is so soon ahh

“..I don’t know how to make this any more clear..”


im trying to start drawing again and im just so in love with this anime♥ like, its so super cute and its honestly just genuinely heartwarming ♥ ♥ ♥

i really want tohru and kobayashi to kiss in the finale tomorrow!。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

1.6k celebration: art requests now open!!

thank you @phanperra for making this banner for me<3

so we somehow reached 1.6k, holy crap this is so much for me, and thank you for supporting and appreciating me. the only thing i can do for you is make better art for you guys, keep on improving and creating.


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    1. digital or traditional art
    2. content (composition, art style, colour theme, etc)
    3. palette; expression; pose challenge
    4. character/ person

*I’ve been considering this for so long and i still haven’t found the perfect timing to do this, so i’m going to post this now. Considering april is my exam month, i may not be very active here soon. Please put up with the time required and don’t expect i can do yours quickly. This is the first time i do this and idk what to expect. The art request will be open for long, unless this flops.


(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery itโ€™s a farce. At least thatโ€™s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, violence, death, ย angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff. SORRYโ€ฆ

A/N;ย AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd Iโ€™m here again! Sorry for theย unforgivable delay, when Iโ€™m sick iโ€™m good for nothing :/

Tags; ย @bexboo616 @minaphobia @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x ย @hollycornish @jenn0755 ย @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes @cry-me-a-fkin-river @starstar1012 @okayish-url@imsunnysu ย @rchlnwtn @kirsten-clifford1619 ย @crazybarnesย @kenobi-and-barnesย @morgiepooย  @fashunโ€“deevah (tags are open!)

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Chapter 11

The first seconds after the scream neither you or Bucky move a muscle, too suprised to do anything, but soon the reality overcomes you. There is someone out there that wants to hurt you and that is hurting Nana right now, you must do something.

- Erase the line Y/N, hurry up! - Bucky rushes youย 

- Y-yeah! - frantically you search for something to break the thick line Nana has drawn in the floor and that keeps Bucky in to the circle. Shaking, you find a big rock in the ground and you rub it againts the concrete, trying to make the paint jump and break the seal.

It works. You sigh relieved when Bucky step out of the line, hesitant at first.

Covering yourself in a hurry you follow Bucky to the front door, your heart in a fist hearing the muffled battle sounds.

- Stay behind me no matter what happens out there, doll - Bucky whispers to you.ย 

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do a really pretty space theme? i absolutely love your blog, and y'all have amazing choices. If you don't want to then it's fine I don't wanna seem like i'm forcing you into it i just really like space ♥

Oo we really like space too!! That huge void filled with nothing and everything is a mystery and a journey for those willing to take it in the future. We love your request ideas; thank you!!;✨⭐️

goodmorning i love my bf

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Omg I'm so excited about that Harry Styles coming soon ahh!! Could you explain it more if you know about the event please I'm confused about why they would just put that in a video was that event for people in the music industry like is it legit

Yes, it was a Sony Mexico event to showcase its local and international acts for the industry and highlight what big artists/releases are coming up this year.

UpFront2017 - An exclusive event that showcased important figures of the local and international roster. 

The country’s leading music industry company, Sony Music Entertainment Mexico, celebrated UpFront 2017 with great success; an event where more than 40 artists from the local and international scene, important entrepreneurs, sponsors and leaders of the media gathered on the night of March 14 to get a closer look at the contents of the company, to find out about upcoming releases and future projections, on a fun night in which music was celebrated.


Coffee Luck Part 03 of ? (start here) - MakoHaru Barista!Makoto AU

The dorks finally met! After 500 years of not updating I finally got into making the third part and it’s a bit longer compared to the previous two parts hopefully that would make up for the long wait. OTL Pfft Makoto is so embarrassed he ended up sounding like a nerd. It’s okay, love. Until the next update! Also if anyone is up I’m open for commissions! :D

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haha i'm graduating & going back to my hometown which is littered with a million restaurants and cafes!! so i'll be #Saved soon, but thank you :') & ahh it seems like your twitter is private, though (i vaguely rmr a screencap of ur twt or smth)? not that i'm there much -sweets anon

ahh thats good!!

yeah I have a private and public twitter. the public one is where all my art is posted and I sometimes talk!! the private one is for me to talk about anything else (sometimes it’s fan things but other times its things like school or personal lol)

my public is here!!!

my private twt basically a lot of

you aren’t missing out on anything lol

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I can't choose just one so uhhh: your determination, your confidence, your thoughtfulness, and your unabashed love for certain things (like animals, mp100 animation, etc)

aosfjdbf this is really sweet? Thank you so much? ;o; I’m glad these are qualities you like about me ahhh.

Fave thing about me?