is so fun to draw www

Tranquility: Keep your mind and heart clear and peaceful.

Still in the Buddhism / zen mood,
Liyu’s so fun to draw!! Especially since he can spring lotus blossoms or create magical display <3 I love fantasy genre!

Also, maybe he looks like Aang when his robe is half open? kinda good look on him though *v*

I think I’m gonna have this available on my redbubble shop! If you like you could check it out and support your artist here
► POKEMON SM - Acerola - Speedpaint 【Artist-Dayuh】
Hey guys! This is my second speedpaint video that I made. Basically I am a beginner with video.XD But It's super fun to recording my draw. And~I'm really int...

This is my second Speedpaint video that I made.
Basically I am a beginner with video.XD
But It’s super fun to recording my draw.
And~I’m really into it.
I hope you enjoy the video.
See you next week !^^

The original recordings of video is for 6 hr btw.

Acerola is my fav character in Pokemon SM !!
(The second is Mina~ BTW) >///<
And I love the map “ Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site) “
Mimikyu is so cuteeee~ ahh

(GIF ver ↓ ) 

Sheith! Or just two bros on the town, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also, ignore the lazy background..

This was so fun though

I’m working on a Klance drawing for next friday, so get pumped :-)

A speedpaint of this + voiceover is up on my youtube!


Yo Yo Yo

What time is it?


Hamilton Valentines day cards are so much fun! If you have any Vday requests please send them in and i’ll draw it for you.
watch me draw!

Hello, friends!

It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

So please do subscribe if this sounds appealing at all :D

And enjoy this simple self portrait speed drawing video!



THERE WILL BE DRAWING, AND FUN AND AAAJHHGG YAY!! I’m excited! gonna be my first twitch stream! I’m so paranoid of tech issues popping up but I’m gonna hope for the best! :D 

It’s just a tester stream so, I don’t have too much of my channel set up yet but hahaha that will be happening probably when the stream is done. XD but for now I must sleep. 


I decided to make the cute drawing of Isabelle I did a while back, into a sticker!!
She’s so cute…!

I’m also making my own art store on redbubble *nudge nudge*

So be on the lookout for some other fun little things :)



Kristen Britain draws a map of her world from The Green Rider series. So much fun to watch this time laps map come into being, and I can’t believe she’s such a talented artist as well as author.

Hey guys! I feel freaking terrible for not uploading anything with these two lovelies lately but times been…. well you have your ups and downs i guess heh, and i haven’t felt like drawing them as much:( or when ive tried i didn’t get pleased at all, but i did this today and felt i had to post something for u guys c’:! Oh i also sort of made a redbubble account to make shirts and stupid stuffs like that…. eh… -embarrassed- But i have bad economy and im trying at least heh always fun if peoples likes what ur doing^^’! heh so this one is available there as well-

well guess thats all heh im trying to get back here but dang its difficult sometimes… motivation is a thing i lack XD heh well i really hope all of u are alright and thanks for sticking around! much love to ya all!

guys i had the worst realisation while listening to Ghost and i haD TO DRAW IT AND NOW I’M SUPER FUCKING


i had fun drawing this


nervous sweats all over the fucking place

Handsome Jack©Borderlands
-crumples to the floor and begins to weep-©me


Older drawings inspired by the band Nephew’s relationship songs. They never make love songs, but rather songs about weird or flawed romantic/sexual relationships between people.

Cigaret Kid (Mostly in Danish with a bit of English)
A middle aged man meets a young guy whom he spends a few fun days with until he realize the guy is on the run from someone called Yamaha Boy. He tries to ditch Cigaret Kid but for some reason can’t, so they go on the run together. Eventually the middle aged guy suggest they just kill Yamaha Boy and the rest of the story is unknown.

Gå Med Dig (Go Away) (All Danish)
About a man and a woman who hate each other after spending too many years together, but doesn’t know how to live separately either. They’re both emotionally abusive towards each other, but in addition the woman is also physically abusive.

Va fangool! (Part English, part Danish)
A rich and powerful man sits in a bar when a mafia boss starts hitting on him. At first the man tries to brush him off, but as they starts talking he realize the mafia boss is the only other person he has ever met who understands the loneliness that comes with power, so they start a relationship despite the man knowing it will get him in trouble.

Blå & Black (Blue & Black) (Mostly Danish)
A woman wants to commit suicide so her husband keeps hurting himself so she’ll nurse him back to health and have a reason to live for a few more days. He knows she’s unsatisfied with her current life, so to help her he burns down their neighborhood, including their children.

The Way I Are (All English)
A remix of “The Way I Am” by Timberland which gives it a whole new meaning. It’s mixed with another Nephew song about Denmark’s desire to be loved by USA to the point of getting their own soldiers killed in American wars. Mixed with “The Way I Am” it becomes a song about a Scandinavian man who has fallen in love with an American couple and begs them to let him be part of their relationship. “Love me the Scandinavian way I are” here means “I will do anything for you, and you can do anything you want with me, as long as you love me”

(Sorry, I’ll figure out how to make links later)