is she wearing flip flops

The Signs as Grandmas

Aries: The grandma that your mom always tells you stories about your grandma beating her but she’s really nice now.

Taurus: The grandma that’s ALWAYS baking. Will make fun of you when you eat ten cookies.

Gemini: The grandma that tells stories from her childhood. Most are lies, but some are true.

Cancer: The grandma that is in a nursing home with dementia and smells like pee but is super sweet and always knits you ugly sweaters and kisses your cheek.

Leo: The rich high tech grandma that buys Christmas presents on Amazon and owns an iPhone 7 even though she always complains about how big it is. Has really bad fashion taste but buys expensive perfume.

Virgo: The Mexican grandma that only wears flip-flops and tank tops. She probably thought you cursive and how to spell.

Libra: The grandma that talks shit and starts drama when she drinks too much.

Sagittarius: The grandma that is obsessed with exercising but still eats junk food constantly.

Scorpio: The grandma that always makes sex jokes. The kids love her and the parents are probably scared to leave the kids alone with her.

Capricorn: Smoker voice. Knows how to manage her money. Gets stressed when there’s too many kids.

Aquarius: Very caring. Probably on the verge of a heart attack. Makes sure you always leave with food. In and out of the hospital. Always keeps on your favorite tv shows on her box tv.

Pisces: Was a hippie and definitely had a drug problem. Still smokes weed and says “Dope.” Probably killed her husband. Doesn’t like to talk about her past. Probably still on a bad LSD trip from the 70’s.

playing footy

Yeah, yeah, one of what is sure to be many Captain Swan soccer AUs after today’s game. Featuring Elsa, since Georgina was also playing.

“You owe me big time for this.”

Elsa tossed her gym bag in the backseat and climbed into the Bug, pulling the door shut behind her, “Believe me, Emma, I will make it up to you, I promise.”

Emma threw the car into gear and started to back out, not even bothering to check for oncoming traffic. There was no oncoming traffic, it was six am on a Saturday and the streets were completely deserted. As well they should be, because who aside from her somewhat uptight roommate was up at six am on a Saturday? Emma hadn’t been, not after she’d only come home to their shared apartment less than five hours earlier after another fruitless stakeout for her latest skip. She’d been sleeping very well in her flannel pyjamas and the eyeliner she hadn’t bothered to wipe off when Elsa had burst into her room and woke her up, explaining breathlessly that her car wouldn’t start and she needed a ride. Elsa couldn’t drive stick, so Emma had thrown her hair in a messy topknot and swapped the pyjamas for yoga pants and a tank while Elsa paced outside the bathroom and called for her to hurry.

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Beach Day

summary: just a fun beach day with dad shawn and his fam

You walked out of the bathroom, fixing the swimsuit you were wearing. You and Shawn had decided to take the kids on a vacation to Florida for the week, and since it was one of your first days there, you brought up the beach. “Lookin’ good, babe.” Shawn smiled, squirting sunscreen into his hand, and rubbing into your five-year-old daughter’s back.

“Daddy! That’s cold!” She squealed, jumping away from him.

“Sorry, angel.” Shawn smiled, and finished spreading the SPF 30 over her back.

Grabbing a pair of sunglasses, you slipped them onto your head. “Are you ready for the beach, honey?” You asked her, laughing at how much extra sunscreen Shawn had on his hands.

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anonymous asked:

on april fool's a few years ago, some girl managed to wear about 10 or so pairs of pants/shorts. she wore flip flops, too, so when she wanted to she could kick off her shoes, take off a layer, and throw them at someone.

The Death star to my Darth Vader Peter Parkerx Reader one shot

Warnings: A lot of swearing, awkwardness and my bad writing…

Summary: the reader goes on her first mission and Peter doesn’t approve one bit.

A/N: This is my entry to @percywinchester27 Ana’s PJO Challenge. My promt was #47: this plan had three phases: dangerous, really dangerous and insanely dangerous. Relly hope you enjoy it… Escuse any mistakes you find as it is kind of the first time I write fanfiction. Btw, italics are the team over the coms.

