is so polite and adorable


Okay but?? This little girl is me.

Drarry + Lucissa headcanons for @ilvermourn

• Okay so Narcissa and Lucius have always known Draco is hella in love with Harry.
• And after the war they don’t care anymore, they want their son to be happy after everything they unwillingly put him through.
• And Narcissa actually adores Harry?
• He’s so polite and kind and he’s kind of scared/careful around her which she loves.
• Also he can’t stop thanking her for saving his ass during the war.
• Draco’s embarrassed as hell though.
• “It’s like my boyfriend loves my own mother more than me!”
• Lucius fully agrees.
• “Draco, tell Potter to stop being obsessed my wife.” “Tell your wife to stop being obsessed with my Potter.”
• But they also see their loved ones are happy. Narcissa smiles more often after her sister’s death, Harry stops being scared.
• Though the suggestion of meeting the Weasleys did not fall well with Narcissa.
• And Lucius also kind of starts caring about that boy?
• Because now he thinks about it that boy apparently grew up in a muggle variation of his wife’s household.
• And he kinda realizes maybe that’s why they bond so easily. Narcissa understands the abuse this kid came from.
• So he sits down with Harry more often, eventually teaches him about the different kinds of whiskey.
• Harry just pretends to be interested.
• Draco is so relieved his parents like Harry, and so happy everyone is becoming comfortable with him living at Malfoy Manor.
• Lucius and Harry talk about how they adore Narcissa and Draco. *insert embarassing stories*
• Narcissa laughs with both Draco and Harry about their ridiculous husbands.
• “And the time they spend on their hair, can you believe it?”
• Potters and Malfoys being a cute family okay

I’m going to make more posts about this.

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omg, i never want you to stop writing!!! your scenarios are so good <3 could i request a neighbor wonho au?!

it was his birthday and im a bit late,,,but here take this neighbor au as my apology monbebe’s ;;~

