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Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Sherlock, “The Final Problem.”


My Top 10 Thoughts on Sherlock, Season 4, Episode 3: 

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10. So…, was Eurus his therapist? Or….was she wearing a wig? Did she use a double? We’re led to believe it was her, but her look is SO different than in the last episode…are they the same? I guess so. That part did confuse me, plus with the dark hair, Eurus does look a lot different than prior. Glad Watson didn’t die though….though, that leaves the question: How did they get Eurus back in prison? Did she go back? I may need to rewatch that scene.

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9. I do appreciate all the information on Mycroft that we get in this episode: that he’s a sucker for chivalrous, noir romances (SUPER surprising for me!), that he is scared of not being in control, cannot stomach murder in his face, and in the end…is actually a good brother in a lot of respects. At least, later on, when he sacrifices himself or tries to….I’m glad we get this development on Mycroft. He’s still a terrible brother in a lot of ways, though, but still, not a complete emotionless reptile

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8. There are quite a lot of deaths occurring in this episode, and in shocking ways…they do work quite well to establish how terrifying Eurus, the high-functioning psychopath works. I was genuinely scared throughout a lot of the second act of the story. It definitely raised the stakes and made her an antagonist to be wary of….speaking of antagonist to be wary of…

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7. I really like how we had Moriarty FINALLY answered. And I liked it. A psychopath working with an equal psychopath. For a second, when he pops out of the chopper, I was scared that he actually survived somehow. Then we find out it’s a flashback and that all of the things she had done were recorded…I’m not sure when those were recorded, to be honest. I’m assuming she told him what to say and then he went and did it; leaving her the recordings after his death. I almost WISH that we’d been able to hear the conversation they’d had…but that’s a nice thing about the writing too; we’re allowed our imagination to fill in the gaps. I can just PICTURE the Eurus X Moriarty fan fiction developing as I type this….

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6. So, we FINALLY got the Sherlolly scene we fans have waited on…I do, think, for now at least, that Sherlock loves Molly as a friend. I say this with all of the Sherlollyness in my heart wanting them to be more, but I was happy that Sherlock and Molly had this scene…though, immediately afterwards, we don’t get any aftermath scene. Even at the end of the episode, we see Molly pop in…what about that?! I would imagine it’d be awkward for them afterwards…hmmm…was Sherlock texting Molly at the end of the episode? Or the woman? Again, the writers leave a lot for the audience to speculate…and speculate we shall. 

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5. One thing we can’t speculate on is the fate of Redbeard…we finally realize who Redbeard was…Sherlock’s best friend. Euros, out of jealousy, murdered Sherlock’s best friend, and attempted to do it again. That scene where Sherlock figures it out was very well done…and I can completely see why someone would want to repress those memories, how traumatic it probably was for Sherlock and Mycroft both at that age. It’s a very tragic moment and reveal, and one that really shook me watching it. 

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4. I think that Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship in this episode worked well; and while I think that my family personally would react a little harsher to finding out that Mycroft and “Uncle Rudi” had hidden away Sherlock’s sister, the end result wasn’t too drawn out and was handled best as it could be. 

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3. If I had to pick my least favorite part of the episode, it would be the “Plane” plot; I really was in suspense with how the little girl on the plane was going to “save” everyone in the end or was going to pass…and then we find out it’s all part of Eurus’s psychosis. I mean, I GET it, but it was all a bit forced and sort of deflated the tension at the end. That said, I did like that Sherlock was able to somewhat “reach” Eurus, but the manner in which it was executed just didn’t suit me personally. 

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2. That said, Eurus’s character was interesting; her desire to be close to Sherlock was also fascinating, especially when Sherlock decides to “Solve” the crisis and shoot himself to save his brother and his friend, John. The actress portraying her did a beautiful job creating a complex, and innocent, while terrifyingly powerful antagonist throughout the episode. Her frailty coupled with her power was engaging and made for one of the toughest villains Sherlock’s faced ever. I can definitely see why Moriarty was someone she was “treated” to.

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1. I did love seeing 221 B Baker Street being rebuilt after the explosion at the end…the fact that Watson adds back the smiley face, and that their adventures continue on was a lovely addition. I still think Mary’s post-mortem videos are odd, but I love that she knew that even after she was gone, the mysteries would continue…and Sherlock holding little Rosie! ADORABLE! The fact that his “humanity” shows is so telling of how much Sherlock’s developed since Season One…it was just a perfect ending to the series, should it end there. 

