is she wearing a wig though

Why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene

Some people are probabaly wondering why do I ship an animated couple so much. Let me explain why using just the Tangled Before Ever After movie.

1. When Rapunzel asked “Have you seen anything so beautiful?” Eugene looked at Rapunzel and said YES

2. The moments when they almost kissed and Eugene was mad/upset that he didn’t get to kiss her

3. There was a lot of hand holding moments and I thought all of them were really cute

4. Eugene poured his heart out in the proposal and Rapunzel was so happy at first to hear what he had to say

5. Rapunzel felt really bad for saying no to Eugene’s proposal

6. The guards were front of Rapunzel’s bedroom doors and Eugene was trying to do anything to see her.

7. Then Eugene poured out his heart AGAIN to what he thought was Rapunzel minutes after his proposal

8. Eugene tried to find Rapunzel after Pascal told him he didn’t know where she was.

9. When Eugene broke down the door

10. When Rapunzel wasn’t scared to show Eugene her hair

11. When Eugene wanted to make sure Rapunzel was okay wondering how she got her hair back.

12. When Rapunzel walked into her coronation and Eugene couldn’t stop staring at her (even though she was wearing a crazy wig).

13. When Eugene said “that’s my girl”

14.When Rapunzel gave Eugene a frying pan for self defense

15.When Eugene gave Rapunzel a cupcake (just like he did in the movie)

16. When Eugene didn’t understand why Rapunzel said no to his proposal but he would do ANYTHING to make her say yes and do ANYTHING to make her happy.


Eugene tries to do whatever he can to make Rapunzel happy and Rapunzel loves having Eugene in her life but doesn’t want to commit right away because she’s trying to find herself.

(Sorry most of them were about Eugene)

Fear Potion

TW: Mentions of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault.

Dear diary,

It’s been six months to the day since I was raped.

I still haven’t gone back to school, I’m doing it all from home. It’s easier so I don’t have to face him. I sometimes miss my friends, but at least there’s Facebook. Not many of them talk to me anymore. There’s a few that do but half of those treat me like I’m… different. I haven’t changed.

That’s a lie. A lot has changed. But I’m still Alex.

And I’ve finally picked up going to the survivor support group.

The leader’s name is Krissa. She’s nice. I told them my story. For once I felt no judgment. Even my mom seems critical of my every move.

I’ll keep going back.

I don’t know if I can survive this still.

I survived today though. That counts for something, at least.

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the angels all wear suits, but they don’t have a good sense of fashion… so the results are somewhere between horrifying and hillarious

and since you can’t acknowledge the angels, nightvale citizens have developed a sort of unspoken game of “how long can you go w/o reacting to the angels outfits”

the angels know about, and eventually willingly participate in the game, wearing more and more extravagant outfits (ie. victorian ball gowns paired with swim goggles and nikes, or a sweatsuit and a medieval crown

josie has the record, obviously

josie is also now one of the angels, in light of recent events, and happily joins this game

she does have a fashion sense, but it’s more fun to play along

ofc she always goes absolutley above and beyond, to the point of city council actually breaking and doing a double take when they see the looming figure of Angel!Josie wearing angel wings, a bright red wig, an ill fitting pair of bloomers, a neon crop top with blue and green stripes that seem to switch around constantly, aviator shades, a sun hat, and knee high converse

cecil has been mistaken for one of the angels before because of his ridiculous fashion sense

seriously though some days he rivals Josie

Fue un flechazo

2,36pairing: Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle x Reader

relationship: romantic

request: no

plot: Jaime and Reader have know from working together in the team, it goes through the stages of the relationship. 

key: (Y/N) = your name. (H/N) = hero name. 

words: 2,369

A/N: Please forgive me if any of the Spanish is wrong, or if this is offensive or if I get something wrong. Some of this will be based on research, and google translate (which is not the best), so please, if you feel like I need to change something then please tell me. From what I’ve researched, Fue un flechazo means ‘love at first sight’, please correct me if this is wrong.  Also, I might make this a series? Like do every bit in more depth? Or maybe a part two? Idk yet. But tell me what you think!

December 1st, 2015 - The First Meeting.

“(H/N).” Turning to look at her team leader, the frown on (Y/N)’s face turned into a small smile as she let her hands fall to her sides from their former crossed position as she walked towards Nightwing and her other teammates, as well as what seemed to be a new member of the team. If she recalled correctly, his name was Blue Beetle and he was Ted Kord’s successor.

“Nightwing, Wonder Girl.” Looking the boy up and down, there was much left to the imagination as his armour covered him very well, but as he pulled back his mask and his face was revealed a rush of blood went up to the young girl’s cheeks, causing a small blue to show on her cheeks. He was certainly handsome, in her opinion anyway, and she felt an undeniable attraction to him then and there, but it was an innate attraction that she couldn’t quite explain.

“Jaime Reyes, this girl has roused a physiological change within you. Your pupils have become dilated, your heart rate has increased a considerable amount, and you are perspiring more than you previously have been. These are all signs of attraction. This is dangerous. She will be a distraction.” Rolling his eyes under his mask, Jaime mentally cursed at Khaji Da and started to mutter under his breath, telling the scarab on his back to shut up and back off, as he retracted his own mask.

Though, he couldn’t deny that he was telling the truth. The girl in front of him was absolutely stunning, her face wasn’t yet hidden behind a mask and he could see the same reactions in her towards him that he towards her (though he had some help from Khaji Da when it came to that) and he was undeniably attracted to the girl, though he wasn’t quite sure because it was only their first meeting after all.

“Who’s this?” Her voice was sweet and it cut through his thoughts, bringing him back to reality once again. “I’m Jaime Reyes.” ‘That was not a smart decision Jaime Reyes, you should not have told the girl your real name’. Holding his hand out, he smiled as (Y/N) reached her own hand to take his in a firm handshake.


January 1st 2016 - The Team Notices

Running her hand through her newly freed hair, as she usually wears a wig as part of her disguise, a yawn passed through (Y/N)’s lips and a smirk crawled onto her face as she watched Jaime and Beast Boy. “Come on now boys, play nice.” She placed a hand on Jamie’s shoulder and smiled at the boy.

‘Jaime Reyes, your body is still reacting to (Y/N) like it is your first time meeting her. Shall I release some hormones to try and control this.’ “No, leave things alone.” Muttering to the scarab, Jaime looked to his friends with slightly wide eyes as he realised (Y/N) had raised her eyebrow at him due to him, once again, talking to himself, “I was talking to Khaji Da.”

Nodding a soft ‘Ahh’ left (Y/N)’s lips, “Well, you should tell Khaji Da that he needs to stop interrupting conversations.” Letting out a chuckle, Jaime turned to fully face the girl with a small smirk, “Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s not working.”

Placing a small kiss on his cheek, (Y/N) smiled, “I know. I was only teasing.” A blush rose onto Jamie’s cheeks as he absently reached up to touch his cheek where she had kissed him  before she walked away, “I’m going to get changed. Wait for me and we can head back together?”

Jaimie was slightly taken back from the kiss on the cheek to vocalise a reply and so he only slowly nodded while (Y/N) let out a giggle, a small blush forming on her own cheeks as she saw how he reacted as she never imagined him reacting like that.

A sly smirk spread across the lips of Garfield as he watched the interaction and he rose an eyebrow as he lightly punched Jaime in the shoulder, bringing him out of his daze to rub his arm where he was hit. “What the hell? What was that for ese?”

Nodding towards the girl as she disappeared down the hall, Garfield crossed his arms over his chest and scoffed in disbelief, “Can you be any more obvious?” Jaime’s eyes filled with confusion as his face contorted to match them, “What are you talking about?”

“You have a thing for (Y/N)!” Now Jaime scoffed, rolling his eyes he defensively crossed his arms over his chest and looked away from his green friend, “No I don’t.” Now Jaime could hear Nightwing chuckling from his position at the computer system as he started tackling the mission report.

“Jaime, you’ve had a thing for her since you meet her last month!” Letting out a puff of breath, Jaime didn’t believe what he was hearing, yeah he knew he was attracted to her but that didn’t mean that the others had to know about it! But apparently he wasn’t very discreet about it.  “Don’t worry about it, she has a thing for you too.”  This caused Jaimes original blush, that was only small and on his cheeks, to flare up and cover his entire face.

