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BTS Reaction: Seeing their S/O in a swimsuit for the first time. Part 3: Jimin, Taehyung, & Jungkook

Description: Going to the beach with the BTS for the first and they see their soulmate in a swimsuit for the first time. 

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post part 3. I’ve been busy with personal stuff like unpacking and getting ready for university, hope you guys enjoy!

*Sorry, I’m doing probably going to do two members at a time for this reaction or else this will be a really really long post.


Although known for being a sexy dancing machine Jimin is also probably the most fluffy adorable person you ever met. He loves to cuddle with you and is a true gentleman waiting and does anything he can to make your first relationship the best. 

One moment you are watching the boys do a photoshoot in Hawaii, you hate to admit it but the way the boys began to have a light tan was something you liked a lot. The staff asked you if you wanted to go swim and just have fun, while the boys work but you said no and just wanted to watch.

Jimin noticed how you were getting hot underneath the heat of the summer sun, so he asked if the guys and him could take a break for the day. The photographer agreed cause everyone was honestly tired from the shoot. Jimin got out of the water and made his way over to you asking you sweetly, “Hey sweetheart, do you wanna go for a swim with me?” 

You smiled brightly knowing the main reason was cause Jimin really cared about your well being. Agreeing you rushed off to go change into a swimsuit you wanted to wear, for him. Sitting there waiting for you to change he began singing Miss Right to himself thinking how you were Miss Right for him.

As you walked over Jimin would look up and be shy as a fluff ball. His face would be flush and a goofy adorable wide smile would spread across his lips as he sees the adorable yet sexy light blue Bandeau style swimsuit you had on. ‘God, she is perfect.’ he would think to himself as his smile turns into a smirk looking over your entire body enjoying the swimsuit and the curves of your body.

“J-Jimin?” you would shyly blush as he snaps his attention to your blushing face making him feel so warm and giddy, god the kind of affect you had on him was incredible. He couldn’t take how adorable you looked so he just hid his face in his hands and looked away from you while muttering something to himself.

*you are left standing confused as your shy boyfriend mutters stuff to himself* “God dammit she is like a freaking angel.” *the rest of the day ends up with him keeping the image of you in his mind*


Knowing Taehyung he was the one who suggested to go to the beach and play, he was the one who also suggested that you guys should bring the dogs and have a picnic. Being in a relationship with the hyperactive alien was always exciting with the way he’d just pop in an out of the place while spoiling you, you’d always have to scold him to be careful of the money he was spending.

So you were glad that this date was simple and easy, leaving the picnic basket in the car you watched Taehyung bring the dogs out and run with them in his swimming trunks, oversized white shirt, and sandals. He ended up tripping in the sand making you laugh as the dogs began running around him and barking as if they were laughing at him too. 

The plan for the day was to take it easy and simples, just relax and take it easy. You let your boyfriend run around and play with his dogs that he hadn’t seen for a while, in the meantime you took off your clothes revealing the purple bikini you already had on underneath.

So you decided to take a nice relaxing swim in the clear waters of the beach, the weather was nice and warm, but not to warm just perfect the perfect temperature.~ 

After floating in the waters and enjoying the partly cloudy skies you went back to find your boyfriend sitting on the beach petting the dogs relaxing as his feet were underneath the sand. You smiled and walked over at the sight of seeing him being so relaxed, he had deserved it after such a long time working. 

As Taehyung laid his eyes on you they widened at how your body was teasing him with the perfect purple bikini that complimented your skin tone and type of body. How it tortured him how slowly the water droplets tracing your curves as they go down your body and hit the sand. He just stared with his jaw wide open forgetting to pet the dogs making the poor little doggies keep pawing at their owner whining for attention. 

As you stood in front of him you laughed softly raising an eyebrow at him then bent down petting the adorable cutiepie dogs. “What’s wrong Taehyung?” you asked him since he just kept staring at you. “N-Nothing, but…man you look beautiful…kitten.” 

Your eyes widened at the sudden call of your nickname, looking at him you knew you were in trouble. His eyes were filled with a dark kind of lust as a smirk appeared on his perfectly soft lips making you realize that you were probably blushing. But the moment was ruined when his attitude changed into a hilarious flirty guy.

“Aye girl, you can call me your Nemo cause I’ll tap that butt~ ” *he then sends you a kiss and raises his eyebrows at you, making you laugh hysterically at the horrible pick-up line and push him over while asking if he learned it from Jin* 


All right this guy is just the definition of awkward and shy. I mean at least I think he was, now I ain’t so sure cause have you seen him?! Alright this would depend on how long you’ve been dating, but I am assuming this is still the beginning of the relationship.

So, Jungkook would be super shy around you. You had to make the first move cause you got fed up about the shy bunny never making a move. But since then it has been adorably awkward and sweet, he would text you good morning and always bring you snacks and sweets.One day he invites you and your friends to a beach party with the boys or just some of his friends. Immediately arriving at the beach Taehyung challenges Jungkook to see who can swim faster and the farthest, with Namjoon supervising of course. :P

During that time you and your friends got changed into the newly bought swimsuits you got just for the occasion. However, Jungkook and you were in different parts of the beach as you and your friends were beach combing and looking for shells or just splashing water at each other, while your active muscle pig boyfriend was playing every beach sport possible not noticing you. 

However as lunch rolled around he began getting hungry and wanted to spend some time alone with you, searching the beach for you he found you staring at the water. As he came closer he felt that his heart was in danger of beating too fast and exploding right on the spot. You were in a pure white swimsuit with your hair tied into a high ponytail exposing the back of your neck, his heart just couldn’t stop beating. 

You turned around to find him awkwardly standing there, although you had made the first move in your relationship everything else was awkward because it was your first and you had no idea what to do. The two of you ended up just staring at each other until Jungkook panicked and made a move. 

He jumped onto the hill of sand he was on and rolled down to you. Wide eyes you just watched your boyfriend expertly role down the hill and pose in a cool heroic pose. He stood up and rubbed the back of his neck, once again with silence taking over. Breaking the silence was your beautiful laugh, you were so surprised and shocked by his actions you couldn’t help but find them hilarious. “W-Why the hell did you roll in the sand like that?! Y-You couldn’t- Hahaha! Ouch my stomach hurts from laughing. Oh my god! Hahaha- You couldn’t think of a better way to break the awkward silence?! Hahaha!” You just kept laughing as his face became super red and a bit pouty that you were laughing at him that he just bursted out his thoughts, “O-Oh yeah? W…Well it’s your fault for looking so sexy and beautiful that I was left standing completely in awe!” 

