is so incredibly awful

It just hit me that Lottie gave up her job as Selena’s make up artist and we got some shady explanation that we kinda accepted as another shady thing in a sea on shady things, but she probably gave that up because she knew she had to step up and take care of the kids.With Dan probably on Jay’s side for the better part and Louis in LA, she became the responsible one.She is so incredibly strong and kind and brave, I’m in awe.I don’t ever wanna see another person saying anything nasty about her.


Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

every time this scene shows up i die a little more inside, cause whenever i see it i enter a state wherein i recognize that the emotional aspect during their first encounter was so incredibly deep already, despite the awfulness of the situation, which catapults me to greater crying heights cause god fuckin damn

from maya’s shock over the guards death, to the way bellamy showcases deep care over her emotional well being (which is so true to his heart). its fucking painful n heartbreaking okay. she stands there looking over the dead man while bellamy looks at her, asking her if she is alright, even tho he is the injured one.

and here is the kicker:

he doesn’t ask her once if she is alright, BUT TWICE, cause boy sees

ITS AFFECTING HER (look how he looks at her n then moves closer)


do you get what i mean? yeah? good. dont touch me.

Charlie Weasley decides he’s uninterested in kissing or anything that goes along with it after three increasingly unsuccessful kisses.

The first, with his best friend Dora Tonks, is just unappealing. He doesn’t really like the feeling of someone else’s tongue in his mouth. He thinks, it’s like kissing my sister…I know her so well it doesn’t count.

The next kiss with a pretty Ravenclaw prefect Bill sets him on a date with. Her kiss is so awful he has to leave in the middle of the date. He thinks, I guess I just don’t like girls.

His third kiss, a few weeks into his sixth year, is with the seeker of the Slytherin House team. This kiss is so incredibly awful that he’s actually grateful when thirteen year old Oliver Wood finds them and shouts that their very captain is a traitor to the team. (And if he’s so grateful that he gives Oliver the Keeper position that year instead of Cormac McLaggen, well…he chose well.)

He was never interested in any of that. Dragons, on the other hand…

Markipliers nightmares

I’m incredibly in awe that mark was able to share something that personal with us, about his childhood and how he still has nightmares. I also used to have constant nightmares, only now they are extremely vivid dreams. If I do have a nightmare it’s more of a night terror. It’s ok though, I’m used to it and knowing that mark can make it though and still be happy and upbeat, makes me want to try and be just as happy… No matter how exhausted I am

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Hey mod I just wanted to say I REALLY admire how your blog is set up and how everything is so clean and story-driven but can be manipulated with a little help from your followers, it's fun to look at and the art is really refreshing it's been quite a treat to follow up on from time to time! #ASKBLOG GOALS

(( Aw man! Thank you so much! This is incredibly nice of you and very much appreciated. I hope as the blog progresses you dudes will keep on enjoying it! ))

Happy Birthday @nnaruto!

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Nice flying Azure-Blue! You got everyone safely away from the battleship. I don't think I've spotted your cutie mark yet. Do you mind showing us what it is?

Azure-Blue: Of course~ Only the best for my beautiful Blue Lion.

Azure-Blue: Unfortunately, I cannot show you! It is so incredible and awe-inspiring that it isn’t on the visible light spectrum! You would be blinded instantly!

I don’t know how to thank the people who have bought reblogged talked about cared about my art enough I feel so incredibly thankful and I don’t know how to show it but I am so so so so so so thankful. Sometimes you guys send me messages that literally are so sweet/ thoughtful that they make me cry and I have a difficult time answering them because I think I have sometimes tricked people into thinking I am talented or articulate but!!!! I am so incredibly grateful! When my painting crit last semester went so awful I posted the painting on here and immediately got so much feedback it made up for it! You guys have helped me realize so much about my audience, for starts, that it exists? And forward, that the way I express my emotions and feelings via art aren’t wrong, that I shouldn’t have to tone down my ideas, that they make sense, that audiences who don’t get it don’t try to, etc! I still read your tags when you reblog stuff from me and I’m still inspired by the support! I’m having a hard time making art these days but I need to think about the fact that I have a space where people aren’t trying to run away from what I have to say. Thank you thank you thank you thank you

You’re not a mess. And even if you were you’d be the only mess in my life i’d ever bother trying to fix. You’ll never be alone. And for what it’s worth we can be insane together
—  my best friend’s reply to my text “i’m a utter living mess, i don’t know what to do anymore”

hidden figures is probably the best film i’ve seen in a long time. and by long time i mean since i watched moonlight and moana the other week.

taraji deserved to actually even just be nominated for her performance as katherine johnson. i cried like a god damn baby half the time she was on screen. in happy and sad ways. and that scene holy god damn fuck. 

this film was probably one of the most amazing films i’ve seen full stop. and my god i hope that people go on to recognise taraji’s tremendous talents and give her more oscar worthy roles because i’ve known she was talented as fuck for a few years now but holy shit.