As she walked towards the room where all the clothes and suits were kepts, (Y/N) was joined by Bumblebee and M’Gann who had mischievous smirks on their faces as they both looked at the girl, which made her sigh and ask the question that had been hanging in the air for a while, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Oh it’s nothing.” A small giggle passed M’Ganns lips as she continued, “We were just talking about how you have a thing for Blue Beetle.” Stopping dead in her tracks, (Y/N) stared at the two girls with a mortified blush on her face due to the fact that they had worked it out.

“How the hell did you figure that out?” With a shrug of her shoulders, Karen answered this time, “Oh just the way you stare at him when you think no one’s looking, the smiles that you share only with him, oh, and the blush on your face just now confirmed it.” With a roll of her eyes, (Y/N) let out a scoff and looked to the girls, “I’m not blushing.”

That was a lie, (Y/N) felt like her face was on fire with the way it heated up when they revealed they knew about her silly little crush, and that’ all she thought it was. A silly little school girl crush.

“Sure you’re not.” And with that, the three girls walked in silence to the changing room.

By the time (Y/N) had returned to the training area, Jaime was as red as a tomato due to the teasing he had to endure from Nightwing, L’Gann and Garfield and (Y/N)’s face almost matched his due to the teasing she had gotten from M’Gann and Karen and as the two left together, the five that had been teasing them stood with a smirk on their face.

“So, who wants to bet on how long it takes for them to get together?”

March 30th 2016 - The First Reunion

(Y/N) had found herself distraught over the small time that Jaime had been gone, mainly because he wasn’t gone simply because he needed a break but because he was kidnapped by a man the team once considered an ally. Someone they trusted. So, she sat in the bioship, making sure it was ready for when the team completed the mission instead of fighting, her emotions would just get in the way and made it more likely for her to lose control of her powers.

Once L’Gann brought Jaime back to the bioship (after been blown back by his own power and the power of the Black Beetle they had encountered), she rushed to him and wrapped her arms around him, careful not to hug him to tightly and to be mindful of his injuries. He returned the hug, bringing her in closer to himself as he did. “I’m so glad you’re okay Blue.”

Pulling back from him, she looked over his body, even though it was protected, for any obvious signs of injury. “Are you hurt?” Smiling at the girl, Jaime shook his head ‘no’, even though he was sure he had some bruising and some fractures, so he wouldn’t worry the girl. “I’m okay.”

As she smiled back, “I’m glad.” Leaning forward, she kissed the boy on his protected cheek, which caused him to blush but it was blocked by the armor on his skin. As they travelled back to base, Jaime lay with his head on (Y/N)’s lap at her request and the two talked to distract themselves of what just happened as the rest of the team looked on with soft smiles.

June 13th 2016 - Fighting

Neither (Y/N) or Jaime had seen this coming, he had previously betrayed the team and knocked them all out so he could get the crystal key and then he lied about it. Then he seemed to be all buddy-buddy with the enemy, the Reach, even appearing at their conference. It was almost like he was acting a puppet and not himself.

Now, they were fighting. Khaji Da was easily able to use Jaime to subdue Batgirl and Impulse, but (Y/N) was harder to take down due to the fact that her powers were rooted in magic and the scarab had a weakness when it came to magic. So, with the help of Rocket she was able to trap Jaime in a bubble of magic that he couldn’t break.

“I’m sorry, this has to be done. You are out of control Blue.” It appeared that Jaime had looked at the girl, but she knew it was only the scarab and that Jaime had no control of his actions at the minute.  

June 14th 2016 - The Second Reunion

(Y/N) stayed with Zatana in the temple of Isis as the team dealt with Green Beetle, she was tired but she knew she could persevere for the sake of Jaime. With her hands placed on the ground, she focused and started to chant alongside Zatana, giving Zatana whatever power she had left to complete the ritual.

(Y/N) had gone into a trance like state and so she ignored the fighting around her, and has no memories of what happened during the spell, but she knows that when she came through, Jaime was back. He was himself again and this time he hugged her first, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her off the ground and into his chest, whispering gentle ‘I’m sorry’s’ as he did and nuzzling his head into her shoulder slightly.

June 16th 2016 - The First Kiss

It had been a few days since they had gotten Jaime back to normal, a few days since the display at the temple and yet (Y/N) could still feel Jaimes arms around her as she sat atop her roof in El Paso, looking up at the night sky.

She honestly thought she was dreaming when she felt warm arms drape around her and when a soft voice murmured, “You’re going to get sick.” Letting out a chuckle, (Y/N) turned to Jaime with a small grin on her face as she did, “So? This night sky is worth it.”

Sitting down beside her, Jaime let out a chuckle and looked up himself, “I guess you’re right.” They both sat in silence for a while, enjoying the sight of the stars in the sky, the silence only being broken when a shooting star flew through the sky and (Y/N) quietly said, “I guess we have to make a wish.”

Turning to look at her, Jaime got lost in how she looked to him in that moment. The moon was shining down at just the right angle to make her face light up and her hair sat beautiful around her face (though she would insist it was messy) and the way her eyes sparkled as she stared out at the stars made it seem like the entire galaxy was inside them and he knew in the moment that his wish was ‘I want to marry this girl’. “Yeah, I guess we do.”

(Y/N) could feel Jaime’s eyes on her and that made a blush rise to her cheeks, she had to admit it now. What she thought was a silly school girl crush was something much more and it terrified her. Jaime was everything her mother ever wanted for her, he was everything she wanted for herself at age of 16 and she felt she was too young to know what love felt like, but from what she had been told about it she could say that that was what she was feeling.

Turning to Jaime, (Y/N) meet his stare with a small smile, “What? Have I got something on my face?” There was a playful tone to (Y/N)’s voice as she asked the question and reached up to wipe away anything that was there but that hand quickly feel away as she heard the next words from Jaime’s mouth.

“Puedo besarte?[1]” She was shocked, not because he had reverted back to Spanish, because it was normal for the two of them to switch between the languages, especially when it came to private conversations like this, but because she didn’t expect this. She could seem to find the words to say and she simply nodded yes and as Jaime leaned forward, so did she and the meet in the middle with their mouths moulding together as if they were meant for each other. And it seemed that the feeling that both had from their first meeting, that feeling of uncertain attraction had melted away into a feeling of certainty, a feeling of rightness. Like this was supposed to be.

[1] Can/May I kiss you?

Prince Adam Headcanons

Yeah I just physically couldn’t. stop. myself…

Word Count: um…a lot. I might as well take out the dots and make it an imagine bc LOL I GOT A LIL CARRIED AWAY HERE

A/N: yes, I’m still working on my Gaston series, but while I’m writing that, here *dumps fanfic in ur lap* have these post-curse headcanons that I thought up at 4:00am of the purest most adorably precious cinnamon roll prince ever