Again silence, but now you were the one embarrassed. “S-Sexy and…beautiful?” Jungkook couldn’t handle it anymore and just ran away, with you chasing after him yelling to wait and that you should get lunch together. “Wait! Jungkook, let’s go get lunch!” 

“Nooo! You’ll make fun of me!” *runs for his life while thinking* ‘She’ll be the death of me…It’s her fault I’m this awkward around her, she’s too much for my heart to handle.’ *in the end he makes you where his hoodie while eating lunch together*

Credit to the owners of the gifs, they are perfect and I do not own any of them…sadly, but yeah. Hahaha~ ENJOY!

When I Was Your Man (Jacob Black x ex! reader)


Y/n - Your name  Y/l/n - Your last name   Y/e/c - your eye color                      Y/h/c - your hair color

Prompt - Songfic based on Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”. Jacob severely neglected the reader for Bella and they broke up with him. After this Jacob realizes how much he loved them through flashbacks due to certain items, the next time he sees the reader they’re with Embry…the wolf that imprinted on them.(A lot of gifs sorry!)

Word Count - 1,618

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“Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now“

Jacob turned in his bed and looked to the empty side, the side where Y/n used to sleep. His mind immediately flashed back to the good mornings they spent together, the mornings when he’d turn to see them with a goofy smile and a crazy bed head. The two would share a small kiss and Y/n would play with Jake’s hair while they talked, but those were the good mornings. Those were the mornings before Jake phased, before Bella clung to him, before he began to neglect the one person who loved him for someone who didn’t. Jacob blew the air from his cheeks as an aching feeling filled his heart, the bed felt so empty without his lovely Y/n……

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“Our song on the radio but it don’t sound the same”

Jacob, Quil, and Seth sat around in the Black’s garage as Jake continues tinkering on his car. The other two wolves did most of the talking and Jake would occasionally let out his input from his place rolled under the car, eventually Seth grew quite bored of the awkward silences and put on the radio. Jacob took a break and sat on the creeper while drinking some soda, laughing occasionally when Quil and Seth would burst into song when they heard specific lyrics of their favorite songs. The atmosphere was light and happy, buzzing with energy until the spokesperson announced what song the station was going to play. Seth and Quil watched as the smile left Jake’s face slowly, watched as the pain etched into his face with certain lyrics. He could see Y/n, singing along to the song as he drove them both on dates and the song played.
The way their y/e/c eyes would light up as they’d belt the lyrics, the way they’d dance in the passenger seat along to the beat and a blush would cover their cheeks when they noticed he was watching them. The aching feeling came back just a little stronger this time and Quil shut off the radio, sure Jacob liked the song but it just wasn’t the same without Y/n there…

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“When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down ‘Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name”

Jacob hadn’t seen Charlie since before the breakup, neither of you had. People would always say that he and Billy Black were the relationships biggest supporters, they were the type that believed you’d get married. That’s why when Jake saw Charlie’s cruiser pull up a lump formed in his throat, at least Charlie wasn’t one for making a huge scene in public. He made it to the living room when the chief walked into the house, his dark eyes immediately searching for his friend and his kid. “Hey Charlie” Jacob greeted in a fake cheery voice, hoping to god that Charlie wouldn’t bring up Y/n at all. “Hey Jake, where’s Y/n? You and that kid share a brain” Charlie asked with a smile, a twinge of pain shot through Jake’s chest as he remembered the fishing trip they all went on a year ago.
Y/n had spent a good fraction of the time complaining about the bugs and sun glare, the other fraction though they had been absolutely adorable to Jake. He remembers their concentrating face, the way their nose would wrinkle and eyes would squint as they tried to patiently wait for a fish to bite their line. Charlie watched the smile fall from the young boys face in confusion, Billy sighed and gave Jake a sad smile “We broke up a few weeks ago” and Charlie immediately felt awkward and horrible. “I didn’t know kid, I’m sorry” The chief said sincerely and Jacob smiled a sad smile “It’s alright Charlie, you didn’t know”. Jacob was starting to understand why his heart hurt so bad when he thought of you…

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“too dumb to realize;That I should have bought you flowers; And held your hand
;Should have gave you all my hours When I had the chance;Take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance”

Only after the breakup settled with him did Jacob enjoy the pack mind, it was always clustered and he was always distracted from his thoughts. This was until Jared begged Jacob to run his rounds for him so he could see his imprint, Jacob only said yes because Jared was extremely persistent and who was he to deny Jared sex or love? His paws thudded against the ground as he ran watch for both him and Jared, his abnormally large wolf body wading through the trees perfectly as he kept his senses aware for the sick smell of leeches. His dark eyes skimming the trees around him so he didn’t crash suddenly when he saw an indent in one that made him skid to a stop, once finally stopped Jacob went over to the tree and got a better look at the indentation. An older mark showed that a heart was carved into an area where the bark was peeled off, inside the heart were the initials of Jacob and Y/n’s names.
A high-pitched wailing whine fell from Jacob’s wolf, the heart had scratches over top of it that looked a few weeks old. The scratches were made with a human’s nails, he sniffed it and it smelt of his sweet Y/n. No not his anymore, he ruined their relationship. He was too stupid to realize that Y/n needed him just as much as Bella did, maybe more. He realized that Y/n deserved him giving them their favorite flowers because the damn flowers always cheered them up, always brought the smile that Jake loved to their face. Jacob realized just how much Y/n loved PTA, realized that he should have held their hand instead of been texting and conversing with Bella. Jacob registered that he could’ve spent so much more time with his significant other between pack meetings and spending time with Bella, instead he spent all his extra time with Bella.
He could’ve stayed late with Y/n when they had dates or went to parties so they could dance, he knew how much they loved dancing and he could’ve let them do what they loved. Now he couldn’t do that though, because he broke them up with all of his neglect….

