is so fun to draw www


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Queen Scarlet from Wings of Fire

i had fun drawing this !! i love queen scarlet and i feel for her. she deserved so much better. like, she had everything taken from her

ive added this to redbubble !! im not super sure if anyone would be interested but i certainly might want to get a poster or little mug of her someday

AC badge: Tealeaf

Who doesn’t remember Tealeaf, from the Toronto’s Trash pandas.

Based on old baseball cards.

The Anthrocon’s theme this year is baseball, or more exactly “Take me out to the ball game”. I’m so honored to have drawn this, and also I had lot of fun doing it, I really enjoyed drawing for second time this adorable raccoon, which also has turned into a good friend.

Also I recommend you to check the twitter and youtube channel of Tealeaf Raccoon, he’s a very creative coon with his videos, are really funny.


【UT】plz dont leave請不要離開

_(┐「ε:)_don’t know Y but the words appeared in my mind

_(┐「ε:)_ 不知道為什麼腦海裡浮現了這些文字

and I wanna draw it ,so I draw it www


my bad ┐(´д`)┌ don’t kill me plz….


have fun?


Slides this to ya!!! Its a smoll draw but I hope you spend the rest of your B-day having fun!! (Not sure if you know spanish But it says Happy birthday!! /v\)

(submission by @ouji-draws !)



Here’s another character from my light novel series, Street Noise! Her name is Pitch, who can control a giant yellow arrow that she can ride on and move in right angles! She’s so much fun to draw and I really need to do the whole gang sometime! I did Focus first, and you can find her on my tumblr by using this link!

And here’s a link to where you can get the books!

Any purchase or lend of books is appreciated! Please spread the word!

Happy Birthday my beloved Julie ♥

Last year’s gift art

We met in June 24th, 2016 for the first time in Twitter (when we’re still in Senyuu fandom) 

Since then, we’ve been screaming about Senyuu everyday. Talking to you everyday was super fun!! As more time passed, I introduced you to Love Live and watched it together www I’m so glad that you ended up liking the series!! 

Then in 2017, we stopped being into Senyuu and moved into NDRV3 fandom, falling in love with the same character named Ouma Kokichi uvu

You’re really a nice friend, so I had to draw something special for your birthday!! that is not wedding alba ww So have this crossover art thing featuring your favorite characters!! and hopefully you’ll forgive me for lying to you about not being able to draw anything for you this year ^^””

I’m sorry if this turned out a bit OOC but this is how I pictured on how the three characters would interact? ww


Featuring my favourite characters ww

Ed: “Wth, I can’t deal with Riza, tell her I’m not here!”

Roy: “We’re both skipping work Ed…”

For @amestrie, I am your secret santa for the royed gift exchange! I decided to do your preferred modern au prompt! So here we have roy and ed in 2016~

I decided to have them playing hooky from work and Roy being at a loss for words at the screaming Hawkeye at the other end of the line. Ahh I hope you like it, I don’t do modern too often but this was super fun to do!

Posting this a bit early!!!!!! (I know I said tomorrow, I’ll post the rest of the drawing suggestions tomorrow, at least the ones I was able to finish cause there was A LOT.)
@sweetsharps wanted some “Sweet SpideyPool fluff”!
I just watched Netty Scribble draw so was inspired by her chibi style!
Hope you guys enjoy! Maybe we can make this a weekly thing? Every Friday? I dunno it was fun and you guys seem to enjoy this too! Let see what happens!

anonymous asked:

My heart and stomach swapped spots hearing you'd might draw the patron having a good time! Where might I peep such deeds, if anywhere at all?

I’ve never felt I’m very good at lewds though, so temper your expectations :) I’ll post some Ruck and Bastion this weekend, and patron lady with Bastion the weekend after. I’ve been making good volume 3 progress but it’s fun to doodle before bed.

Discord Server?

I asked this question over on my youtube channel as part of my 500 subs video! *throws confetti* but I couldn’t help but wonder if people here on tumblr would be interested as well?

I’m pretty split apart in all different kinds of social media, Tumblr, Youtube, Deviantart and Instagram (yes that now as well check it out here! I kinda think a discord server would be a neat way to keep EVERYTHING in one place.

But more importantly I’ve just come back from doing three conventions in less than a month and what I can’t forget was how much fun it was to talk to people and meet them and talk about fun shows and stuff and I love every single one of you and I don’t want to lose that feeling, I am just thankful for all of you.

So yeah! Discord server! Use it to make me draw, watch me cry, and find out what a mess I am in real life maybe?? Let me know what you think!

“Are you lonely, passion is crashing as we speak”

I was listening to this song (… ) and opened sai and started drawing, and this is the result, AAAAAA I LOVE THIS. Did this in less than an hour, WHAT (well maybe an hour and a half), im so much more productive in the night for some reason lol, I should do this more often tbh. Also the title is a lyric from the song btw, im actually really proud of this drawing! Tho in the morning im gonna regret it probably haha.

Also fun fact, That little part on top of Oliver’s hair (those two things I dont know how to say them) are supossed to represent a heart, or a broken heart, WE WILL NEVER KNOW …. well actually I d- .  I could tell you what is happening here but I wont, because its spoilers or something idk its 2am what do you want from me.

wow that was a lot of text…..