is so bitter and sarcastic

“The problem here tho is that Dean wouldn’t do the same for Cas”

yup, sadly, Dean would never prioritize Cas over his own safety/life

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He’d never forget to sleep out of sheer worry for Cas

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or defend him from people who bad-mouth him like some grumpy bodyguard-bear

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It would never occur to him to call Cas his family

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I’ve actually never seen him fight for Cas like the stubborn motherfucker that he usually is while shouting “CAAAAS!” like some tragic disney character

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Really, he could be more supportive of Cas, this profound bond thing is so unbalanced

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years & years (4) - j.a x reader // m.dl.c x reader

summary: tensions reach breaking point between you & skye. later, you and monty are thrown together once again.
warnings: violence.
a/n: thank you all for being so patient, here’s part four! (finally lol) Hope it’s okay and that you all enjoy it!


you don’t see montgomery again until the following week. you’d faked being sick for a few days; and with everything that had happened over the past few weeks, your dad had let you stay home with no fuss.

as you walk towards class, fifteen minutes late and unable to scrape up any shits to give, shouting from down the corridor catches your attention. you turn a corner just in time to see tyler being thrown back against a locker, the crack of his skull against the metal unforgiving and harsh. montgomery holds him there with his hands fisted in the fabric of tyler’s shirt.

‘hey! leave him alone!’

both boys turn at the same time - a hint of relief appears across tyler’s face, while monty’s expression breaks for a moment before it becomes hard as stone. ‘stay out of this.’ the baseball player tells you, carelessly.

‘let him go, de la cruz.’ hitting him with the use of his second name hurts him. his fists loosen up and tyler backs away quickly. he glances to you, thankful. 'go, tyler.’ you say, without moving your eyes from monty.

he scrambles away down the corridor, disappearing from sight. montgomery crosses his arm and stares at you. he raises an eyebrow at you defiantly.

'just because you’re hurting doesn’t give you the right to hurt somebody else.’

he scoffs, rolling his eyes. 'whatever.’ you bite your lip, wanting to say more, just unsure of what exactly. after an endless moment, he walks down and out the doors.


skye approaches you two days later, snapping gum against her teeth in an irritating manner. it’s first period, calculus, a class you downright despise. you really don’t need skye winding you up even more.

'are we calmed down yet?’ she wants to know, and your fingers curl instinctively into a fist beneath the desk. you know she’s talking about the other day in monet’s. she’s not pleased that you ignore her, waving her hand in your face and shouting 'heeelllllloooo?!’ from where she stands over you. pulling your chair back to create some distance, you shoot a glare up at the blonde.

'seriously, skye. not today,’ you mutter, reaching for your backpack in search of your calculator. you’re vaguely aware that montgomery is watching you from the back of the room. neither of you have spoken since you stopped him terrorising tyler. skye rolls her eyes. 'c'mon, you totally overreacted the other day. but, i forgive you.’

your backpack drops to your feet. 'walk away, skye,’ you tell her warningly. she frowns. 'what is your problem?’

'right now? you are.’

she snorts, tossing her ponytail back. 'okay, i get the dead boyfriend thing is shit, but you don’t have to be rude to people.’ your blood starts boiling as she carelessly refers to jeff as 'the dead boyfriend’, but you will yourself to rise above.

'hannah wasn’t even your friend so why you got defensive over her, i’ll never understand-’

rising above. rising above.

'and that standall kid? you barely know him, too. and aren’t we all better off without guys like that anyway?’

there’s only so far a person can rise before they hit the ceiling.

it takes less than a second for your fist to come into contact with skye’s jaw. she stumbles backwards, almost comically - the teacher walks in at that very moment, yells your name, instructs you to go straight to the principals office. fuming, you kick your chair over before exiting the room, just to be petty, slamming the door hard as you can. your rage carries you blindly up and down the corridors, until you suddenly remember where you’re supposed to be going. turning around, a hand grabs your wrist. it’s the wrong moment to sneak up on you, and your free hand lashes out. another set of fingers wrap around it, and you’re pulled into the janitor’s closet. 'hey!’ you shout indignantly, struggling to free your arms from montgomery’s vice grip.

'shut up!’ he hisses, face entirely too close to your own.
'let me go, then!’
'will you hit me if i let you go?’

he smirks, infuriating you. you thrash against the wall, causing cleaning products to fall off the shelves with a clatter. montgomery presses himself onto you to stop your movements. it works.

you stare at each other in silence for the longest time. you, with your eyes full of rage and grief and pain, him, with his eyes intent and soft and burning with something you can’t put a name to.
eventually, the grip on your wrists disappears. you rub at the red spots and glare.

'what the fuck, montgomery?’

