is she the sweetest oh my

is there a future to us ?
  • “hey… where do you see us in five years?”
  • “i would love to meet your parents… “
  • “ would it — be okay to ask if i could… meet your parents?”
  • “do you think your parents will like me?”
  • “you know… when i look at you i see the person i wanna marry.”
  • “you’d look great in a wedding ring… ”
  • “come on… your eyes, my smile — don’t you think our baby would be beautiful?”
  • “where do you… stand on kids?”
  • “how many kids do you think we’ll have?”
  • “i’ve always wanted a girl/boy… what about you?”
  • “oh god no — my friends will be the end of you!”
  • “ i think you’re gonna love my friends. ”
  • “ so, my mom’s a bit of a hardass… she might not — you know… ”
  • “ my dad is the sweetest in the world… and i think he’ll love you”
  • “ no trust me… you don’t wanna meet my family — “
  • “ oh, uhm… i might not – have… told my family… that i’m seeing someone”
  • “ do we really have to make it — official ?”
  • “ i’m not sure if i’m ready for the next step… ”
  • “ where would you want to get married ?”
  • “ i know that… you want to do it in a church but… i’m not so sure —”
  • “ i have this dream… with you… that we have a large house and kids… “
  • “ kids ? isn’t that a bit — early ?”
  • “ maybe not now… but – someday ~”
  • “ i… want to introduce you to my parents. ”
some ren headcanons

- Every single time she meets Taako, she always greets him with “Oh. My. God. TAAKO???” It’s hilarious to both of them and they’re the only ones who don’t find it old yet

- Doesn’t actually drink, despite owning a bar. She just wants to run a nice flirty place and one thing led to another and, what do you know, she owns a bar now

- Calls Kravitz a ‘tall glass of water’

- Is, like, frighteningly strong. Twice she carried Cassidy around town bridal-style; the first time on a dare and the second time on an impiulse

- Says “Bless your heart” with the sweetest smile; anyone who knows her knows that this means that she is This 👌 close to using her wand on someone

- I’ve talked abt this in detail in my other post, but after the events of the Eleventh Hour, Ren more or less adopted June as her apprentice and her daughter

- Has convinced the THB that she uses “yaint” in normal conversation, because it drives them up the fucking wall. One say, she says “you all are not” in front of Merle and he drops everything hes doing like “YOU ASSHOLE YOU HAD US ALL FOOLED!!!!” 

- (despite this, Merle has not told the other boys)

- Though Ren loves Refuge with all her heart, it’s her dream to go out and run a restaurant in a more bustling metropolis. She’s saving up to reach her goal, and the only people who she’s told are June and Taako, who are both super supportive

story time

i woke up in a very odd mood today. but after class i went to the store and so so i’m in the store shopping for kids toys for a drive my soccer team is doing for toys for needy kids for the holidays and this old woman was in the toy isle with me and she was like i’m so sad i couldn’t find puzzles anywhere it’s so disheartening i used to love doing them and kids now a days just do them on a phone and i was just talking to her about it and i was like oh my god yes i completely understand and so she went on and kept shopping and so did i AND I FOUND THIS SECTION OF PUZZLES and i literally ran around the store like a crazy person trying to find her to tell her and i did and she looked so happy and it made my whole day and she was like you’re the sweetest lead me to them! and then she saw me again and she just started thanking me and telling me how happy her granddaughter would be and then she told me that she just finished her doctorate and that she’s getting married to a boy she met in her class in her undergrad years next month and she was like just keep doing what you’re doing because there’s not many people out there like you anymore i can’t wait to tell my granddaughter about you. and so to the elderly woman who made my day today. thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

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Rules: Tell us your one favourite character from ten different fandoms and tag around 10 people.

Ok here it goes (not in specific order):

1. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)
aka my husband lol Since the beginning of tg I fell in love with his personality and he was the first character I could actually relate to. He can be the sweetest thing ever and ruthless at the same time.

2. Shirota Mahiru (Servamp)
How can you not adore him? He’s too pure for this world, he cares a lot a about his friends and always wears a smile no matter what.
Oh, when I heard his catchphrase (“I love simple things. I hate troublesome things.”) I immediately fell in love with him.

3. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)
Best girl <3 The girl in my icon. She did awful things but you can actually understand her thinking. *sobs* She went through so much shit. 

4. Hades (Saint Seiya)
One of my fav villains of all times!!! The first time I saw him I was like HOLY JESUS THIS IS HADES AAAHHH (no joking). I mean he’s one of the most powerful deities in the whole series plus his Kamui (armor/God Cloth) looks AMAZING.