Y/n made her way towards the meeting room. She had overslept and was completely sure that Tony was going to kill her. She was supposed to attend a meeting with the team for the first time and she was really late.

She had been in such a rush that she hadn’t even realised that she was wearing her flip flops on the wrong feet, her hair was completely dissembled and her pyjamas under her clothes. Y/n hoped that no one noticed her appearance.

The room went silent as she entered. She wasn’t an official member of the Avengers, but she was in training. But something told her that being late to the meeting wasn’t going to help her case. She looked around for her seat, next to Peter.

“Really nice of you to join us, Y/n. Now, we can discuss that intel we have received in our new mission”

He went on talking about a weapon dealer that was making his way through the black market. It was getting out of hand and the government had asked Tony for help (which rose a couple of eyebrows within the team members). Y/n tuned out as he talked about the details of the weapons. It was clear that her late night Star Wars marathon hadn’t been a good idea.

Peter was constantly nudging her with his elbow as he saw her falling asleep. Steve and Bucky noticed and, soon enough, the whole team except Tony were focused on how your face fall and rose again and again.

“So, as we have a night person here, Y/n is going to be the bait tonight”

That woke her up as she looked up to him shocked. It was her first mission and he was going to use her as bait? She realised that the whole team was staring at her expectantly. Y/n breathed in and out. She was not going to let her first chance to cut the team escape from her hands.

“Ok, Tony, bring it on!” She said cockily, trying to hide the fear she was experiencing. Peter smirked knowingly. He was sure that Y/n was going to be knocking on his door ten minutes later after the meeting.

Tony and Steve dismissed everyone, but Y/n stayed behind. She approached Steve, the fatherly figure she relied the most on.

“Steve, do you think I am really qualified to fulfil this job?”

She said a bit scared. He looked down at her smiling warmly. This plan had three phases: dangerous, really dangerous and insanely dangerous; If there was someone that could pull that out was Y/n. He had no doubt. He ruffled her non-brushed hair smiling while nodding.

“Of course you are! There is no one more perfect for this job than yourself. But, just some advice, take a nap and leave your pyjamas behind and try to wear a bra during the next meeting or Peter won’t pay attention again”

Y/n blushed while crossing her arms over her breasts. Steve left the room laughing wholeheartedly at her awkwardness.

“And, by the way, your flip flops are on the wrong feet”

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Summer Guardian (jack x merida)

At Jack’s first Summer Solstice (party) since becoming Guardian he meets a peculiar Summer Guardian. They clash and they fight and they’re seemingly opposites but Jack just finds her fascinating.  

“Whoa–who’s that?” Jack asked, strawberry halfway to his mouth and blue eyes staring at the mess of red curls that just passed him. The wild curls of fiery hair were loose and kept getting in the way of a sunburned face with a spattering of freckles everywhere, with a pair of sharp summer blue eyes that seemed to look through rather than at everything and everyone. Jack bit into the strawberry, sweet flavor bursting on his tongue as he studied the girl. She was about his age, maybe a little older, at least that’s what he thought. Jack still wasn’t sure how old he was. 13? 14? 15? No older than 16 for sure but he was definitely no younger than 13. The girl was wearing an old fashioned blue dress, ripped at the skirt and every time she moved, freckled flesh would flash. The sight made his face hot, but considering the time he grew up it wasn’t all that surprising. On her feet were a pair of sturdy looking brown hunting boots, and strapped across her back was a quiver filled with homemade arrows and a hand carved bow. It was his first Summer Solstice, and there were plenty of Guardians he had never met but he was sure he would have remembered her.  Most Guardians were either much younger than him or much older, physically at least. Jack grabbed Tooth’s sleeve and tugged, pointing unashamedly at the girl who’s face suddenly started turning red with anger. “Who’s that?”