  • such a good, wholehearted person that like recycles and cleans up trash around the apartment complex and makes sure that kids don’t cross the street on a red light if they’re not with their parents
  • has the heart of a soft angel but the muscles,,,,,,of like an champion athlete but that makes it even better instead of a friendly giant he’s a friendly,,,,,,,,strong person LOL
  • the older ladies are always so shocked to see wonho at the neighborhood farmers market on the weekends but there he is. buying some organic lettuce and honey or something,,,,,maybe a new potted plant for his kitchen
  • his apartment is really pretty,,,,like he keeps it really clean and he has this light blue color scheme going on
  • but also,,,,,,,,has like a liquor cabinet and if he rolls up his sleeves you’ll be shocked to see tattoos covering his arm,,,,,pretty flowers and hangul quotes,,,,,,things like that
  • isn’t it amazing how he’s own like fifty pound weights but also mason jars full of four-leaf clovers he’s found like what???? a great mix 
  • and you don’t really talk to him or know much about him, aside from the fact that you once thought his tattoos were cool from afar 
  • so when you end up outside of your apartment building late at night, you’re actually trying to wash some graffiti off the side of the building 
  • you’re shocked when you hear someones voice fo “oh, let me help!”
  • and you turn to see wonho there, who looks like he’s just coming home from the gym. he drops his bag and takes on of the rolls of paper towel you have with you
  • and you’re like,,,,,,well you’re like “oh you don’t have to help-”
  • but he smiles, and you see how handsome he is up close with straight white teeth and sparkling eyes
  • and he’s like “good neighbors should keep the apartments clean together!!”
  • but see the problem isn’t actually that he’s helping you the problem is,,,,the reason you’re cleaning off the graffiti isn’t because you wanted to do your part in society,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s because that was an old piece of yours and now you wanted to draw over it
  • so it’s a bit awkward standing there with this prince-like neighbor of yours happily scrubbing away your art and,,,,,when you’re both done he goes “let me help you carry all of this back to your apartment!!” 
  • and you panic a bit because he goes for your backpack (which is ofc, full of spray paint cans) and you’re like wAIt,,,but it’s too late because wonho picks up the bag and
  • out comes the cans, tumbling to his feet out of the open bag and you’re like “um - u m”
  • and wonho looks at them, then you, then the clean wall and it clicks in his head and you’re like
  • “listen - i never said i was cleaning it as a service to the neighborhood-”
  • but wonho puts up his hand and he’s like “it’s ok,,,,,,” and you’re like “well im just going to take-” and you reach out for the bag
  • but suddenly it’s dangling over your head as wonho holds it up and you’re like UM HOW ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD THAT IN ONE HAND WHAT THE-
  • and he’s like “ill return it, but first you need to promise me something”
  • and you’re like what in the world is he going on about but when you try to jump up for your bag wonho is like “nope, promise me first”
  • and you’re like Fine ok WHAT and he’s like “whatever you graffiti, it isn’t going to be offensive ok?” and you look at him and you’re like,,,,,i wasn’t planning on making it offensive
  • and wonho is like “i know,,,,,but please don’t make it vulgar either kids in the neighborhood shouldn’t have to-”
  • and you laugh a little because you’re like he really is one of those people that’s always looking out for others and wonho pouts because hey, he’s being serious
  • and you’re like “i would never graffiti something like that, my speciality is drawing animals,,,,i was thinking to do like a wolf or something!” and wonho is like “a scary wolf?” and you’re like no LOL a cartoony one im not a serious artist or anything
  • and wonho hands you back your bag and he’s grinning now because hey,,,,a cartoon is ok,,,,that sounds cute
  • and you’re like “you can stay and watch just in case” and you’re half-joking
  • but somehow he does stay and he’s actually kind of even interesting in how graffiti works and you’re like “well first is your outline, and then you color it in!” and you even pass him a can so he can help you out
  • and when you’re done it’s like a cute wolf cub sitting in some flowers 
  • and wonho is like “it’s so,,,,cute,,,” and you’re like “see, graffiti isn’t all that bad” and wonho is like “no, it’s fun!!! you really showed me a new side to it”
  • and you both go back inside the building but as you’re in the elevator wonho is like he looks down at his spray-stained hands and he’s like “not to annoy you anymore, but ,,,,,how do i get this off?”
  • and you giggle and you’re like “i know a method”
  • and you invite wonho over to your place and for someone so handsome and strong he becomes really shy and polite being in your house and it’s so adorable how he stands with his hands in front of him like a kid
  • and when you tell him to give you his hands so you can run them under the water first,,,,you notice his ears go red
  • and you’re like ???? he’S THE ONE THAt’s acting shY??? with a face and a body like that????
  • but it warms your heart tbh,,,,and once you get his hands all clean wonho thanks you with a bow and you’re like
  • as you walk him out into the hall you’re like “if i need help cleaning again, should i be ok with finding you?”
  • and wonho seems surprised at how forward you are, but then a smile settles in on his face and he’s like “yes!! today was fun but,,,,,,”
  • and you tilt your head in anticipation and wonho’s like “,,,,but you can also just find me to,,,,,hang out a bit more,,,,,,,,,and you know not graffiti in the middle of the night bUT only if you want!!” 
  • and you grin and are like “are you saying i could ask you out?” and wonho,,,,,at the word date just blushes again but shrugs his shoulders and is like “,,,,yes?”
  • and it’s cute you’re like “ill think about it!~” with a wink and wonho feels like someone just shot an arrow through his chest,,,,,,,,,,how are you doing this to him????? 

Rose/Scorpius → Love at first sight / Young Rose was the one who wanted him first, who kissed him shyly then asked so politely to be kissed, who adored him without reservation or expectation. Of course Scorpius thought her silly and sweet. He was relentless, charming, and utterly immature with her. He didn’t deserve her. And he teased her about her feelings for him, for as long as he could, until he could no longer stop kissing her, either. Oh, he was mad about her like you wouldn’t believe.

Stares intently at crush while trying to not be noticed

(The teacher moved him behind me so I have to turn around to look at his face and it’s pretty obvious but I don’t think he knows or else he would have said something right?)

Okay, so it’s really weirding me out that people are swearing that Jaal and Solas are so similar when they’re…not? They’re like night and day.

Beware, Jaal loyalty mission spoilers below.