(oh in this gif you can see Alone from Saint Seiya Lost Canvas, Hades’ chosen body for his incarnation in the previous Holy War).

5. Yuuri Katsuki (Yuuri!!! on Ice)
God, this guy is so relatable lol I mean he has anxiety and low self-esteem… He’s also an amazing figure skater, kind hearted and loves Victor so much. This show has touched me on so many levels~~ 

6. Minako Aino/Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
My favourite colour used to be orange because of her lol Everything about her is great. She’s adorable, loves playing videogames and she is the first of the Inner Senshi to awaken.  

7. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
Well, I always thought he was OP. He is pragmatic and confident but when somebody compliments him (especially Gon) he becomes embarrassed lol I love this kid <3
Note: I’m obsessed with characters who have the ability to manipulate electricity.

Kurapika and Gon come right after him <333

8. Ginoza Nobuchika (Psycho Pass)
I remember everyone thought he was an asshole at the beginning of the anime. If you wanna see some good character development watch PP.
P.S. you’ll love him.

9. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
One of the best characters I’ve ever seen imo. There is nothing I don’t love about him. Every battle, arc is a lesson. Quick summary? This man spent ten years traveling in search of redemption with the vow to never kill again
This manga is beautiful and I learnt a lot from it, even the Live Action is awesome! 

10. Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)
aka Priestess of Thunder and Light aka The Ultimate Sadist (??) (Like I said before, I’m obsessed with this type of characters).
I love her <3 She seems very gentle, seductive and enjoys teasing her friend Rias but she’s still pretty innocent? Idk lol I also love how Akeno’s relationship with her father develops.

Sorry for any mistakes I made this at 5 am :’)

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I don’t know if Anon meant Gibb’s team or the Criminal Minds team so I’ll do both?

Gibbs’ team reacting to you getting hurt would involve:

  • Gibbs would be even more hell-bent on catching the person who dared hurt one of his own
  • Tony would be pretty pissed, too. But he’ll never let you know, covering it up with bringing you food and gifts
  • McGee and Bishop would absolutely pour themselves into finding the guy. Though, Bishop would be a bit more passionate about it.
  • Abby would be so worried like O H M Y G O D how could anyone hurt you, you’re like the most sweetest person she knows and oh my god I’m going to find out who did this and give them a piece of my mind
  • Ducky would probably be the one who’s around the hospital the most, seeing as everyone is busy trying to catch the guy. He’ll keep you company, for sure.
  • The entire team just wouldn’t stop until they catch the dirtbag.

The Criminal Minds teams reacting to you getting hurt you involve:

  • Hotch would be angry but in that standing-in-the-back-of-the-crowd-looking-concerned-but-silently-planning-a-raid kind of way
  • Rossi would be more vocal about his anger, openly saying something like “this son of a bitch is going down” choke them with my spaghetti
  • Morgan would barely leave your bedside, only to be gently forced back into work by Hotch
  • Reid would also be a little reluctant to leave, but he wants to find whoever hurt you, and he knows he’s better out in the field. He always makes sure to bring you lunch, though. He knows how bad hospital food is
  • But you wouldn’t get around to eating it because Garcia would bring you a nice home-cooked meal only every other hour
  • JJ and Prentiss would do their best to make you comfortable. Bringing things from your home to the hospital, etc.
  • Basically, the whole team would look out for you

Requested by Anon~

  • Friend: so who's your favorite ghostbuster?
  • Me: Holtz bc she's funny, hot, smart and gay af
  • Friend: lol yeah me too--
  • Me: but I also love Patty bc she's the funniest and most sensible. Plus she's the sweetest person ever
  • Friend: yeah she's pretty--
  • Me: and Erin is the best. My little awkward duck. I love her so much. She's bi you know
  • Friend: oh. I didn't know that act--
  • Me: and Abby! Omfg I love my big dorky soup mom!!! She's so underrated I love her
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: so then they're all your favorite????
  • Me: pretty much yeah

“He froze, becoming stone still. As the hover climbed the hill to the palace, his shoulders sank, and he returned his gaze to the window. “She’s my alpha,” he murmured, with a haunting sadness in his voice.


Cress leaned forward, propping her elbows on her knees, “Like the star?”

“What star?”

