is so soon ahh

Got7 react to you wearing a onesie with your dog

There you go @finasmind13! I’ll uploead the BTS one soon!

(I had so much fun making this ahh~)


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“You’re so cute!”


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“Stop being so adorable.”


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“Amazing. Beautiful. Cute. 10/10.”


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“You two looks so much alike it’s almost creepy!”


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“Wait, Coco and I will dress the same too!” *unless Jaebum eats Coco first*


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*his face when he saw you*


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“You two look really cute!”

requests are open!

↳ “you’ll be safe…”

original lineart by @xfairydrawing
colouring by me~

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I love you have love for Freed. He is so underapreciated. Could we have some Freed / Fraxus headcanons involving Freed's hair? (Expecially that ponytail)

(Thing sent before I could finish. I asked for Freed hair headcanons) Because you have some seriously amazing ideas for your other headcanons. If not, since this isn’t a headcanons blog, just enjoy the fact you are a stunning artist.

Freed deserves all the love! [and omg thank you, I’m happy that you like my art o///o]

oh my, headcanons involving Freed’s hair, let’s see if I will find something…
[lmao at first I wrote “haircanons”]

• it’s so soft. like super soft holy shit

Laxus loves playing with Freed’s when they’re just chilling together on the couch or something

• no matter how hard you’d try to pat his cowlicks down, they will spring back in place in a second. no one knows why

• ↑ they like to joke that it’s because of their undying love

• when they’re home and Freed has his hair up, Laxus just keeps kissing Freed’s neck all the time. whether it’s just a lil smooch on the back of the neck when passing by, or a full kiss-every-inch-of-the-skin session

• it took him a lot of pride to swallow, but Laxus asked Evegreen to teach him how to make braids so he could surprise Freed with making him a cute hairstyle

• ↑ at first it was going quite tough, but after some time he got a hold of it and now he loves braiding Freed’s hair, he just finds it really relaxing

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Zen: Hi baby ! How is my princess doing tonight? Did you get the selfie I sent you! What did you think? I hope you know I only care about your opinion because I belong to you. I must be quick but just know I love you so much and I am honored to have you by my side. I know you get insecure but just know, you are the only one that was meant for me. I only thought true love was only seen thru script, but thank you for proving me wrong. I love you my princess I'll be home soon !

Ahh I love this so much! Handsome Knight Zen ahh!!~ Thank you!

I’m at that odd little phase in my art where it’s sort of mindless, sort of subject-less. It feels like I don’t have a strong passion for anything, and between work and school, it feels rushed and ephemeral to a point that I’m distanced from it. It’ll pass though.


Love Live Wallpapers

↳ For @thatonegirlyouprobablyhate

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I think I remember seeing someone send you an ask a while back saying Jungkook is just your muse. I agree; fanart is still REAL ART, just with certain people/media/themes as muses, and in your case it just so happens to be Jeon Jungkook. But what truly matters is the passion, effort, and love that comes through in a drawing, and I can see ALL of that in your work. I'm glad to hear that art makes you happy, and I also hope that things begin to look up for you real soon. Keep being awesome~! ❀

ahh thank you so much. that’s a very kind and meaningful thing to say and it means a lot to me. thank you :) ♥

just checked my message box and whoaah! so many! actually i have a notification thing for stuff like this, but there is far more than it showed me. TUMBLR AHH!

gonna answer soon. i am so sorry when it’s a late reply :(((

// My cat, Daphne, has gone missing and I’m in Scotland. My mum is in Cornwall and my sister is in Bristol. I don’t know what to do. She hasn’t been home since Thursday and this is really not like her. She isn’t an outdoor cat. She never goes further than mine or my neighbour’s garden…and she just…ahh. I can’t lose her. Not so soon after Satchmo. 

Please, if you pray to a God/Goddess or none at all, please just spare a thought for my girl to get home safely. I just want her home where I can snuggle her and cuddle her. :(

I don’t usually ask for help, but please, just spare a thought or prayer for her to come home in one piece, happy and healthy. My heart is breaking. 

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Why are you on vocal rest?? (Generally curious and I hope ur voice/throats gets better soon)

Ahh, thanks!
Okay, so, in my choir, we sang Mozart’s Requiem, and for some reason, my director had the wise idea of making me, an alto/mezzo maybe, a soprano? I just kinda shrugged and went with it, assuming she knew better than me, but ohhh heck. Those high notes killed me. (Look up Tyrannus Rex by Mozart for a great example.) And, I should have asked to switch to alto when we first started learning the music, but I’m stubborn and didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t hit those notes, even though everyone who knows me was like, “You’re singing soprano on the requiem?? You shouldn’t be singing soprano!!”. So, the requiem successfully killed my voice (I’m even showing signs of vocal nodes, oh no), and I’ve got an audition in two days and a show opening in a week. Hoo boy. But, I rested my voice all of today, I’ve been drinking lots of tea, and I even got a steamer! So, things should be better soon!
((This answer is way too long, I’m so sorry))


We met a lot of you today and so many people came to say hi, some even cried and I’m so so sorry but I’m so thankful to every single one of you who came and greeted us. A friend of ours vlogged most of the meet-up so I’ll probably time-lapse it in the vlog hehehe. 😁

Here’s a PREVIEW of one of the shoots we did with our amazing friend (just a phone pic) so I hope to show you more soon but ahh today really cheered me up even more. Thank you endlessly to the people who asked how I was doing. My quote for today is therefore “even in the hardest of days, there is always something to be thankful for.” I LOVE YOU ALLLL I’ll reply to everything soon I promise! It’s been really emotional so I’m just taking this time to be with Kevin and friends and be away from social media for the most part. 💕🌹

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Stardust and Silk by @ineffably-styles !! Shes done the soulmate trope so well ahh and she has an asshole Harry oneshot coming soon! I'm also loving Spit Fire by @showingthroughtome and Slow Burn by @allywrites !! Oh and the Snowbound series by @permanentcross is amazing!! OMG AND turn the world to gold by @northernsunrises !! So many good writers and fics out there I can't fit them all in one message but those are some of my favourites xx (sorry if I got any of the @s wrong)

thank you so much!! i think i’ve only read one of these omg