Originally posted by imanewrevival

  •  Prince Adam still literally unable to wrap his mind around the fact, even weeks after the curse is broken, that someone could find it in them to love him in his darkest and most hopeless of times
  •   Adam, not surprisingly, suffering from post-curse nightmares. He’ll dream that he’s once again the vain, cruel prince who turned away the rose, and wake with hands clutching at his chest and face to make sure that they’re not animalistic and covered with fur again
  •  on nights when the dreams are particularly bad, he’ll wake you and you’ll stay up till dawn comforting him, his head on your chest or in your lap while you whisper soothing words and brush your hand through his hair
  • sometimes you’ll snuggle into him and place your cheek on his shoulder, bringing your fingers up to his face and tracing his cheekbones, his eyebrows, and his jawline with soft strokes to remind him that his features are human again, and always will be
  • Adam catches your hand and gently presses his lips against your fingertips, his eyes closing and his forehead furrowing before kissing your palm. When his eyelids open, his gaze locks on yours and you almost can’t breathe for the amount of love in his stunning blue irises that shine like moonbeams
  • eventually lulling him back to sleep by singing or reading softly, admiring the peacefulness of his expression as he dozes, marveling at how truly lucky you are to love someone so beautiful and pure and to have his love in return
  • having literally the most perfect and healthy relationship ever. Seriously, the two of you are the stuff of romance novels (the happy ones that aren’t all dramatic and angsty). You can practically read each others’ minds, which really comes in handy when trying to find each other new books to read. You know everything about each other. How you like your tea, what position you find most comfortable to sleep in, your favorite author, your favorite composer, even what things you find annoying or frustrating
  • One more time now: RELATIONSHIP GOALS
  • being able to match Adam’s mischievous side with your own. Don’t get me started on snowball fights during the winter seasons which always leave you soaked to the bone (much to Mrs. Potts’ amused dismay when you leave puddles through the halls and on the stairs) and grinning like idiots. Mud fights are frequent during the summer as well (poor Mrs. Potts indeed). You never miss a chance to enjoy the fresh scent of rain after a summer storm, so you head out with Adam to enjoy the dewy gardens…then come back looking like you bathed in a swamp
  • just. imagine. tho. You’ll be sitting on a bench glossing over a book, or breathing in the crisp warm air when all the sudden you glance up and see Adam looking at you from a few feet away, his lips upturned in a smirk and his gaze peering through his eyelashes. He slowly brings one hand around from behind his back and you see a ball of sticky brown mud oozing between his fingers. You barely have time to growl, “Don’t you even think about it.” before it smacks you in the face, instantly dribbling down your neck and shoulders. Adam’s deep laugh bounces off the statues before it’s cut off by the sound of mud splattering against the back of his head. Total chaos ensues, and the cleaning staff shares a collective sigh as the sound of hysterical laughter from the gardens meets their ears
  • fervent apologizing on both your parts to the gardeners afterwards
  • kisses. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the camel, the k i s s e s. Kisses that stop time. Kisses that make the ground spin under your feet, or sometimes even make the ground disappear completely. Standing with your toes touching as Adam brings both hands to the sides of your face, dips his head and kisses you with such deep, slow passion that you forget who’s air you’re breathing, or you forget to breathe entirely. Gathering the fabric of his shirt in your hands and standing on your toes to be even closer to him. He brushes his thumbs across your cheeks, and when you finally break apart, you can’t move or draw oxygen for several seconds after. In these moments, if he were to ask you the sum of 2 + 2, you would only be able to answer with his name
  • waking up to feeling the feather-light touch of his lips against the side of your neck, along your jaw and on your cheek, unable to conceal the shudders that ripple along your skin or the butterflies that fluster uncontrollably around your stomach. Feeling him smile against your shoulder when he runs his hand along your arm and feels the goosebumps that his actions have caused, asking in a deep, husky morning voice if you’re cold or if there’s some other reason for the reaction. You sit up and stuff a pillow in his face
  • he’s not the only one who uses affection to rouse the other from sleep. Before the break of dawn, you’ll wrap your arm around his torso and lightly trail kisses across his features. On each of his closed eyelids, his nose, his cheeks, the corner of is mouth until the arm that he has around your shoulders tightens and pulls you against him, his lips spreading in a drowsy smile. After he’s awakened, you wrap yourself in blankets and lead him by the hand through the silent castle until you reach the tallest tower. There you stand in his arms, his lips pressed to the top of your head as the two of you watch the sun rise over the distant hills and flood the skies with pale pink light
  • spontaneous dances. This is 100% a thing. Imagine standing in the library at one of the tables, alphabetizing a stack of volumes when Adam’s arms wind around your waist and his firm chest presses to your back. “Do you hear that?” he’ll ask softly, prompting you to grin as you hear Cadenza’s playing a few rooms away. Before you know it your swaying to the sweet rhythm, then Adam’s twirling you across the floor, lifting you into effortless spins and dipping you nearly to the floor, making laughter flow from your lips
  • making faces at each other from across the diner table
  • holding balls and dances at least once a month to stay connected with the rest of Villenueve, and even though Adam is supposed to be socializing, he can’t help staring at you practically the entire night
  • Plumette helping you get ready for said parties, lacing up your dress and fastening back rebellious strands of hair when Adam appears in the doorway, his eyes widening in loving disbelief at your astounding beauty, which of course makes your face turn the color of a ripe pomegranate. Plumette smiles, her hands on your shoulders as she says, “Isn’t she a vision, my prince?” Adam’s shakes himself from his stupor and responds, “One almost too beautiful to behold.”
  • your face reddens ten shades
  • pet names. And lots of them, though mainly “love” and “my darling”

      • “(Y/N), I’m not wearing that.”  

      “Oh come on, it’ll look wonderful.”

      “It will look ridiculous.”

     “But Lumiere looks so dashing in them, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.”

      “(Y/N), it’s got bloody bows in it.”

     “It makes it look more fashionable. Now just try it on!”

     “I’d rather be a beast again.”

     “Oh honestly, it’s just a wig.”

     “Take one more step and I’ll throw that thing in the fire.”

  • the staff of the castle may as well be payed family members. Plumette is of course your best friend, Adam’s being Lumiere. Mrs. Potts is a second mother to you, and Cogsworth is always overjoyed to play the part of the father figure. Maestro Cadenza and Madame Garderobe took you under their musical wings as soon as the curse was broken, and you can never go through a conversation with either of them without being called “my dear” or “darling” at least five times. Your closest bond however is with Chip, and often you’ll glimpse Adam sitting with the young boy on his lap as well, exploring the surface of an atlas or looking at old maps
  • Adam being brilliant with children, despite thinking that he’s not. Sometimes he’ll watch you interacting with Chip and find himself wondering what it would be like to start a family of your own someday, not noticing the soft smile that graces his lips at the thought of it
  • going on adventures together. Not major ones necessarily, but even small journeys through the nearby mountains and forests are enough to mostly quench your wanderlust. You’ll often drag him to the top of a hill that overlooks Villeneuve and the surrounding countryside, standing with hands linked as the wind rushes over you
  • returning from such journeys to the warm castle, Mrs. Potts setting out tea by the fireplace, and you curling up against Adam by the huge marble hearth, practically on his lap with your face buried in his thick, smooth hair. Your fingers absentmindedly play with the laces of his shirt, his heartbeat echoing smooth and steady against your chest. Adam draws you closer as the warmth of the crackling fire surrounds you in a drowsy haze, pressing his lips to your forehead and murmuring a tender, “I love you.” to which you smile and tilt your head up to meet his eyes. “And I love you. For evermore.” His smile makes your heart swell to the point where it aches with happiness. “For evermore,” he replies.

uuugghhhhhh save meh plz

She was lost to him...💔 💭

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Time is such a funny thing. For some, time can move ever so slowly, slithering on, lasting a lifetime. To others, time feels fleeting, unstoppable. Things that happened so long ago, feel as though they were yesterday.
That’s how a 40 year old Mike Wheeler feels, as he talks about his childhood memories with his wife, and kids.

He doesn’t divulge a lot of information about his childhood to his family, they only really know a few, odd details here and there, like the colour bike he had, what he got on his 10th birthday, his relationship with his mother and father. His wife and kids assume that something tragic must have happened to him between the ages of 12-13, as he has never mentioned anything from that time period, only before or after.

One afternoon, his children are helping their mother empty out all the decaying, ageing boxes of clutter in the attic. They come across an old, transparent coloured box, although with all the dust blanketed over it, it’s hard to see what’s inside. They curiously dig out the contents, to reveal a battered, and fragile old battery- operated watch. They rush downstairs to ask Mike was this his, and why the numbers are stuck on, ‘3:15’.

On seeing the watch, his kids are confused as to why their father looks so longingly at it, his eyes seeming to glisten from a teardrop. They ask him to tell them about it and why he looks so melancholic. He tells them that he used to know someone…Someone who was extraordinary, someone that you may only ever come across once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky. Most people never get the chance to.

This someone was like something from a dream, a person who couldn’t possibly be real. Someone with superpowers. A person who had gone through so much pain in such a short time, yet still only ever showed kindness to others.
They would save others before themselves, do anything for you. This person was so dedicated to saving others, that they sacrificed their own life to save Mike.

He doesn’t say any more or go into any further details. His kids obviously think he’s lying, or just trying to make up a fun, story for them, people with superpowers don’t exist! Mike isn’t surprised, his mother gave him the same funny look, his kids did, when he told her too. El was a myth to other people.

The only people who knew about her besides Mike, were his friends, Lucas, Dustin and Will. Of course they had long moved away, flittered off to new neighbourhoods, living their own lives now. Through no fault of their own, they had allowed El to fade away in their memories, like the last star in the night sky, before dawn. They had their own lives to think about now, she had disappeared 28 years ago, which seemed like a world away to them. Not for Mike, everyday he remembers her sweet smile, the way she looked at him when they had been walking through the woods, and she had told him that she understood, when she had forced him to tell her about the mouth breather that tripped him at at school that day.

He remembers the soft touch of holding her hand in the science classroom, soft and smooth and the warmth he felt radiating from it. The feel of her arms wrapped around him, and the breeze in their faces that made her giggle with happiness, as she rode on the back of his bike with him. When he kissed her…the look in her eyes, the crinkle in her upper lip after he had done it, the smile she gave him. He remembers it all.