She stiffened, instantly embarrassed, and scooted back from him again. “Oh. Um. In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she’s…like…your brightest star.” Looking away, she knotted her hands in her lap, aware that she was blushing furiously now and this beast of a man was about to realize what an over-romantic sap she was.

But instead of sneering or laughing, Wolf sighed, “Yes,” he said, his gaze climbing up to the full moon that had emerged in the blue evening sky. “Exactly like that.”

—  Marissa Meyer, Cress
}A moment of silence.{

}For the ones who didn’t make it. For the flames of love that flickered and died. For the Guardians that lost their Ghosts, and always the ones who lived and lied. The ones you love are just like stars, hanging gently in the air. Their light and warmth coming from afar, but they die before you know they’re there. Once I had looked down to the deep, a blatant lack of light. It looked forlorn, and with a scorn, questioned its very right. “Oh, sister mine,” I had whispered, “my sweetest darling dear. Oh, how I wish I could pull you away from wherever is here.” It took some time, oh quite some time, and goodness how she cried. My deepest regret is how she lay not in my arms when she died. I’ve made mistakes, and we all have, I’ve been made to leave and lie. I never thought the day would come when I’d’ve to say goodbye. How long has it, since I’ve been free, from existential curse? How long has it, since I have personally made it all worse? Leave us here, readers ours, return to tales of frost. Know that I’m the lone sentry, wishing you, Happy Festival of the Lost.{

Only you

Eliza x Reader

prompt: a jealous Eliza requested by anon

Word count: 605

Au: modern

a/n: This is my second fanfic hehe so far I’ve only written Eliza x Reader fics. Oh well I love Eliza so I reallly don’t mind


“Are you ready to go in babe?” Your girlfriend Eliza asked. She was the sweetest and the most beautiful person you knew. Her long thick black hair was shining in the moonlight. Her face glowing and fulfilled with love.

After 2 amazing months of dating she was taking you to a newly opened bar to finally introduce you to her friends. You had already met her older sister Angelica and her younger sister Peggy who were also going it be there.

You gulped and looked at her gorgeous eyes and nodded enthusiastically. She took hold of your hand and squeezed it, fingers entwining and you walked into the shabby bar together.

“Eliza! We’re over here!” You heard a loud man shout from across the bar. You both swiftly walked over to them. They all say in this booth and were all drinking beers.

“Hey guys!” Eliza exclaimed as she sat down.

You were introduced to everyone, a French man named Lafayette, a brunette man named Alexander, a tough, muscly man named Hercules and a curly haired, freckled face man named John.

“It’s good to finally meet the lady that Eliza never stops talking about!” Alexander said, half drunk. Everyone around the booth started laughing and giggling as Eliza’s face turned scarlet.

You gave a toothy grin and said “It’s great to finally meet all of you guys!”

You sat in between Eliza and John and engaged in the conversations everyone was having. You felt a bit weird as throughout the night John kept on staring at you and whispering little things in your ear. Which made you feel a little strange and uncomfortable. You just ignored it anyway and thought he was a bit too drunk.

You noticed Eliza’s hand fidgeting on her thigh so you placed yours on top. Suddenly, she pulled away, a bit too quickly. A confused look struck your face. Your head turned to face Eliza’s, she wasn’t smiling anymore. She wasn’t looking at you. Did you do something wrong?

After 10 minutes of her being silent, Eliza gave out a huge sigh and stood up, walking towards the door. You looked around the booth and everyone seemed befuddled. Standing up quickly you opened your mouth and spoke.

“Uhm, sorry guys I don’t think Eliza’s feeling very well, excuse us, I’m going to take her home! I had an amazing time, we shall meet again soon!”

You turned around, seeing John’s face staring at you in defeat.

You ran out of the bar, chasing after Eliza, figuring she was right outside the exit.

“Hey honey, are you not feeling alright?”


“Eliza..What’s the matter?”

Nothing again.

“You can tell me anything.”

Again. Nothing.

You stood there staring at her, tears started to form in your eyes. Did you do something wrong? Was it because of John?

“I-I didn’t feel comfortable with the way that John was acting towards you. Ok?” She uttered.

You let out a huge sigh of relief. She crossed her arms and glared at you, puzzled.

“Phew! I thought I had done something wrong, trust me baby, I felt uncomfortable around him today. You know that I love you right? I love nobody but you. If you’re worried about John stealing me away, don’t. I’m not interested in him, I’m interested in you! Only. You.”

You pulled her into a warm embrace. Your grip on her tightened, you kissed her on the cheek and she whispered in your ear.