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“Now my baby’s dancing; But she’s dancing with another man”

Jacob picked at the muffin on his plate, ever since he realized everything he did his mood has been even worse. It didn’t help that no one knew where his best friend had gone last night, Embry had suddenly disappeared. “Jacob…” Leah sighed from beside him, patting his arm lightly because she understood how he was feeling now but knew it was his fault. “I’m fine Leah” Jake grumbled shoving another piece of muffin in his mouth, Paul snorted from across the table and shook his head while shoving food in his mouth. “Hey guys” Embry’s cheery voice called through the air and everyone erupted into questions, Jake though that Sam was going to kill him judging by his tone of voice. “I’m sorry Sam, I was with my imprint” Embry said scratching the back of his neck before the pack collectively asked “You Imprinted”. The lanky boy chuckled nervously at his packmates before glancing at Jacob, Embry gulped and sat as far away as he could.
“Yeah and they really like to dance, I didn’t keep track of time” After he spoke Embry grabbed some food and immediately looked down at it. Jacob heard ringing, his heart began thumping in his chest as that painful aching feeling filled his chest again but now it was four times as strong. He now knew why Embry sat away from him “Are you serious?” It came out a little colder than Jacob first expected and Embry shrunk slightly in his seat. “Yeah…everyone I imprinted on Y/n” Embry said and the pack double took, Jacob ran outside and phased before running into the woods. “It’s alright Embry” Sam said before following the extremely loud whines and yowls coming from the woods outside his house….

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“My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways; Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life; Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, oh; And it haunts me every time I close my eyes”

Sam, Jared, and Paul followed Jacob into the woods and phased. They all stayed quiet as they heard all the thoughts swirling through Jacob’s mind, all of them whining as they feel the pain radiating off him. All he could think about was how much he fucked up, Y/n was the best thing that ever happened to him and he neglected them. They loved him and he loved them, he still loved them and he let it go on some schoolboy crush. He let Y/n go and now he could never ever get them back, he could never right the wrongs he’d done. He was so self-congratulatory that Bella had seemingly chosen him over the bloodsucker that he focused on her, not the one who actually loved him and cared for his wellbeing. Y/n was one of the strongest people in his life, they were his rock throughout everything and he broke their heart.
But now they were gone and never coming back to him, all because of him. Why was he such an idiot? Bella never loved him and now ruined everything

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“Although it hurts; I’ll be the first to say that I was wrong; Oh, I know I’m probably much too late; To try and apologize for my mistakes; But I just want you to know
I hope he buys you flowers; I hope he holds your hand; Give you all his hours; When he has the chance; Take you to every party: 'Cause I remember how much you loved to dance; Do all the things I should have done ;When I was your man ;Do all the things I should have done ;When I was your man”

Jacob was laughing for the first time in weeks, he and Leah had been joking around for a good portion of this bonfire when they saw two people walk down. Y/n was walking next to Embry and he wrapped his arms around their shoulders, Leah smiled and Jacob couldn’t help the sad smile that came to his lips. It was much too late for him to take back everything but he had apologized and they made up, slowly a friendship was blossoming. Embry was perfect for them, it was everything Jacob hoped would happen to Y/n. Embry gave them the attention they deserved, He bought them their favorite flowers on a daily basis, Embry loved showing them off and holding their hand, He took them to so many parties because both he and Jake knew how much Y/n loves parties. Embry did everything for Y/n and it made Jacob smile, he did everything Jake didn’t do when he was their man.

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Hi there! Would you be willing to write some waking up with Mcree headcanons. (sfw/nsfw/both it's up to you) Thank you if you do!


  • He’s so comfy
  • Like
  • He’s got a tummy
  • But he’s still incredibly strong
  • So he’s fluffy enough to lay on
  • But strong enough to keep you pressed against his chest when you try to wiggle away
  • Let the boy have tum
  • Pls
  • Anyways!
  • He has horrible morning breath
  • You have to push his face away from yours when he tries to kiss you before he brushes his teeth
  • He thinks it’s funny
  • But you’re serious when you say you’ll waterboard him with mouthwash
  • Not really
  • He sleeps in his shorts and nothing else
  • Has warm feet so that’s nice
  • He’s great to cuddle with and also understands if you need space to fall asleep
  • Big spoon
  • But loves to lay his head on your chest and have you play with his hair
  • It’s funny to see the sun highlight those wild locks of hair like some kind of drooling angel
  • Jk, he doesn’t drool unless he’s sleeping in an awkward position
  • Does snore a little though
  • Not horribly so
  • It’s adorable really
  • He slows down when he wakes up
  • Like, he takes his time letting go of you
  • Getting out of bed
  • Showering
  • Eating
  • He takes his time
  • Always says you’re beautiful when you wake up
  • Thinks your yawns are precious
  • Makes fun of you when you admit you like watching him sleep
  • Then says he’s guilty of the same thing
  • Is incredibly clingy and loving
  • Says it’s because he’s not waking up to some smelly old man in a warehouse
  • You ask if he’s talking about his time in Deadlock
  • Snorts and says he’s talking about Reyes

Request: BTS reaction when they at an variety Show with an female Idol and Start to have a crush her!?

AN: I made this kind of gender neutural. I hope that you’re okay w/ that anom! For this, you’re part of a girl group/boy group/coed group doesn’t matter tbh as long as your in a group and you’re group is on the show with BTS. 

SEOKJIN: Jin would probably try to get as much of your attention as often as possible. During tasks and games where a partner was needed, he’d definitely be the first person at your side asking to pair up. He’d probably be pretty obvious (intentionally), and would playfully flirt without you through the show. There would be so many fan theories after that episode aired, because his crush on you would be so blatant. Most of the scenes with him in it would be him flirting with you, because that’s what he did throughout the whole show; if they cut out every time that he flirted with you, he’d be on screen for maybe two seconds elapsed. That would be one of the cutest episodes of the show in existence because his flirting wouldn’t be gross, unwanted, and/or rude, but polite, playful, friendly, and adorable all in all. Probably makes awkward and horrible funny puns and pickup lines about/for you on the spot.

    “I can give you a lesson on how to perfectly blow the camera a kiss”

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YOONGI: Okay so I had a bit of trouble thinking of how Yoongi would react in this scenario, but I’ve figured it out! I feel like Yoongi would try to show off a lot. Like he’ll try super hard at any task there is; just go full out, and stop at nothing to win. Everytime that he succeeds, wins and/or answers correctly he looks at you like “hell yes I’m amazing”, but on the inside, he’s more like, “did I do good?”. Basically, I think that he would want your approval throughout the show, a bit like a puppy omggggg that's too cute to think about. The only problem with this is that he’s so    o b v i o u s. Unlike Jin, Yoongi thinks that he’s being inconspicuous, about his flirting. In fact, Yoongi doesn’t even know that he’s flirting. He would be showing off intentionally, but the little glance he would do at the end of everything would be out of his control. The show’s editing team would probably point all of this out every now and then, and like edit hearts and stuff, and make funny little comments

                                        *YOONGI ON THE OUTSIDE*

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                                          *YOONGI ON THE INSIDE*

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HOSEOK: Hoseok would probably be really upfront with everything. He would make his crush on you known to you, to your group members, the BTS members, the hosts, everyone! I feel like he’d act as he normally would during the show, albeit maybe a little more excited. Despite not trying to hide his crush, he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way shape or form, so he wouldn’t try to initiate too much skinship, or talk to you more than he would if he didn’t have a crush on you. Like I said before, he might be a bit more excited than usual during the show; this would mean that he would be visibly more happy (his smile would somehow get brighter. Can the sun even get brighter?). (the gif doesn’t really make sense, but i chose it for the text)

                                   “What would be your ideal type?”