'i wanted to see if you were okay.’

you laugh, sarcastic and bitter. 'so you shoved me into a closet?’

the boy shrugs. 'i panicked.’

blinking, you shake your head. 'well, i’m fine. so, thanks for the concern.’ you try to shove past him, but he pushes you back.

'yeah, you’re clearly not fine,’ he mutters, crossing his arms. 'you’re pissed as hell and you’re gonna end up hurting yourself or somebody else.’

you tilt your chin up, anger still sparking under your skin. 'i don’t need protecting.’

'no, but you do need to calm down before you go full-on de la cruz,’ he jokes, trying to lighten the mood.

'full on de la cruz,’ you repeat, and he grins. 'kicking the shit out of someone and getting suspended,’ he explains, looking far too pleased with himself for your liking.

you bite your lip and lean your head back against the wall, breathing deeply. you think back to how monty was crying in your arms less than a week ago, and how hurt he must have felt when you took off like you’d been burned - how it must have looked. that you were annoyed or amused by his pain, or that you didn’t care at all, when in reality, it all just felt this side of too close to betraying jeff. you never explained yourself - you curse silently, realising just how much of a jerk you’d been to him. and yet here he is, in front of you, cutting class to make sure you weren’t doing anything stupid. your eyes burn, and you blink back the sudden rush of tears that threaten to burst out. wetting your lips with the tip of your tongue, you bring your head off the wall and look at him, ready to apologise.

as you open your mouth, a sound from outside the tiny closet shocks you both. jumping, in the small space, means you end up crashing together, hands gripping waist and shoulders to prevent from falling over. your hair falls across your eyes - you look up at monty through several long strands. he looks as stunned as you feel, and his grip tightens on your waist as he whispers,

'did you hear that?’

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Fandom: The Amazing Spider Man
Pairing: Harry Osborn [Green Goblin] x reader
Based on: Hi! I have a request for a smut one-shot. I wish for it to be based on this imagine I have right here of the Green Goblin from The Amazing Spiderman 2: Imagine that the Green Goblin is having a temper tantrum about how no one will ever love or ever want to touch him due to his condition. To prove him wrong, you pounce on him and tell him, “Sleep with me, big boy.” You two then fuck like horny rabbits. - tumblytoono
Notes: mild angst, smut
Words: 2.151

[I do not own the gif]


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@skyvar replied to your post “"By the way, I stabbed you in the front.“ B)”

I guess… you mean mental scars, because that stab didnt left a scar … was a special stab… cuz just sucked out your powers… AND WHEN we were still training… was orihime there B’)

Oh look, someone just figured out how to put one and one together to make two. Good job Ginjou. So fucking proud.

Anonymous asked:

i want my first person narrator (who is also my mc) to have a distinctly humorous, joking, oral storyteller type voice. the way i tend to portray this involves sarcasm. however, being optimistic and happy is a huge part of his character. the constant sarcasm and playful griping seems to take away from that–instead of being a happy go lucky type guy, he comes across as slightly snarky and cynical. are there better ways to go about making a narration funny or making sarcasm less severe?

Sarcasm isn’t the only type of comedy and wit. Your best bet is to just learn about different types of comedy and find ways to make your character funny without relying entirely on sarcasm. It’s better to have a mix of different types of comedy if you want your character to seem happy and like they have a great sense of humor.

Also, be cautious about when your character is sarcastic and what they’re sarcastic about. It’s a short step from sarcasm to bitterness, so make sure the sarcastic remarks can’t be mistaken for your character being bitter. My post How to Write a Witty Character has some other tips. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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Hey, so I have an OC... She's cynical, sarcastic and pretty bitter after having to take on her parents' responsibilities when they disappeared on a flight that left about fifteen minutes before one of the many evil invasions (as that is fairly common in her universe). After it was thwarted, she was left having to look after her younger brother and earning money to keep them going. She dropped out of school and would take up almost any job to try and get some cash.

Sorry… uh, this is relating to an ask about some cynical OC… I forgot to ask, since I’m kinda at a loss, what I could do with her in a story as I don’t really have a clue… Sorry.

Consider the people she might meet at any of the jobs she takes up for the extra money.  How they may become friends, rivals, or even lovers.  How does she cope with the new situation of having to be a parent to her younger brother, how does he handle it?  What happens to their relationship?  Does she become bitter toward him for having to give up on her previous life or does she embrace a protective side and would sacrifice anything for him?  What situations might come up to show those things off?

I also find that if I’m stuck at a certain period of time with my characters that I like to flash forward (or backward) and imagine what their lives would be like or would have been like before/after the present time.  What might she be doing once her brother has grown up and can take care of himself?  Is she any part of the resistance to the invasions that happen?  Does she just try to keep her head down and out of any trouble?