-First of all, Solas is thousands of years old with obscure motivations and an even more obscure past. He is a veteran commander and spymaster, as well as an accomplished mage and dreamer. We don’t even know how powerful he is, but considering he was revered as a damned god, then I’d say pretty powerful. He joins the Inquisition to get his orb back, but we all know he had ulterior motives other than that. I really doubt he spent the entire time painting, reading books, sleeping, and staring at the breach. He probably was doing other things, like organizing his troops.

-Solas is manipulative and a liar. He revels in manipulation. It challenges his intelligence. It’s why he adores the politics of Orleasian court so much.

-Solas isn’t a very moral character. He doesn’t have the strong moral code that Jaal does. In fact, he murders his own friends if their use expires. If you romance him he basically says he’s probably going to destroy everything you love and maybe even kill you, too, which is extremely regretful to him, but he’s going to do it anyway. (I personally believe that you cannot ever regret something you’re GOING TO do, because if you really regretted it, you just WOULDN’T DO IT. Obviously he doesn’t really regret it THAT much. “I regret that I have to destroy your entire civilization and probably kill your friends, vehnan.” “You don’t have to kill them. Just don’t kill anyone or start another apocalypse. Just… don’t do it. It’s not hard. Look, I’m not even killing anyone right now. Very easy.” “So regretful. So sad.” ANYWAY.)

-Solas is very guarded and distrustful.

-Solas is xenophobic, racist, and elitist. He doesn’t even consider the Inquisitor a real person unless they agree with him. He asks you if the anchor had changed your personality in some way because you remind him of himself. If you disagree with him too much, he doesn’t think you are a person. He’s especially racist toward Qunari, humans, and dwarves. He even discriminates against elves, city and Dalish, going as far as calling them “not my people. ”

-Solas lives in the past. He wants to bring back a nearly extinct society because he can’t cope with the aftermath of a war he ended!

-Solas is trying to start an apocalypse and probably commit genocide.

-Solas enjoys things quietly and peacefully. When he’s happy, he is content.

-Solas is an excellent flirt and is very smooth.


-Jaal is a slightly green agent of the resistance. His role in your party is, at first, more like The Iron Bull’s is in Inquisition. He watches your movements, judges your intentions, and reports back to Efra. Then he befriends everyone and decides he wants to stay. After that, he has no motivation besides wanting to help you fight the Kett.

-Jaal is probably the least manipulative person?? He’s extremely honest and berates Ryder if they decide to be deceptive. Jaal very much does not like liars.

-Jaal has an extremely strong moral code that he abides to? And he’s loyal almost to a fault, and he strongly believes in the goodness of people. Do you think Solas would have trusted the Roekaar to disband after seeing Aksul shoot him? Can you imagine Solas acting AT ALL like Jaal had during that quest? Jaal was almost killed by Aksul, and he learned that Aksul was going to destroy one of the oldest relics of his people. Aksul turned his family and people against each other. Aksul’s people killed innocents. But Jaal let him live. Can you imagine Solas doing the same?

-Once Jaal gets to know you better, he’s very open about himself. He’s surprisingly open even in the beginning.

-What does Jaal say when he finds out about exaltation? “They are us.” With clear despair. He’s grieves them, and still considers them HIS people toward the end of the game, just twisted and enslaved by the Kett. Even though exalted Angara are the ones who killed his father. His siblings. His people. He doesn’t think that the Milky Way races aren’t people because they’re from another galaxy or because they have an extremely different culture. In fact, he’s overjoyed to learn about your race’s history and sayings. He bonds with the crew and tries to use slang. He definitely doesn’t other you if you romance him like Solas others the Inquisitor.

-Jaal explicitly states that he lives in the present.

-Jaal is living through an apocalypse and a foreign society is trying to genocide his people.

-Jaal is exuberant in his joy and loud in his affections. He literally shouts in joy at times.

-Jaal isn’t SMOOTH. Flirting flies right over his head. Other Angara talk about how dense he is when people flirt with him. He’s not smooth, what he is is genuine and forthcoming with his affection, which is seductive in it’s own right. I think that’s what people are mistaking for smoothness?