Every November, on the anniversary of the day he met El, in the woods, in the pouring rain, he sneaks out to his garden shed, nobody bothers him there. He lights a candle on a small, chocolate cupcake, and wishes for her to come back to him. She never does.

He has nothing physical to remember her by. No trinket, or photograph of her. Even his mother accidentally threw out the wig she used to wear when he was a kid. There are no documents or records of her ever even existing. This girl he had loved, still loves. A girl that had saved him, in every way that a person can be saved, only existed now, in his memory. That is how he keeps her alive.

He dreams about her sometimes at night, he sees her face looking down on him. He often catches his basement lights flickering, and for a split second wonders if it’s her? If she’s still alive out there somewhere? But then reality swoops in.

He can swear that every time it’s raining and he passes the woods by his house, he can hear a small familiar voice calling out for him.
Like this, he keeps her memory alive.

She tells him in his dreams that she will always exist as long as Mike’s heart still beats, as long as he has air in his lungs. He keeps her alive for another 40 years, its hard to remember sometimes, the pain can often get too much.

At aged 80, Mike Wheeler peacefully passes away in his sleep. He falls asleep dreaming that he is looking into a mirror. Reflected is himself, as a 12 year old boy again. Stood behind him is a 12 year old Eleven, wearing her pink, frilly dress, and her blonde wig. She looks so angelic. She looks at Mike and tells him that she’s here now, she will protect him, they can be together now, and Mike slips away in his sleep.

Anyone who ever knew who she was, knew her bravery, her strength, her courage, and were lucky enough to know her love, were all gone now. Her memory had been erased from all existence. Now it is as though, she never even existed at all.

19 Reasons the New Spider-Man Movie Will Be Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Like many other superhero movie fans out there, I suffer from a serious, life-altering condition known as Spider-Man Fatigue (SMF). I’m a fan of the early-2000s franchise starring Tobey Maguire, and I willingly sat through Andrew Garfield’s take on Peter Parker in 2012 and 2014. But when I heard Marvel and Sony had combined forces to tell a new version of the young web-slinger’s story for a third time, I audibly groaned. Another one? Seriously? Then, I saw Captain America: Civil War. This Spider-Man, played by 20-year-old British rising star Tom Holland, is only in the movie briefly but seems immediately lighter and funnier; he meshes perfectly with Tony Stark and the rest of the gang. Could it be? Could Marvel have finally found a way to stop my skeptical eyes from rolling at each mention of a new installment to his story?

To figure out, once and for all, whether I’d be able to enjoy a sixth Spider-Man movie, I flew down to Marvel’s Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, where the team behind Spider-Man: Homecoming filled me and a group of other journalists in on what’s in store for Peter Parker this time around. We arrived on production day 46 of 74 and were treated to tours of a few sets - including a massive portion of the Washington Monument that Peter climbs and a full-size (but still partial) replica of the Staten Island Ferry designed to split in two for a fight scene - and an enlightening conversation with Eric Carroll. The coproducer and director of development for Marvel explained to us the basic story of the film and what Homecoming is trying to achieve with this iteration; chiefly, they want it to feel fresh and new while still going back to basics in terms of Peter’s story.

Later on that day we got a better idea of just how basic Carroll meant, when we watched Michael Keaton and Holland film a scene in an old, empty warehouse, where Peter Parker confronts the Vulture dressed in a very, very basic version of his suit (which you can see above). After chatting with Keaton, Holland, Carroll, director Jon Watts, and more members of the production team who’ve helped bring this movie to life, I can confirm that any fellow sufferer of SMF needs not fear: Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to leave us all with our jaws on the floor.

Everything You Need to Know About Spider-Man: Homecoming

  1. This will be the youngest Peter Parker yet. At just 15 years old, Marvel has given us a glimpse at Peter in all of his awkward, nerdy, angsty glory. As we saw in Civil War, he’s not only figuring out the limits of his powers, but also learning how to balance his life as a student and friend, as well as a superhero. “[It’s] the whole aspect of keeping him grounded and making sure the audience sees a kid as a superhero,” Holland explained. “Because we’ve seen the sort of Norse god, we’ve seen the billionaire, we’ve seen the soldier, now we get to see the kid. And one of the most important themes of the movie is, what would a 15-year-old boy do with superpowers? So, sort of opening act to the movie, you see Peter really trying to discover who he is, what he can do, which is something I feel like we haven’t really explored massively in the previous movies - is seeing Peter make mistakes and try and rectify them and try and learn exactly what he can do.”

  1. They’re staying true to his Queens, NY, roots. If you hear “Spider-Man” and immediately conjure images of him slinging his way around Manhattan’s tallest skyscrapers, think again. “If you think of New York, you always think of Manhattan, so it’s a very conscious tonal choice to say he is not in Manhattan,” production designer Oliver Scholl told us. “Manhattan is always across the river, it’s where he aspires to be. That’s where the Avengers’ tower is - across the river looming in the sunset. But he’s not there yet.”
  2. So, no skyscrapers for Peter? This Spider-Man is still unsure of his powers and therefore isn’t keen on jumping off 40-story buildings. “Spider-Man starting out - he’s not irrationally afraid of heights, but he has the fear of heights that all well-balanced people do,” Carroll said. “So he’s going to work up to becoming the Spider-Man we know he will someday. But we will not see him swing down Fifth Avenue in this movie. We will not see him 40 stories off the ground acting like that is not the most terrifying thing he will do that day.” Luckily he’ll be much more at home in the low-rises in Queens.
  3. Aunt May is getting a face lift. Following in the footsteps of Rosemary Harris and Sally Field, Marisa Tomei is the next Aunt May. She won’t be wearing a white wig or sitting for hours in the makeup chair to make her look older, though; this Aunt May is “more of a big sister” figure to Peter, who encourages him to go out and be social.
  4. Uncle Ben will be basically nonexistent. Although Holland kept information about Uncle Ben’s role in this Peter’s story under wraps, Carroll confirmed that the character will be alluded to at best. Here’s hoping we never have to see Uncle Ben bleed out on a sidewalk somewhere ever again, right?
  5. The Avengers are responsible for creating the Vulture. Remember all of that talk about how superheroes are never held accountable for all of the destruction their giant battles cause? Well, Keaton’s Adrian Toomes (aka the Vulture) is a direct side effect of The Battle of New York. Toomes owns a salvage company, which is hired to clean up the Avengers’ damage around Stark Tower. He’s elated over scoring such a big contract, only to be told another company - called “Damage Control” - is handling the job instead. As a blue-collar family man just trying to get by, he’s furious. This is what eventually sends him on a collision course with Peter.

