

For fuck’s sake. You didn’t have time for this. Weeks and weeks of prepping for university life, and on the first day of countless orientation lectures, classes, and auditions for clubs, the undergrads needed coffee to survive the hours. This was absolutely unacceptable.

“Isn’t there another machine?” You demanded. “Can’t you just—”

“Look, it doesn’t matter,” the kid said in exasperation, and that’s the final straw because you actually lost your temper.

It doesn’t matter?! Of course it matters! I’m not going to fall asleep in the middle of the classroom on the first freakin’ day of school!” You knew you were overreacting, but this day was just not going well for you. Your hair was a mess, you’d forgotten to take your lunch to school and you didn’t have enough cash on you to buy from the cafeteria.

And it was that time of the month.

This could NOT get any worse.

Fuck. Fuck. You wanted to just go home and curl up in a hole somewhere.

“Hey, watch out, coming through!”

You heard the voice, but somehow you didn’t really feel like moving - whoever they were, they could get out of your way - and so you stayed put. To hell with that guy, with the coffee machine, with the whole damn world.

Although you’re not sure what else you expected when someone bumped into you and you teetered backwards, yelping in surprise as you stumbled to the ground, your books and belongings spilling out of your bag.

A voice muttered, “Oh shit,” before a figure crouched by you, too close for comfort. “I’m sorry, are you okay—”

“No!” Blindly you lashed out, slapping the stranger’s hand away. “Fuck you! Fuck off! Leave me alone!”

“Wait, wait—ow, quit hitting me - cut it out!” In a rough movement the boy next to you shoved back, grabbing your wrists to stop your fists, barking, “Calm down!”

At last, you opened your eyes and blinked at him. Dark red hair, mussed and spiky like a bird’s nest, the weirdest forked eyebrows you’ve ever seen, and the most intense crimson eyes looking right at you.


Yep, to make things worse, there was a crowd gathering, muttering and pointing. You were sitting on the ground next to a haphazard pile of textbooks and files, and an overturned cardboard box of sports equipment was lying next to the boy - who still hasn’t let go of you.

He seemed to realise it at the same time as you did, and recoiled as if your skin had electrocuted him. “I’m sorry.”

“Um. It’s my fault, really, so…” Great, one look at a cute guy and this happens. You felt so stupid. Freaking out over a broken coffee machine, getting in other people’s way, almost maiming a random stranger. All on the first day of school, in front of all of these people that you’d be spending the next few years with. Good job, a wonderful first impression. You felt the shame burning in your cheeks and, to your horror, your eyes were growing wet and a tear slid down your face. Fuck.

The boy peered at you in concern. “Er…can I…do anything to help?”

The words burst out of you before you could stop them. “I said leave me alone!” Hurriedly you scrambled to your feet and ran as fast as you could, ducking your head low and hiding your face, just to get the hell out of there.

Sniffling and sticking a snot-filled tissue into the toilet bowl, you flushed it away moodily and finally unlocked the bathroom door after staying in there for nearly an hour. Your feet were numb from sitting in there so long and your throat was sore from crying.

You felt like just going home and maybe trying again tomorrow. Or next week.

Then you stopped, because your phone buzzed with the arrival of a text, and that would be impossible because you didn’t know anyone in this city yet after moving here for university.

The sender was from a number you didn’t recognise, but the message was enough to grab your attention.

Hey. Uh, so, I’m Kagami Taiga, I’m the guy you ran into (literally) earlier today. I hope you don’t mind that I asked around for your name and number. Uh, you looked like you weren’t really having a good day, and I wanted to apologise for what happened this morning anyway, so d’you want to meet up in the cafeteria later? Lunch is on me.

“Lunch is on me?” Does this guy really think free food is enough to tempt you? Well, he’s dead wrong. There’s no way that—

Huh. Actually…no harm in going to see him, right?

It’s not like it was because the guy was cute. Or had the decency to text you himself. Or noticed that you were having a bad day and offered to buy you lunch.

It was just because of the free food.

“I’m not in love with him,” you said out loud, to your own reflection in the mirror. “It’s only the first day of school, for fuck’s sake.”

“You don’t sound very convincing, so good luck with that,” a girl commented, coming into the washroom, and you decided to ignore her.

Life Talks - A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)

It was a rainy Sunday morning as I was cuddled in bed next to my boyfriend Nate. We laid under the sheets, our bodies intertwined with one another. We were too lazy to move so we just spent the morning laying there, talking. First our conversation was about silly, pointless things but soon took a turn for the serious.

“You know Y/N, I can picture myself spending everyday like this with you.” Nate said grinning over at me, his dimples evident

“Me too. Days like this are perfect, where we can just be together with no worries.” I said sighing, wishing everyday could be like this just the two of us.

“I don’t want to say this and freak you out, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately. I can honestly see myself with you for the rest of my life, like I want us to last forever. There’s no one else I’d rather spend my days with. Even the silence between us is comfortable Y/N, like we read each others thoughts, have you realized that?” Nate said as his fingertips trailed down my skin.

“I want us to be together forever too Nate. It’s like we were meant for each other. I swear I can’t even remember how I used to live before you. You’ve made such a big impact in my life it’s so crazy.” I said gazing into the eyes I couldn’t imagine not looking into.

“Our life together is gonna be one big adventure. Can you imagine when we get married and have kids of our own, like we’re gonna have mini combinations of the two of us running around. Then they’ll grow up and have kids and we can spoil our grandkids. We can travel the world together, you’ve always wanted to go to Australia we can do that. We can just do everything on earth together.” Nate said still gazing in my eyes. I smiled at his words, there was no other person I’d rather do that all with besides him.

“That all sounds so perfect Nate, you’re perfect. I can’t even describe how much I am in love with you.” I said pulling him in for a kiss.

Nate broke apart, smiling. “I think we should have three kids. We could buy a nice sized house with a basketball court, and get a dog or a couple. ” Nate said randomly.

“You and your basketball courts.” I giggled shaking my head.

“Gotta teach the baby skates to play.” He said smirking.

“And what if these baby skates are girls?” I questioned.

“I’ll still teach them how to play, maybe it’ll distract them from dating.” Nate said laughing.

“Oh god, you’re totally gonna be that dad who threatens his daughters boyfriends with a shot gun.” I said burying my head into his chest. Nate’s hand found the small of my back.

“I won’t be that bad babe. I’ll just have a small gun.” Nate joked.

“Father of the year award will go to you.” I said lifting my head up.

“And I hope husband of the year too.” Nate replied.

“Pretty sure you’ll get that hands down, since you’ve been boyfriend of the year for the last few years."I smiled.

"I can’t wait for the day you become Mrs. Maloley.” Nate admitted.

“Me either, it’s going to be the best day of my life and I look forward to when that day comes.” I said hoping I would have to wait too much longer to become Nate’s wife.

“Do you ever think about what would’ve happened if we never met?” Nate blurted out.

“Well one thing I know is I would definitely not be as happy as I am right now and have been for the past few years. I swear you make each day that much brighter, just by being in it.” I said truthfully, knowing how weird life would be without him. I couldn’t even think about a life without Nate, all I wanted to think about was spending forever and more with him.

I placed my head on Nate’s chest as he continued talking about what we should name our future children. The sound of his voice drowned out and was overpowered by the sound of his heart beating in my ear. The familiar sound was enough to put me to sleep and dream sweet things about Nate and our future together.