is skittish the right word

Okay but just imagine Trini getting used to being around the other rangers. Like, when they’re not busy saving the world and real life or something like it kicks in again. 

She’s def a touch starved babe and glomps onto Kimberly when they’re alone and stuff and probably melts when she plays with her hair and dies and turns into a smol gay puddle when Kim gives her a massage one day after a brutal day of training but in public and around the others at first…she’s probably kind of…skittish? And idk if that’s the right word, but I can’t think of anything else to use.

Because, really, despite the fact that they’ve bonded and saved the world, they still have to go to school and pretend everything is normal and are from completely different social groups and classes. And just…those early days. Trini looking at Kimberly with apprehension when she sits with her at lunch or walks with her past her former friends and she can hear them laughing, teasing, and expects Kimberly to at least pretend she wasn’t talking to her and possibly join them to help save face. Trini looking at Jason weird when he passes up hanging out with his old crew to train or sit next to her because she’s alone. Trini looking at Zack weird because he’s Zack and pretty much approached their friendship like he does everything else: with a giant wrecking ball. Trini looking at Billy with wonder because he’s just?? so?? good?? and why does he choose to hang around with her and share his lunch and invite her over for dinner?

What I’m saying is, yes, they’ve bonded, but like a week ago they were strangers and there’s probably some things you’re not gonna get over that fast and Trini has an adjustment period to having friends now, nonetheless friends that are in groups that more than likely gave her hell prior to the mine incident