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NAMJOON: To me, Namjoon (as the leader) would be the most diplomatic in this situation. He would want to keep everything professional so he wouldn’t flirt with you or anything do that would indicate him liking you. During his time spent with you, he would probably quickly fall for your natural charm. He would seem a bit distant throughout the show, but that would be because he was thinking about how to ask you out! After you guys finish filming the episode he would probably pull you aside and confess to you about his gigantic little crush on you, and who knows… maybe a relationship would bloom from this episode???!!! (c’mon we all know that if Namjoon asked any of us we would say yes so fast).

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JIMIN: I don’t really know why, but I feel like Jimin would accidentally tell everyone about his crush on you at the beginning of the show. Like he’d be zoning out and one of the hosts will ask him what he’s thinking about, and without thinking he’d respond with, “y’n” and then spend the next twenty minutes trying his best to cover for his slip up. He would be a little mochi the entire show because he’d be so embarrassed. And the other members would tease him so much!!! And your members would tease YOU so much!!! And overall it would be adorable???? He’d probably avoid you f o r e v e r  simply because he’d be so embarrassed (ik i already said that, stfu), so if you want a relationship (i know you do), then you’re going to have to approach him.

“I was just thinking about her smile! I mean how I can smile as nicely as                                                             her! Wait! I mean!”

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TAEHYUNG: Tae would probably be a mix of Jimin and Jin in this scenario. Maybe half way through the show, he would let it slip that he’s interested in you, but he’d probably just laugh it off and continue with his life. THe only thing is, now that you know that he likes you, he’s probably going to flirt SO MUCH omg. Just one hundred percent shameless flirting. He’ll constantly be looking in your direction, and like Jin, Tae’s flirting is playful and not rude. There’s not much to say, except good luck for Taehyung stans.

                                   “Aish we all know you love me too”

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JUNGKOOK: You already know that Jungkook, despite being Jungkook, is very awkward around girls (If you don’t identify as female and are in a boy group, he’s only awkward around you, and if you don’t identify as female and are in a coed group then he’s awkward around the girls in your group and you especially). So Jungkook would probably be an awkward mess around the other girls in your group, but YOU ESPECIALLY. His crush on you would be so obvious, and everyone knew it without him saying anything about it. His hyungs would definitely take the opportunity to tease and taunt him about his crush throughout the whole show. Even the editors would tpoint out his awkwardness around you when editing. 

                          “Jungkook! Smile for your girlfriend/boyfriend!”

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Happy Birthday Jeanbo!

As today is our Jeany boy’s birthday, here are some headcanons for him!!

  • Jean loves dogs. Loves dogs. So much that he’s convinced himself that he loves dogs too much to have any room in his heart for cats. 
  • He’s always cold/gets cold easily. And he gets grumpy when he get cold. He has at least one hoodie from all of his friends that he’s forgotten to return from some instance where they let him borrow it. 
  • He has a PhD in sarcasm. 
  • He takes bad snapchats of other people, but only sends good photos of himself so that no one will have blackmail material on him (Note: They do have blackmail, they just have to take it themselves.) 
  • He’s weak for chocolate in any of its many formats. 
  • He loves to read. He has too many books, so there are just piles on his bedroom floor, some dogeared and fading from overuse, others brand new and waiting to be picked up. 

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Kuroo w/ shy, easily flustered s/o

Kuroo with shy, easily flustred and nervous, socially awkward s/o? Bonus: (Horribly) singing together. Bonus 2: S/o has rock and roll soul. Bonus 3: How this s/o can make Kuroo all blushing and stuttering?

A/N: This one was so cute to do! I love all the extra little topics added :^)

  • Kuroo would adore you, oh my god.
  • The fact that you get so embarrassed at his antics just encourages him to continue, he will do whatever possible to get the best reaction out of you, hugging and kissing is common in front of your friends is common to get you as flustered as possible (he doesn’t push it, though, he’s merely trying to get a rise out of you, not trying to make a show out of your relationship).
  • He will also nuzzle your face affectionately while calling you his “little Y/N” or some sickeningly sweet nickname like “babycakes” or “cutiepie”. Kenma has to stop himself from retching. Kuroo will also place your face in his hands, look you in the eyes, and genuinely compliment you. This definitely makes you more flustered than any kiss ever could.
  • Car karaoke is a ritual whenever you two ride together! He will crank up the music and roll the windows down, allowing you two to sing your hearts out. Whoever gets the passenger seat gets the AUX cord and controls all the music. Sometimes, he’ll even take the more scenic route to wherever you guys go, so there’s a lot of open road and no one watching. That way you won’t be too nervous to let yourself go and sing! 
  • Rock is definitely one of his favorite genres. Since it’s something you two share, there’s really no argument when it comes to deciding on what to play (except when you two can’t decide whether to play KISS, Pink Floyd, or Guns n’ Roses). Kuroo is a air guitar professional and is not afraid to show off his skills. 

It has been only a few months since I began this blog, (March that is,) and it has already been decidedly one of my best decisions I’ve ever made.

When I first saw Granada Holmes I had wondered to myself, ‘is this a fandom online?’ Surely enough when I checked the next day, I discovered all of you guys, @tremendousdetectivetheorist @granada-brett-crumbs @jeremyholmes @privatedetectiveholmes @nibblesofflesh, and many more.

Of course, @granada-brett-crumbs was the first one to talk to me, and boy, was it awkward. I tried my best, but it was the first time I had talked to someone online without knowing them personally, but now I’ve loosened up quite a bit.

I had no idea the amount of benefits there were having a blog like this on Tumblr, and honestly, it’s all of you guys, (yeah, you too,) who have made this experience so great.

I mean, come on, already, 290 followers? You guys rock. (Ugh, I cringed at that expression, but I do mean it.)

