is she the cutest or what

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When I was moving into my dorm my mom recruited these random dudes in my dorm to move our super heavy couch and they agreed of course because she's like the tiniest, sweetest, cutest looking woman (those genes didn't make it to me lmao). She looked my roommate dead in the eye and said "you know what this means don't you? You have to sleep with them. All of them." She was totally kidding but my roommate had never met her before and I thought she was gonna faint from the shock.

Omfgggg your mom is wild

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That's not what I expected but I'm glad anyway :'D Thank you ! And you two are so cute, even with the zombie stuff, I think (๑ ◕ ᴗ <)b

Yes!! Exactly!
I told her that she’d be the cutest zombie ever! 😣💙

i don’t care what anyone says, my sister is the best. She freaking looked me in the eye and told me that I was famous and I had to tell her that I wasn’t. When she heard that she grabbed my hands and said,
“Well it might be that way for you, but to me you’re the most famous person I know! The coolest too!” I was standing there feeling like an idiot and getting all embarrassed, so i just hugged her and told her to shut up. 

She’s so adorable omfg

Yesterday I had a friend tell me how one of her close friends has a whole bunch of succulents, and she has given each one the name of her close friends. She nurses them, takes care of them, talks to them, and if one ever starts to get sick or not grow well, she talks to the friend in question and something is almost always bothering them.

And if that isn’t one of the cutest examples of subtle green witchcraft I don’t know what is.


“She knows she’s dope. She’s beautiful but not vain. She’s smart but not arrogant. It’s like, all killer, no filler.”

“He gets me in a way that no one else does. I’m a scientist at heart. I try very hard not to let my emotions cloud my judgments and he’ll see through that and see what I’m really feeling.”

in which yachi nervously awaits her cat man at the station an hour ahead of schedule (because what if he’s early, right??), and kuroo takes a 3hr train ride to miyagi to see the smallest, cutest bird he’s ever seen (she’s like. 4'11". can you believe that)

I want to talk about this

“You know what? I’m just glad you’re okay.”

That was his first reaction when he finally met up with Pauling. He didn’t flirt, he wasn’t being rude or annoying, he said “I’m just glad you’re okay” and he hugs her. 

Because he loves her and just the mere fact that she is alive is enough for him to be happy. That is literally the cutest thing ever. Scout is being extremly nice and in the end? He just wants her to be well. Thats all he wants.

Thank you for showing us that he isn’t a complete asshole, Valve. 
This honestly means so much for me.


I found this kitty in the street, so cold and hungry she was shivering, trying to figure out if she could eat a cigarette butt. I brought her inside, fed her, got her nice and warm, and now she’s the happiest girl alive??

Can anyone in the NYC area give her a home? We have two cats already, and as much as I’d love to keep her, we don’t really have room for a third. She looks about 4-5 months old, and seems perfectly healthy, other than being underweight: although of course a visit to the vet would not go amiss! She is MISSING HER TAIL, it is just a little two inch nub that wiggles around furiously and is the Cutest Goddamned Thing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what I can tell you about her after looking after her for a couple of days: she is curious and affectionate, eager to bond with any human who looks her way. She is comfortable being picked up. She is very gentle: even when playing, there are no teeth or claws! She is timid of other cats, but not aggressive or terrified, so I think with a little patience she could definitely be a happy part of a multi-kitty home.

Please be her Christmas miracle! I really don’t want to have to bring her to a shelter. This little girl has been through enough, and deserves to have a home for the holidays.

UPDATE 12/18: Lil MOCHA has gone to her new home! Thank you so much to everyone who helped to spread the word about this kitty who needed a miracle. The temperature dropped here in NYC right after we took her in, down to the teens, and she might not have made it through the week. But now she’s gone to the home of a loving cat mom who lost her own kitty to old age less than a month ago; so I think she needed Mocha as much as Mocha needed her! 

I am going to miss her, but I know she will be ridiculously happy in her new home. Happy holidays, everybody!