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hi! i just found your blog & i wanted to share how i imagine nora!

i imagine her to be a little more top-heavy than greg or rose, mostly because she probably uses her arms a lot, and being half-human, i imagine she’s got a pretty sturdy build!

she has greg’s nose, rose’s lips, and a combination of their eyes and hair! (i also imagine her to be as tall as connie, if not slightly taller)

she wears a cleaned up version of one of greg’s rockstar tank tops and The Most Comfy Pants In The World: sweatpants. not only are they comfy, but they increase mobility 👌 (she still wears the pink flip-flops tho)

holy shit i love this!! she looks amazing. i like this better than my design tbqh

The Way to get Observant

I think the first thing and the hardest in deduction is observation. As Sherlock says: “You see but do not observe”, and this is a pretty big quote if you think of it. Think of it like this you walk through the city of your home town and you see lots of lots of people. But here is the point you “see” but when did you actually observed the people. Whats with the woman on the right side walking by with her black summer dress and the little blue flip-flops she is wearing. And this is something important I don’t speak here from deduction, I mean clean observant seeing. As I mentioned in a early post, you first need too get all the data you need and then, only then, you can make deduction. If only the people would be observant they could deduce easily things, but they aren’t observant. They walk through they lives and dream to themselves all the time. But observant seeing isn’t just seeing the things that are there, it’s also about the things that aren’t there. For example you know a woman and you know she has a baby. The first thing I ask to myself is, where is the father. It sounds simply and it is. But need to get this mindset and this is the hard part. So what can you do to get this mindset in you brain to kept it everywhere and anytime. The first thing when I started to observe keenly to get this in my head was to write a little note on my hand. I know that sounds a little bit silly but, it had its meaning. Because I am a person that significantly often onto his own hand, I saw this at any time and everywhere. This is the key, every time I started to lose it in my brain, it got kicked up again to consciousness. This leads me to the second point that I want to mention. Don’t be selfish. I know most people aren’t selfish but I don’t mean the selfish in this way. I mean with selfish don’t think about you. Stop thinking about you cloth and start observing. You now know some of the basic tricks so we can get to the intermediate tricks. So think of this if you are next time in the bus, school or I don’t know , it doesn’t really matter except that there must be people. This could even be your friends. So the first thing I do is to look for the cloth. What are they wearing? A dress? A T-shirt? I think you can get it. The I look for the colors and the pattern of it. Next are the shoes. Dirty or not ? Sporty or business ? Then the jewelry. And so on and on. One thing after the other. If you got some data from the day before then you can ask questions like “What is changed” or “What isn’t changed?”. But you can’t this only for people you can do this with everything. Like a room. What color has the floor, roof and the walls. What shape they are and of what material are they made. I think you slowly get the way how this “game” works. And so for the sake of deduction. Go out and observe and learn. So you are getting a step closure to the good deductionist.

And as always have a nice day and thank you for reading

Bughead Oneshot

I’m Gonna Need a Cold Shower


Everyday Betty thanked God for letting someone invent the concept of a hot shower. As for the concept of hiding in a hot shower from a pair of intruders with the one and only Jughead Jones pressed against her; Betty could barely form a coherent thought, let alone a prayer.

(Betty and Jughead unexpectedly encounter a new side of their relationship, and expectedly, encounter some criminal activity; this is Riverdale after all.)

AO3 link:

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The English Way

Genre: smut, fluff

Word Count: 1421

Namjoon is your boyfriend and meets your prim English parents for the first time.

“So remember, never refuse the offer of tea. No matter what time it is, just drink it. It’s a politeness thing,” you explained to your boyfriend Namjoon.

“But what if I don’t want it? A man can only take so much Earl Grey before nature calls,” Namjoon retorted, a smile playing at his lips. You sighed in exasperation and looked out the window of the plane you were on, headed to England. This was the first time you were introducing Namjoon to your parents and you were beyond nervous. Namjoon was an outstanding boyfriend, full of charm, wit, and passion, but you weren’t sure how your high-brow English parents would react.