  1. The Vulture salvages his gear from The Battle of New York. Although Toomes and his men are kicked off the project pretty soon, it’s still enough time for them to steal some alien tech they find amid the detritus. This is how Toomes is able to build wings for himself, and how some of his men - who later become Marvel villains the Tinkerer and the Shocker - get their own powerful tools.
  2. The Vulture is a totally new kind of Marvel villain. Loki and Ultron might have been hell-bent on taking over the world, but the Vulture has smaller goals in mind. “He’s somewhat of a victim,” Keaton said Toomes’s motivations. “He takes things in to feel like a victim. And some of it is justified actually, because he believes that there is an upper echelon of society and people who are getting away with a lot and have everything, and there was a whole lot of folks who are working hard and don’t have much. Does that sound familiar to anybody, given the political climate?” In the same warehouse where we watched Keaton and Holland film, we got to take a stroll through Toomes’s workshop, which is covered in crayon drawings from his children.
  3. Holland’s performance is inspired by both of the previous Spider-Mans. Holland is definitely doing something new with his character, but he wasn’t afraid to pick and choose elements from Maguire and Garfield. “It’s difficult to not take any influence from Toby and Andrew because they both had such great versions of the character,” he said. “I think from Toby, I’m taking the kind of less cool side of things, whereas Andrew is very cool and very sort of contained. I thought his Spider-Man was fantastic. When he was in that suit, I thought he really came to life, and so those are the two things I’m taking from both people. But for me, it’s just making sure I feel like a kid on set and really, really be the kid that everyone wants to be, you know? To just have fun with it, and see a superhero really enjoy having his powers.”
  1. A classic ‘80s comedy inspired a key fight scene. Bueller? Bueller? That’s right, there will be a sequence of Peter chasing bad guys through a neighborhood worthy of Ferris Bueller. Hopefully he’ll use his web to get around instead of stealing his best friend’s father’s Ferrari.
  2. The cast had to watch a John Hughes movie marathon to prepare. Spider-Man: Homecoming is first and foremost a coming-of-age tale, so Watts turned to the master of such stories: John Hughes. “He gave us a lot of movies to watch,” Holland said. “God there’s so many movies, and we basically just all sat down in my house in Atlanta, all the cast, and we just watched them all in one day and just had like a Dominos day. It was amazing … Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, there were loads of them.”
  3. Which is good, since the characters will be in high school for a while. High school will be “a big aspect” of these films, according to Carroll, which Watts echoed. “In the (Sam) Raimi one, he’s only in high school for like 10 minutes,” Watts said. “But I wanted to make a high school movie, so the opportunity to do it with Spider-Man was pretty exciting.” Homecoming takes place in Peter’s sophomore year, which means a trilogy might end with Peter graduating. Fingers crossed Spider-Man: Prom is next.
  4. Holland went undercover at a high school in the Bronx to get the full experience. “I sent him to the Bronx High School of Science, because that’s the kind of school that Peter Parker would go to,” Watts revealed. “He was so blown away by how hard the kids worked, how smart everyone was, and the thing he remarked on was just everyone was exhausted, and that’s what I remember from high school.” Holland went all-in on the experience, too, donning a fake name and accent to blend in. “I am in no way a science student, and some of the teachers would call me up in front of the class and try and get me to do equations and stuff. It was so embarrassing,” he recalled. “But it was actually really, really informative, because schools in London are so different. I would go to school every day in a suit and tie, it was just boys, and to be in a school where you can be free and let loose and be with girls was so different.” Holland swears that no one figured out his secret identity, but we have a feeling he’s going to have a harder time being anonymous once Homecoming premieres.
  1. Tony Stark is an important part of Peter’s growth. “Their relationship is so great in Civil War that you kind of feel you have to keep exploring that,” Watts said of his choice to make Tony a big part of Peter’s story. Holland says Tony is “more like a big brother than he is a father figure” to Peter because of their banter. “He picks on him,” he explained. “And he kind of is down on him quite a lot, but then there is that level of him caring about him like his own. And Robert [Downey Jr.] has really brought something lovely to the character. A very different side to Stark than we’ve ever seen before.”
  2. Tony is a little too overprotective of Peter, according to Peter. After seeing how clumsily Peter handled certain aspects of his team-up with Tony in Berlin, “he doesn’t feel that [Peter is] ready yet to be an Avenger,” Holland said. “I think he might have thought that what happened in Germany was too much for Spider-Man at that time, so he is very persuasive and he’s constantly trying to get Peter to stay in Queens, and save cats out of trees, and stop the burglar, and blah, blah, blah, and nothing of this scale.”
  3. Say goodbye to Harry Osborn. In an effort to make Homecoming feel fresh, Carroll said that “our goal was not to see what’s already been seen.” This means Peter’s BFF-turned nemesis will be missing, along with Oscorp and the Daily Bugle. Fortunately Peter finds a friend and confidant in classmate Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), who will no doubt ground the blossoming superhero.
  4. Say hello to a sick new suit. According to Carroll, Peter’s suit (courtesy of Tony) will include features like “a heater, lights, surveillance data, airbags, taser-webs, and mutliweb shooters.” Not too shabby for a 15-year-old from Queens, right?
  5. Holland does not share Peter Parker’s reflexes. There’s a scene in Homecoming that sees Peter handling liquid webbing, but it didn’t take long for Holland to be barred from playing with it. “As soon as they gave it to me I dropped it and it smashed everywhere. It’s literally day one,” he laughed. “It was this clear liquid and then I poured this yellow liquid into it, then mixed it, and it would go fluorescent white. I was like 'Oh this is the coolest thing ever’ and just smashed it everywhere. So, they immediately took it off me and I wasn’t allowed to play with it.”
  6. Holland confirms that Zendaya is the perfect actress for the job. When news first broke that Zendaya might be playing iconic Spidey love interest Mary Jane Watson (although she’s been referred to as “Michelle” so far), some despicable corners of the internet decided to throw a tantrum over the fact she isn’t white. Fortunately Holland can attest that of anyone tasked with dealing with these particular haters, Zendaya probably does it best. “Z is so powerful and so strong-willed that it’s not going to shake her at all,” he said. “She has such a large following on Instagram, and the majority of those people all love her. I feel like our generation is moving past this whole [idea] that you can’t cast someone who’s not of the right race for a character, and I really think we’re breaking through and changing that, and Z is perfect for it.” We have to agree.

See Spider-Man: Homecoming when it hits theaters on July 6!

you know when mcgonagall says to dumbledore that she wouldn’t be surprised if the wizarding world got rid of halloween and made october 31st harry potter day? imagine if she was right and harry potter day became a massive festive celebration in the wizarding community like

  • enormous hogwarts feast with chocolate lightning bolts and lollipops shaped like harry’s face 
  • instead of bats there are hundreds of baby harrys flying through the air in the great hall and harry forgets it’s going to happen every year and goes in and is like ‘AAAAAHHHHH’
  • harry and hermione meeting ron in the common room and he’s dressed as harry like ‘wait, don’t your families do this every year too?’ and they’re like ‘no. no they don’t’ 
  • harry and the other muggle-raised first years thinking it must just be the weasleys being weird as usual and arriving in the great hall expecting a halloween feast and there’s dumbledore at the front dressed in a really elaborate harry costume
  • and mcgonagall and hagrid and flitwick are all sitting and eating really seriously whilst wearing harry wigs and glasses and harry whispers ‘this is the worst day of my life’
  • fred and george dressing as voldemort and accessorizing with over the top hawaiian shirts and enormous wigs 
  • the malfoys having to join in every year so they don’t look suspicious but doing it incredibly sarcastically 
  • draco in POA knowing that harry hates the celebrations so he goes in an exaggerated harry costume and spends all day going ‘oh look i’m harry potter and i’m afraid of dementors, blah blah blah’ and the other slytherins are just like ‘draco you need to get over this crush man’
  • tonks causing hysteria during her time at hogwarts when she morphs into harry and everyone thinks it’s really him even though he would only be about five at the time
  • secret DA party in the room of requirement in DH
  • umbridge banning the celebrations but the students brew polyjuice potion in secret and confuse the fuck out of her 
  • sirius and remus in grimmauld place both dressing as james and doing exaggerated hair ruffles and snitch catches all day and calling each other ‘evans’ and constructing elaborate pick up lines
  • ginny goes as lily and harry gets incredibly confused 
  • quirrell has to wear a massive itchy harry wig to keep up pretenses and it practically suffocates voldemort and then quirrell joins in with hitting the piñata and voldemort makes him go get the troll out of pure annoyance 
  • massive range of special weasleys wizard wheezes products for the day
  • colin creevey’s having a fucking whale of a time 
  • so is dobby
  • snape is 10000% done 
Hair Routines

So my Truth or Dare post seemed to be fairly well received! I really liked making that one and I joked in another post about Thorne’s hair routine, and here we are. I kind of want to extend this to morning routines?? But IDK. Let me know.

Cinder: Obviously those messy ponytails that are mentioned about a million times. In terms of washing, she has to wash her hair every other day or so to keep it from getting too greasy. She learned to do it fast because Adri constantly pestered her for taking too long or raising the water bill.

Kai: As prince and emperor, he has to always look good, so he does all kinds of stuff. Shampoo, conditioner, gel, split end protection, whatever. Even more complicated than Thorne’s daily rituals. Haircut-wise, he was adamant about keeping his hair longish, because that’s how his mother liked his hair. 

Scarlet: She has to brush her hair. Every. Single. Night. Curly hair and farmwork do not mix (I’m assuming. I don’t have curly hair so…). Her grandmother used to brush her hair for her, and before that her mother. Most evenings after dinner and chores she makes Wolf do it, or he’ll offer. Often he will brush as she tells him about her day or how the crew is doing. He brushes as gently as possible. Also, she owns pretty much every curly hair product known to man. Occasionally wears a braid or two on heavy farm work days. 

Wolf: Owns exactly one comb and one bottle of shampoo. His hair hates laying flat and he sometimes has to borrow something from Scarlet.

Cress: After living for years on the satellite with her ridiculously long hair, she tries to keep her hair as low maintenance as possible. She keeps it just long enough to tie back when she visits hot places or needs it out of her face.