“I love you too, I need you, you’re the love of my life. You’re my everything. You’re mine and I never want to let you go.”





Don't be a sh*thead online.

One of my ex girlfriends had a mother who was a high school teacher. She was the sweetest thing, although was also a total pushover. For this story’s sake, we’ll call her Margaret Jones.

When I’d visit my ex, this woman almost wouldn’t leave me alone, constantly “Can I get you something to eat?”, “We had dinner earlier, can I warm something up for you”, “OH! I remember you like this hot sauce, so I picked some up for you and it’s in the cupboard - here, I’ll show you where so you can use it when you would like!”. Total sweetheart.

Now, I can’t particularly vouch for how she was as a science teacher, but I can only imagine she was probably overrun by sh*tty high school students who made her life hell. She probably had a hard time controlling the class in many situations. She just wasn’t all that assertive.

One day my ex calls me “Holy f*ck, you have to see this Facebook group!”, and sends me the link. It’s titled “Mrs. Jones Is A Cunt HAHAHA” and has somewhere around 60 members, all high school students talking sh*t about this poor women, how they make her life hell and what they’ve done / said to her, etc. Of course, my ex is deeply saddened because her mom is being slagged online. At this same time my ex was completing her Masters in university majoring in psychology. Her thesis was on bullying among teens. How ironic. My ex insists she contact Facebook to get it taken down. I told her no. Let me see what I can do first. This caused a bit of a fight between her and I as I’m one for teaching people a lesson, while she wanted to sweep it under the rug so her mom wouldn’t find out and it’d just go away. Further, she didn’t like “eye for an eye” mentality.

First, I screenshot every conversation, every comment, every photo - just in case it went away somehow. I then wrote down every name, made a nice little excel file with them all and began my quest. Seeing as I knew where all these kids lived (well, the general region) I began to search out phone numbers or the kids who were stupid enough to link their parents on their FB accounts. I found numbers (or profiles) for almost everyone - in many cases, multiples.

Next up I compiled all the screen grabs into a nice little 1 page webpage highlighting the worst comments. People’s full names as listed on FB, essentially nothing that wasn’t already public information. I just aggregated it together into a cute little package. Of course, this included phone numbers as well. Links to the FB group and the comments were below every photo.

Now the fun starts. I begin calling the home phones of these kids one by one. A typical conversation went as follows with little deviation.
“Hi, is Mr or Mrs ___ available”.
“Hi there, do you have a son/daughter named ____ ”
“yes, who is this”..
“well, I’m a concerned internet user who’s come across some very disturbing comments your child posted about their high school teacher”
“oh, what?”
“Well, if you go to _______, I’ve put them all together with some links for you”
* parent views page *
“I.. uhh… I’m so sorry.”
“well, so you’re aware, I’m calling every parent with this same call. When I’m done, I’m submitting this to both the school board head office and the administration of the school”
“I’m so sorry my child did this…. Screams name of child - GET IN HERE NOW
“Thanks, try and have a good evening”

I didn’t get to find out the end details, but her mother obviously ended up finding out about the group, and the only info I got was that a “good handful” of the kids ended up getting suspended for between 1-5 days depending on what they said. That was great and all, but I’m sure the wrath the parents laid out was far worse. I smirked to myself throughout the entire thing knowing I was probably ruining these kids’ spring breaks (as it was the week before).

TL;DR: - Found a hate group on FB against my ex’s mom. Got a ton of kids suspended and told all their parents, which was really the most satisfying part of it all.

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Hey! I'm just wondering, whose your favorite blogs and why?

Oh boy I have to many I can’t choose
Ok here’s a few (most of which I talk to on my SVT acc @scoupsaf)

@cherryblossomopossum ok so this is my best friend, Alina, there’s too much to love about her I can’t write it all down sorry

@vernkn because Dana is just the cutest sweetest and most amazing person jdndkcjdd and shE WRITES SO WELL AAAAA she brings me so much joy when I talk to her. I always wanna talk to her weowowowowowow Vernon Stan as heckie I love u Dana so much and I hope she knows

@seveanteen I love Rina ok ok ok she’s The Wonwoo Stan™ we both love him with all our hearts and she’s so cute she makes me so happy. She has a lovely heart and anyone who talks to her better appreciate her or I will beat them up with my bare fists !!!!!!!