As you stepped out of the taxi and walked up to your parent’s stately manor, you admired how polished and handsome Namjoon looked. The jeans and grey hoodie were replaced by a crisp white button-down and navy suit; however, he still looked like the Namjoon you knew and loved.

You knocked on the ornate wooden door and waited, the perfectly manicured lawn and antique décor framing you and Namjoon as a portrait of English romance.

“Hello dear! I’ve missed you so very much. And this must be Namjoon, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” your mother said. “How are you two?” your father asked, a polite smile on his face.

“It’s so great to meet you. I’m totally good, thanks,” Namjoon replied with a wide smile on his face. You glared at him, silently chiding him for his casual tone. If he was going to get along with your parents and upper class English society, there was no way that would slide.

Namjoon’s toothy grin faded as he noticed your look, “I-I mean I’m very well, thank you for asking. It’s such an honor to finally meet the parents of my wonderful girlfriend. You have a lovely estate,” he rambled, trying to make up for his lack of manners earlier.

“Come inside and join us for dinner at 7. We will have a couple of guests over from the country club and a few other people we met at the recent charity gala,” your mother said, forcing an insincere smile towards Namjoon. As she turned around, you could almost hear the disapproving thoughts running through her mind. This was going to be a long weekend.

“Y/N I don’t know if I can do this,” Namjoon explained as he freshened up before dinner. “I love you, but your family is driving me crazy. On the bright side, this manor is so big we could fuck in every room before the weekend is over,” he sighed.

“Just one dinner is all I’m asking from you. One more night of ass-kissing and if you pass the test, I’ll give you a special reward,” you teasingly said as you pulled him close to you by his tie and kissed him. You would never get bored of kissing him. Kissing Namjoon was comforting, warm, and gentle. “You feel like home, Namjoon,” you breathed as your lips parted.

His body turned rigid and he pushed you away lightly. “I don’t want to be homely, I want to be sexy. I want you to feel like you’re on fire whenever you’re with me,” he said running a hand through his hair. You laughed at his hurt ego and hit his arm lightly. “Ok then, Namjoon, you do you,” you said.

“Ugh, Y/N your family is turning me into a prude. I’ll prove I can still have that excitement and have a stick up my ass like the rest of your family,” he retorted as you rolled your eyes at his empty challenge.

Dinner was served. Boiled pheasant, Yorkshire pudding, poached salmon, warm walnut-arugula salad, and mulled wine. You stifled your laughter as Namjoon tried to eat everything on his plate, no matter how bland it was, to please your parents. The conversation turned to royal policies and your eyes glazed over at the uninteresting company.

Suddenly, you felt a large hand on your thigh, slowly raising your dress up to expose your thigh. You shot Namjoon a warning look, but he completely ignored your silent protests. He continued to participate in the political conversation beside you, nonchalantly rubbing circles into your inner thigh. You took a deep breath and chugged your wine, choking on it as his finger traced light figure eights into your clothed core. You stared firmly at the table, afraid to meet anyone’s eyes and reveal what was going on under the table.

The conversation turned to you and Namjoon, the guests asking you how you met. “It’s not your classic romantic story, but Y/N and I met at a traffic light,” Namjoon said animatedly as he slipped his fingers past your panties and stroked your wet slit. You plastered a painful smile on your face as you looked to Namjoon, willing him to tell the story to spare you having to talk while being fingered. “So I was stopped at a red light and Y/N here was chasing her dog across the street. I forget what she was wearing, I think a t-shirt and shorts and flip-flops?” He said, quirking a smile in your direction. Your cheeks flushed as he brought up this embarrassing encounter and urged you to continue the story. You tried to clench your thighs together but Namjoon forced them apart, rubbing circles over your clit.