Thorne: SO. MUCH. PRODUCT. His hair could literally be hit with a rock and NOT MOVE. He and Kai trade hair tips and tricks (Kaiswell, anyone?). He constantly has a military style haircut and NO facial hair because they didn’t allow that when he was a cadet. Plus, his dad has a big bushy mustache, and Thorne doesn’t want to be associated or even look remotely close to his father.

Winter: Her hair routine is fairly simple. Levana didn’t allow her a lot of staff so she did a lot herself, learning from the netscreen in her room. Before her dad died, he also taught her how to wash and braid her hair properly. When Winter and Cinder were kids, they would do each others’ hair, so Winter got some practice. Sometimes braids Scarlet’s hair when they’re together since she understands curly hair.

Jacin: He does very little with his hair. All the guards had pretty much the same haircut and style. Like they even had to have all their ponytails at the same place or they would all get in trouble. Basically all he does is wash it, comb it straight, and maybe tie it back.

Iko: Even though she’s an android, she LOVES experimenting with crazy hairstyles. Sometimes she even wears wigs. She also uses her netlink to look up new hairstyles or techniques to try on the girls (and the guys). She and Cinder have a standing salon date every week. Cinder fake hates it but secretly she enjoys having that to look forward too, especially during really stressful weeks. If any of the other girls are in town they join. Iko has two specific salons, one on Earth and one on Luna, depending on where they are. She is loyal to them and refuses to go anywhere else. She knows the name of every person who works at those salons.

This concludes my TLC hair routine post! Shoot me an ask if you have a post like this that you want to see. I love writing these. Thanks!

I know shes still got her stock face, but she’s too fun to accessorize.  Finally I have someone to wear the cat dress!  If she steals the Resin Rose 2017 pigtail wig, though, Leda is gonna be pissed.

Reyna [Volks, F05]

And here she is! Wearing her official wig and eyes, but borrowing Lulu’s shirt bc I forgot to buy her one, lol. And she’s got jointed hands, which I’m really excited about, though they’ll take some getting used to. I think she’s beautiful even now, but I can’t wait to get her painted. And to style her wig the way I want. Anyway, she’s perf, I’m in love, all that jazz, lol.

Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Sherlock, “The Final Problem.”


My Top 10 Thoughts on Sherlock, Season 4, Episode 3: 

Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale

10. So…, was Eurus his therapist? Or….was she wearing a wig? Did she use a double? We’re led to believe it was her, but her look is SO different than in the last episode…are they the same? I guess so. That part did confuse me, plus with the dark hair, Eurus does look a lot different than prior. Glad Watson didn’t die though….though, that leaves the question: How did they get Eurus back in prison? Did she go back? I may need to rewatch that scene.

Originally posted by enigmaticpenguinofdeath

9. I do appreciate all the information on Mycroft that we get in this episode: that he’s a sucker for chivalrous, noir romances (SUPER surprising for me!), that he is scared of not being in control, cannot stomach murder in his face, and in the end…is actually a good brother in a lot of respects. At least, later on, when he sacrifices himself or tries to….I’m glad we get this development on Mycroft. He’s still a terrible brother in a lot of ways, though, but still, not a complete emotionless reptile

Originally posted by greencarnations

Originally posted by bosswaldcobblepot

8. There are quite a lot of deaths occurring in this episode, and in shocking ways…they do work quite well to establish how terrifying Eurus, the high-functioning psychopath works. I was genuinely scared throughout a lot of the second act of the story. It definitely raised the stakes and made her an antagonist to be wary of….speaking of antagonist to be wary of…

Originally posted by andrewxscotts

7. I really like how we had Moriarty FINALLY answered. And I liked it. A psychopath working with an equal psychopath. For a second, when he pops out of the chopper, I was scared that he actually survived somehow. Then we find out it’s a flashback and that all of the things she had done were recorded…I’m not sure when those were recorded, to be honest. I’m assuming she told him what to say and then he went and did it; leaving her the recordings after his death. I almost WISH that we’d been able to hear the conversation they’d had…but that’s a nice thing about the writing too; we’re allowed our imagination to fill in the gaps. I can just PICTURE the Eurus X Moriarty fan fiction developing as I type this….

Originally posted by stellagibson

6. So, we FINALLY got the Sherlolly scene we fans have waited on…I do, think, for now at least, that Sherlock loves Molly as a friend. I say this with all of the Sherlollyness in my heart wanting them to be more, but I was happy that Sherlock and Molly had this scene…though, immediately afterwards, we don’t get any aftermath scene. Even at the end of the episode, we see Molly pop in…what about that?! I would imagine it’d be awkward for them afterwards…hmmm…was Sherlock texting Molly at the end of the episode? Or the woman? Again, the writers leave a lot for the audience to speculate…and speculate we shall. 

Originally posted by fangirlhani

5. One thing we can’t speculate on is the fate of Redbeard…we finally realize who Redbeard was…Sherlock’s best friend. Euros, out of jealousy, murdered Sherlock’s best friend, and attempted to do it again. That scene where Sherlock figures it out was very well done…and I can completely see why someone would want to repress those memories, how traumatic it probably was for Sherlock and Mycroft both at that age. It’s a very tragic moment and reveal, and one that really shook me watching it. 

Originally posted by sirjohnwatsons

4. I think that Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship in this episode worked well; and while I think that my family personally would react a little harsher to finding out that Mycroft and “Uncle Rudi” had hidden away Sherlock’s sister, the end result wasn’t too drawn out and was handled best as it could be. 

Originally posted by enigmaticpenguinofdeath

3. If I had to pick my least favorite part of the episode, it would be the “Plane” plot; I really was in suspense with how the little girl on the plane was going to “save” everyone in the end or was going to pass…and then we find out it’s all part of Eurus’s psychosis. I mean, I GET it, but it was all a bit forced and sort of deflated the tension at the end. That said, I did like that Sherlock was able to somewhat “reach” Eurus, but the manner in which it was executed just didn’t suit me personally. 

Originally posted by enigmaticpenguinofdeath

Originally posted by knightlley

2. That said, Eurus’s character was interesting; her desire to be close to Sherlock was also fascinating, especially when Sherlock decides to “Solve” the crisis and shoot himself to save his brother and his friend, John. The actress portraying her did a beautiful job creating a complex, and innocent, while terrifyingly powerful antagonist throughout the episode. Her frailty coupled with her power was engaging and made for one of the toughest villains Sherlock’s faced ever. I can definitely see why Moriarty was someone she was “treated” to.

Originally posted by doctorwhogeneration

1. I did love seeing 221 B Baker Street being rebuilt after the explosion at the end…the fact that Watson adds back the smiley face, and that their adventures continue on was a lovely addition. I still think Mary’s post-mortem videos are odd, but I love that she knew that even after she was gone, the mysteries would continue…and Sherlock holding little Rosie! ADORABLE! The fact that his “humanity” shows is so telling of how much Sherlock’s developed since Season One…it was just a perfect ending to the series, should it end there. 

Originally posted by cumberbatchaddiction

So, FINAL VERDICT? It’s a great episode; not perfect, by any means, but contains a lot of entertainment. While I would have liked more “aftermath” in the resolution of the episode, I did enjoy this episode and Series 4 as a whole. The character development and emotional roller coaster was worth the wait. I think my favorite parts are those that aren’t “spelled out” for us. I like when writers leave some things to our imagination, letting us predict which ending we believe…which works fine for my Sherlolly heart me. Keep up the good adventures, Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes. Cheers to a great season!

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my breath is for holding

A/N: for @bisexualbvffy, for i love lucie more than robber au’s. and i love those a lot. 


Lily finds their add on Craigslist:

Girl needed to rob stores. Wig wearing skills a must. Good legs preferable.


She turns up at Remus’s house in a black wig, wears it ten minutes into the ‘interview’ and then takes it off. “My wig wearing skills are excellent, and I’ve got great legs” she says into the silence.

“You’re hired” says Sirius over his chip bag “I love redheads.”


Yeah, that’s how she joins the group.


They’re in the middle of a supermarket in Easter, stealing a life size chocolate dog because Remus said he would pay them all to ‘help him a achieve his life’s only goal’ and ‘yes I am being perfectly serious now everyone get in the car’

“This is dumb” James is looking around the shelves, because even though it’s four a.m. someone could still see them and he doesn’t think he could take going to jail for stealing a chocolate dog.

“Potter, don’t be such a downer” Lily is leaning against a shelf, eating skittles she hasn’t paid for and still wearing the pink wig from that jewellers job they did four days ago. “Live in the now.”