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So, FINAL VERDICT? It’s a great episode; not perfect, by any means, but contains a lot of entertainment. While I would have liked more “aftermath” in the resolution of the episode, I did enjoy this episode and Series 4 as a whole. The character development and emotional roller coaster was worth the wait. I think my favorite parts are those that aren’t “spelled out” for us. I like when writers leave some things to our imagination, letting us predict which ending we believe…which works fine for my Sherlolly heart me. Keep up the good adventures, Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes. Cheers to a great season!

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Help please xD

In case you didn’t know, Kubo met some Yuri on ice cosplayers while she was in Europe, read here:

Here, Kubo-sensei talked about her recent trip to Europe, something she and the director had planned to do while the series was being created once it finished. She talked about going to see a Czech competition, and there…she saw Victor and Yurio cosplayers! She was absolutely tickled to see cosplayers at such an event (something that would NEVER be allowed in Japan; though the cosplayers were just wearing wigs, apparently), and they noticed her as a Japanese person near them. They didn’t recognize her as Kubo-sensei, but she slyly mentioned that she did know YOI and was a fan. The cosplayers got excited and told her that she was allowed to take a picture of them XDDD Not knowing she was the person responsible for their cosplay.

To top it off, only moments later, she posted to instagram that she was in Czech Republic doing some sight-seeing, and a Czech commenter excitedly offered, in the replies, to show her around. She clicked on that person’s profile…….and it was the Victor cosplayer she’d just been offered a picture of XD (source)


So I thought, why not find out who these cosplayers are and tell them the truth? We “only” have to check out Kubo’s instagram and find that comment :D

I’m trying but it’s really not that easy, please help me :0   here’s her instagram.

More Trans Karamatsu heacanons:

Karamatsu’s hair was still pretty short by the time she transitioned, like a bob, because she had to grow it out from her old hairstyle, but she wears a wig/hair extensions when she wants something longer that can be styled with more variety. She’d imitate Totoko a bit at first, by pinning her hair up and wearing pigtail extensions because Totoko is their childhood friend and the only real frame of reference Karamatsu has for “female” outside her mother.

When Karamatsu’s hair finally grows out long, it’s mostly straight with soft curls at the ends.

Karamatsu would start hanging out with Totoko while still questioning and Totoko would help her figure things out. At first Totoko would be creeped out, because it’s Karmatsu, but when she realized Karamatsu was genuinely confused and needed help, she stepped up to it. Totoko enjoys hanging out with Karamatsu because she finally has a girl friend her age (and a childhood friend to boot).

Karamatsu would crash at Totoko’s place during the awkward parts of transition. Prior to transitioning, the brothers would get jealous because Karamatsu kept spending time alone with Totoko, post transition they got jealous because Totoko spends a lot of time with their sister.

Karamatsu shops with Totoko, so she has some really pretty clothes, but she also has weird shit Choromatsu bought for her, and tacky crap she bought on her own.

Karamatsu wears blue lipstick and paints her nails blue too! Totoko often helps with her makeup and does Karamatsu’s hair for her.

Karamtsu has a pretty diverse style; anything from cute skirts and dresses, to essentially what she already wears: some tight jeans, a tank top, and a leather jacket with shades. If you need a solid, signature mental picture, think Daphne from Scooby Doo, but all blue of course, with the ascot and the miniskirt and the tights.

The Matsuno brothers dote on their sister like crazy. They all sneak Karamatsu presents to gain her favor over the others, but they’re all terrible gifts. Some of them are just things they want Karamatsu to wear because they think it’s sexy, and some of them are just. Completely dumb or useless.

Choromatsu gifts Karamatsu with Nyan-chan cosplay, which is the worst.

Ichimatsu gets her that popular cat lingerie, aka THE KITTY BOOB WINDOW.

Todomatsu actually gets a steady job so he can continues splurge on gifts for Karamatsu, and Karamatsu is kind of flattered. Totty takes her out to shop, but she always wants to buy painful, tacky shit and Todomatsu inwardly cringes.

Todomatsu just decides to shop for her, but its all lolita dresses and Karamatsu doesn’t have any actual casual clothes anymore. Not that anyone but her is complaining.

Karamatsu goes out and people think she’s always cosplaying something.

