is something that grows on a tree

@ask-princess-crystal-melody‘s Angel Symphony and Star Hunter make

Star Melody!

Now, normally I’d ask if you’d like to keep him, but sorry, I just love this baby too much to let him go. Sorry ;-;

Hes the result of an one night stand, and while usually, Hunter would have been shunned by her mother for doing something so stupid, Her Majesty Star can’t really help loving little Melody. (”An Alicorn! We have an allicorn in our family tree! Granted, he is far too light, but who cares, hes an alicorn!”) Said Little Melody grows up to become Star Melody, guardian of music and the arts, and while being a bit snobby and spoiled, is still a sweet and encouraging stallion.

December Asks
  • Wind: What do you want to look like?
  • Frost: Do you believe in magic?
  • Empty Trees: Describe something, or someone, that comforts you.
  • Fat Birds: What age do you want to die at?
  • Gray Skies: What would you change about the physical world?
  • First Snow: Describe a favorite fantasy from when you were a kid.
  • Finals Week: What do you want to be when you "grow up"?
  • Minty Cocoa: Tell a story you love!
  • Evergreen Trees: Share a memory that shaped you.
  • Blizzard: Do you believe in soulmates?
  • Poinsettia: What winter movies or TV shows do you return to?
  • Candle Lit: Favorite books to read in December?
  • Arguing About Starbucks Cups: What issues matter to you?
  • Hymn: Are you spiritual?
  • Hearthside: Do you celebrate any rites of winter?
  • Solstice: Tell your perfect, utterly perfect, December day.
  • Me: *walking through grocery store for a few very specific items because I'm broke af*
  • Me: *walks past very expensive pomegranates*
  • Tiny nudge in my brain: "Buy them. Buy one now."
  • Me: "Persephone, no."
Signs as beautiful sentences in literature
  • Aries: "How wild it was, to let it be."
  • —Cheryl Strayed, Wild
  • Taurus: "We cross our bridges as we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and the presumption that once our eyes watered."
  • —Tom Stoppard, Rosencratz and Guildenstern Are Dead
  • Gemini: "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet."
  • —L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables
  • Cancer: "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."
  • —Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five
  • Leo: "If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me."
  • —W. H. Auden, "The More Loving One"
  • Virgo: 'Dear God,' she prayed, 'let me be something every minute of every hour of my life.'"
  • —Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • Libra: "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart."
  • —Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Scorpio: "I would always rather be happy than dignified."
  • —Charlotte Brontë , Jane Eyre
  • Sagittarius: "It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that."
  • —J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Capricorn: "And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good."
  • —John Steinbeck, East of Eden
  • Aquarius: "One must be careful of books, and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us."
  • —Cassandra Clare, The Infernal Devices
  • Pisces: "There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights."
  • —Bram Stroker, Dracula
Candy Asks
  • Send my muse a candy and they'll answer:
  • Smarties: Who is the sweetest person you know?
  • Kit Kat: When was the last time you sat back and had a moment to yourself?
  • Reese's: Is there something you feel on the inside that you can't tell anyone?
  • M&Ms: What color would you say is the color of your soul?
  • Skittles: If you were a fruit, what kind of tree would you grow on and where would it grow?
  • Snickers: In what situation do you get ugly? (Excessively violent, angry, upset.)
  • 3 Musketeers: Is there something in particular that helps you to relieve stress?
  • Hershey's: What kind of legacy do you feel you have to uphold either willingly or unwillingly?
  • Nerds: How would you rate your intelligence?
  • Crunch: What was the worst thing you did to hurt somebody?
  • Butterfinger: Do you have a prized possession you'd hate for anyone to get their hands on?
  • Dum Dums: Is there a food that you like but most people don't?
  • Twix: Was there a time when you should have thought before you said something?
  • Warheads: Do you have a bad experience that broke off a relationship?
  • Baby Ruth: Have you ever encountered someone that was a bit odd but you liked them anyway?
  • Grab Bag: Any question of the mun's choice!
Misery needs no talents, anybody can afford it. Happiness needs talents, genius, creativity. Only creative people are happy.
Let this sink deep in your heart: only creative people are happy. Happiness is a by-product of creativity.
Create something, and you will be happy. Create a garden, let the garden bloom, and something will bloom in you. Create a painting, and something starts growing in you with the growing painting. As the painting comes to the finish, as you are giving the last touches to the painting, you will see you are no more the same person. You are giving the last touches to something that is very new in you.
Write a poem, sing a song, dance a dance, and see: you start becoming happy. That’s why in my commune creativity is going to be our prayer to God. This commune is not going to be of those sad, long faces who are not doing anything, just sitting under trees or in their huts, vegetating. This commune is going to be a commune of artists, painters, poets, sculptors, dancers, musicians—and so many things are there to be done! God has only given you an opportunity to be creative: life is an opportunity to be creative. If you are creative you will be happy.
Have you seen the joy in the eyes of a mother when the child starts growing in her womb? Have you seen the change that happens to the woman when she becomes pregnant? What is happening? Something is flowering in her, she is being creative, she is going to give birth to a new life. She is utterly happy, tremendously joyous, a song is in her heart.
When the child is born and the woman sees the child for the first time, see the depth of her eyes, the joy of her being. She has gone through much pain for this joy, but she has not gone into this pain for the pain’s sake. She has suffered, but her suffering is tremendously valuable; it is not ascetic, it is creative. She has suffered to create more joy.
When you want to climb to the highest peak of the mountains, it is arduous. And when you have reached the peak and you lie down, whispering with the clouds, looking at the sky, the joy that fills your heart—that joy always comes whenever you reach any peak of creativity.
—  Osho
Allergy Season Explained