I’m actually really confused about what people are seeing, here. They seem like polar opposites. Is it just sarcasm when people say “They’re so alike!”? I think Jaal would be insulted to be compared with Solas at all, to be honest. If you guys would like to add to this list, please do. Those of you who think that they’re identical, feel free to explain why you say that, because I just don’t see it.

Got7 React to hearing your ‘polite’ voice for the first time

JB: He’d smirk and try to cover up a laugh while you were talking to the waitress, hearing your polite voice would catch him off guard. He wouldn’t want to comment about it though until the waitress left, “well this is a new side to you that I haven’t seen before.”

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Jinyoung:  He wouldn’t think too much of it, but would find it funny how much your voice changed when you were being polite to people you didn’t know. He might ask at one point if you actually notice when you do it. “So is that just an automatic reaction??”

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Mark: He wouldn’t be able to keep himself from grinning after hearing your voice when you talked to the clerk at the store. “You sound so different- but it’s cute.” He’d say after and laugh lightly before adding, “so this is what you being polite sounds like~” 

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Youngjae: He’d look over at you while you were talking, at first confused as to why you sounded like that, but after realizing that was how you sounded trying to be polite he would find it amusing. “You sound so different! It’s adorable” he’d say after the person left, causing a light pink to flush over your cheeks.

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Yugyeom: He would be tempted to tease you about how you sounded, but would decided against it and would just laugh lightly after noticing your voice change when you had to talk to someone you weren’t familiar with, which caused a confused look from you, “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it~”

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BamBam: After hearing you talk to the cashier at a store the two of you went to he would cover his face to conceal a laugh. “What was that?” He’d ask as the two of you walked out of the store, still chuckling, earning himself a light smack on the arm from you being shy about it.

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Jackson: He would end up teasing you playfully after he heard how different you sounded after talking with the waiter at the restaurant the two of you went to. “Where did that voice come from? Why don’t you talk like that around me??” He’d wink jokingly.

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Lost - Kenny Omega

Was going to post a Will Ospreay one-shot…but then the DM happened.  I’m convinced Kenny understands the thirst levels.

This is fluff though.  Cause I suck at writing smut (in my opinion, but I’m trying to improve) and fluffy Kenny is just… *sigh*

Please let me know if you’d like to be included in any future tag lists!

~2300 words.

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     You don’t know what it was that convinced you to completely change your life and move to Japan, but, well, when your mind was fixed on something, you were determined to make it happen. 

     It all happened so quickly, too. You were stuck in a dead-end job, not your ideal job of teaching, and you were fed up of waiting for someone to call. A friend of a friend at a party had mentioned how they knew someone who had gone to Japan to teach and had loved it, just absolutely loved it, so you researched it when you got home at 

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The first thing I would do when I will ever meet Liam is that I won’t shy away bc I’m really not the person to approach somebody. But I made a deal with myself, if I ever meet him, I will tell him how much I love him, how much he is loved, he is appreciated and cared about. That despite all the shit he had to go through and will have to go through I would switch places with him so he can have some time of. He is my light in the dark, a true hero. That all the things he does are incredible and thoughtful. He shows the world so much love and he can be proud of who he became and what he has accomplished. I will ask him if I can give him a hug. And that it’s ok if he says no. But I will make sure I will be the hug giver and he is the hug receiver. It’s so important that he knows that there are ppl out there loving, caring and appreciating him as a musician and a person.
Liam you are wonderful and sometimes I think we haven’t deserved you being so kind and polite a bit.

Vienna ritual and meeting the band after the show!

I will try to keep it as short as I can.

So, three days ago I was at my second Ghost ritual. First one was in 2014. Since 2nd era is in every way my favorite, I am so glad I saw them back then.

I really had no trouble getting to the barrier, cause I was among the first ones in the queue. I wanted to stand between Fire and Papa in the front row and that’s exactly where I ended up. Perfect spot. Now, new Ghouls… Let me just say that I wouldn’t mind if they stayed in Ghost until the end. They literally hypnotized me. I usually jump, dance, headbang and stuff, but not here. I just wanted to watch and listen. They were all over the place. I didn’t know where to look and who to look at. There was constantly something happening. Their energy is captivating. And on top of all that there is Papa, who’s always doing something interesting. Highlights of the show were Papa’s stares at me on 4 or 5 occasions and one dirty question. :) I won’t go into much details here, sorry for that. When that man fixates you, he doesn’t let go, but I am sure many of you know that. Fire was responding to my hearts in the most adorable way, he threw me picks two times. Aether too. He came in front of me and threw me his pick, but it didn’t reach me unfortunately. I was the happiest person!