Basically all her gifts are reflective of the tastes of the brother who gave them.

Osomatsu tries to one-up the rest of the brothers by mentioning the time “Karamatsu” confessed to liking him. Osomatsu’s just like “Kara obviously likes me best. She even confessed to me.”

Ichimatsu overhears and just straight out punches Osomatsu.

Karamatsu doesn’t remember it (because she didn’t say it) and Osomatsu’s heart shatters. Ichimatsu is just fuming in the background with a mix of rage and embarrassment.

Karamatsu gets sick and everyone stops everything to care for her, not even half assed either, they’re genuinely doing everything they can.

The brothers start listening to her ideas too, at first because she’s cute, but then they realize that past the initial painfulness she actually cares about them and has good ideas.

But Karamatsu starts to feel like they’re only paying attention to her because she’s a girl now, and she starts to mope and pout and everyone starts to feel guilty because that’s literally why they started paying attention to her but now they actually like doing so.

They start giving Karamatsu attention, asking how her day is going and Karamatsu finally gets affection she craved, so she stops needing to act painful to get it anymore.

Ichimatsu makes a huge effort to actually make Karamatsu feel accepted and in turn Karamatsu listens to Ichimatsu. Everyone starts to notice Ichimtsu being a little less distant.

This is because Karamtsu already loves them as her brothers so when they actually start to pay attention to her she gives them attention back earnestly.

Since Karamatsu’s was so ignored until now, none of the brothers really paid attention to her personality quirks. So it takes them off guard when she can tell when something’s wrong with them, but they’re all clueless about her.

They make it their life mission to get to know her better, but it overwhelms Karamatsu so she runs to Chibita and his oden stand.

Karamatsu had been visiting Chibita from time to time while transitioning just as she had before transitioning, but the first time Chibita sees Karamatsu, completely decked out, finally being herself the way she wants to be, he realizes he likes her.

Not that he didn’t before; he always enjoyed Karamatsu’s company and definitely favored Karamatsu out of all the Matsunos, but it was like a ton of bricks falling on his head when he saw her and realized his feelings.

He desperately tries to think of a way to flirt with her without mentioning oden, but he ends up just mentioning how much progress they’ve made since he tried to hold Karamatsu for ransom.

Karamatsu laughs at that, and her laugh is honestly Chibita’s mental soundtrack for a week until he hears her giggle.

my breath is for holding

A/N: for @bisexualbvffy, for i love lucie more than robber au’s. and i love those a lot. 


Lily finds their add on Craigslist:

Girl needed to rob stores. Wig wearing skills a must. Good legs preferable.


She turns up at Remus’s house in a black wig, wears it ten minutes into the ‘interview’ and then takes it off. “My wig wearing skills are excellent, and I’ve got great legs” she says into the silence.

“You’re hired” says Sirius over his chip bag “I love redheads.”


Yeah, that’s how she joins the group.


They’re in the middle of a supermarket in Easter, stealing a life size chocolate dog because Remus said he would pay them all to ‘help him a achieve his life’s only goal’ and ‘yes I am being perfectly serious now everyone get in the car’

“This is dumb” James is looking around the shelves, because even though it’s four a.m. someone could still see them and he doesn’t think he could take going to jail for stealing a chocolate dog.

“Potter, don’t be such a downer” Lily is leaning against a shelf, eating skittles she hasn’t paid for and still wearing the pink wig from that jewellers job they did four days ago. “Live in the now.”

She throws a skittle at him, and Peter yells “lift with the legs!” very loudly in the background.


Lily turns up, smoking profusely, and Peter opens the door to the apartment.

“I’ve got our next job.” She says, breathless, and holds up a printout of an antique shop with an entirely gold cabinet for sale. “We’re fucking robbing it” she pushes past him and barges into the living room, where James is eating crackers and Remus is googling how to hack security cameras because it would be cool to know how to do that.

She flicks a sleeping Sirius on the eyelid. “Black, get up, we’re planning a goddamn heist.”


There is something particularly satisfying about stealing things. About holding something that is taken, that absolutely does not belong to you. A sudden rush of blood to the head, veins upstanding on the back of your hand.

Lily ends up at their apartment, eating food and watching their TV despite no one actually inviting her. Remus drops out of Uni to focus on being ‘a professional thief’ as he tells the others, and ‘to find himself’ which he tells his mother. Peter breaks his toe running into the bench drunk and they all wait for him at A&E, Lily and James both get kicked out for smoking so they go out back and James blows smoke rings while Lily pretends not to be impressed.


