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#20, 'things you said I wasn't meant to hear' for rebelcaptain? :D

i’m cheating and combining @strong-bottle-of-jyn‘s prompt: things you said at one am. anywho, in honor of rogue one leaking and slowly murdering me, please enjoy this angst fest!

Jyn hasn’t been out of her quarters all day. After the ordeal she’s been though, nobody much feels like admonishing her. Even Draven, rivaling Kaytoo in terms of not caring about Jyn’s feelings, keeps telling everyone to give her space.

Bodhi comes round in the middle of the day with a mug of honest to god tea instead of the crap caf from the mess. It’s Kay, standing guard by the door, who lets him in. Jyn thanks him, voice hoarse, and tries to hide her red rimmed eyes by rubbing at her face with the sleeve of Cassian’s shirt. 

She doesn’t touch the tea.

In fact, by the time Cassian slides into bed beside her, hours later, Jyn hasn’t had anything to eat or drink. He presses a kiss to the crown of her head and slips an arm around her waist. Jyn pushes him away, fresh tears welling in her eyes. 

“Jyn,” Cassian sighs, “Draven told me. Are you alright?”

She nods, biting her lip to keep from breaking into sobs.

“Jyn,” he repeats. “You know I don’t — I’m not angry. Or disappointed. I’m just…glad that you’re okay.”

She just nods again, pressing a fist to her mouth. 

“I know you’ve been resting all day, but Kay told me you…well, people in your — “ Cassian stops. “He said you’d want to sleep,” he finishes. 

“I,” Jyn starts, voice thin as ice. She feels Cassian tense, in anticipation of something. “I’m fine.”

He relaxes, pulls away a little. His hand seeks hers beneath the blankets and Jyn lets out a strangled noise. Still, she laces her fingers through his. It’s enough and too much all at once. 

What feels like days later but must only be a few hours later, Jyn still isn’t asleep. She can’t feel Cassian beside her for the first time all night and her heart drops. Her eyes squeeze shut, trying to contain the tears that won’t stop slowing. “Please don’t leave me,” she whispers, voice breaking, overcome with hiccuping sobs.

Suddenly, Cassian’s arms come around her, pulling Jyn flush against his chest. “I’m right here, mi amor. I’m not going anywhere.”

For the first time since Kay carried her from the refresher, blood coating her thighs, to the med bay, Jyn lets herself be held. She turns into the frame of Cassian’s shoulders, fists her hands in his shirt, and lets the fragile veil of strength she’s managed to piece together shatter. 

Jyn clings to Cassian until she has nothing left to cry. She holds him like a lifeline, willing the images of the family she’s just lost to fade like any other scar. 


Random Hannibal holiday doodledump (because the holidays just can’t stop you doodling for ONE MINUTE can they) plus tiny Merman Will for your cellphone wallpaper 

;; alrIGHT SO i’ve been tired as hell all day….. i think i’m switching to
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    i’m so sorry about being awful about drafts again… i completely
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    will get back to doing things in order again….

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A baby would literally be like someone painfully and slowly murdering me! Made 5 million times worse that it's hers 😷 and like Aaron would ever want to even look at that baby never mind being with rob! Nothing makes sense anymore what is this AU we are currently in

Literally this!!

texts from my friends part 2
  • aries: Yes please now please food please Senpai
  • taurus: i was like, screw this i have cable to watch
  • gemini: this cookie satisfies all of my sexual desires
  • cancer: I don't have a phone and it's slowly murdering me inside
  • leo: The whole idea of boys still just makes me laugh too much
  • virgo: first day and I'm already 90% done with this shit
  • libra: She has no chill and a lot of catholicsm
  • scorpio: Text me that picture of me crying
  • sagittarius: you can't get me. I'm batman.
  • capricorn: calm down there cool aid man
  • aquarius: if I had a postman pat kink, which I do,
  • pisces: my stomach is like a black hole, I just keep eating and eating and it never gets filled

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Fenrir: I’d like to see you try to kill me *laughs*

Fenrir: It wasn’t personal.  If you want to blame anyone, blame his father.  He brought it upon his son.  I was just having fun.

Remus: I’m fine, anon.  Thank you.


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Title: Stress

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Lee Taemiin

Request: Taemin Fluff/Smut where you two have been dating for a while but you haven’t had sex yet. You start getting sexual feelings for it but are too embarrassed to talk about it. He then catches you masterbating and asks if you’re okay, and after talking it out, you two have sex for the first time

Notes: I really hope this was what you wanted..ㅠㅠ I feel like the only requests I’m getting are for my bias, and like, I think you guys are trying to slowly tear me apart and murder me with this. But I love it don’t stop.<33333


You turned slightly, letting hot water cascade your body and rinse off the soapy suds. It had been a long day. There was nothing more to say.

Of course it was your usual work day, but everything decided to go wrong. Your circadian coffee shop was now closed due to bankruptcy; blame was on the virgin doughnut shop just put up next door. Your only alternative then was the coffee machine at your work, which tasted bitter enough to make a dog sneer.