Happy First Day of Spring, Tumblr! 

What better way to celebrate than to **ACHOO!!**….wait, what were we saying?

Ah, spring! Grass growing, flowers blooming, trees growing new leaves, but if you get allergies, this explosion of new life probably inspires more dread than joy.  

Step outside, and within minutes, you’re sneezing and congested. Your nose is running, your eyes are swollen and watery, your throat is itchy. For you and millions of others, it’s seasonal allergy time. So what’s behind this onslaught of mucus?

The answer lies within you. It’s your immune system. Seasonal allergies, also called hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, are a hypersensitive immune response to something that’s not actually harmful. Pollen from trees and grass, and mold spores from tiny fungi find their way into your mucous membranes and your body attacks these innocuous travelers the same way it would infectious bacteria. 

The immune system has a memory. When a foreign substance gets tagged as threatening, white blood cells produce customized antibodies that will recognize the offender the next time around. They then promptly recruit the body’s defense team. But sometimes, the immune system accidentally discriminates against harmless substances, like pollen. When it wafts in again, antibodies on the surface of white blood cells recognize it and latch on.

This triggers the cell to release inflammatory chemicals, like histamine, which stimulate nerve cells, and cause blood vessels in the mucous membranes to swell and leak fluid. In other words, itchiness, sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose. 

Allergies usually, but not always, show up for the first time during childhood. But why do some people get allergies and others don’t? Allergies tend to run in families, so genetics may be one culprit. In fact, errors in a gene that helps regulate the immune system are associated with higher rates of allergies. The environment you grow up in matters, too. Being exposed to an allergen as a baby makes you less likely to actually develop an allergy to it. People who grow up on farms, in big families, and in the developing world also tend to have fewer allergies, although there are plenty of exceptions, partly thanks to genetics. One theory is that as children, they encounter more of the microbes and parasites that co-evolved with traditional hunter-gatherer societies.

Called the hygiene hypothesis, the idea is that when the immune system isn’t exposed to the familiar cast of microbes, it’ll keep itself busy mounting defenses against harmless substances, like pollen. Another theory is that an immune system toughened up by a barrage of pathogens is less likely to overreact to allergens. Pollen is a common offender, just because we encounter so much of it, but there’s a long list of substances: dust, animal dander, insect venom, medications, certain foods, that can send your immune system into overdrive. Some of these reactions can be scary. An allergy can develop into full-blown anaphylaxis, which typically brings on severe swelling, shortness of breath, and very low blood pressure. It can be deadly.

But as we who suffer from seasonal allergies know, even non-life threatening allergy symptoms can make you miserable. So what can you do about it? Medications can help reduce the symptoms. The most common ones keep histamines from binding to your cells. These antihistamines stop the inflammation response. Steroids can help dial down the immune system. Another more permanent option is immunotherapy. Deliberate, controlled exposure to gradually increasing amounts of an allergen can teach the immune system that it isn’t dangerous after all. 

Of course, you can always just wait your seasonal allergies out. The spring pollen onslaught dwindles by mid-summer…just in time for ragweed season!

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why do people have seasonal allergies? - Eleanor Nelsen 

Animation by TED-Ed


Bagginshieldweek // Day 7: Plant Your Trees, Watch Them Grow. (Free day! Anything you want: Bagginshield + winter colors)

Cheap Socials

(or a short brainstorm of easy things to do with friends that don’t cost a bunch of $$)

Since we’re always focused on studying & sometimes you just need an easy break.