“W-well, I was just taking my dog for a walk, but she started running away. When she headed towards the street, I probably looked like a mad woman trying to save her. Thankfully, Namjoon saw and jumped out of his car to get my dog. It was only fair I treat him to coffee after he ran across an intersection for that. The rest was h-history,” you rushed to explain as Namjoon dove a finger into your wet folds during the story.

“How adorable. That was quite chivalrous of you Namjoon,” your mother gushed. Namjoon flashed a smile and thanked her politely. “Y/N, do not let a guy like this slip out of your hands!” the guests joked, “He is such an upstanding gentleman.”

Little did they know, this ‘upstanding gentleman’ was now shoving two fingers into your tight, wet hole. You gasped at the sudden fullness, dropping your fork with a loud clatter. “Y/N, are you alright? You seem a tad flushed,” your father inquired. “Oh, I’m perfectly fine. Must be all the wine, silly me,” you choked as your breathing grew faster. You were close and Namjoon knew. You could see his smirk from the corner of your eye. You would plan your revenge later, but for now all you could focus on was the pleasure. You bit your lip and clenched your fists as he pounded into you with three long fingers. He leaned into you and whispered, “You like that baby? Secretly being a little slut all stuffed with my fingers right in front of your parents?” You felt his words in the pit of your stomach and gazed into his eyes as you came undone, a soft moan leaving your lips. Namjoon continued his ministrations as you rode out your orgasm, lifting the glass of wine to his lips at the same time. You collapsed in your chair, panting with crimson cheeks. Namjoon lifted his slick fingers into his mouth, savoring your taste. Your lips parted in shock at this and you cleared your throat, announcing your plans to leave. You were much too hot and bothered to stay at this dinner.

“Mother, father, it was so delightful to see you again but I think Namjoon and I will call it a night. We are exhausted after the long flight,” you said hurriedly as you got up and pushed your chair in. You could practically hear Namjoon’s gloating laughter as he got up to say goodbye to your parents and the other guests.

“I really enjoyed your company today, thank you for the scrumptious dinner,” Namjoon said as he drew out the word scrumptious gave you a fleeting stare.

“It was such a pleasure having you dear, I really do think you’ll fit in quit charmingly into our little English family,” your mother said to Namjoon.

Namjoon grinned as you both left the dinner. He grabbed your head for a quick kiss and held your hand as you returned to your room. “You know Y/N, I think I could get used to this kind of life,” he said with a smirk before closing the door and pushing you onto the bed.

Jughead Jones | Never a burden

Count of words: 987

Warnings: none

A/N: just hope you like it… so sorry it’s kinda crappy but I am going through severe writer’s block lately! ♥♥




@xx-tsubaki-xx asked:
Could you possibly do a Jughead x Reader where he’s now living with Archie, but finds out the reader is living in the school, and is like “ OH my good god I NEED TO HELP HER ” and sets up a place for her to live in Archie’s shed and it’s just cute. Please lmao…

It had been a while since my life  had turned upside down. I moved out of my house, living in an old rusty cinema projector room, and after that I moved into my school, having no place to go after the Drive-In was destroyed, and having a maginified ‘pride’, if you wanna call it that. But not even a week after I did that, I was taken in by Archie and his father, Fred Andrews. They offered me a home, and they did that with love, something I needed in my life. So, as for now life was decent, if you don’t count the investigation of Jason Blossom’s death and the suggetion that I did it.

Well, as I said, my life was decent now. I had a place to call home, and not to mention a beautiful girlfriend by my side. Now, you would think, if you had a girlfriend how come she didn’t tell you to live with her? Well, first, just as I said before, pride, also I was scared to mention it. I mean what does one say to the only girl they like and has ever accepted them for them? Do you just go up to her and be like, “Hey, love. You know I left my house a while ago cause of my drunk of a father, was living in the drive in and now at the school!” Yeah, didn’t think so. Also, as stupid as it sounds, I’ve never been in her house. We usually just hang out at Pop’s or, we used to, at the Drive-in. Never really knew where she lived, and I didn’t think anything about it until it was, probably, too late.