After the show was over we went to the bus and didn’t have to wait for too long before Aether came. The man is amazing, so chill and talkative. He asked for my name and wrote it on the cover of my favorite album. I complimented his energy and moves on stage and he replied ‘It’s because we are young’. :)) The next one who came to greet us was Earth. My God, that man is precious. He was the biggest surprise for me, in a positive way, cause I didn’t really hear so much stories of him coming out. But he is soo adorable and shy. And polite. He signed my Opus twice. :))) He is welcoming and smiley. One girl wanted him to sign her shirt and he was like ‘R U sureee?’ Lovely man. Then Fire came out. Nothing new here to say. So polite, considerate and adorable. He brought his own sharpie and was so proud of himself, sweetie. Likes to hug, smile and talk. In fact they all like to hug. :) Then Papa came out of the venue with Water and both of them headed straight to the bus, but Papa said that he’ll be back in a second. He came back with a man that was standing next to him and telling us to back off a bit, so that he could sign stuff to everyone. I don’t know if he is always accompanied by that man or it is something new, considering the shitty situation happening in fandom right now. I have nothing new to say about Papa. The man is the most polite and considerate man ever. He talks, smiles, hugs, shakes hands… He is really precious human being. I will say it again: I don’t care what he does in his private life. I see him as public person whom I have zero negative things to say about.

Now when it’s all over, it’s a bit hard coming back to reality, but I’m sure I’ll see them again soon.

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alex inviting justin to this family weekend at his uncle lake house (?) and justin being really nervous about meeting alex's whole family and then they get there and this bunch of aunties are just enamoured with him and "oh my god Alex, you got yourself a good one, see Patricia, your cousin has good taste in men, you should learn something" and his cousins and uncles are all gently teasing Alex because his boyfriend is there, cue a bunch of childhood stories being told

Okay but Justin also tries super hard to be likeable. He plans on Alex being his forever, so he wants to make a good first impression. He’s helping out with everything and he’s so polite that all the women in the family just adore him.

Justin becomes the centre of all the ‘you should be more like him’ ‘you should date more guys like him’ comments for the weekend. It turns out everyone loves him more than he could’ve hoped, and he even kind of gets more attention than Alex does.

And the family just over shares all the stories with Justin. There’s nothing too embarrassing to them, Justin needs to know everything. And while Alex hates it, the brunette loves it, especially when the photo albums come out. He’s just happy to be surrounded by other people who are happy to spend all day talking with him about Alex


One of my favourite background moments, from 2x02, “Paolo.”

Don’t worry, baby Giovanni. One of your uncles may want to kill you, but the other one will destroy anyone who tries.

Smarter Than I Look

A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever done imagines, or anything xreader, so bear with me. :)

Imagine that you’re the bartender who Reid gave his number to, and his surprise when you call him. 

(Your POV)

I watched him walk away, pretty intrigued. I smiled to myself. We don’t get many like him in here. Actually, we don’t get any, and I found myself wondering if anyone like him even existed. He’d been so polite and obviously intelligent, not to mention adorably awkward. I picked up the card with his number on it and breathed a surprised laugh when I saw what was written on the back. 


He’d written his number in Roman numerals, which only served to make me like him more. I checked my watch and realized that my shift was over. I raced through the motions of clocking out and gathered my things. Once I got out to my car, I pulled out my phone and flipped it open. I didn’t have to hesitate as I read and dialed the number on the card. 


It rang four times, and then the voice of a certain Doctor Reid came over the line. 


He sounded cautious and curious all at once, and I wondered if he always sounded that way when he answered a call. 

“Hey, Doctor Reid,” I replied. “This is (Y/N), from the bar.” 

There was a moment of silence. 