  • Driving somewhere for a day trip (or a night trip)
  • Book share! Grab books from the library & just kick it. 
  • Baking! (a lil more expensive but there’s something about getting some brownie mix and baking it that brings bonding)
  • Studying together!
  • Window shopping. 
  • Just walks in the park/hikes. 
  • If you’re walking, pick some dandelions with the fluffy tops and make a wish! (if you want, make it competitive and see who can make the most wishes)
  • Sleepovers! Just bring yourself and your body wash. 
  • Go to the city pool and have a nice swim depending on your mood/the season. 
  • Go to some high school’s sports game and have a good laugh.
  • Buy some seeds and start growing them. 
  • Go on a photo walk! Pick a subject (i.e. trees or dogs or weird signs) and just take photos of that thing for an hour.
  • Attend a city/government forum and just observe. 
  • Go people watching at a park or the mall!
  • Go to a drugstore/neighborhood marker and buy a few things you actually need, like garbage bags and toothpaste, and then a couple cheap, fun things, like different flavours of bubble gum.
  • Goof off with Snapchat filters!
  • Go stargazing in a local park/clearing/your roof. 
  • Roam at night with a milkshake and fries from a fast food joint. 
  • Go to a dog park and pet all the puppers.

Note that none of these activities have to be done with anyone else. If you’re not feelin’ other people, that’s okay! Go and have fun on your own!! 

All the love, darlings!

~ elle (@etudesthetics)


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Narnia themed asks!
  • The Pevensies: Do you have any siblings?
  • Lucy: Something you've always known to be true?
  • Edmund: Is there something you strongly regret?
  • Susan: What do you want to do when you're older/grown up?
  • Peter: Something or someone you will always defend?
  • Digory: How far would you go to save someone you love?
  • Polly: If you could plant any food and have it grow into a tree, what would you plant?
  • Jill: Do you want to go to Narnia?
  • Eustace: Have you ever experienced something that made you change the way you view the world?
  • Aravis: What is the most scary choice you've ever made?
  • Cor/Shasta: Something you believed to be true when you were younger?
  • Corin: Are you a fighter or a negotiator?
  • Caspian: Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Jadis: Something you've destroyed?
  • Uncle Andrew: Where would you like to travel?
  • The Beavers: Favourite non-human fictional character?
  • The White Witch: Favourite villain?
  • Mr Tumnus: Do you play any instruments?
  • Aslan: Are you religious?
  • Caspian: Your biggest role model?
  • Reepicheep: Favourite character?
  • Puddleglum: Something you are afraid of?
  • The Lady of the Green Kirtle: If you could turn into an animal at will, what animal would it be?

🌺☀️ La primavera ☀️🌺 - spring

agnello - lamb
albero - tree
ape (f.) - bee
aprile - April
arcobaleno  - rainbow
bocciolo - blossom
coccinella - ladybug
erba - grass
farfalla - butterfly
fiore (m.) - flower
foglia - leaf
giugno - June
maggio - May
marzo - March
nascita - birth
pianta - plant
pioggia - rain
pozzanghera - puddle
rana - frog
sole (m.) - sun
stagione (f.) - season
uccello - bird

verde (m./f.) - green
fresco - cool, fresh
nuovo - new
caldo - warm

crescere - to grow
far crescere - to make [something] grow
nascere - to be born
piovere - to rain
profumare - to snella, to perfume
sbocciare - to blossom
schiudere / schiudersi - to hatch
sciogliere / sciogliersi - to melt
splendere - to shine

Based on @malteseboy​‘s post with a few additions.
P.S. I’m pretty sure someone has already done this in Italian but oh well.

“I don’t know. They grow like trees, tall and over towering. And you’d think they were ridiculous, because the are only flowers. You’d think that they would look strange, trying to be something they are not. But they don’t, no one ever thinks that of them. Their stalks are sturdy and confident and they reach for the sun without shame, They are beautiful. You can’t help but feel happy just looking at them” 
-I can’t make you love me by @moonfox22 <3 

Art things I wish I knew earlier #4

Remember the 3 C’s. I use this when I’m stuck with a piece. Something I thought of.

Chaos, Control, Contrast.

Chaos - Sometimes you want some randomness is a piece, whether it be lines, elements, or tones. This will bring some organic feelings and looks to your work. Think of the way a tree grows, it’s very unique and random to some degree. One way to achieve this is to use your non-dominant hand to draw the lines. Or to close your eyes. Or to change your grip to be further away from the tip of your pencil/pen/etc. Use light pressure and then choose out the lines you want to commit to.