It was a cold Friday morning, and while every other student would chose to be at home and sleep, I was in the school, about an hour earlier. It sounds strange, but, after living with the Andrews, this was the only alone time I could get in the morning. Also, I had things to do for the Blue and Gold. As I previously mentioned, it was early and the last thing I expected to see was my girlfriend walk out the janitor’s closet. She was wearing pjs and some flip-flops, I remember gifting her a while back, while making her way to the girls’ restrooms. So, I cautiously walked to the janitor’s closet, coming across the same little set up I have had in here a while ago. I simply sat down on the little matress lying across the floor and waited for her to show up again.

When she walked through the door, her face was, to say the least, shocked. She looked at me for a second and then found more interest on the floor. I wanted to talk but I was too distracted from her beauty. Her eyes were still wet from the shower, I assume she took during her stay in the restroom, making her eyelashes pop. Her wet hair was drapped over her shoulders, slowly creating damp spots all over her, or mine to be exact, tee. “What are you doing here?” I questioned. She sarcastically laughed at me, a thing she often did when someone was asking the obvious. “Ok,ok. Let me re-phrase. Why didn’t you tell me?” I exclaimed pulling her to sit down next to me. “I didn’t want to worry you. You already had so much going on and I didn’t want to be a burden.” she relied, looking down, stray tears escaping her eyes. “Darling, you’re never going to be a burden. Hey, don’t cry now. I think I can do something about this. So, gather your things and meet me here after school,” I ordered and she did as said. Quickly I texted Archie, asking if what I was thinking was ok. 

After a hell of a long day the two of us met were I found her this morning. Her things were tightly put together in a big back pack. I swiftly picked the bag up, despite her arguing, and we began walking towards the, all so famous, Pop’s ChockLit Shoppe for some food and then my ‘plan’ would just unfold. 

I was holding her hand as we made our way towards the Andrews household. She was anware of that, not recognizing the route to my friend’s house. I quickly opened the door and the warmth of the house embraced the both of us. “It this your house?” The overly tired girl questioned. I chuckled and replied, explaining the situation I was in as well. She was shocked but she qickly shrugged it of. Mr Andrews was by the kitchen island, sharing some pizza with Archie. “Hey, hey! You’re eating pizza without me?” I joked running towards them, dragging the girl with me. Immediately I grabbed a piece and so did Y/N, slowly warming up to the two owners of the house.

“Come on,” I ordered taking her small hand in mine, pulling her towards an unknown, for her, destination. Quickly we made our way to a door on the upper floor. “So, after seeing the situation you were in and being in that myself, I asked the Andrews boys if they could help and they agreed.” I opened the door to reveal the room I shared with Archie. “I know it’s not the best. And you will have to share a room with me and Arch, but, see the bright side. You are going to be sleeping with me!” I exclaimed and the girl simply jumped in my arms. “This is the best Juggie! Oh my god. No one’s done something like that for me. I love you,” she stated kissing me passionately. “Hey, no PDA, or anything more than that, when I’m around,” Archie joked and the both of us simply blushed. “I just hope I’m not a burden,” she informed, walking towards the makeshift bed on the floor. “Y/N, you’re never a burden.”

Hotel Sheets

Pairing: Blaise Zabini x Ginny Weasley

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 1,656

Written For: @dracoskywalker [fic giveaway #4]

Blaise Zabini has a type.

Tall, willowy, graceful and elegant and French-manicured and soft-spoken—he dates girls with pearls at their necks and diamonds in their ears, cashmere sweater dresses slipping down one shoulder and daringly-colored lambskin boots slouchy around their thighs. Their lingerie is lacy, delicate, meant to be seen rather than simply worn, and they leave his sheets smelling like a rose garden after it rains. They order Nicoise salads for dinner, and they inevitably declare English Literature as their majors of choice when the time finally comes, and they’re well-bred, well-connected, products of prep schools with longer waitlists for admission than most of the restaurants in New York.