Often times when you delve into the past or future of your own characters you might find that you’ve been able to develop them more (as well as other characters to broaden their personality and relationships) which can help you flesh out the “current” part of the timeline.  Hope any of that might help get the creative juices flowing!  Good luck~

Dreams of Onyx

Summary: It’s year 2456, and Taehyung might not live to see past the age of 21. 

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Dystopian!AU, angst

A/N: unrefined, but please still give it lots of love. a part of the “Colors” dystopian series. 

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47 people are going to die today. 

Taehyung scans the sloppy line again, tracing his finger in the air from the start to the tail as he mouths the numbers to himself. No, miscalculations—48. A little more than usual.

Gray clouds loom overhead, casting a melancholy gloom on the ignorantly blissful expressions of the people below. They stood in a distorted string, stretching halfway around the square structure rising before them. Casual chatter buzz in moderate levels throughout the mass, intercepted by occasional rings of laughter that seemed almost inappropriate for this horrid occasion, except—of course—the participants don’t know.

Taehyung watches in apathy—and a bit of disgust—as the people converse with each other, accompanied with friendly pats on the shoulders here and there. Smiles radiate off of their faces, as if they don’t mind the extravagant, yet scratchy and uncomfortable gowns they were suggested to adorn, or the navy blue barcode inked on their forearms. Their one-way ticket in.

In a week, it will be his turn.

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Why is everyone so sarcastic and bitter lately? Has the hate finally dulled our joy? Is that what has finally happened to us?

Mod A: This website is full of edgy teens that can’t make doctors appointments over the phone but can send dumb messages over anon.

some things about Broadway Les Mis

I know I saw it in the summer, which was a while ago, but some details of the current Broadway production keep popping into my head so I thought I’d write them down now.

  • the prostitutes break my fucking heart. each and every one is completely rounded out as an individual by her actress, and even though they’re not onstage for most of the show, i became attached to many of them within a few minutes. one in particular (i don’t know who played her) is clearly suffering after some sort of disease or miscarriage/abortion, but continues working, and i almost cried for her. 
  • …and so does Turning. during Turning, several women walk out and place candles on the ground. everyone knows how sad that song is–the lyrics are absolutely crushing. but one woman appears to have a daughter (previously young cosette), who asks “who will wake them” as if she genuinely expects Les Amis to return. me too, little girl, me too.
  • …ok Empty Chairs kills me too tbh. Les Amis show up as ghosts during Marius’s lament, and they pick up the candles themourners left during Turning–only to blow them out and leave Marius in relative darkness.
  • Gavroche’s death is Not OK (wtf, Joe Spieldenner). when Gavroche is singing the reprise of “Little People,” he’s behind the Barricade. the only indication of what’s happening is gunshots during pauses, followed by his continued singing–even though i know the score by heart, i was convinced that Gav had died after each shot. eventually he climbs the barricade, only to be shot as he comes into view. then he falls forward, eventually ending up in Grantaire’s arms. Joe’s R gives a horrific, heartwrenching cry at the sight of Gav’s body, stumbling off with him.
  • E/R is completely one-sided. this would have irritated me more if Joe weren’t playing R so magnificently. his R pines in such a gloriously bitter and sarcastic way, while Enjolras is completely uninterested and unsympathetic–the chemistry is utterly one-sided, and Joe spins it perfectly so that your heart breaks for his surprisingly tender (toward Gavroche, at least) Grantaire.
  • I’m in love with Feuilly. you don’t usually expect to have a favourite “minor” Amis with stage productions, since they’re not fleshed out very well, but Forbach’s Feuilly was terrific. he truly became his character, his love for the Revolution and France shining through every time he stepped on stage, and i’ll admit i was disappointed not to have an opportunity to see him as Enj.

Since the show is closing soon, I wanted to share the incredible good fortune I had in getting to see it in person, and describe the unique pieces that stayed with me after all this time! If you have any questions about specific parts, I’d be happy to answer any asks about it.

Tell Me You’ll Stay (Calum)


It was awkward sitting next to your ex-boyfriend. I mean he was you ex. The break-up was harsh.

When you think of harsh, you think of cheating or abuse, but your split was also amicable.

Y/N, I love you more than anything, you understand?” Calum spoke softly to you.

You sniffed and nodded your head. “Is this some twisted way of saying you cheated on me?”

“No, no, no, no, no– I love you, I didn’t cheat, but I think we need to break up.”

You pulled your hands out of his clasp, he didn’t put up a fight. “So that means you’re breaking up with me because the other boys can hook-up with other girls and you can’t? That you are jealous of their freedom? That they’re not tied down?”

