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Imagine unisnav and johans family working together to throw a huge welcome home party for the adopted kid (possible fanfic or Drabble?)

“He’s sleeping…” Usnavi mused, he had been holding the toddler for the past hour or so while they sat in the uber. Usnavi and Johan had their child for a little over a week, they private informed people of their adoption. Slowly, only because they wanted to enjoy this angel for as long as they could before he was to be shared with their mixed and…very strange families. Johan smiled, Usnavi never looked more lovely. 

Their child peacefully sleeping in his husband’s arms. Their child. It was all happening. Johan felt something change within him, something didn’t sit the same. All this was a foundation he never thought himself capable of. To be a husband, to be a father, to raise a family. The couple were walking on air as they approached their apartment, ready to ease into parenthood. 

Johan opened the door to their apartment and was met with— 


The room was full of Johnsons, Bow and Dre, their kids and Johan’s hippie parents. Along with Usnavi’s family friends, all gathered in their apartment. Usnavi automatically shielded his precious son as the crowd of baby hungry women stampeded over to him and began cooing and proding at him. His angel was ripped out of his arms and was set on Daniela’s hip where he looked confused between his fathers and the new stranger.  
“Aww is he shy?” Zoe smiled watching the boy pout with a slight disgruntled stare.
“Que shy? His gotta shake that shit out of him.” Daniela placed a red lipped smooch on his cheek.

“He’s not shy, he’s…not wearing his hearing aid.” Johan smiled a bit, their son looked around and gently signed something. Johan replied silently and the two exchanged knowing smiles. Suddenly he turned and hugged Daniela’s neck.

“What did you say to him?”

Usnavi smiled, beaming from ear to ear. “He asked who everyone was, Johan said…his family.”  


Marianne and Bog’s height difference in Strange Magic - interestingly, Bog is proportionately shorter than Marianne, though taller in objective measurement, because his head is longer than hers. 

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Counting Sheep (or, lamb to the slaughter)

At eleven minutes past two am came five urgent knocks. Behind my lids I do not want to wake. I can feel the flashes of color slivering their way through the window blinds—nineteen vulgar strips come screaming. Noise below. One heavy male curse. Then softer, two feminine sobs. Silence. My exhales are one point six seconds shorter than that which I can bear to inhale. I know I have heard the sound of red.

okay but do you ever just take a moment to think about andrew minyard? he’s like five (5) feet tall. five. he’s shorter than neil. he’s tiny. but he’s one of the best exy goalkeepers out there. the ravens tried to score 150 times and andrew only missed 13.

no, listen dude, listen. the goal is really big and andrew (5 feet tall) only missed 13 points out of 150 from the best exy team. HE’S SO TINY CAN YOU IMAGINE THE TALENT INSIDE THIS SMALL FRAME HOLY SHIT i admire him so much, woah

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Never requested this before but can I request Josuke and Okuyasu (separate) with a s/o that's tall (I guess a lil taller than okuyasu but shorter than Josuke). Thanks *finger guns*

I hope these are okay!

☆ Okuyasu ☆

  • He’s the tiniest bit insecure about not being the taller one for once, but he tries to play it off anyways. Had his s/o been some other person, he would’ve attempted to use his height to impress them whenever the opportunity arose, but clearly that won’t work now.
  • He gets used to it eventually, and is super chill about it; he’ll be asking his s/o to grab things out of the tallest cabinets, or might start teasing them about being even taller than he is. But if his s/o teases him about it, he’ll get the tiniest bit pouty; he refuses to stretch to kiss his s/o, and if they teasingly lean town to kiss him he won’t let them do it.

  • He’s too shy to admit it, but he does appreciate the size difference between him and his s/o when he’s feeling at his worst, even if it’s a small one; he’s used to being the one smothering people in hugs, so he’s glad that his s/o is willing and able to return the favor.

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Josuke doesn’t particularly care about his s/o’s height; yeah, he would’ve thought it was really cute if they were a lot smaller than him, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. He does appreciate the fact that he doesn’t have to lean down to meet their eyes, at least.
  • One thing he ends up really enjoying is just simply how cool the two of them look together; being of a similar size, they look super intimidating whenever they show up together- he thinks it’d be the coolest thing if he could talk them into matching poses too-
  • Even though they’re around the same size, he’s still going to be acting like his s/o is a lot smaller; he’ll drape himself over their shoulders or pick them up at every opportunity, and won’t let the few inch difference go; he’s still the taller one.