She throws a skittle at him, and Peter yells “lift with the legs!” very loudly in the background.


Lily turns up, smoking profusely, and Peter opens the door to the apartment.

“I’ve got our next job.” She says, breathless, and holds up a printout of an antique shop with an entirely gold cabinet for sale. “We’re fucking robbing it” she pushes past him and barges into the living room, where James is eating crackers and Remus is googling how to hack security cameras because it would be cool to know how to do that.

She flicks a sleeping Sirius on the eyelid. “Black, get up, we’re planning a goddamn heist.”


There is something particularly satisfying about stealing things. About holding something that is taken, that absolutely does not belong to you. A sudden rush of blood to the head, veins upstanding on the back of your hand.

Lily ends up at their apartment, eating food and watching their TV despite no one actually inviting her. Remus drops out of Uni to focus on being ‘a professional thief’ as he tells the others, and ‘to find himself’ which he tells his mother. Peter breaks his toe running into the bench drunk and they all wait for him at A&E, Lily and James both get kicked out for smoking so they go out back and James blows smoke rings while Lily pretends not to be impressed.


“Oh my god, I can’t believe you nearly got us caught. I cannot believe you’d had sex with that hotel clerk and couldn’t remember. Oh my God. You’re terrible Sirius. If I end up going to jail because of your sex life I’ll murder you and then confess so I can go away for that instead”

“Sorry, holier-than-thou-Wormtail, I forgot, of course you’ve kept track of every single person that you’ve had sex with.”



“Did you find the spare key” James is hopping from foot to foot, strongly considering leaving the house and its five TVs, for another night when his balls aren’t in danger of freezing off.

“Clearly not. If I had found it we would be Inside” Lily walks the rest of the way towards him, not the most affable when cold. She stares at the cat flap again, and James blanches.

“No. No, Evans.” Lily raises her eyebrows and James can see the stark contrast of her, pale neck against pulsing hair. He is all at once very aware of his skeleton inside his skin, how large it is, poking elbows and harsh knuckles. He feels too big for the space.

She kicks open the cat flap, and look up at him “you’re the one always going on about how you won that gymnastics competition when you were nine. Let’s see if you’ve still got it.”


Sirius circles the date on the calendar and writes, in the square with sharpie ‘THE DAY WE MADE IT BIG’

“Making it on the news once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times and we’ve hit the big time. We are officially criminals folks, we’re had THREE featured break-ins on the news.” Remus sits back against the couch, stealing Peter’s beer in celebration.

“It doesn’t get better than this” says Lily sarcastically, sitting on the bench with her boots in the sink and drinking wine from the bottle. She passes it to Sirius whose spread flat across the tiles, still wearing the rope wire from this morning. James lets his head drop back against the door and raises his beer, half-drunk, a sort of toast to their careers.


“You look nice”

“Lily, stop lying. I look like a bag of fabric with legs.”

“Yes Potter, but a nice bag of fabric. A bag of fabric to believe in”


Sirius forgets to turn the alarm off.

“OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. THIS IS IT- WE’RE GOING TO JAIL” Peter is on the verge of tears, and pronounces ‘jail’ like it’s a swearword.  Remus is pulling up the blinds- presumably to jump out the window.

Lily can hear the wailing from where she’s parked at the official ‘getaway driver’ two streets over, and lets her head drop onto the steering wheel. Fucking morons. Inside the house, James has picked up a vase and Sirius is sweating profusely while holding an armful of stolen jewellery.

James throws the vase at the alarm. It stops. There is a silence. They can all feel Lily’s disapproval from two streets over.


“You want to know something funny” It’s Lily’s voice down the phone, and James blinks at the sudden abruptness to the beginning of the conversation.

“Not particularly but seeing as it’s you”

“My mother wanted me to be a lawyer.” She says and it takes him a minute to process this. She’s giggling down the line and he starts smiling before the full irony has set in. Then he’s laughing, and he can all at once see her leaning against her fridge, giggling into the phone, hair piled on her head like a mound of blood.

“That’s the best fucking thing I’ve ever heard”


On Remus’s birthday they go to a park and try to take the swing set.

“It’s going to have concrete foundations” says Peter flatly, for the fifteenth time.


Sirius whoops and James starts digging again with renewed vigour. Remus sits on the slide, touched and too drunk to realise that this is a bad idea.


Lily smiles again- the parents are looking- and tugs at her skirt.

“-got to be in bed by eight, right Tom?” the boy looks up, bored and nods without caring. The mother turns back, “we’ll be home by 11, there’s money on the table,” Lily nods and feels her wig pitch forward slightly. Fuck.


They leave, tearing down the driveway. She sighs, leaves Tom downstairs with the TV and goes upstairs to see James sitting at the window in a black ski mask. She opens the shutter, grinning.

“We’ve talked about this. You look dumb in the ski mask.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I look good in anything” he turns to watch the car turn out from the street and focuses on anything other than her legs under that skirt, “What’s the bet they’re going to an orgy, the Dad looked shifty. If they’re leaving their son alone on a Wednesday night to go to an orgy they deserve to be robbed. That’s just a fact.”  

She laughs, and takes off his mask, throwing it in the gutter before he can stop her.


She falls asleep on their living room floor while they’re planning to steal their landlord’s speaker system after he raised the rent on their apartment. James sort of, stands there, considering picking her up but then again, she’d probably punch him on reflex. She did that once, when he poked her after they were on the train back from that art thing where she’d shoved some priceless paintbrush in her bra while the lights were out.

He throws a blanket over her legs, and then ends up sleeping on the living room couch because he couldn’t make himself leave. What if she woke up and didn’t know where she was? He reasons with himself sleepily, and ignores why this matters to him, why it bothers him so much that Lily might wake up and be afraid.


They try to pawn stuff at their local pawn shop and, well, Sirius ends up pocketing a bunch of rare baseball cards from the pawn shop, then trying to sell them back to the owner. The rest of them bolt, and then draw straws to see who has to go bail him out.

“I’m letting you know that you’re a moron” says Remus, swinging the car keys around his finger and staring at a sullen Sirius through the cell bars. “I’m only bailing you out if you give me the ten dollars you owe me”

“No. I am in jail. I refuse to pay you money while I’m rotting away in a cell.”

Remus leaves, and come back to the apartment to see James and Peter rolling around laughing, while Lily talks into the phone, sniggering “Yes Sirius I do know he left without you… well you do owe him ten dollars… oh don’t be so ridiculous you can to remember your days on the outside, you’ve been in jail for literally three hours… if you call yourself a jailbird one more time I’m hanging up I swear”


“Stop moving”

“Shove it up your ass” She’s jittery, bumping on her heels as he fixes the rope wire to her waist. His hands are on her stomach, fingers over her hipbones. Jesus, is it cold in here? She’s got goose bumps.

James stands up, hands on her waistline. She can see the lock of his jaw, the smooth column of his throat. “Stop worrying” he says and her heart is pounding so hard she might have internal bruising.

“I’m not” she lies. There is something caught in her throat, she wants stand here with him very badly for as long as human legs are psychically able to take weight.


“Oh god. I’m retiring. I’m fucking retiring, Jesus, I can’t take this”

“How does one retire from stealing things?”

Lily looks up, glares, and shoves Sirius down into the sewer water. “We’re never robbing the Smithsonian again” she says, as she waits for Sirius to stop coughing up human piss.


“We could do this you know” she points at the paper. Everyone is looking at him.

“We’re going to get caught” he says.

She grins, and he forgets his entire argument, where they are and what his name is. “Like hell we will”


(They get caught)


It’s a fucking museum job, and the details are boring but it was raining and the walls were thicker than they thought and the air vents cleared the smoke a lot quicker than they were meant to and then there was Lily, standing with a $300, 000 painting in her hands with no cover and in the same room as seven armed security guards.

He sees the whole thing in slow motion, her, with the painting, the guards open mouthed. There is a split second where the entire room is shocked, and all he can think about is how she’s going to go to jail, and how hard it will be to never touch her again, to go back to a life without Lily sitting on his bench with her feet in the sink smoking his cigarettes.

Then, Sirius appears, with a gun stolen from a distracted security guard, firing upwards into the skylight and yelling nonsense.  It’s raining glass, pouring glass, there is a waterfall of glass in the room, and Lily drops the painting and grabs his hand and then they’re running with Sirius in front and there is so much yelling and his head is pounding and it is as if the entire world has become a grey area, because for a minute there was an entire life where he never saw her again and he is still shaking from it.



