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So tell me, as a Canadian, what it's like seeing Seb as a NASCAR driver. Because I'm having a hard time getting past the urge to draw a mustache on his gas station standee.

I don’t know much about NASCAR but between the feathered hair, the jumpsuit and ‘TO THE MAX’, I’m all the way into this Logan Lucky look.

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The things I’d do to that cardboard cut out…

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OMG so what CW cast have you met now??? SO MANY

haha so many, I’m a lucky girl

from SPN:

Jared (Sam), Jensen (Dean), Misha (Cas), Mark S (Crowley), Mark P (Lucifer), Rich (Gabriel), Matt (Young!John/Michael), Kim (Jody), Briana (Donna), Alaina (Abaddon), Adam F (Mick), David (Ketch), and Katie (Ruby 1.0)

from DCTV (Flash, Arrow, Constantine) and other CW shows:

Rick (Eddie Thawne, Flash), Matt Ryan (Constantine), Violett Beane (Jesse Wells/Quick, Flash), Shantel VanSanten (Patty Spivot, Flash/Quinn James, One Tree Hill), and Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance/Black Canary/Black Siren, every DCTV show ever)

I’ve had a good year, ngl

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Headcanon that she sometimes calls Chloe her "Lucky Clover" 🍀

B: “you know, Chlo, everytime i come to you for boy advice, it works out!! you’re, like, my lucky chlo-ver or something!! 

C: *flustered gay noises*


omg u get outa my ask box 

ok but for reals i… im literally in love wit u??? like u are so CUTE and lovely and TALENTED and creative like literally HARRY FUCKIN STYLES said u are pretty and you are such a hard worker and does your absolute best to take care of yourself and im SO PROUD OF YOU ILY!!!

but fuckin take ur meds U HOe

mutuals send me a number and ill make a post about you

I am so lucky to do a Breath of the Wild collab with the amazingly stupendous AndrenaRae !!! They look so good I’m just speechless.
_(:3 」∠)_ Thank you my friend for this and for all of your phenomenal support. ♡ ( I drew Link and she drew Sidon!)