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Voltron Theory Time: Yellow Eyes, Quintessence, and Bonds

Or: what do the glowy yellow eyes mean in the Voltronverse?

Several characters/character types in Voltron have yellow eyes, and they’re not obviously similar at first glance: Haggar, Zarkon (in the Black Lion’s memories), random Galra in Zarkon’s army, the Balmerans, the Lions - even the Yupper has yellow eyes. Sometimes the eyes are just yellow, and sometimes they glow yellow, and sometimes a character’s eyes will glow yellow at certain points and be plain yellow at others:

The yellow glow looks similar to the “raw quintessence” we see in 1x10 Collection and Extraction:

From this, it’s safe to assume that the yellow eyes and the yellow glow have something to do with quintessence. Haggar gets the yellow glow when she does magic (i.e. when she manipulates quintessence, since {that’s what magic is} in the Voltronverse), but the Lions also get a yellow glow when they bond closely with their Paladins. Lots of other characters who have yellow eyes (but not glowing yellow eyes) can’t do magic.

Everything magical in Voltron seems to boil down to quintessence somehow, and it fits with the genre conventions of science fantasy that quintessence is at the root of all the “mumbo-jumbo” (thanks Lance). So let’s assume that whenever the Lions bond with the Paladins, or the Balmerans bond with the Balmera, that bond is mediated by quintessence - i.e. it’s a result of their individual quintessence/energies merging or connecting somehow.

Based on all the above, my assumption is that the yellow eyes indicate a bond of some kind. Specifically, a bond mediated by quintessence - i.e. energies merging. Glowing yellow eyes appear to indicate a surge of quintessence, either as a result of doing magic or as a result of bonding closely with someone/thing.

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Geralt does not roll to dodge blows. He knows how to flip.

No one expects it.

Because why would someone who is 200+ pounds in armor be in the air, effortlessly evading everything? (This video is great. Geralt wouldn’t be doing this level of complicated tumbling, but just watch how cool it is).  Rolling is impractical because his swords are in the way, the ground may be uneven, but most important of all is: the last place a witcher wants to be is on the ground where he has limited movement.

It can be dangerous on rocky or slippery ground so Geralt pays attention to his footing and his surroundings. (Also, if he’s recovering from a leg injury he limits his flips as much as possible).

It’s a hell of an intimidation tactic.

so I was at uni on the way to the bathrooms and I was speedwalking down the stairs because I was running late and I passed literally through the middle of a group of like four to five students and I heard one of them saying “oh my god, hi!!” but I continued walking because I had an agenda, but a few seconds later his voice registered and I was like shit I think I know this guy he probably meant me and I heard his friends laughing and being like “who was she are you sure you even know her lmao” and he was like “yes we did like three projects together??” and by this point I was sure he meant me but it’s too late and awkward to walk back and set things right so if you were wondering how not to make friends in uni this is the answer

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