And the degree to which they don’t remind him of his mother—in all the ways that matter, at least—is inarguable.

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Hold me Down - Part 11

You met the Winchester family in an unusual situation. Your father had been killed in a hunt and John saved you, taking you with him.
When he got missing and the thing that killed Mary did the same with Sam’s girlfriend, the younger Winchester couldn’t help, but call you, hoping you would help him and Dean finding out what happened.
But he still didn’t know why you left.

Pairing: Dean X Female!Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Original Male Character
Chapter: 10/23
Chapter name: You had Cassie, let her have this… James
Word counting: 1k+
Warnings: Feelings, lots of feelings; Time skipping (I’m focusing on the relationship here, not the cases); cussing (because reader has the worse mouth of the three); song use; angst; mentions of past; spoilers; Angst; Gifs aren’t mine.

The images and gifs are from google or tumblr.

 Series Masterlist

Originally posted by canonspngifs

When Y/N woke up the boys weren’t there, and she quickly found a note with ‘Got out to grab some food. Can you pass over the drugstore and take our monthly provisions? I made a list’ in Dean’s handwriting.

She sighed, went to shower and brushed her teeth, leaving soon after, wearing shorts, a tank top and flip flops. She knew nothing was wrong with this town. She was turning 24 the next day, and the boys were doing a surprise.

“Sammy.” Dean called his brother in the other room. – Look at her. Look. What the hell is she wearing?

“It’s hot outside.” Sam rolled his eyes. “She’s wearing shorts and a tank top. Big deal. Come on, were busy here.”

Both came back to their activities and back walked on the streets. When her phone called her attention, she soon answered.

“Hey.” Jo sounded happy on the other side. “Are you still with Cassie?”

“No, thank life.” She rolled her eyes. “We’re at Paradise Valley, Arizona. The boys sent me to a drugstore to distract me from them.”

Both the women laughed and Y/N sighed.

“So… I was wondering if we could… You know… Go out and spend two weeks together. Take some vacations? Maybe see my house on California and get some sun”. She hesitated. “I need a break. Be disinfected from Dean Winchester.”

The blonde woman stood in silence for a couple of seconds.

“Are you okay?” She asked in a low voice.

“I need to get over this Cassie. I don’t want to see him for a while.”

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oir-39  asked:

for the If they had a kid meme, SwanFire, please?

Thank you!  Of course they have their first child:

But if they had a second one…

Name: Tallahassee “Tallie” Cassidy

Gender: Female

General appearance: Blonde hair and brown eyes. She runs cold, so she’s almost always wearing hoodies. Her favorite is a faded grey one that used to be Neal’s. She stole it when she was younger and it’s still her favorite one, even if it is a little big for her. She does not understand the high heel phenomenon and wears flip flops until it’s winter. She’s also very beanie obsessed like her mother. It’s earned her the nickname “Bean”.

Personality: She’s full of wit and charm. She’s quick with a comeback and thinks on her feet. If you make fun of her being named after a city, she’ll be more than happy to give you a knuckle sandwich.

Special talents: She’s a break in artist. She can pick a lock quickly and find ways to get into buildings. Usually she only uses it to help her family on missions. Sometimes she does it to drive her Grandpa Rumple crazy by finding new ways of breaking into the pawn shop.

Who they like better: She’s close with both her parents. She finds their whole Bonnie and Clyde routine inspiring.

Who they resemble more: She’s a good mix of them both in terms of personality and looks. They say she’s the opposite of Henry: he got Neal’s hair and Emma’s eyes, she has Emma’s hair and Neal’s eyes.

Personal head canon: She works at the pawn shop on the weekends and helps out on the Charming’s farm during the weeks. Family is very important to her.

Face claim: Halston Sage

Send me a pairing and I’ll tell you what their child would be like. :)