On the drive down the Mexico a week later, after flying to California, driving to New York then flying up to Toronto to lose the cops, Sirius is still ranting about it.

“I can’t believe, after everything, you’re the one that gets to be famous. We discovered you. We found you. We pulled you from the gutter and it’s you that’s #15 on MI6’s most wanted and have your own logo on the news. Unbelievable.


Peter hits him over the head with the car map book, and Remus almost drives into the barrier he’s laughing so hard.

“When we cross the border you have to wear this” James says, pulling out an all-black ski-mask and waving it at her. She stares for a minute, dumbstruck, then grabs his shirt collar and kisses him so forcefully his heart forgets itself.

“I would rather go to jail than wear that mask” she says once she’s pulled back, and his lip splits from smiling so hard

ceozzerse  asked:

A good recommendation for that? Try looking up black hair styles. She seems, just from looks, to maybe have recently been on a natural hair journey. I started mine about 9 months ago. Next to protective hair styles going for headscarfs are another way to go too. I wear wash and goes, twists (which stretch my hair because shrinkage is a real thing) and even wigs/natural looking extensions.

sounds very nice quq though she might wear some wigs and stuff when she’s able to get her hands on some. but the current place she’s staying at really doesn’t give her much options currently. she can grow her hair out if she wanted to but she does like having nothing in her face (plus there’s more to it than just simply that) 

but its not like i didn’t have an idea. it’s that my skill im at with drawing hair, i haven’t been able to do exactly what i wanted. so i’ve gotta practice more and figure out how to do what i want. cause if i drew her at a time period before she shaved her head. she would have hair like this

i really REAAAAALLY love the fact that her curls pop out. and the difference between the brown curls and black girls. 

but in the meantime with me needing practice. it’ll be awhile until i draw her with how her hair was. and it’s official that her hair is like this. im not indecisive on what i want it to be. im just currently working on trying to draw it ouo since a lot of my characters that i have are often with similar hair styles and im always trying to make them different as best as i can TTuTT though thank you for the advice ouo i defiantly think she’ll look cute with a headscarf~

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heya there! can i get the rfas reaction to seeing their s/o's natural hair for the first time? black girl problems... im stressed trying to take care of the literal wool growing out of my head and i could use a bit of a confidence boost 😧

Note: This won’t be perfect since I can’t completely relate to this but I have friends who understand so I just asked them what it’s like. I hope you like this imagine though!


  • honestly loves your natural hair
  • like seriously
  • he doesn’t mind how you have your hair because he respects you for what you want
  • but your natural hair is on point to him
  • constantly compliments all of your hair (both real and fake)
  • couldn’t love you anymore and he honestly is so happy that you finally showed him your natural hair because it’s like another beautiful layer of you !!


  • actually kind of relates because she wears a wig sometimes too
  • loves all of your hair and all of you
  • this woman didn’t think you could be anymore amazing and there you were
  • no matter what you look like, she will think you’re perfect
  • like honestly
  • even more perfect than Zen


  • tHIS GUY
  • he is so surprised at first but it’s a great surprise, a wonderful one
  • he didn’t think he could love you more, but showing all of you to him just some how increased his love
  • he actually kinda likes your natural hair more but will not push you to keep it this way
  • he just wants more of just you in private at least


  • kind of confused ??
  • richpeopleproblems
  • he actually genuinely thought your other hair was just your natural hair ??
  • but he loves it of course
  • after the initial questions of why you wear fake hair and such he just tells you how much he loves your natural hair
  • like
  • he
  • just
  • doesn’t
  • s t o p


  • loves it !!
  • has his fair share of fake hair tbh (look at all his outfits)
  • he praises you so much because he understands people can be self-conscious
  • like honestly he won’t stop loving you on your hair
  • starts stroking your head for a bit ??
  • it’s kinda weird but sweet too you guess ?

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Okay, but trans Tony who plays dress-up with Maria's clothes as a kid because dresses are comfortable (until Howard freaks out about it). Who steals Maria's makeup and learns to make it look like she's not wearing any. Who hides her 'girly' stuff over at Aunt Peggy's, because the shit would hit the fan if Howard knew. Who can't risk taking her clothes with her to school, so she has to try and buy new clothes at MIT. (cont. part two)

(from part one) Tony, who struggles buying clothes on her own for the first time (Aunt Peggy always helped her before). Who meets Rhodey just by chance in a store, and silently freaks out because she recognizes him from down the hall (but Rhodey just offers to hold her extra dresses when she’s got too many for the dressing room). Who dresses up and goes out for nights on the town with Rhodey, terrified that someone will recognize her and tell Howard, but defiant all the same.

OMG yes! These are all perfect. Especially Rhodey being awesome *heart eyes*

Tony who wears her hair just as long as she can get away with (and Howard still grumbles at her to get a haircut whenever he deigns to notice her) and clips barettes in it in the privacy of her own dorm room. Tony who still feels a tiny thrill of fear whenever she sees Rhodey for almost two weeks after that first accidental outing/shopping incident, until it becomes clear that Rhodey is really just going to be supportive and awesome and keep her secret.

Tony favouring red lipstick and a blonde wig that Aunt Peggy showed her how to wear when she goes out because it makes her feel glamourous.

Tony picking out a dress to wear under her robes for graduation, and looking at it every night, and even though she doesn’t wear it she doesn’t feel like a failure. (She wears it to dinner with Rhodey later.)

also this is part of a way bigger post on the jewish symbolism inherent in b.atwoman’s uniform / aesthetic but somebody just asked me this so i thought i’d post it — 

the WIG that kate wears as b.atwoman serves a practical purpose, of course - making it so that attackers who attempt to seize her by the hair are unsuccessful, & in her canon it’s saved her life more than once - but it also evokes a very strong allusion to tzinut, the ortho.dox jewish laws of physical modesty & humility.

ortho.dox jewish women opt to wear sheitels ( wigs ) in adherence to the jewish law requiring married women to cover their hair as an act of modesty.  however, jewish views on the purposes of modesty are pretty different — a sheitel is never meant to make a woman look unattractive or dowdy, but rather allow her to create a purposeful barrier between the outside world & the parts of herself that are considered to be private.  a jewish woman chooses to cover her hair for the privacy of it, the ability to move through the world with certain portions of her body - her identity - shielded from those unworthy to see them.  it denotes a certain sort of pride in her appearance, a belief in her own beauty — a beauty that not everyone deserves to behold.

kate’s wig is only part of how she obscures her identity as b.atwoman — but it’s also more than that, for a woman of her background & faith it carries the double significance of a tacit self-acceptance, a choice to obscure herself from prying eyes because what lies beneath isn’t something she wishes to share.  this is why for kate, removing the suit - being open about her identity - is such an intimate act, & one she hasn’t done more than a handful of times.

What do you think would be the first thing someone would notice upon meeting your Guardian?

Another question from the Obsidian forum on the US version.
Now, I am not sure the original goal was appearance based or personality based or both. I went with just appearance. 

Lorraine: Her eye and hair color most likely. If not that then her natural hair type ( which is curly - I don’t have a wig for it though. The Easter 2017 wig was awesome but I didn’t get it in her color so I have to wait for another curly wig).

Yvona: Not sure about this one. She doesn’t really have anything which could stand out. She mostly has short hair though.

Her eye color is nothing special either…?

Noe: Her long, white hair and black eyes as a contrast.

Minah: If she is wearing a mask to cover her face then that. If not then I am not sure since her eye color is rather boring. Her hair color is sandy brown-ish so nothing special there as well. Maybe the skin tone? 

The wigs don’t mean their default hair type. I just clicked on the first wig with their original color. 


this is an “MM Girl” doll, I bought it off ebay for about $24 and it shipped from china. The description claimed it was a vinyl bjd but its not quite. It’s very well articulated and shares some similarities to BJD though, her face it painted rather then having inset eyes and her hair is rooted rather then wiggeds. Shes about 10″ tall and her limbs are all detachable from her body. Speaking of while her limbs are smooth plastic her torso is actually rubbery and her hair catches on it very easily while nude.

She can wear Vi & Va dresses though they are tight and she can wear barbie clothes though they are loose. her feet fit into most newer barbie shoes though be careful with boots because her feet might get stuck in them.

She came in a simple package with a very fluffy pink dress thats fairly well maid and 2 black stockings that slip off her feet very easily do to the super smooth plastic of her limbs. She also came with some really cute little black strappy sandals with ribbons and gems on them.