He took a shaky breath, “No, it’s the distance; it’s too hard.”

“The distance!” you repeated sarcastically.

“Why are you being so bitter?”

“Because you’re going to leave me…” you whimpered, hanging your head. Calum noticed your ‘unnecessary’ shame, according to him, and walked over to you. He wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I just don’t want it to hurt more than it already does when you leave to go to the bathroom.” he murmured into your hair, squishing his cheek into your scalp. “I love you more than anything.”

That was two months ago. Saying you went into a depression was an understatement. You thought about your relationship everyday, reminiscing in the fact that were the happiest you’ve ever been, but that happiness has been your downfall, your downward spiral. The darkness.

The boys were in Y/C/N for a show, and they wanted to get together with you before they leave for the next tour date. You walked into their favorite restaurant and saw them sitting at a table already. You put on a fake smile and sat down in the only seat available. The one next to Calum… and Luke.

“Hey, Y/N!” Ashton sounded excited as you walked up to them. 

“Y/N! How ‘ya doin’?” Michael said in his failed accent you couldn’t decipher.

“I’m good, thanks for asking.” Your smile got faker as you replied.

“H-Hi, Y/N…” Calum whispered next to you.

You feel like this was set up by the boys. It’s like they wanted and needed for you two to be together to feel contempt.

“Hey, Cal,” you blushed, playing with the ends of your skirt.

You ended up being with the guys for the rest of the day, watching the concert from backstage, and going out with them afterwards. You went to a bar with them afterwards, for an implied ‘congrats’ for another successful show.

All five of you drank– some not so much (otherwise known as you and Ashton) and some of you drank more… than you should have (Calum and Michael.) 

By the time those two were pissed drunk, you and Ashton decided to get the other boys out of there.

When you got to their hotel, Luke and Ash had Mikey, and they trusted you with Calum. When you opened the door with a hefty sigh, you plopped him on the bed and wiped the stray and sweaty hairs to the side of your forehead. You tucked him in and laid a light kiss on his forehead. Just as you were about to pull away, a hand caught yours.

“Tell me you’ll stay…” Calum slurred. “Tell me you’ll stay with me?”

“I can’t promise that.” you whispered.

“Why? You’ve already cracked me. If you leave me once more, I’ll shatter! Seeming as you left so easily the last time…” Tears started to leak out of his unflinching, red, and puffy eyes. You patted his hair and moved his around so that you could hold him.

“Calum, after it happened, after I calmed down, I realized we did what was best for us… It just worked out better…” you cooed into his hair.

“But it was working…” he whined, “Before I broke up with you, our relationship was working! We both tried our hardest to meet in the middle.”

“But we never ended up in the middle, we passed each other with a millimeter between us.”

“But I always reached out for you–”

“We always bumped into each other, but kept walking, Calum. You have to understand or else we can’t move on!” you said, raising your voice and getting out of the bed.

“Well maybe I don’t want to move on!” he yelled, following suit.

“I couldn’t feel that emptiness anymore, you have to understand why I want to move on–”

“Oh, I understand alright! I understand perfectly well! I missed you so much. I always thought our love would persevere over everything! That I could come back after everything and still want me!” he started to sober up.

“Well then why did you blame the distance if you never wanted to break up with me?”

“I– I honestly have no idea–”

“All I ever did was love you!”

“I loved you, too…”

“Then could you tell me why?” you were just starting to give up when he said something.

“I was depressed.” he whispered at a level at where you could barely hear him.

“What?” you said, your voice dropped to a sad tone.

“I was depressed on the road without you, and I– I thought that if I let you go, that I would come out of it. I didn’t though. I took pills, and went to therapy lessons–”

“Don’t tell me you physically harmed yourself, Calum.” you pleaded.

“I didn’t, I promise.” he mumbled and went to hold your hands, which you let him.

“If you did anything, Calum, I would never get over it. I would die on the inside if I lost you.” you admitted. You started crying and Calum pulled you to him, making you feel like he was never was going to let go.

“Tell me you’ll stay, even if it’s just for the night.” he whispered in your ear.

“I’ll stay… Forever, I promise.”




AU where Allen and Wisely grew up together tho. At first it’s just a business arrangement bc Allen is fast and small and Wisely strong and tall(er) and being alone on the streets sucks. They fit together rather well, Allen with his devil arm and Wisely with his freakish nightmares. And soon they are friends. Then comes Mana who gives them names that Wisely insists he has heard before. Then there is Cross who is unnerved by Wisely’s presence alone and having to look after another brat - that’s not even an accommodator - but hey. At least the brat keeps Allen from doing stupid stuff (like dying) and they both bring in a lot of money. Then there’s the Order and battles thought lost won and the uneasy feeling that as welcome as the are at the Order - it’s not home, it’s not where they should be and they are fighting battles from a side that’s not their own. Then there are the Noah and Memories and running away and in the end it’s Wisely and Allen again. Just like at the start, the world is out to get them, they are the outcast - a weird hybrid with his mind in a mess and Noah in the making who is no quite sure whose thoughts to trust - but they aren’t alone in the streets. It’s a start.