Of course, I gotta mention @the-hopeless-existentialist, who is so pleasant in their ways, and makes me feel so much better whenever we chat. She began our chat by saying ‘I just discovered your blog and I love it!’. My dear friend, you are wonderful. I blushed but was ecstatic by your compliment, (I live for compliments btw, I know, I’m horrible.)

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Indeed, take my chair.

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sex coach is so wonderfully written and absolutely adorable??? you express the awkward situations of someone new to it perfectly and i just rly love the story. i'm living for victor he's such a sweetie

Sex is taken too seriously. It’s such a wonderful, horrible, beautiful, dirty thing.

I wish people wouldn’t be so afraid to talk about how awkward it can be, because everyone has had odd embarrassing experiences if they are sexually active. And just like anything else, few people can be perfect without practice ^_~

And Victor is canonly a sweetie, I’m just here to remind everyone that he’s got a heart of gold

But if /I’m/ crushing and /you’re/ crushing, then WHO’S DRIVING THE VAN?  (oh right, it’s Arthur...)

[Important note at the bottom but until then, enjoy some crushing and confused feeling fest that actually doesn’t come from Arthur for once holy shit]
[and look, I even went on the computer to capitalize everything. I’m so proud.]

So without further ado, I present BiICaYCtWDtV part 1 of 2
(It’s, uh, a working title. yeah…)

Lewis wasn’t sure what to do. For all the teasing about being the ~cliché romantic hispanic loverboy~, it had certainly taken a long time for him to figure out what was happening. The nervous happiness when he was near, the daze he went in at his voice, the aching draw to be close, closer to him, all the time… (to speak nothing of the…dreams. cough.) Lewis was 19 years old and just realizing he was head over heels for his best friend of nearly a decade.

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Requested by anon

Request: Barry Allen where you’re both in love with each other and super awkward and adorable but won’t admit it to the other so the team has to step in and make you?

Word Count: 1,133

Barry x Reader

(Y/S/N)- your ship name (Y/N/N)- your nickname


Everyone knows the feeling of when your crush likes someone else. It’s a horrible feeling. I grew up with him and we are very close. Due to us being friends, it was very natural for Barry to talk about his crush to me.

The thought of him seeing me as just a friend would stay on my mind all of the time.


“Her eyes are beautiful. Well, all of her is beautiful. We have so much in common and we are both really awkward,” Barry said, describing the mystery girl to Cisco, Caitlin, and I for the umpteenth time. Barry rambled for a few more minutes before checking his watch. “Oh, I have to go. I’m discussing a case with Joe,” Barry said. He said his goodbyes before he ran off.

As he left I broke into a smile and a blush rushed to my cheeks. “(Y/N), you totally like Barry, don’t you,” Cisco asked. Caitlin looked at Cisco and flicked him on the forehead. “Leave (Y/N) alone, Cisco,” Caitlin scolded. Cisco rubbed his forehead and started to pout like a young child. “But (Y/N) has to like Barry, it’s so obvious that she does,” Cisco shouted.

“W-well, I mean he’s, we’ve known e-each other for a long time an-and Barry is very att-attractive. But he doesn’t like me, he likes that mystery girl,” I said, frowning. Caitlin and Cisco looked at each other and sighed. “(Y/N), we weren’t supposed to say anything but, you’re the mystery girl that Barry always talks about,” Caitlin said smiling.

My jaw dropped showing my disbelief. “If Barry liked me, how come he’s described me in such vague ‘hints’,” I asked.

“Did (Y/N) finally figure out that she’s the mystery girl,” Iris asked walking into the cortex. I looked at Iris in shock. “Iris knew too?”

Cisco nodded and said “everyone knew, except you.” Iris looked at me. “(Y/N), I think the award winning question is why haven’t either of you told each other your feelings,” Iris asked. Caitlin nodded signaling that she was wondering the same thing.

Cisco smiled. “Iris, Caitlin. Barry and (Y/N) are both adorable and awkward rays of sunshine that need to be protected from this world. Including feelings.” Iris and Caitlin looked from Cisco to me.

“I-I-I was just going to say that I-I was scared ruining our friendship,” I said. “Well, since there is no chance of you telling Barry your feelings in the near future, I guess I’ll have to put on the diaper and play Cupid,” Cisco said, crossing his legs and putting his arms behind his head. Iris looked at Cisco and high-fived him. My eyes went wide at the thought of Iris and Cisco playing matchmaker. “W-what are you all planning on doing,” I asked worriedly as I headed for the exit. Iris looked at me and smiled evilly.

“You’ll see,” Cisco said before pushing me out of the cortex.


I walked into the cortex the next morning and saw Cisco, Caitlin, and Iris. “Good morning (Y/N),” Cisco said looking at me mischievously. My mind instantly jumps to the worst case scenario. “What did you do,” I ask looking from Cisco to Iris. Iris starts to laugh before saying, “Nothing, yet at least.” I look at Caitlin so I can get a honest answer.

“They haven’t done anything, but, if you want to talk about Barry, you have a few minutes. He’s not here yet,” Caitlin said. I was about to respond before I was interrupted.

“Who isn’t here yet,” Barry asked as he walked into the cortex. “Well it was you but now you’re here. I was wanting to run some more tests,” Caitlin said, quickly making up a lie. I look over at Iris who leans over to Cisco. I hear her whisper, “The (Y/S/N) ship is ready to sail.”

Barry looks at me and smiles. “Good morning Barry,” I said smiling. “Good morning (Y/N/N),” he said before sitting in one of the spinning chairs. “Barry, doesn’t (Y/N) look lovely today,” Iris asked.

So this is how Cisco and Iris were going to try to get Barry and I together. Barry looked from Iris to me and back at Iris. A slight blush rose to his cheeks as he looked back at me. “(Y/N), you l-look very lovely today,” Barry said. I smiled.

“Thank you Barry. You look v-very pretty today. I mean handsome,” I said, spinning my chair away from Barry so he didn’t see my embarrassed face. I put my face in my hands to hide the very present redness on my cheeks. Barry slid his chair over to mine and removed my hands from my face. “Hey, what’s wrong,” Barry asked. I looked into his green eyes that I almost got lost in. “It’s nothing,” I replied.

Barry looked at me with a suspicious look but didn’t question my response. He sat up and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I looked up at him and smiled. We sat like this for a few minutes before we heard Caitlin and Iris squeal.

“Why don’t you two just go out already,” Iris said. Barry almost spit out his water. “What do you mean,” Barry asked. “It’s so obvious that you two like each other. You both are too awkward to admit it to each other but it’s so obvious,” Cisco said. Barry and I looked at each other and smiled.