Victor: Did you hear what I said? My dear little daughter’s about to turn three!
Yakov: Vitya! Do you think this could wait? I’m at work.
Victor: Oh, what a coincidence. I’m at work too. She’s the cutest little thing. You should see her!
Yakov: I’m sure she’s adorable, but stop calling me to gush over your daughter, and during work hours too!
Victor: Not just my daughter! I gush over my husband too!
Yakov: [growling to self and probably facepalming]
—  Source: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

remember when isak called sana sanasol (sanasun) after she sent him her physics notes, and then sana called him isabell? honestly if we don’t get these two actually saying those nicknames in clips next season, i am SUING 

eta: “sana sol” is actually kids’ vitamins lmao :))) takk @skamforfaen 

ok but like 

isak calls her “sanasol” all the time and once sana just says “i’m not a bottle of vitamins!!!” and isak’s like “whaaat? you think that’s why i call you that? nooo, i call you that because you’re a sun in my life” and he has that dumb smile on his face. and sana pretends to be annoyed, but she’s smiling a little. and she replies “right, isabell” 

I’d like to draw your attention to several things:

1) “oh boy, no”

“Oh boy” if that’s not the cutest shit ever, I don’t know what is.

2) “Six months this Friday”

Jack is gonna celebrate their six monthiversarry. It’s gonna be cute as hell.

3) “So if we’re doing events…”

Six months is long enough that it’s “bring the boyfriend to events time” and Jack Zimmermann, who all but loathes parties, wants to go to team events with Eric Bittle.


4) George is so proud and grateful that Jack is sharing this with her, trusting her. And she’s going to be so good for him.

I don’t think people give this generation’s of Disney Channel Stars enough credit. Like I said before, we have Cameron Boyce who’s white passing but speaks out about his black heritage and roots. We have Dove Cameron who’s a fucking angel, literally what I refer to as this generation of Disney’s Hilary Duff and who speaks up about girl power (plus, she and her boo Ryan are engaged and the cutest Disney couple since Zanessa). Zendaya, the BEYONCE of Disney Channel right now, who slays the game all fucking day and basically runs her own shit, do her own thang and pointing out REPRESENTATION. Skai Jackson, need I say more? Who wouldn’t love this child? ROWAN FUCKING BLANCHARD who vocally supports and shows so many respect to LGBT+, #BlackLivesMatter, Feminism and speaks out on so many fucking issues that literally she (and Zendaya) is like one of the very few Disney Channel stars that speak on all of these issues and more. We have Sofia Carson, who’s representing the Latina community of Disney and tbh it’s been since WOWP since we had that. Not to mention the cast of Stuck in the Middle, clearly that’s representation of a big Latina/Hispanic family that Disney has not done in years. Sabrina Carpenter, who’s voice is like a breath of fresh air, one of the talented voices that Disney has ever consumed. And there’s so much more and so many current DC Stars that are bringing a new light to what was a dim Disney Channel. People are so quick to not like what they see because it isn’t what it used to be for them. Well, I believe and I know these stars are talented and bringing new material to a growing world and network.

*Caught my mother watching BTS-Fire music video*

Me: Mom what on the earth are you doing?

Mom: I’m watching my son-in-laws


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  • What she says: im fine
  • What she means: Kaz brekker, dirtyhands, bastard of the barrel said he would have come for inej no matter what happened, tried to kiss her, and payed off her indenture and bought her a ship. He found and brought inej's parents to ketterdam for her. They also held hands and it was the cutest thing ever then before going to meet her parents he asked if his tie was straight and honestly kanej was so great in this book

idk why but i was thinking that because sasuke is so incredibly observant, he’d probably notice some slight changes so easily, and it would be the cutest thing. like when sakura got pregnant with sarada and her breasts started growing in size, he must have been so fucking adorable when he finally realized that they’d grown.

