is so wierd

I’m not going to be active here for a while, Rocky the bearded dragon was stolen a few days ago on the 27/9 (or 9/27 for Americans I think?) & I’m not really coping well with this. It’s all I can think about, but I’m not ready to discuss it at length. 

I think I’ve mentioned here before that I’m in the middle of moving house, I got a new job offer I had to take (my dog & ferret aren’t doing so well, I was feeling hopeless in my college course anyway & I decided to drop out so I could afford the veterinary care they’re going to need) but it’s hours away from Dublin & I don’t drive, so I’ve slowly been moving the pets down on the bus because it has sockets, so I can plug in their heat mats & keep them warm on the trip. My girlfriend is still at the old flat for now because we haven’t found new accommodation yet & most of the reptiles are at the old flat & still need care obviously. I’m staying at my parents house for now & between working full time, house hunting & travelling back & forth from Dublin to pack.

I’m so ashamed to say this, but I was so tired on the bus that I fell asleep, & Rocky was stolen from my bag. He was the only thing they took, he definitely didn’t escape as his travel container was taken too. I’m doing everything I can to get him back, but I feel so hopeless. 

I keep telling myself that even if I never see him again he’ll be resold to someone who’ll be able to take care of him. He’s not like other beardies, he needs special care. Maybe they’ll take him to a vet that will explain to them what his needs are.But I know how silly that sounds. 

People have been so kind about this, kinder than I deserve, so far 207 people have shared a facebook post about him in the hopes that someone will see someone attempting to make some quick cash off him or something gross like that & he’ll be recognised & returned to me. It’s an island, the reptile community here is pretty tight knit & Rocky has to be the only beardie in the country with a hunchback & dwarfism. So in a wierd way, maybe he’s very lucky he was born just the way he was. 

I don’t know, I just want my little Rocket goblin back


Finally ….After that crash I redrew it ^^

I saw a little bit too late that I drew the wrong dress

In Trickstar Star wears the other green dress …Well sorry for that ^^(also in the two lasts panels They are smaller …. wierd..^^’‘‘)

So this is how I turn a normal scene into a starco scene ^^

I already reached 1000 followers Thank you so much for that!!!Love you guys !!<3<3<3

I think I won’t draw a lot for the episodes next week cause I’ll be in Paris until Thursday T_T

This website is so wierd.

Like the same people who call out creepy or annoying behavior in men specifically, will encourage it or cheer it on of a lesbian does it.

Man to a woman with a book who doesn’t look like she wants to talk: “you’re hot.”

Tumblr: “this is why I hate men. Can’t they get a clue???”

Lesbian to a woman with a book who doesn’t look like she wants to talk: “you’re hot.”

Tumblr: “Yaaaaas! Put that book down and converse with the love of your life!”