Simon D - Meet me halfway (requested)

You were forcefully torn out of your sleep, as you heard the sound of someone hammering against the door. You tried to ignore it at first, but the noise grew louder and louder with every passing second.

“Ugh!!” You groaned, pushing yourself up from your bed. You slipped into your slippers and walked to the door. You rested your hands on the door knob, pondering whether to open the door for him or not. It had been the fifth consecutive night that he was out with his friends, getting wasted in some high class club. For a moment you wished nothing more than to let him rot outside for one night, so he would learn his lesson. It was his fault after all, that he forgot his keys.
You played with the thought of locking him out, however in the end you didn’t have the heart to do it, so you turned the door knob around, letting him in.

But you didn’t wait for him to put a step inside, you just left the door open and returned back to your shared bedroom. You slipped back under the warm covers and turned around, so you wouldn’t have to see him when he entered the room. Though you didn’t see him, you could clearly hear him stumbling into the room.

“Baby? Did I wake you up?” He asked gently.

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I LOVE Luke. But the only reason he helped Jess was that his sister called him and said she was sending Jess to him whether he liked it or not. And Luke KNOWS his sister’s habits(addictions), knows her history with guys, knows how unstable her life is because it’s explicitly stated that he’s had to bail her out financially multiple times after guys took all her money, took all her stuff, and took off. But he doesn’t recognize Jess as he gets off the bus(notice that he makes sure that’s who the teenager getting off the bus is even though it’s unlikely to be anybody else). And he has to tell him that the diner used to be his grandfather’s hardware store(so Jess doesn’t know even that much about Luke or Stars Hollow or his family).

So before you use the way Jess acted to Luke as a condemnation of his entire character, think about how it would feel if you grew up like that. And it wasn’t until you were 17 that you were shipped off to live with an uncle you didn’t really know, from New York City to a tiny corny tourist town. An uncle who, up until that point, was apparently just the person who enabled your mother. You feel like you have no control over your life and the people who do have control have hardly shown themselves to have your best interests at heart. WE know Luke, Jess doesn’t.

Even if he did know more about him, after all that, why does he -owe- Luke gratitude? Why does he -owe- an adult who should have realized what his sister’s behavior would do to her kid? Have you never been angry or resentful or HURT? Now imagine that without the interpersonal tools to communicate or any proof that anyone will actually listen to anything you’re saying and do anything about it.

Not to mention, you don’t -owe- people for being nice to you. No, really you don’t. Not when it comes down to it. If you operate like that all the time, you end up a people pleaser or passive aggressive. Thinking she owed people for being “nice” got Rory into a shit ton of trouble. As did thinking it was the end of the world when she didn’t garner approval from the people she felt she owed for being nice to her or liking her. In the end, Jess is grateful for what Luke did. But Luke isn’t exactly a hero. He’s a flawed human being who finally tried to help his nephew out when he was dumped on his doorstep.

You could say that Luke didn’t have to do anything at all for Jess. And you’d be right. He didn’t -have- to. That doesn’t mean Jess should have tripped over his feet to be grateful when he did. If he’d immediately turned into the perfect teenager after his life before Stars Hollow, that would have just been another sign of trauma anyway. A kid and a teenager -should- be able to -expect- that someone is going to consistently feed them, clothe them, and do what they can to make them feel safe/ give them a safe place. Many people don’t get that. But there are minimum expectations a minor -should- be able to have no matter what.

Jess didn’t have that. Not until Luke. Who then TRIED but wasn’t consistent with how he dealt with Jess and didn’t seem to take into consideration what Jess had been through vs how one would deal with a “normal” teenager. Because Luke wasn’t even ready to talk about much of anything personal, let alone the skeletons in his family closet. Whereas Jess has been living with those skeletons his whole life. He was 17 by the time someone who could actually follow through tried to be there for him directly. And it was a family member who had had the luxury of being able to separate themselves from the worst of it.

So yes, he was bitter, sarcastic, and cynical.  He was resentful and untrusting. Are those good qualities? No. But Jess didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be that way. Even as it was, he didn’t take it nearly as far as could have. And Luke is not a precious innocent beacon of light who must be protected. I love Luke. I really do. But again that doesn’t make him a precious innocent who must be protected at all costs. Especially more than a 17 year old.


