is someone searching the entire internet or what

One thing I see a lot here is a tendency to villainize the ignorant.

This bothers me, because in reality, people won’t know a lot of things are bad until they LEARN that they are bad. 

Even if “care for people, don’t hurt people” is “good”, there are a lot of different ways that can express itself, and knowing what terms or mannerisms are harmful and why can require a level of cultural savvy that many people don’t have …yet. What you know depends on where you were raised and what you were taught, what information you have acquired. Even if things can be google searched, sometimes, especially if someone is newer to the internet or was sheltered, they won’t even be aware that something might be an issue. (Yes, there is a line between ignorance and bigotry, but a lot of posts I’ve seen seem to skip straight to dealing with everything as bigotry, and leave ignorance out of the picture entirely.)

The important thing, I think, is to educate people without condemning them automatically.  “This is why this thing is hurtful, please stop doing it.” Not “this is bad and everyone who does it is bad”. It seems that the second is more likely to cause a defensive reaction and bitterness than true understanding or a change of ways, so  please remember this when you teach!

Old interview~ (2)
  • Question: Do you know who 'Peppa Pig' is?
  • Fernando: I’ve seen the entire series in English and in Spanish. Twice.
  • Question: What is the name of Australia’s goalkeeper?
  • Fernando: It’s no longer my teammate Mark [Schwarzer], now it’s Matthew someone, the one from Club Brugge.
  • Question: How long does the copulation period of a stick insect last?
  • Fernando: What did you do, search on the Internet for these questions?
  • Question: Why is Eibar not allowed to be promoted if it isn’t in debt?
  • Fernando: Because what matters the least in football is what happens on the field.
  • Question: Why are we not allowed to use Twitter to insult politicians?
  • Fernando: There are people who insult others, and they’re the ones that should be banned.
  • Question: When was the last time you lied?
  • Fernando: During this interview.
  • [...]