“Oh my god, I can’t believe you nearly got us caught. I cannot believe you’d had sex with that hotel clerk and couldn’t remember. Oh my God. You’re terrible Sirius. If I end up going to jail because of your sex life I’ll murder you and then confess so I can go away for that instead”

“Sorry, holier-than-thou-Wormtail, I forgot, of course you’ve kept track of every single person that you’ve had sex with.”



“Did you find the spare key” James is hopping from foot to foot, strongly considering leaving the house and its five TVs, for another night when his balls aren’t in danger of freezing off.

“Clearly not. If I had found it we would be Inside” Lily walks the rest of the way towards him, not the most affable when cold. She stares at the cat flap again, and James blanches.

“No. No, Evans.” Lily raises her eyebrows and James can see the stark contrast of her, pale neck against pulsing hair. He is all at once very aware of his skeleton inside his skin, how large it is, poking elbows and harsh knuckles. He feels too big for the space.

She kicks open the cat flap, and look up at him “you’re the one always going on about how you won that gymnastics competition when you were nine. Let’s see if you’ve still got it.”


Sirius circles the date on the calendar and writes, in the square with sharpie ‘THE DAY WE MADE IT BIG’

“Making it on the news once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times and we’ve hit the big time. We are officially criminals folks, we’re had THREE featured break-ins on the news.” Remus sits back against the couch, stealing Peter’s beer in celebration.

“It doesn’t get better than this” says Lily sarcastically, sitting on the bench with her boots in the sink and drinking wine from the bottle. She passes it to Sirius whose spread flat across the tiles, still wearing the rope wire from this morning. James lets his head drop back against the door and raises his beer, half-drunk, a sort of toast to their careers.


“You look nice”

“Lily, stop lying. I look like a bag of fabric with legs.”

“Yes Potter, but a nice bag of fabric. A bag of fabric to believe in”


Sirius forgets to turn the alarm off.

“OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. THIS IS IT- WE’RE GOING TO JAIL” Peter is on the verge of tears, and pronounces ‘jail’ like it’s a swearword.  Remus is pulling up the blinds- presumably to jump out the window.

Lily can hear the wailing from where she’s parked at the official ‘getaway driver’ two streets over, and lets her head drop onto the steering wheel. Fucking morons. Inside the house, James has picked up a vase and Sirius is sweating profusely while holding an armful of stolen jewellery.

James throws the vase at the alarm. It stops. There is a silence. They can all feel Lily’s disapproval from two streets over.


“You want to know something funny” It’s Lily’s voice down the phone, and James blinks at the sudden abruptness to the beginning of the conversation.

“Not particularly but seeing as it’s you”

“My mother wanted me to be a lawyer.” She says and it takes him a minute to process this. She’s giggling down the line and he starts smiling before the full irony has set in. Then he’s laughing, and he can all at once see her leaning against her fridge, giggling into the phone, hair piled on her head like a mound of blood.

“That’s the best fucking thing I’ve ever heard”


On Remus’s birthday they go to a park and try to take the swing set.

“It’s going to have concrete foundations” says Peter flatly, for the fifteenth time.


Sirius whoops and James starts digging again with renewed vigour. Remus sits on the slide, touched and too drunk to realise that this is a bad idea.


Lily smiles again- the parents are looking- and tugs at her skirt.

“-got to be in bed by eight, right Tom?” the boy looks up, bored and nods without caring. The mother turns back, “we’ll be home by 11, there’s money on the table,” Lily nods and feels her wig pitch forward slightly. Fuck.


They leave, tearing down the driveway. She sighs, leaves Tom downstairs with the TV and goes upstairs to see James sitting at the window in a black ski mask. She opens the shutter, grinning.

“We’ve talked about this. You look dumb in the ski mask.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I look good in anything” he turns to watch the car turn out from the street and focuses on anything other than her legs under that skirt, “What’s the bet they’re going to an orgy, the Dad looked shifty. If they’re leaving their son alone on a Wednesday night to go to an orgy they deserve to be robbed. That’s just a fact.”  

She laughs, and takes off his mask, throwing it in the gutter before he can stop her.