“Wait, the one that I gave my number to, less than ten minutes ago?” he asked, sounding astonished. I smiled, pleased with myself. I got the feeling that he wasn’t the easiest to surprise. 

“The very same,” I confirmed. 

“You-you read?” he stammered, seemingly trying desperately not to insult me with his shock. I laughed. 

“Yes,” I said. “I can read Roman numerals. Very clever, by the way.” 

“I, um…thank you,” he said. “I honestly didn’t-”

“Expect me to call?” I filled in. “Well, expect the unexpected, Doctor Reid,” I teased. 

“You can-it’s Spencer,” he said. “And I am impressed.” 

“Just because I’m a bartender doesn’t mean I’m stupid,” I laughed.

“Oh, no, no, I didn’t mean that at all,” he told me in a rush. “It’s only that a very small percentage of the population can actually read Roman numerals without looking them up,” he said, and paused.

“Did you look them up?” he asked.

“No,” I said with a smile, “I didn’t.” 

“Okay, good.”

“So, Spencer,” I began. “I was hoping you would be willing to have coffee with me sometime.” 

“I would love to.” 

I smiled to myself. Finally, a guy who wouldn’t make my IQ drop after a two-minute conversation. 

This looked promising. 

My One Wish (New Series!)

Summary: Jensen surprises his daughter for her birthday.

Author: @beckawinchester 

Words: 1,761

Characters: DaddyJensen! x Reader, Kaitlyn Ackles (OC)

Warnings: None

A/N: This is a new series I’ve started! I hope you guys enjoy! I wasn’t expecting the first chapter to be this long! lol Send me an ask if you would like to be tagged in this! :)

Tags: @boredoutofmymindwriting@jensen-jarpad@27bmm @plaidstiel-wormstache@frickfracklesackles, @neversatisfiedgirl, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms, @impalaimagining (I’m tagging people I think would wanna be tagged.)

Jensen was sitting on his daughter Kaitlyn’s bed braiding her hair so he could take her to school. “You know Katie for being a five year old you sure do sit still well long enough to let me do your hair.”

“Thank you daddy.” Kaitlyn replied smiling. After Jensen was finished braiding Kaitlyn’s hair he handed her a tupperware box filled with cupcakes.

“Here’s the cupcakes for your party at school.” Kaitlyn smiled even bigger.

“My Troll birthday cupcakes?” Jensen nodded.

“But remember, your birthday isn’t until tomorrow. Daddy has a very special surprise for you.” Jensen grinned and Kaitlyn gasped excitedly.

“Is it a Trolls toy?” Jensen chuckled at Kaitlyn’s new obsession with Trolls ever since the Trolls movie came out.

“You’ll see.” Jensen said tapping his index finger on the tip of her nose. “Now let’s go before you’re late for school.” Kaitlyn ran out to the car which was sitting in the garage. Jensen didn’t exactly have the best car but it was a car he’s wanted since he started driving. He drove a 2004 mustang.  Sure it was small and he had difficulty putting Kaitlyn in her carseat sometimes but he enjoyed it.

Jensen drove to the school which was about 10 minutes away from his house. Jensen parked in the parking lot and unbuckled Kaitlyn and helped her out of the car grabbing her hand. Kaitlyn took his hand and walked with Jensen inside the school. Jensen walked her to her classroom and bent down to give her a hug. “Have a good day at school baby.”

“I will daddy. See you after school.” Kaitlyn grinned and kissed Jensen’s cheek and skipped into the classroom. He couldn’t help but chuckle. Sometimes it was hard being a single dad but he loved Kaitlyn more than anything. Jensen looked down at his watch and saw that he had 15 minutes to be to work so he drove to Starbucks to grab a coffee before heading to work. Jensen worked in his own office as a music producer. He had perks for working for the music industry. One of them was getting backstage passes to meet Y/N. Y/N was a well known musician and actress known for her role as one of the Trolls in the movie that Jensen’s daughter loved so much. Jensen was going to take Kaitlyn to meet Y/N tomorrow for her birthday.

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That opening scene...


It’s a preview cutscene available on Youtube, but still…

There. You’ve been warned. I’ll even put it under the cut. 

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