“Alright future lovebirds, go to Jitters and express your feelings for each other. Go,” Iris said shoving Barry and I out of the cortex.


Barry and I sat down after getting our coffee. “So (Y/N), was what Cisco said really true. Do you like me,” Barry asked. I bit my lip and nodded my head. Barry started to smile from ear to ear.

“So Mr. Allen, how do you feel about me,” I asked. “I have fallen head over heels for you and I can’t seem to get up,” Barry said smiling.

“The reason I never told you my feelings (Y/N) is because I thought you had feelings for Oliver. Now that I think about it, that was a questionable thought,” Barry laughed. “I’ve only ever had feelings for you Barry, no one else,” I said.

Barry looked down at the table and back at me. “Would you be mad at me if I kissed you right now,” Barry asked. I looked him in the eyes and shook my head no.

Barry leaned over the table and pressed his soft lips against mine. The butterflies in my stomach grew stronger.

“I’ve been waiting so long to do that (Y/N).”

“Me too Barry,” I said smiling.


This imagine was so much fun to write. I’m sorry to that this took so long to update.

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If we were dating, I'd write you horrible love songs. I'd make you food and bake you things that are also food but sweet. I'd fight anyone who makes you sad- at least, I'd try to. I'd tell you every day, in my own awkward and inarticulate way, how much I adore you. You're amazing and sweet and funny, and I'd be lucky if you dated me.

Wait, can we date? Because I think I’m in love 😍 

Also you totally don’t have to be embarrassed! I’m so completely flattered and think you’re sweet and adorable, anon. I’m blushing lol. Tooooo sweet my face is gonna crack from smiling.

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Send me “"if we were dating” messages and make me fall in love with you

Ugly duckling

Pairing: Thor x reader

@melaniealexandra2 Request: hey I was wondering if you could write a Thor one-shot, were he’s in Asgard and the reader is a princess from a other relem. They new each other since they were kids but the reader was ugly and plus sized. and now she’s hot, really hot. So they held a ball for them and when Thor sees her he can’t take his eyes of.

authors note: I adored this request so much

y/f/n- your fathers name

He couldn’t take his eyes off of me and it’s making me feel awkward. I have never been the type to want attention on me yet his eyes were on me the entire time I’ve been here. I’m guessing he still can’t believe I look like this, it’s been too long since I’ve last seen Thor. Growing up I wasn’t pretty or skinny like most girls in the kingdom my father ruled. I had horrible acne, wore glasses and was overweight. Even though my father was the king it did not stop the other kids from making fun of me. My father felt bad about it so when given the situation he would let me go with him to other relems. We mostly went to Asgard though because he was very good friends with King odin. I often played with Loki and Thor but unlike the kids they didn’t pay attention to my appearance.

Over time though I had developed a crush on Thor but sadly he was always surrounded by people. He would stop hanging out with me and started hanging out with his other friends. Since then I have lost weight, found a treatment for my acne and had my eyesight fixed. Although I don’t look like how I used to look I still get self conscious about my appearance. I start to panic when I see he’s coming my way.

*Thor’s pov.*

“Who is she” I noticed a very attractive woman entering. She’s so gorgeous but I feel like I’ve met her before.

“Thats y/n Thor, don’t you remember her. You used to play together when you were younger” my mother replied. I can’t believe that’s y/n, the last time I saw her she did not look like this. I should go over there and say hello.

“Wow that’s y/n she sure has changed since childhood.” Loki replied before turning to look at me “Oh I see that look in your eye brother you fancy her, well I have a little new flash for you. She might not be interested in you” Loki said with a smug look on his face.

“And why is that?”

“Because brother, I remember specifically that once you started to hang out with those annoying friends of yours” Loki pointed at fandral, hogun, volstagg and lady Sif. “You completely ignored her. It was sad really especially since she had a massive crush on you.” I felt so horrible now, I never meant to hurt her by hanging out with my other friends. I must go up to her and apologize.

*Y/n pov*

Oh no he’s coming my way, breath deeply y/n. I guess my crush never went away after all.

“Lady y/n it’s been so long, you look absolutely stunning.” Thor spoke and I swooned like I did when we were kids.

“Thank you Thor you look handsome as well, and yes it has been so long” I managed to speak without stuttering.

“Would you like to dace?”

“Of course” Thor took my hand and led me to the center of the ballroom and began to twirl me around.

“Lady y/n I would like to apologize for what I did when we were kids”.

“Would you mind telling me what you did?” I knew what he was talking about but I wanted him to confirm it.

“For not hanging to with you enough”

“It’s alright thor, the past is in the past” I smiled back it him.

“But still that doesn’t excuse the fact that I let our friendship slip away.” He rested his forehead against mine as we started to slow dance. “I truly am sorry”

“Thor look at me” Thor looked into my eyes"it really is ok" I reassured him as we kept dancing “You know I’ve always dreamt of this moment since we were kids but seeing as I looked the way I did. I never thought it would be possible.” I started to blush realizing I basically told him about my crush.

“All that matters is that it is happening now and I feel the same way as you lady y/n.” Thor started to stoke my cheek “May I kiss you”. I nodded my head yes and he pressed his lips onto mine. The younger me is jumping for joy as I kiss him back.

“Wow” I managed to say when we finally pulled away.

“Lady y/n I would be honored if you would agree to start a courtship with me. Of course I would ask your father for his blessing but would you agree to it”

“I would love too Thor” he pressed his lips onto mine again.

*y/f/n pov*

“It seams as though our kids are enjoying each others company.” I noticed my little girl and Thor dancing.

“So it seems. Shall we start planning their wedding” Odin replied with a chuckle as we witnessed Thor kissing my y/n.