She falls asleep on their living room floor while they’re planning to steal their landlord’s speaker system after he raised the rent on their apartment. James sort of, stands there, considering picking her up but then again, she’d probably punch him on reflex. She did that once, when he poked her after they were on the train back from that art thing where she’d shoved some priceless paintbrush in her bra while the lights were out.

He throws a blanket over her legs, and then ends up sleeping on the living room couch because he couldn’t make himself leave. What if she woke up and didn’t know where she was? He reasons with himself sleepily, and ignores why this matters to him, why it bothers him so much that Lily might wake up and be afraid.


They try to pawn stuff at their local pawn shop and, well, Sirius ends up pocketing a bunch of rare baseball cards from the pawn shop, then trying to sell them back to the owner. The rest of them bolt, and then draw straws to see who has to go bail him out.

“I’m letting you know that you’re a moron” says Remus, swinging the car keys around his finger and staring at a sullen Sirius through the cell bars. “I’m only bailing you out if you give me the ten dollars you owe me”

“No. I am in jail. I refuse to pay you money while I’m rotting away in a cell.”

Remus leaves, and come back to the apartment to see James and Peter rolling around laughing, while Lily talks into the phone, sniggering “Yes Sirius I do know he left without you… well you do owe him ten dollars… oh don’t be so ridiculous you can to remember your days on the outside, you’ve been in jail for literally three hours… if you call yourself a jailbird one more time I’m hanging up I swear”


“Stop moving”

“Shove it up your ass” She’s jittery, bumping on her heels as he fixes the rope wire to her waist. His hands are on her stomach, fingers over her hipbones. Jesus, is it cold in here? She’s got goose bumps.

James stands up, hands on her waistline. She can see the lock of his jaw, the smooth column of his throat. “Stop worrying” he says and her heart is pounding so hard she might have internal bruising.

“I’m not” she lies. There is something caught in her throat, she wants stand here with him very badly for as long as human legs are psychically able to take weight.


“Oh god. I’m retiring. I’m fucking retiring, Jesus, I can’t take this”

“How does one retire from stealing things?”

Lily looks up, glares, and shoves Sirius down into the sewer water. “We’re never robbing the Smithsonian again” she says, as she waits for Sirius to stop coughing up human piss.


“We could do this you know” she points at the paper. Everyone is looking at him.

“We’re going to get caught” he says.

She grins, and he forgets his entire argument, where they are and what his name is. “Like hell we will”


(They get caught)


It’s a fucking museum job, and the details are boring but it was raining and the walls were thicker than they thought and the air vents cleared the smoke a lot quicker than they were meant to and then there was Lily, standing with a $300, 000 painting in her hands with no cover and in the same room as seven armed security guards.

He sees the whole thing in slow motion, her, with the painting, the guards open mouthed. There is a split second where the entire room is shocked, and all he can think about is how she’s going to go to jail, and how hard it will be to never touch her again, to go back to a life without Lily sitting on his bench with her feet in the sink smoking his cigarettes.

Then, Sirius appears, with a gun stolen from a distracted security guard, firing upwards into the skylight and yelling nonsense.  It’s raining glass, pouring glass, there is a waterfall of glass in the room, and Lily drops the painting and grabs his hand and then they’re running with Sirius in front and there is so much yelling and his head is pounding and it is as if the entire world has become a grey area, because for a minute there was an entire life where he never saw her again and he is still shaking from it.



On the drive down the Mexico a week later, after flying to California, driving to New York then flying up to Toronto to lose the cops, Sirius is still ranting about it.

“I can’t believe, after everything, you’re the one that gets to be famous. We discovered you. We found you. We pulled you from the gutter and it’s you that’s #15 on MI6’s most wanted and have your own logo on the news. Unbelievable.


Peter hits him over the head with the car map book, and Remus almost drives into the barrier he’s laughing so hard.

“When we cross the border you have to wear this” James says, pulling out an all-black ski-mask and waving it at her. She stares for a minute, dumbstruck, then grabs his shirt collar and kisses him so forcefully his heart forgets itself.

“I would rather go to jail than wear that mask” she says once she’s pulled back, and his lip splits from smiling so hard

I’m getting tired of “girl disguises herself as boy, ends up falling for male LI, becomes frustrated because she can’t give herself away,” yada yada.