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8

     “Deodorant?”  “Check!”  “Soap?”  “Check!”  “I think that’s everything, then.”  “Thanks, but I really didn’t need any help packing,” Sehun said, stuffing another t-shirt into his bag.  “Beg to differ.  You almost forgot to pack an extra pair of socks,” _____ scoffed, tossing him the set footwear.  “Yeah….Forgot…,” he muttered, attempting to fit them into the suitcase.  He closed the suitcase and tried to zip it, with quite a bit of difficulty.  When the zipper got stuck, he turned and looked at her expectantly.  “Oh, you need my help?,” she asked teasingly.  “Just shut up and sit on the suitcase please,” he chuckled.  She rolled her eyes and sat on it, folding her arms.  “Y’know, I don’t appreciate what you’re implying here,” she mumbled.  “And what would that be?,” he asked.  “That I’m heavy.”  “Oh, of course not, Babe.  You’re the perfect size,” he replied not-so-convincingly as he finally zipped the bag.  She punched his arm and he drew back, laughing a little.  "No, but seriously…You are.  Well, to me, anyway,” he smiled, holding your hips as he helped her off the luggage.  Returning the smile, _____ wrapped her arms around his neck and pecked his lips.  “Nice save.“  He leaned in and kiss her again, moving her towards the side of his bed.  Suddenly, she heard something small fall on the ground.  She pulled away and bent down to pick it up.  “…Condoms…?  You didn’t think we-”  “No!  No, I just- old habits die hard y’know?  I always keep a few spares around.”  “So, you weren’t planning to use these on me?”  “N-ye…Is this a trick question?”  “No, it’s not a trick question!”  “Look, _____.  You and I both know that I think you’re…beautiful, in every meaning of the word.  So, would I be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it?  Yes.  Would I if you gave me the chance?  Yes.  Would I try to if you weren’t ready? No.”  She looked down at the packet before meeting his eyes again.  “Well, good…because I’m not.” “And I completely understand and respect that,” he quickly stated, taking the condom from her.  He exaggerated the action of tossing it into a trash bin and said, “We good?”  She gave a small smile and nodded.  “Yeah…we’re good.”  

     Sehun sat on his bed, twirling another condom between his fingers.  ‘You know what’s even more impressive than dating the Ice Queen?……Banging the Ice Queen,’ Chen’s words wouldn’t leave his mind.  “Why did I even agree to it…?,” he huffed, tossing the rubber aside and running a hand through his hair. ‘I can’t do it.  I just can’t.  She’d never speak to me again…’  He picked up his cell phone and found Chen’s number, but before dialing, he noticed that it was almost 1 AM.  “I’ll just tell him tomorrow…,” he sighed, falling back onto a pillow.

     At about 9 AM the next day, Sehun found himself sitting on a bus, next to _____, wondering when ‘her fucking friends would shut the fuck up’.  “I never thought it was possible, _____, but you did it,” one of them said, feigning seriousness.  “What’d I do?”  “You turned a hoe into a hubby,” she laughed.  “I take offense to that,” Sehun muttered.  “Oh, whatever.  You know she was just joking,” _____ defended.  “Yeah, and it seems like all guys can dish it, but none can’t take it.  I’ve heard you and your boys talk about how you ‘can’t turn a hoe into a housewife’, so what’s the difference?,” another friend interjected.  “Well, it’s different for guys!,” Chen butted in.  “How so?,” the girl asked skeptically.  “Men are expected- no required- to go out and…’sow our wild oats’, if you will.  An-”  “And if you keep it up, your oats will end up with a yeast infection!,” she cut him off, causing everyone to laugh.  “Like I said, it’s just different for men than it is for women.  Plain and simple.”  “So basically, there’s a double standard.”  “Unfortunately, yes.  Sad, but true.”  “Almost as sad as the fact that you’d actually buy into that misogynistic bullshit.  But small minded men usually do.”  “I assure you, nothing about me is small,” Chen flirtatiously added.  The bus flooded with “oooh”s and other jeering noises.  _____’s friend raised an eyebrow and scoffed.  “Referring to your penis to deviate from the topic at hand; quite the intellectual you are, Chen.”  “Well, if you’d like to continue a discussion about the negative effects of living in a patriarchal society, such as perpetual misogyny, hyper-masculinity, the social stigmas placed on female sexuality, and rape-culture…,” he began, feeling satisfied with the looks of shock on everyone’s faces.  “…then how about you join me for coffee sometime…?”  She looked at him with a smirk and said, “I like Starbucks.”  All the guys voiced their approval while the girls made their disappointment clear.  “Check his hand for ink, Leesa.  He probably wrote all that stuff down,” _____ laughed.  Chen showed his hands to her and stuck his tongue out playfully.  “Give him some credit, _____.  He may be an asshole, but he knows his shit,” Sehun chuckled.  