@vernonv ok we haven’t talked in a while. Ily Erin and I hope ur doing well I miss u if u see this. She is a cute Vernon Stan and everyone should Stan Vernon bless her she’s so nice and you’d love talking to her

@minghaeo The Minghao Stan™™™ Ok I love Matthew with my whoLE heart. He’s so precious to me and I miss talking to him. IF YOUVE EVER SEEN PICS OF HIM TOO HES LIKE THE CUTEST EVER AAAAAAA he holds the title of Sweetest Boy Ever™ I hope he’s doing well right now


@wal0uija SWEETEST GIRL EVER OK Bless her heart. May she always be happy. She deserves the world and more. I literally don’t need to say anything else.

I really love them all and they are so sweet I hope they are eating well, sleeping well, enjoying life !!!! This is really not even all of the people I love so I’m sorry if I forgot u just know that I love u and I would love to talk to you


[2 years and 2 months on hormones I think] [She/her]

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted pictures, and tonight I got hit with the biggest surge of confidence and happiness! so it’s seems like a good time to post! These are all commute pictures! of me going to and from work (Or right before I leave) umm.. enjoy! 

You guys have no clue how much you’ve changed my life. It may seem super cliche to say/hear but it’s true. I just read through some old comments on my timeline pictures and.. oh gosh it’s the sweetest thing to have you guys supporting me with kind words/compliments and in some cases monetary help. You all mean the world to me! I hope you are all having lovely nights/mornings!

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Mitzy blushes and looks around awkwardly, hiding something behind her back. "Um... Happy Valentine's Day! Well... late Valentine's Day. I'm really sorry I didn't give you this on actual Valentine's Day... I just finished it this morning. It's probably not very good... But uh... I hope you like it anyway." Nervously, she hands Ven a notebook with the title 'Look to the Stars' on it. Inside is a story she has secretly been writing for months. It is obvious that the story's hero is based on Ven.

“OH MY GOSH GOLLY MITZY!!!!!! YOU ARE THE SWEETEST CUTIE-PIE GUMDROP SUGARCANE HONEY DEW SWEETHEART EVER!!!!!!!” he runs up to her, picks her up, kisses her, and spins her around, “I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ITTTT!!!!!!! GOSH YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!!” He holds the book close to his chest and happiness practically vibrates off him, suddenly he calms down, and looks a bit sad, “I-I’m sorry I didnt do anything for you on valentines day…. I was busy making plans…i lost track of time…!!” he says shyly twiddling his thumbs “BUT!!!!! THEY WERE FOR YOU!! I WANTED TO HAVE A SPONTANEOUS DATE!! BUT~~!!!!! FIRST, WE GOTTA GO FANCY DRESS SHOPPING!!!!! DONT WORRY, IM BUYING!!!” He takes her hand and excitedly drags her to the nearest space shuttle to leave the ship, “I already got permission from commander peepers to have the rest of the day off as well!!! so we wont get in trouble!!! You ready?”  

Tonight one of the stylists guest stopped me while she was in the chair processing and asked how tall I was first because I wore my boots so I was Tall and I told her 5'7 or 5'8 or something and she was like oh you’re so lucky I hope you’re happy to have the height and she just kept going on about my hair and my brows we talked for like a good 5 minutes about filling in eyebrows and she made me bring my brow pomade out of my purse to show her what i use lmfao and the stylist came back to check on her and she goes “I was just telling her how beautiful she is” and I was like zgnbjjgnmmjgggj she was the sweetest little old lady and I’m not trying to boast with this but that just literally made me wanna cry ykno I walked away and literally almost cried. I haven’t been feelin so good about myself lately and to hear that just….Sometimes good things happen. I hope she knows I’ve been thinking about it for like 5 hours and she made my night


oh ah ro!! her eyes .. that look !! :( #that’s what you get from being nice to everyone .. #first she wanted to kill her #and now she wants to steal her man .. BUT ITS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN .. WE ALL KNOW IT :p DON’T BE UPSET MY BAE .. #SAE RO #FOREVER #TOGETHER #SWEETEST OTP EVER ♡

Girls know how to hit em where it hurts.

I was a waitress in a bar and grill that catered to a lot of farmers and their wives. Big farms, big money, pretentious women. One woman was a regular that always came in with some of her other wealthy friends and they all ordered the same thing. Everytime. I had their orders memorized and would have their drinks waiting when they say down. They were usually nice, but she was always rude.

One day, she was being extra snippy with me and made a comment about how I should be home with my child instead of “hanging out” in a bar. I noticed her drink was running low and I politely asked her if she would like some more. She just scoffed and pushed it towards me. I smiled and in my sweetest voice possible asked “Diet Coke, right?” She looked appalled and said regular coke. I just said “Oh”, looked her up and down, and walked away, refilling her drink.