You know what I want? A boy has to pass off as a girl, wear a dress and a wig and of course, falls for male LI. Only, when he tells LI about his feelings, he’s rejected because LI is hella gay and oh, if only he was a boy…


A couple of portrait shots of Melody once again. This time with her glasses on though! Yes, Mel does have glasses, she just wouldn’t wear them with her old wig as they are a little too big. With this wig they hook into the thick hair and stay in place quite well. 

Melody is a Doll Chateau Snow Nymph with clothing by Angell-Studio, eyes by glastic, and face up and wig by me. 


Maria Kesselman in the ensemble (as Christine understudy). 

The first three photos shows her as the Mirror Bride, wearing a Sarah Brightman mask. The middle photo shows her as Hannibal Princess, though only in dress rehearsal so she doesn’t wear a wig and tiara here (same goes for many of the others, though Rebecca Caine is in full costume). 

Bottom middle photo shows her as Mirror Bride, also from rehearsals so she doesn’t wear the Brightman mask. The two last photos shows her as Triangle Girl in Masquerade, as a part of the “Little Band”. 

why feminism in France is pure bullshit

I was walking in the street. Just doing what I have to do, you know. Two White girls were behind me. They seemed to be my age or a little older (18-20). I had my earphones on, but I turned off the music because I was lost and I needed to be concentred on the path I was supposed to follow.

The thing which is so great with having earphones is simply the fact that people thinks that you can’t ear them. Apparently, they had a loooooooot of things to say about me even though I absolutely didn’t know who they were.

“Look how tight her jeans are. She wants to show her ass so bad !”

It was just a pair of skinny jeans. They were wearing the same kind of jeans. My ass was behind the material of the jeans. How is it showing ?

“her hair looks so fake, she must be bald under that big wig like most of Black girls”

“she has had some work done her lips are too big to be natural”

“her ass is just fat it’s not attractive at all”

Envious people (especially females) tend to think that anything they don’t have is fake. And yes, my ass is fat and bounce gracefully at each movement, indeed.

“what a slut

Yes. Finally. That word. I was waiting for it. Really.

This, my friends, is the typical behaviour of French girls in the Streets, at school, at home… EVERYWHERE.

Here, in France, whatever you do; you’re a slut (salope). If you’re not a slut, then you’re a whore (putain/pute). If you’re not a whore, then you're a bitch (traînée/catin). Now you’ve learned some French words and how to consider a woman in France as a man but also as a woman. Yes, French women love to praise gender equality, how being dressed a certain way isn’t an excuse to rape women, that being sexy is not being a slut, that women has the right to be proud of their sexuality just like men… yet, they are the first one to insult other women who dress sexy and embrace their sexuality. They want a feminist expansion and then shrink themselves because they don’t want to be seen as sluts.

Guess what ?

You’re an hypocrite mysoginist slut.

You love to suck your boyfriend’s dick and insult women who do the same and talk about it freely.

You dress sexy at home and take selfies and when you go out you wear more clothes. You’re mad because you can't show some skin like the other women that you criticize; you’re scared to be a slut.

But we are all sluts.

French feminism is a joke. Why ? Because French women are always in competition. They love to bash other women. They love to shame other women for things that they do as well. It doesn’t have any sense. French women are so ashamed of their sexuality, ashamed of their desire. They are just chaining themselves to patriarchal concepts and ask to get free right afterwards. It doesn’t have any sense. You say that men are wrong for telling women who has a lot of sex partners are sluts and when there aren’t men surrouding you anymore, you say that these same women are sluts.

You, French woman, you’ll never have what you want.

Stop being an hypocrite.

Stop thinking that other females are your competitors.

Stop acting like a jealous hating ass frustrated hypocrite.

Stop talking shit. Start to do what you claim so much instead of saying that “men are all bastards that absolutely want to dominate women” because you’re just allowing them to do so by giving the words they use against us more impact.

Feminism isn’t a trend.

You’re just another slut.

Why does everyone think Marinette can put her hair in a high bun?

I have short hair, down to the tops of my shoulders, and when i put my hair in pigtails, i can pretty much cosplay Mari without a wig.

My dilemma though, is having enough hair to do anything else with it. A low ponytail? Sure. A high ponytail? kind of iffy on if all the hair will stay in that ponytail.

But the bun everyone edits onto Marinette? That is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE with the amount of hair she has. I can’t get a bun like that with the short hair I have. A low bun? Plausible. This high bun everyone insists Mari can wear? Not very likely without hair falling out every which way and looking horrible.