     “_____, wake up,” Sehun whispered, gently shrugging his shoulder.  She jolted up, but quickly relaxed.  “What were you dreaming about?”  “…Nothing,” she muttered, rubbing her eyes and ignoring the slight blush on her cheeks.  “Y’know, you’re pretty cute when you’re asleep…And the drool’s a nice touch,” he teased.  “Shut up!,” she hit his arm, using her other hand to wipe her mouth.  “So, our chaperon said we have to go get checked into the hotel.  See you in a few hours?”  “Mhm..,” she said tiredly, and she stretched and yawned.  He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and followed the rest of the boys out of the bus to grab their suitcases.  “What?,” she asked as she noticed all her friends staring at her.  “You guys are adorable!,” one squealed.  _____ rolled her eyes and grabbed her bag before exiting the bus.

     “Hey, Chen?”  “Yeah?”  “I wanted to talk to you…about something…,” Sehun said, using his hands to emphasize the word, “something”.  Chen gave him a confused look and Sehun just raised his eyebrows expectantly and moved his hands again in some odd gesture.  “Ooohhh, right.  Something.” “Yeah, so I’ve decided that I ca-,” he began before his voice was cut off by Chen’s phone.  He held up a finger as if to say “one second” and pulled it out to look at the screen. “It’s from _____’s friend, Jaleesa,” he grinned.  Sehun rolled his eyes and waited.   After hanging up the phone, Chen turned back to him and asked, “Sooo…..Double date with _____ and Jaleesa?”  “Chen!”  “Whaaat?  C’mon, man!”  “We need to talk about this.”  “And we will…after our date with the girls,” he reasoned, using his key card to unlock their hotel room.  

     As the two couples made their way to a conveniently placed Starbucks, Sehun couldn’t help but feel…tense…Well, more than tense.  Like…a sense of “impending doom”.  “You alright?,” _____ asked.  “Hm?  Oh, yeah.  I’m fine,” he smiled, pulling open the door and holding it for her.  

     When the girls got up to get their drinks, Sehun figured this was as good a time as any to quickly tell Chen.  “Chen, I’m dropping out.”  His friend gave him a questioning look before realization hit him.  “What?  You can’t drop out!”  “I can and I will.  I can’t just do this to _____ anymore.”   “Who gives a fuck about her?!  I thought we were in this to win this, man!” Sehun felt a twinge of anger at how his friend talked about his…”girlfriend”.  “I give a fuck about her!  And what the hell do you mean “we”?  What’s anything got to do with you?”  “I have about 250 riding on this bet!”  “Well, that’s your problem, not mine.  I quit.” “Look, let’s not do anything stupid now, just because you caught feelings for the bitch, Sehun.”  Sehun shot out of his seat and gripped Chen by the collar.  “Say some shit like that again about her and I’ll break your fucking nose.”  “Woah, woah, woah!  Guys, calm down!,” Jaleesa exclaimed.  _____ gently grabbed Sehun’s wrist.  “Let go…,” she said calmly. He released his “friend”, the white slowly fading from his knuckles.  “What happened?”   “Yeah, Sehun.  Wanna tell your girl what happened?…Or should I?,” Chen smirked, smoothing out his shirt.  The blonde was about to shoot out of his seat again, but he noticed the store manager come out.  He took _____’s hand and led her out of the store as she gave her friend a confused look.  

     “What the hell was that all about?,” _____ asked, unlocking her room.  “I tried to drop out of the bet,” he said bluntly as he walked in.  “What?!  Why?”  He sighed heavily, running a hand trough his tousled hair.  “I wasn’t completely honest with you, _____.”  She stayed quiet and waited for him to continue. “All the conditions of the bet were…that I had to date you, make you fall for me….have sex with you…and dump you in front of everyone…,” he explained, sounding even more guilty with each word.  She smirked in a sarcastically bitter manner and nodded her head.  “So, you decided to gamble with my virginity and then embarrass me in front of the whole school…?”  “Yeah…and I’m sorry,” he said sincerely.  She turned and held the door open for him, figuring that he’d take a hint.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t that compliant.  “Look, I’m really sorry, _____.  Can’t we just talk about this?”  “There’s nothing to talk about.”  “Well, do you at least accept my apology?”  “No.”  “Please, _____-”  “Get out, or I’ll call one of the teachers,” she said, looking him in the eyes.  He searched hers for any sign that meant he should stay, but couldn’t find one in her cold orbs.  He pressed his lips together in a thin line and let out a breath he hadn’t even noticed he had been holding through his nose.  Stepping out of the room, he turned at said, “Goodnight, _____,” just as she closed the door.       

