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Prompto Week | Day 3 - Favorie Quote

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This isn’t so much my favorite line of Prompto’s, but it’s definitely my favorite banter with Prom and the bros… The only OT4 that matters tbh…

something i notice reading fanfics and doujinshis lately (BTW i love both couples (BOTH ARE MY OTP). This is not for throwing shades at bakudeku it just something i start noticing. I know there is dounjinshi’s that are cute)

james and lily are such a beautiful ship. 

we have james, who is confident about himself. he’s loyal to his friends. he broke the law so his friend would not have to be alone during his worst nights every month. he’s really smart; one of the creators of a live map of the castle, that also mentions names of everyone in the school like? wow. but he was also a bully. caused people public humiliation. but he learned and became a better person. he changed because he acknowledged his flaws and understood for himself why what he did was wrong. he was also that dorky guy that doodled his crushes’ name on tests. 

and we have lily. who takes no shit and knows she deserves the best of the best. she’s smart - highly spoken about by professors, yet also gets in trouble. she’s the best friend anyone can have. she stands up for what she believes in. pushed away a toxic person from her life. also, she was able to look past at what a person (james) used to be, and respect the person as who they are now - bc tbh, it’s not easy to change your opinion on someone especially if they used to be a bully.  

they’re both strong and independent people. together, they’re unstoppable :”))


heart, stop racing
let’s face it, making mistakes like this will make worse what was already pretty bad
mind, stop running
it’s time we just let this thing go

it was a pretty good bad idea, wasn’t it though?

shallura waitress the musical au, anyone?

Manchester Ready Player 3.

Manchester Ready Player 3 slightly paraphrased because it was last week and I’m still kind of buzzed from being there.
In response to the question
“How was the transition from Jon to Danny?”

Audience: “Oooh!!!”

Danny: “Good”

Arin: “Yeah we felt the chemistry when we first met”.

Audience starts chanting :“Kiss. Kiss. Kiss!”

Danny : “I dunno, that’s kinds awkward I mean Arin is Married and Suzy is right there *gestures to Suzy walking about on the front row* Hey Scuze!”

JP (tour manager): “Suzy says she’s fine with it”

Suzy: “I don’t mind go ahead!”

Jacksepticeye: Read"You can both kiss me!“
Danny and Arin *lean in and kiss Jack on the cheek*

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hey psa for no reason at all in particular that has nothing to do with anything i’m seeing in the tags – on my blog i ship pricefield and amberprice and i’m not about ship wars. that’s all.


The Ducktales & Duckverse fandoms are becoming very dear to me; I already love all the regulars to bits (you all are amazing, bless you) and I am praying like all hell other fans stay in their lane and this fandom doesn’t become riddled with toxicity the likes of which drive multiple people to suicide due to bullying over fictional characters and they’re ships & head canons of said fictional characters

vamp!bill, werewolf!richie, and human!eddie OT3

should i write this as a fic? submit ideas for more of this please!! reblogs are appreciated <3

    -Bill of course is the vampire. He wears contacts that mask his red eyes, which Richie constantly complains about. (because it looks cool!!) Eddie is constantly making sure garlic is nowhere in their house or at any restaurant they happen to visit. Bill has a red cape that he wears on Halloween, the only time he actually goes in public with red eyes and his fangs exposed. He doesn’t eat human food, actually really dislikes it, but sometimes he’ll do it to make Eddie happy. Or if they’re at a show with people who don’t know he’s a vampire. Sometimes when Eddie is showering he’ll go in and take his clothes (running through the house at a speed that is incomprehensible to Eddie, who is now pissed off because Bill took his towel too and now he has to walk to their room naked)

    -Richie is the werewolf. He likes to run around their house fully shifted, which annoys the hell out of Eddie because it’s a lot of fur to clean up!!  Richie is basically like a giant ass dog. He drools, is over excitable, and wags his tail constantly. Eddie always jokes about buying him a doghouse and making him live outside or taking him on walks around the block. One Christmas bill got him a chew toy as a gag gift thinking Richie would laugh and just throw it away, but a few weeks later Eddie caught him chewing on it and they haven’t let him live it down since.

-Richie prefers being fully shifted because all of his senses are heightened and it makes him feel more secure. Eddie says it makes him feel like he’s dating a dog, which is illegal. Richie doesn’t care.

-He’s already pretty protective of Eddie, but when there’s a full moon even Bill stays away. Richie will snarl at anyone who comes close to Eddie, baring his two inch fangs. Once he snapped his jaws at Bill when the vamp tried to hand Eddie his hot chocolate. Luckily he had fast reflexes and was able to not only keep his fingers but also keep the hot chocolate from spilling everywhere.

-Eddie is the human and is Exhausted half the time. It’s hard keeping up with their antics. Sometimes he’ll have a particularly bad day at work and when he comes home, Richie can just tell. He’ll crawl into the bed with Eddie, and when Bill comes home the vampire does the same. They’ll just all sit there as a pile of non humans and human, occasionally passing kisses back and forth. Even if Eddie gets pissed off at them occasionally, he wouldn’t trade his life for the world.