“Haha So it seems, your boy needs to ask me for permission to start a courtship first though”

“Don’t worry he’s already thinking of what to say to you. He really likes her” Frigga smiled while hugging her husband. I’m just happy my little girl is truly happy

Aida (a summary)
  • ACT I
  • Radamès: I sure hope I get chosen by the goddess to lead the Egyptian army against the Noob--, I mean Nubians!! Also, I am secretly so in love with Aida, the enslaved Nubian princess!
  • Amneris, princess of Egypt: I adore Radames more than all my golden necklaces! He's so dreamy! He's dreamier than dreamy! Hope he doesn't love someone else, like, say, my slave Aida. Think how horrible that would be!
  • Radames: *sweats* This is not at all awkward!
  • Aida: *walks in* (secretly loves Radames back)
  • Amneris: Hoe dont do it
  • Radames: *guilty heart eyes*
  • Amneris: Oh my god
  • Goddess Isis: *chooses Radames to lead the Egyptians*
  • Radames: YAY!!1!1!
  • Aida: Oh so my lover shall go fight my dad and brothers.......
  • Pharaoh: To war!
  • Everyone: TO WAR!!!!
  • Aida: FML
  • ACT II
  • Amneris: Shitshitshit Rada-cutiepie might be in love with Aida. But does she love him back tho?
  • Aida: *appears*
  • Amneris: Time to find out. Yo, Aida! Aida darling, you look upset.
  • Aida: Who? Me? I'm totally fine m'lady!
  • Amneris: Come now, we're friends :))))
  • Aida: ...
  • Amneris: What is troubling you, dearie? We're like sisters you and I, you can tell me :)))
  • Aida: What is happening
  • Amneris: Is there perhaps someone you love at the war? Besides your family? Perchance?
  • Aida:
  • Amneris: Ah well, then. So anyway, it's a shame Radames died in battle, don't you find??
  • Amneris: Aha!!!! So you DO love him! Got you!
  • Aida: Oh. At least my baby's alive!
  • Aida: fml
  • Radames: Guess who's back with a brand new track, we beat the Nubians and killed their king!
  • Pharaoh: Ayyy! Ask anything of me and you shall have it, my guy. Don't be shy. Love ya.
  • Nubian prisoners: *walk in*
  • Amonasro: *is among them*
  • Aida: Father!
  • Amonasro: Aida, my child!
  • Egyptians: Kill the prisoners!
  • Radames: About that, the reward I ask is for the prisoners to be spared.
  • Egyptians: Why u gotta be a party pooper, Radames? Love you tho.
  • Pharaoh: Fuck it, Radames you are so cool that you'll get to marry my daughter and be my successor!
  • Amneris: Yisss thanks daddy!!!
  • Radames: ...Oh what an honour this is!
  • Aida: Fml
  • Amonasro: Child, what are you doing out on your own this fine evening?
  • Aida: I have a date with Radames. I'm afraid he'll dump me, what with his engagement to my mistress and all
  • Amonasro: Nonsense, he loves you. Haven't seen heart-eyes like that since Lexa laid eyes on Clarke. So here's what you'll do, kid: you'll bat your lashes at lover-boy and make him tell you the Egyptian army's location. I'll go hide behind that rock.
  • Aida: What?! No! I would never!
  • Aida: FINE, geez.
  • Radames: Hi baby
  • Aida: *bats lashes*
  • Radames: *reveals location*
  • Amonesro: *jumps out* Aha!
  • Aida: No bae, it's all good, we'll run away and get married, I can show you the wooorld
  • Radames: BUT I CANT LEAVE MY HOMELANDokay then.
  • Amneris: Suprise bitches I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • Priest: TRAITOR
  • Aida: Babe quick, let's escape!
  • Radames: It's too late, you go, ily!
  • Guards: *seize him*
  • ACT IV
  • Amneris: Radames, my love, please deny the accusations of your treachery! Renounce Aida and I'll ask my father to spare you!
  • Radames: No. I am happy to die for my one tru love, Aida.
  • Amneris: You'll die!
  • Radames: Idc.
  • Amneris: Defend yourself I'm begging you!
  • Radames: Nope.
  • Amneris: Wow fuck off and die then
  • Radames: *is condemned to death*
  • Amneris: Idiotic priests he is innocent, show him mercy!
  • Priests: Lol no
  • Radames: *is sealed in a tomb*
  • Aida: Surprise! I snuck in! I wanna die with u
  • Radames: Bae i was just thinkin about u WAIT NO UR TOO PRETTY TO DIE
  • La fatal pietra: *closes over them*
  • Aida+Radames: To die by your side is such a heavenly way to dieee
  • Amneris: *standing above tomb* FML

anonymous asked:

my crush can easily switch it up. she can go from nerdy and adorable to hot in about .5 seconds. she kinda drives me crazy and i can be awkward around her, but every time she bites her lips or laughs cutely i just wanna kiss the fuck outta her. any advice? (she's a friend btw, so idk if i wanna take that chance)

sounds like a dream tbh… and im Horrible with relationship advices but i would hint it and see if she is also into you???

it’s sleepover friday!!


When you start to realise your girlfriend doesn’t actually like you that much.

Series: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Jumin Han/MC

Title: What The Future Holds

[[ Jumin can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with MC. A slight alternate take on Jumin’s Good end. Takes place after his good end. ]]


She called it a “pre-proposal”.

She had pulled him aside during her first RFA party where he had publicly proposed to her after his speech. In a small corner of the party hall, she had given him a smile and Jumin didn’t think he’d ever feel nervous about hearing one single response.

“We haven’t even dated yet, Jumin.” She had said to him, her hands holding his. “After we date for a while, then I’ll respond to your proposal.”

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James is so often either made to be an abusive, harassing jackass or a soppy idiot with no brain.

Either way, not canon.

All we know about that is that he had an adorable little crush on her in fifth year, she didn’t know a damn thing about it until snape pointed it out, he asked her out in like a really awkward and horrible way, she told him off for it and for treating her friend like shit, and they started dating a year and a few months later.


What we know about james potter:
Quidditch star A++
Brilliant student
Well liked
Parents that adored him
Hates dark arts
Loathes prejudice of any kind
Cannot even say the word mudblood
Yes is an arrogant prat but grows out if that
Super secret fucking animagus
Pureblood only child & spoiled rotten
Knew right & wrong, esp when it counted (saving Snape)
Fiercely loyal to his friends
Political dude - he knows what’s up and what he believes about it
Made head boy - there’s a reason for that talk about it why there were factors that had nothing to do with a girl
Dude made a kickass map that took time & planning
Dude also spent a ton of time in detention for various reasons
like there was a war you know
His parents are old and dying/frail/soon to be dead - work with that
Supes hero complex
Sirius’s BFF/brother/keeper
Marauder dynamics get deep

So much to write about, yeah?

Forgetful Sammy, 11 (S.W)



< PART 1

< PART 10

A weekend away back home is always so nice and relaxing. It’s always a time that I can spend either in the backyard with my old friends or going out somewhere and messing about with my brothers and sisters. It is always the time that I completely overeat because all of the older family members want to compensate for all of the baked goods and massive family meals that I’ve missed out on.