I may have lost my tip that day, but it was worth it just to exact this bit of petty revenge, hitting her right in the self esteem.

Petty Revenge: Your daily dose of the best petty revenge stories. | source

“Oh, aren’t you the sweetest little thing!” Twilight cooed over her grandson, tickling his pudgy belly with her hoof. “You’re not going to be a trouble maker like your grandpa, are you?” She whispered conspiratorially, smiling. “You’re gonna be my perfect, well-behaved little smarty pants-”

“Mother.” Pandora’s grave voice came from behind Twilight. She towered over Twilight, utterly fluffed up in indignation. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Hmm?” Twilight hummed, innocent. “What is it? I’m allowed to fawn over my grandbaby, right?”

“Don’t you dare play coy.” Pan hissed. “I see what you’re doing. You are giving my son a belly rub.”

“Oh, but Panny.” Twilight pouted. “Look how he loves it! He’s purring, listen.” Oddball squirmed happily under his grandmother’s affection, holding her hoof in place with his tiny forepaws, begging for more pets. Twilight giggled at the sight. “Goodness, I could never get away with doing this when you were a little cub. You used to bite me whenever I tried-”

“Of course. Draconequii are an ancient, magical species, Mother! We are mighty predators, not housecats.” Pandora snapped. Oddball chose that moment to let out a mew, and Pan’s eye twitched. “The nerve of you, Mom. No true draconequus would ever subject themselves to a belly rub-”

“Your father loves them.” Twilight mused. “In fact, they’re one of the few ways I can get him to relax and be quiet.”

“Dad is…weird.” Pandora faltered. “My point is, we are not to be petted. We are fierce, Mother. Untamed.”

“I saw Cupcake scratching under your chin five minutes ago, Panny.”

“But not my belly!” Pan huffed. “It’s not to be touched! By anypony! Ever!”

Twilight regarded her daughter with a flat look, and Pan begin to crack under it.

“I mean…” She wavered.“…Nopony but Cupcake. I might roll over and ask for pets from her sometimes, but….b-but I only want two belly pets, maximum! A-anymore than that, and I bite!”

“You’ve bitten Cupcake.” Twilight lifted an eyebrow in disbelief.

“Of course!” Pan stamped her hoof. “I…I am a ferocious draconequus.” Pan pouted. “…I am, Mom.”

“Sure you are.” Twilight nodded. “A totally ferocious draconequus who’s definitely not jealous.” Twilight teased, suppressing a laugh when Pan flushed crimson, embarrassed. “Fortunately, Oddy here doesn’t seem to be quite so ferocious.” Oddball giggled when his grandmother leaned down to nuzzle his face. “So I’m gonna spend some quality time with my grandson, before he grows up and gets too fierce for snuggles with grandma. We’re going upstairs for story time.” Although she’d been teasing before, here Twilight sent her daughter a genuine, gentle smile. “You’re welcome to come up and join us, Panny.”

Pandora watched her mother carry her son upstairs. For a while she sat still, fluffed up, tail lashing, weighing her pride versus a deeply buried need for affection and attention from her mother. Finally, with a frustrated huff of resignation, she stood to her paws to follow.

I’m still not gonna let her pet my tummy.

alt title: Pandora has issues, part umpteen
draconequii are just big noodle cats

headcanon from my good pal RoboHeather:

Discord loves to have his belly rubbed by Twilight. When they have their cuddly moments he’ll often roll over on his back for belly rubs and go into a trance-like state of purring relaxation when she does it. So naturally, after Pandora was hatched, Twilight assumed her daughter would enjoy the same thing.

Judging by the snarls and the way the tiny cub wrapped herself around Twilight’s hoof viciously biting, her mother quickly realized that she didn’t.

This discomfort never went away with Pandora (and even Cupcake learned the hard away to Never Touch The Belly), so imagine Panny’s shock when Oddball, her own cub, adores belly rubs from his momma Cupcake. As a little cub Oddy would even go up to Cupcake and tumble over on his back, mewing for petting time, which she happily gives.

Pandora just shakes her head and chalks it up to Discord’s weirdness showing up in her son.

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y'know that Kesha song "your love is my drug"? Well- take that song, replace every time she says "love" with the word "art", and that sums up how I feel about your blog. :)

oh my god,,, that is the sweetest thing any anon has ever said to me :”)