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how do you feel about snape's character?

I love Snape! :D He’s complicated and that’s what makes him so interesting. Double agent, brave spy, misunderstood potion genius! Sarcastic and bitter outcast, quite a bastard (◡‿◡) His story is so… there’s unhappy childhood and unrequited love </3! His wrong choices make him a death eater. And then there’s a tragedy!!  \(ಠロಠ)/ And he’s one of the causes of the tragedy! ヽ(⊙〇⊙)ノ He’s devastated (ノ_<。)ノ Then everyone thinks he’s a traitor, coward and Voldemort’s right hand. Then it turns out he works for Dumbledore all along ლ(ʘ0ʘ)ゝ that he’s a bad guy but like.. a good guy. And he dies like a hero ⊂(¯⌒¯)⊃ I mean, how cool is that?
I feel like there should be more characters like him because fictions would be more interesting :)

Soooo... time/location of the NEXT/FINAL Teaser....

The pathcodeexo hint was beginning = end. Now it’s not going to be the same city because of the acronym. However they’re saying the time is the same for sure and (maybe?) we’ll see Kai.

London also doesn’t make sense because the vast majority of earthquakes London gets aren’t felt by humans and the ones that are cause little damage. There are record instances but that’s nothing to send Kyungsoo there over.

It also has to be a C city to fit the acronym, so it’s going to be 15:01 in some C city. I’m so mad @ SM for keeping everybody’s asses in some European/white Western location except for Chen/Yixing I’m going to flip, so I’m going to put my foot down and demand a South American city for this one. It’s even logical: South America has so many earthquakes and seismic activity in general, that it’d be maddening to think they wouldn’t do it. The only alternative I can see is them doing California maybe, but other than that it just doesn’t even make sense to pump out another European city at the very least. I’ve even come up with a list of nice potential cities that start with C (I’m so sarcastic and bitter you can skip that part lmao) and I’m including that at the end.

Moving on though, because it should be a South American city (it wouldn’t be very much of a worldwide occurrence without one…), the time zones aren’t messy. There are only three time zones in SA so it’s all w/in three hours of each other:

The bad (or good?) news is that it’s already afternoon in South America, so we’re gonna be waiting (or chilling/relaxing, whatever your mood is) for about 24 more hours (a shocker, I know) unless SM decides to punch us in the face and release Kyungsoo’s in the next 2-3 hours (depending on the time zone).

Even if SM used another European city, it’s already evening in most of Europe, and early evening at that. We’d still be waiting around 20 hours still. So the bottom line is that we can largely chill for now until Kyungsoo’s teaser, and we have about 24 hours if we especially consider South America.

I’m honestly just being logical/reasonable/sensible in my assertion at this point because SM likes to hit and miss in that department and I’d like for Kyungsoo’s to be an actual hit this time. This also gives me some sort of expectation for a time on the last teaser and I know a lot of people want that as well, ergo this post.

List of potential cities:

(I chose them because they’ve had significant earthquakes or seismic activity according to my research):

  • Cauquenes, Maule, Chile
  • Camaná, Arequipa, Peru 
  • Chimbote, Ancash, Peru 
  • Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil 
  • Cusco, Cusco, Peru 
  • Caracas, Venezuela
  • Contamana, Loreto, Peru 
  • Córdoba, Argentina
  • Just fucking Costa Rica idc just let it be a country in Central America at this point; SM needs diversity. >_>

Also: ^^ Anywhere around there is plausible ^^ because these things just make sense at this point. That’s a map of some fault lines in South America which hopefully SM paid attention to.

5x04 "The End"
10x01 "Black"

“But those are human things…”

This is sort of a companion piece to this and this post, because while looking at the Dean driving scene(s) again and how they might relate to one another, something else popped up in my head: the scenes pictured above. To me there are some striking similarities as well as some very striking differences between Fallen!2014!Cas and Fading Grace!2014!Cas. While the Cas we meet in “The End” has already given up completely and is resigned to just burn out/fade away/die, to me there is still a glimmer of hope in in the Cas we see in S10. He is just as resigned to dying though, but he lacks the bitterness and sarcastic disillusionment that is so painful and so present in 2014!Cas. And hope is the key word here connecting both episodes and both versions of Cas imo, that lost or are close to powerless and lost a very dear friend and are only left with the shell of the person they fell for. 2014!Cas from S5 bangs a few gongs before the lights go out, 2014!Cas from D10 prefers the silent and calm kind of going out. Both scenarios are tragic, both scenarios are sad. But that’s how it often is… When you are human…