Second, one of your clients couldn’t make it because of an immediate family death, which caused the meeting you stayed up all night and studied for to be put off.

It was already a bad day when you, almost literally, ran into your ex-boyfriend on the subway. You were rushing since you were already late for the subway, and he came around the corner. You weren’t paying attention which caused you to bump against him and stumble back.

You were happy to feel warm water on your body. Taemin came to your mind as the front door was opened and closed. He was home awfully early.

You were drifting off thinking of why when you thought once again of him. Not a very normal thought, but something that had been on your mind for a bit now.

You and him hadn’t been very sexually active, but that didn’t mean you thought about it. You thought of his body based on the few photo shoots and stage performances he stripped his shirt in. You thought of the way it would feel against your fingers.

Slowly, you let your hands slide dangerously close to your heat, feeling a foreign feeling in your stomach. Your finger grazed your clit slightly and you moaned out.

Taemin stopped on the other side of the door, hearing the sound. Slowly, he let his hand land on the doorknob. He was about to twist it, but he was contradicting his decision, and pulled away.

He was immediately stopped in his tracks once more to another sexual sound, and he began to feel a sudden need and want. He slowly pushed the door open, making as little sound as possible.

He watched your body’s shadow through the curtain as your head rolled on top of your shoulders and your hand explore places his eyes haven’t even witnessed.

The sight was unbearable and he called your name. You stopped your actions widening your eyes to his voice.

“Taemin?” You gasped, glancing around the curtain. “Sorry, I would’ve knocked but..”

You waited for him to finish his answer. “But what?”

“Y/n,” He started, dropping his head. “Don’t you think it’s about time?”

You slowly thought about it, not that you need to. You wanted to ask the exact words he just said, but didn’t know if he felt the same. Well now was your chance.

You reached over and turned off the shower, taking a towel around your body and stepping out. He smiled to your answer and held your hand softly, guiding you to the bedroom.

He sat on the edge and pulled you between his legs. His lips met yours, a normal kiss that presented a completely different feeling. It must have been lust.

“Show me what I have been waiting for.” He mumbled, motioning to the towel you held around your body. You hesitantly dropped it from your fingers, feeling a burst of cold air hit your body.

Taemin inhaled sharply, his eyes devouring your damp body. The way each lurking drop of water crawled down it. They slowly took in every inch, reddening your cheeks.

You heard a faint word out of his lips that you recognized as ‘beautiful’. You lowered your head to hide the blush that scattered it, but his fingers tilted it back up by your chin.

He devoured your lips once more, pulling you towards him with your hips. The kiss took a heated turn, and you tugged at the hem of his shirt. It was strange being the only one without a single piece of clothing on your body.

He chuckled and pulled it over his head. You returned the glare, witnessing his toned chest. It looked good on camera, but even better in person.

Your fingers flew to his shoulders, lightly dragging down and feeling his chest at the tip of them. The way his muscles tensed as your fingers ran over them was just perfection in it’s simplest.

He spun you around, laying you on the bed as he stepped back. He rid his pants and boxers, slowly crawling back over you.

You tangled your fingers into his long hair, following him as he kissed down your body, stopping for a good bit at your breast area.

“Taemin..” You moaned out unintentionally as his teeth nipped at your hip bone. It was a pleasure that excited you for future times to come. This was the start of trying a whole lot of new things.

He watched your reaction as he kissed closer and closer to your heat, the way your eyebrows clenched made him even more excited down below. He used his tongue a bit and flicked your clit.

The way you tossed your head back and arched your spine upwards was enough for him to give in. He scooted up and took your lips to his, his new weak spot now recognized.

“Thank you.” He whispered before positioning himself inside you. The feeling stretched you out in places never reached, filling you up perfectly like a puzzle piece.

The full feeling threw a moan out your lips and you clutched Taemins back, trying as hard as you could not to hurt him. He winced and you new it was too late.

He waited for your grip on him to ease of before he began to move his hips, a slow as possible and trying not to hurt you.

“Just let me release your stress, baby. I promise I’ll make you feel good.”

You sighed at his words and let him move his hips at his own will. It hurt a bit at first, but by the time he found his own rhythm, you were accustomed to his size. Pleasure began to sink your mind and you moaned out.

He was pushed by your moans and the both of you witnessed the new feeling that was classified as an orgasm. It was building up like a story plot and it was coming up fast.

Your stomach was tied in multiple knots the threatened to release, and you warned Taemin. “I think.. I’m gonna cum.” You breathed out as he rested his forehead in the crook of your neck.

“Wait. Wait for me.” He gasped and his hips sped up. You weren’t exactly sure how that was possible, but he came shortly after you did.

The knots in your stomach released and you let one last moan out, feeling him pull out and release onto your stomach. He collapsed next to you, tiredly reaching for a tissue and rubbing his release off your stomach.

He trashed the tissue and turned over, pulling you to him. “Do you feel better now?” You nodded and buried your head into his chest.

You fell into a dream state, thinking of the future experiences like this very one. You were too deep in your slumber to feel Taemin pull a blanket over the two of you, falling asleep himself.