Draco dating a girl that’s taller than him would include:

• He’d been intimidated, at first
• Hadn’t quite known how to act when the wooden legs of her chair scraped against the stone floor and she’d stood, sunlight catching on the jagged edges of her silhouette, and he’d realized the handful of inches between them
• She was taller than him
• Lips brushing the worry lines on his forehead because Draco can hear precisely what his father would have to say echoing hollowly in mile deep fissures of his ear drums - that it would be beneath him to date a girl who was taller, that Malfoy men couldn’t ever be demeaned
• And Potter is in the corner and Draco can’t, he can’t, because he’s been inferior for so fucking long and he won’t stand to be shorter than a girl
• He leaves
• Slings his bag over his shoulder and pointedly ignores the hurt across her face and -
• It doesn’t sit right, is the thing
• Potions lessons devolve into pearlescent sheened fantasies of how she invariably, incessantly catches his eye; her head a fucking beacon in the hallway, perched above everything else; her long limbs and her infectious smile and it’s a problem, he realizes, it is, that he no longer manages to care what his father might think
• She’s taller than him
• By just a few inches
• And he finds himself paying attention, looking up, studying her face like he might not have, before
• She’s tall and she’s smart and he’s so so sure that the whorls of their fingertips were always meant to be aligned
I’m dating a new girl, he writes his father, as the snow is beginning to melt off the roof peaks. She’s taller than me.
• And even then,
• Draco doesn’t quite care
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Next chapter of my KOTFE fic. And a lot shorter than the previous monster-sized chapter.

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Hc: Micc claims to hate being shorter than Benji but when Benji lifts him up he's all blushy and "Ben no don't do that" but he secretly loves it. Also I can see this two having a "terrible pick up lines battle" where they try to come up with the cheesiest pick up line ever (you may think Micc has loads... But Benji will surprise you even though he hates saying them outloud cause ugh cringe) - this made me nervous cause they are your characters and I don't want to interfere but there ya go friend

no no dont be nervous my friend, you got them SPOT ON. im grinning like a dork omg. this is beautiful *furiously slams gavel on block* CANON CANON CANON

because like. they’re both terrible flirts so they WOULD have a battle of terrible pick up lines. omghfg. and the lifting up thing im crying in the club. ❤❤❤

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!! for the sleepover!! (if u wanna) how would Shane react when his (smol) farmer boyfriend is happy and giggly and keeps happy-patting him!!! Farmer is ofc a bit strong but may not realize his own strength bc he is so happy!!!!!

I hope I’m reading this prompt right.


Shane never considered himself a tall guy. But his boyfriend happened to be shorter than him. Yoba, Shane couldn’t believe he could say he had a boyfriend. He was the luckiest man in the world. 

Every day, when the Farmer would meet him on his way to work, in the town square, Shane would pat his boyfriend on the head. It was too cute. He would giggle and tell Shane to stop and try to lick Shane’s hand in revenge. It never worked, but it made Shane’s day at work just that bit brighter. 

One day, the Farmer met Shane. There was a buzz in town. Something was going on, even this early in the morning. Shane saw his boyfriend, and moved to pat him on the head.

“Nope, you’re coming with me!” The Farmer hoisted Shane over his shoulder, carrying him.

“What the hell?!” Shane said. He didn’t know the Farmer was this strong.

The Farmer took Shane towards the mountains, placing him in front of the run down community center… except…

“What happened?” Shane asked, looking at the beautifully rebuilt building. Everybody was going there, marveling at how yesterday it looked like a dump.

“You’ll never have to work at that shitty megamart again,” The Farmer replied. Shane couldn’t contain himself. He cupped the Farmer’s head, and gave him a huge kiss.

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54 iwaizumi (his parents)

totally using this as a tiny half-birthday present to you today! and me too, i suppose, but i was going to treat myself to half of a cosmic brownie and call it a day in that area. also i wanted to write some mama iwa-chan

also, i’m bad at visualizing the capacity of word counts and realized that 200 words is a lot shorter than i understood, so i apologize if any of these feel like they’re lacking

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54. meet the parents from 75 dates fic meme

Iwaizumi isn’t worried about you meeting his parents. You told him you would be fine,–and you’re holding it together well enough–but your nerves are still evident. The slight hesitation before answering their questions and the occasional stutter in your speech give this away.

But he knows his mom already likes you: he’s talked about you enough to her to paint a pretty picture. And she knows her son refuses to don rose-colored glasses even when he’s crazy about someone. As far as she’s aware, you’re the exactly the kind of person that should be with him. Her husband trusts their son in that way too.

An answer to one of his dad’s questions earns you an approving nod from the man and elicits a small grin from his mom. She elbows Iwaizumi’s playfully and gives him a wink.

“Hajime, you did good.”

We had friends over last night, four of my college friends, five kids, pizza, wine, just hanging out. Lou was absolutely amazing. They were over probably two weeks after she moved in and she was sooo dysregulated and out of control that night. It’s one of those measures where I sit back and marvel at the growth and celebrate our progress. So obviously she got to bed 2.5 hours late, which we can get away with on weekends occasionally. Or so I thought.

Awful screaming dysregulated girl this morning. Woke up happy and sweet. I said no to making pancakes and BOOM. All of the sassiness, you never, im telling grandma, throwing herself on the ground.

Celebrate those good moments when they last, they may be shorter than you realize.

I was really hoping we could join other friends for swimming tonight. That might be pushing it… looks like a 630 bedtime for her and cleaning the house for me.

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Did Eric like tall or short girls? Is Brandy short or another girl he had a crush on?

I don’t think Eric really cared for height, I think he would like shorter girls. For tall girls, if he found her attractive, I doubt Eric would really care. But I can see Eric kind of imagining a short girl for his “ideal” girl. Other than that, I don’t think Eric would care for height.
Um, for Brandi and them? I have no clue what their height is. I think his crushes were shorter than him? Not 100% sure.