There is simply not enough hair to do that!

I have to commend Amandla Stenberg for what she said because it is oh so true on so many of levels. If you think her statement was just about cornrows, then it went completely over your head. Kylie’s response was typical and expected, because she refuses to see it for what it is, and at the same time downing Jaden Smith, for why though??? Jaden Smith has nothing to do with that collective wig snatch she received.

While she is basking herself in her attempt to be edgy and looking street for her rapper boyfriend and getting praise for her cornrows. There are black people who are mocked for wearing them, oh they would be called ghetto, unruly, unprofessional, etc. They won’t get hired for jobs if they wear them, therefore they have no choice but to assimilate to conservatively “acceptable” hairstyles, therefore leaving them to perm, weave, straighten their hair.

She is absolutely right. Hip-Hop is now at the forefront of pop culture, so not just the music, but the overall culture, as to how dialect, the clothing, the dance, so now it is more apparent that white celebrities are attempting to give themselves street credibility in order to compete, they will gain black audiences, meanwhile appearing “edgy” to the mainstream audience. It becomes problematic when black issues such as these cop killings, these church shootings, come to the forefront of the news, and these same celebrities are silent. Oh they can speak up for the ALS Challenge, but are mum on the issues of the same community they profit from, that is because most of them are scared that speaking up will alienate their mainstream audience. I think David Banner also put this quite eloquently as well. And Paul Mooney as well saying “Everybody wanna be a nigga, but don’t nobody wanna be a nigga”.

It astounds me how this girl is much younger than Kylie Jenner, and is yet more educated and profound than her. At the same time it confuses me that Kylie Jenner gets all of this attention all because she got some restylane in her lips, when you have teens like Malala Yousafzai who is making a real difference in society.

Amandla Stenberg, continue to speak up and make yourself heard, because you are not wrong for speaking the truth, because not too many people in your position would.

drew some more minions for today!! (honks horn)

today’s minions are 89 and 76 respectively, two delinquent-styled minions from combat division, both very strong and fierce fighters!!

unbeknownst to 76, 89 has a big crush on her, but he’s too intimidated by her bloody reputation and terrifying demeanor to ever ask her out. she doesn’t know about the crush, but doesn’t like the way he hangs around near her in complete silence, thinking he’s just trying to look cool

(i should also mention that that’s not 76’s real hair. the hoods/balaclavas that minions wear are magic and kind of subsume the hair to keep their shape, so anyone with hair outside of their mask is wearing a wig. it might resemble their actual hair, though!! who knows)

-no. 93

I just had to unfriend someone on fb bc they liked that white cosplayer wearing blackface to cosplay garnet…. people try to defend it by saying “she’s a gem not a human” but this person obviously knew garnet is black. They chose to wear an Afro wig and they chose to wear brown makeup. It doesn’t matter if it’s cosplay. It’s no different than someone wearing blackface to impersonate black celebrities or black people in general.

DO NOT use dark makeup to cosplay black coded characters, and DO NOT use hairstyles like dreads or Afros to cosplay black characters if you aren’t black yourself.

If you want to cosplay garnet even though you are white, (although I don’t recommend you do this either bc garnet is still a black coded character) make yourself less problematic by cosplaying her pilot design? Just don’t use brown makeup and find a red color instead.

Third instalment of the series (even though it should be the first): fem!Ahkmenrah

I’m not even going to ask what a female variant of “Ahkmenrah” would be.

I seriously considered drawing her wearing her rightful crown, but I really wanted to draw one of those pretty egiptian wigs. She has a crown and wears it often enough, I assure you.

Ahkmenrah will always have a special place in my heart, because, while I first became aware of Rami Malek’s existence via The War at Home (though I really didn’t care about him much past the “oh, that guy is really cute” thought), it was Night at the Museum and its unbelievably endearing pharaoh what sealed my fate. Talk about childhood crushes.

I’ll shut up now.

Other fem!Ramis

I’M STILL ON A ONCE UPON A TIME HIGH AND THAT IS MORE THAN FINE WITH ME. Though, I’ve got one question – just one. What happened to Emma’s hair??? Like seriously, it used to be super straight and good. And since the beginning of this season it’s so different. Almost as if she was wearing a wig or something. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MESS THIS UP?