But sadly, this weekend isn’t a time for that.

This weekend is all about meeting with my family’s lawyer and bringing in Sam’s family and their lawyer, too. Sam and I couldn’t get any flights out to Nebraska due to a mid-west weather warning, so they’re all driving out to Arizona together, we’re going to talk about what’s happening and what we can do about it, the lawyers are going to come up with a plan and then we’re going to hit Anastasia’s lawyers with a big, fucking bang.

From the small conversations we’ve had with my lawyer, if we can get solid evidence that Stass messed with the phones (we do, our tech guy Damien hooked us up with everything we could possibly need), eye witnesses of the night when Stass threatened and harassed me (we do, quite a few fans that were there that night have tweeted about it and have given their information to me so that the lawyers can contact them, and we have Emily, Annie, Ben, Madison, Amy and Noreen who watched the entire thing unfold and they’re ready to give statements).

We also have voicemails from sometime last year saved on my phone from a very intoxicated Stass, threatening my life if I didn’t break up with Sam.

I completely forgot about those voicemails until I received yet another one from Stass, but this one involved a lot of abusive language and a few minor threats, but they’re threats that I can take straight to the police.

She really isn’t thinking about what she’s saying to me, is she?

If I was the one threatening her, she would never leave it be and just let me keep doing it. She would go straight to her daddy, who would get his lawyers to add in a few stories, make up some shit evidence and get me locked up as soon as they possibly could.

So, that’s exactly what I’m doing to her.

Except for the fact that I don’t need to make up stories, I have more than enough evidence to support at least 1 year behind bars, especially after what we found in her phone.

“Hey, my parents just got into Santa Fe, they’re gunna stop for a bit and get some food, should get here in like, 8, 9 hours?”

Sam joins me on my bed and hands me a glass near full to the brim of orange juice. “Yeah, okay, mom’s gunna call Tony when they get here.”

“Who’s Tony?”

“Our lawyer, dumbass.”

“Ohhhh.” He lays back onto my pillows, one hand resting behind his head, the other holding his own glass of juice. “What do you think is going to happen?”

“Honestly, I don’t want to talk about it right now, this is the only free time we’re gunna have to spend on ourselves for probably a few months. I wanna enjoy it.”

This is probably the last time I’m going to be able to just sit back and relax for more than twelve seconds without being questioned and interrogated or whatever the hell else is going to be happening. I better make use of my quality, unlimited (well, limited down to whenever Sam’s family gets here) time in the bathroom.

Especially in the tub.

He takes a sip of his juice and nods his head, “You’re completely right.”

“When am I not?”

“Quite often.”

“Shut up.”

Sam slips his arm out from under his head and wraps it around my shoulders. “You’re normally wrong and I’ve got bad judgement, we’re made for each other.” He pulls me down so that I’m cuddling into him, my head resting on his shoulder. “So, did you have a good time with Katya and Emilie and everyone today?”

“It was pretty good, you should’ve come with.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt your family time, you don’t get to see them a lot so…”

“All the boyfriends and husbands and best friends were there, you wouldn’t have ruined anything.” I think I ruined everything by being the only one there without a plus one. Even my 3 year old cousin had a friend with him. “Emilie and Kat wanted to see you.”

“Really?” He asks. “Even after all of the shit you probably said about me?”

“Yo, I really didn’t say that much. I just told everyone what happened and certain family members said worse about you than I ever have since I met you.”

He lifts himself up on his side and looks down at me. “What do you mean by that exactly?”

I just shrug my shoulders, “Oh, when we first met, I secretly couldn’t stand you.” He was the epitome of a fuckboy. He still is. Just, not as bad as the first time I met him. I managed to tame his inner demons.

“I could say the same about you!”

“Liar! You hit on me as soon as I walked through the fucking door, I rejected you and then you got mad when Swazz took a body shot off of me!”

His smile is contagious as he pulls me even tighter against his body. “And we’ve been together ever since.” That is pretty much true.

It took him 2 weeks to get my number, and 5 weeks in total to learn my real name. I told him that my name was Chacha, because I had watched Grease like 2 hours before the party and I wasn’t about to tell a fuckboy my real identity. I managed to get all of my friends to start calling me Chacha until Sam found my Instagram and found out my real name.

We went on our first date the day after the identity finding and then we just started hanging out nearly every day, we met each other’s friends and both of our families were coming to us for Christmas that year – our first Christmas together – and we thought it would be great to have one, massive Christmas with both of our families!

I still thank the Lord that our families got along so well and they were able to combine each other’s traditions together without any fights or anything. Both of our parents were cooking, well, mainly our dads because our moms had taken such a liking to each other that they sat down to have a chat with a ‘glass’ of wine.

The ‘glass’ turned into 3 bottles between them.

But yeah, Sam and I have done most things together ever since we went on our first date. Now look at us, we’re about to fight in our first court case together.

“Oh my God, do you remember when I came back to Omaha with you for the first time, and we went on a date at that restaurant and sitting next to us was your ex?”

Sam’s cheeks turn bright red as he closes his eyes in humiliation. “That is still one of the most embarrassing nights of my life.”

“I seriously wish I had gotten her number!”

“Why?! She’s my ex girlfriend!”

“I’m sure she’s got loads more stories about you farting when you cu-“



“That was disturbing as hell as she told you that when I was eating that soup.”

“It was fucking hilarious.”

Most people would find that so awkward and horrible to sit next to their boyfriends ex-partner on a night out, but nope, not me! It was one of the funniest nights of my life.

His face is still redder than a tomato, which I think is so fucking adorable. I love how he gets like this with me and nobody else. He always laughs off his embarrassment with others, but when he’s with me, he still laughs it off admittedly, but he goes all red and cute and blushy and it’s the cutest thing ever.

God, I’m such a sap for him.

When he’s like this, his lips get all pouty and he sighs a lot, which accentuates his pouty lips even more. And all it makes me want to do is kiss the fucking life out of him.

I mean, God damn! It’s been months since we last kissed! Fucking months! It’s been even longer since we fucking fucked, too! Damn, they say a guy’s always horny but what about me? When you’ve got a guy like Sam it’s hard not to be horny all the time!

Fuck, am I due for a period or something? Damn these hormones.

“What’re you thinking about?”

“A lot of things.”

“Really? Because you’ve been staring at my lips and all I’ve wanted to do for a while is-“

Well, fuck me sideways.

For the first time in months, I am kissing Sam.

And it has never felt better.

PART 12 >