Control- Too much chaos without control will make the piece too hectic. So you want to make sure you have everything in control. This means having some composition and gesture in your artwork. Where do you want the viewer to look at first and last. How do you want to lead the eye? Think about the gesture/energy of your work, it should be “flowy” lines for the most part.

Contrast- This is another important aspect of an art work. Contrast amongst different elements such as tones and lines. Generally speaking, you don’t want evenness amongst your tones, it will be hard for the viewer to see what’s going on. For example, imagine your whole piece was 90-100% black- the piece will be vague and confusing. But if you put a small element of 10-20% white, it will draw the viewer’s eye there instead. Or if your whole artwork was made up of lines in a certain angle, you can put some other lines with different angle to make some difference.

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out in the back of the church we told each other we’d grow up and keep being odd with our fingertips stained and our knees all bruised and you took a deep breath and told me that you can’t teach a fish to climb a tree and if someone tried to make you survive through a lifetime of cubicles you’d explode like a firework and i laughed and said okay what color firework 

i figured you’d say something sarcastic and strange like chartreuse or evergreen or wintermint

but you looked at me with those eyes that meant you had glimpsed something of your future and sort of hated it and you said “you know the color you feel when someone you love slowly forgets you”

and i swallowed hard and said yes, yes i had lived through a couple of those

you looked at the sky then. “i’d be one of those,” you said, “a whole sunset of them.” 

A while back, somebody had reblogged my (first) Langst post and tagged it with “abuse tw” or something similar and I just kinda went “that’s not abuse :/”

and Tree turns to me and says, “we don’t think of it as abuse because it happened to us.”

and the more posts I see about people explaining possible sources for Lance’s insecurity, the more I realize that, yeah, we’ve just completely normalized the idea of parents imparting deeply-rooted dearths of self-esteem and self-worth upon their children, to the point that we simply expect people to grow up maladjusted, insecure, and striving for the recognition and attention we never received as children. The idea of being anything but is mythological. We can’t even look at a seemingly well-adjusted and confident person without simply assuming that they’re hiding the same insecurities as the rest of us.

How fucked up is that?

But that’s a little off-track from where I wanted to go with this post, which is that I completely agree with the person that said that we, as a fandom, love projecting angst onto Lance because he’s the most relatable character in the cast. A large part of the fandom is part of a generation that has been forced to put on a happy face because the adults around us didn’t like it when we expressed the consequences of their crappy treatment of us, and we were told time and time again to be grateful to our parents, to love our family, that family was the most important thing, that we were being selfish and ungrateful if we dared expressed unhappiness about how we were raised and treated.

Lance is a Millennial. He deals with his issues of self-worth by careening in the other direction and proclaiming that he is awesome because literally nobody else in his life is doing that for him. He has to be his own positive voice in his life. But still, he lowers people’s expectations of him because he fully believes that there’s no way he can live up to anything more than that. He keeps himself firmly rooted in the position of the class clown, the epic flirt, because he knows people don’t expect much out of a guy like that. But it still hurts because he knows he’s purposefully brought everyone’s expectations down so low that they mostly just expect him to screw up. Nobody thinks anything of him…and why should they? He doesn’t think anything of himself, either.

Honestly, anybody that loves Lance and Langst needs to play The World Ends With You because Lance easily mirrors Beat:

“I took everything at my own pace. […] I wasn’t crazy about nothin’. Tha’s why my folks always bitched at me. ‘You gotta get into a good school! You gotta think about your future!’ All they wanted was results, man. Like I really give a crap, you know? […] They kept expectin’ stuff I ain’t got, then made me feel like trash when I didn’t give it. […] So I quit tryin’ altogether. Give up on myself, so my folks would, too. And the funny thing is, they did.” (Week 3, Day 5)

Call it a cult.
Call it an experience.
Call it madness.

I call it religion.

Stamp stamp stamp your feet, let Tartarus shake beneath you. Let the earth tremble at your power.
Scream scream scream at the sky, let the stars hear you and echo back with light. Do not fall silent, you must burn eventually.

Believe with everything you have, let altars fall to dust, and let your body never still. Tremble with ecstasy. Moan with trust. Fashion your hands into weapons, rip open a chest, lay the world bare.

And if you see something out of the corner of your eye, do not be afeared. He is with you, growing between your fingers, and you greet him by baring your teeth. Meet him like a lover. Kiss him like a believer. He was here all along, beneath the pine trees, beneath your mind, waiting. 

Move. Breath. Dance. 
Fight. Fuck. Drink.
Pray. Pray. Pray.
With every breath.

—  A song for a dying God. (A.V.P)