they’d be in the middle of loving foreplay, all slow and attentive, where she would have just told him to ease up a little bit because she’s gotten quite sensitive lately. he’d be paying especially considerate attention to her breasts, pressing less firmly than usual, his touch particularly gentle around her nipples. and then he’d move to fully close his hand around her breast, grabbing the whole of it to knead and brush, prompting a fleeting thought in his mind that she felt a little different today; more full, weighted.

and he’d blink and pause, questioning to himself, had they maybe grown in size? pulling himself away from her lips or her neglected breast, he’d look down at her, lightly testing the fullness in his grip, and he’d realize that yes, she had. and they felt a little plushier, too, in this entirely pleasant way.

and sakura wouldn’t know that he’d have taken notice of this—instead, she’d think he was unsure of whether or not he was being gentle enough, that he was worried about hurting her. so she’d tell him with the sweetest tone, “i know i asked you to be a more careful because they’ve been a little more sensitive lately, but you don’t have to be that careful, sasuke-kun…”

to which sasuke would pause again, looking up to meet her eyes for a long moment, before his lips would tug and he’d say, “im not worrying. im just noticing that your breasts are quite…” a faint smirk would play at his mouth, “…different.”

her cheeks would flush. “d-different?”

“hmm. bigger.” her blush would darken, his eyes would gleam. he’d kiss her again, kneading her breast quite appreciatively. “softer.”

the redness to her cheeks would now be absolutely feverish. she’d smack his shoulder a bit, before pulling him against her to bury her face in his neck. “sasuke-kun! stop embarrassing me…”

he’d just chuckle a little, so softly. “i like them,” he’d say.

“like this?”

“however. they’re always nice.”

giggling, she’d pull back, and kiss his cheek. “that was cute.”

he’d kiss her again just to shut her up.

(because of course, ‘cute’ is not something he ever wants to be used to define him.)

Joker Imagine : Bonding with his daughter

Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’I need to go J’’ Y/N sighed while putting on her black boots. ‘’But what if I do something wrong?’’ I groaned, talking about our 3 year old daughter, Jezebel but she preferred to be called princess. She was the cutest little girl I had ever seen with brown curly hair and piercing blue eyes. She looked a lot like Y/N, but she had my eyes. I loved her, but I was still Joker. I was scared I couldn’t take care of her when Y/N was gone.

‘’Oh you’ll do fine’’ Y/N sighed and then grabbed her purse. ‘’I know you’re a good dad. You’re not bad at everything’’ She giggled at me and came closer. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t hold back a smirk. ‘’I’ll be back at 8 pm. Remember that she has to take a nap and then she needs food’’ Y/N told me seriously before giving me a kiss. It was left short, but I still got a little spark from her lips.

‘’See ya’’ I hurried to say before she could go. Just as the door closed, I heard a little princess coming closer, small steps getting louder. ‘’Daddy!’’ She squealed happily and soon I felt someone tugging my red shirt. I turned around and saw her standing there in a green dress, a tiara and she was holding a plastic knife. Her big blue eyes were looking up to me and she was smiling. ‘’How is daddy’s little angel doing?’’ I asked her and kneeled down so i was on her level.

‘’I’m no angel’’ She giggled and hugged the toy knife. She was really cute. Even tho I hated most people and I could be the cruelest most cold-hearted person ever, this little girl had me wrapped around her finger. I only cared about two girls, Jezebel and her mother Y/N. Everyone else could go and fuck themselves. ‘’Who told you that?’’ I raised my non-existing eyebrow. ‘’Me’’ She answered proudly. Suddenly she jumped and raised the plastic weapon, holding her other hand on her hip. ‘’I’m pwincess of the world!’’ She declared loudly, her tiny voice sounding like it was coming through speakers.

I picked her up and held her high, spinning around once. ‘’And I’m the king of the world’’ I joined her little thing. It caused her to giggle again. ‘’We are the bestest daddy’’ My little princess told me very surely and then hugged me, wrapping her small arms around my neck. I just held her in my arms, letting this little girl hug me.

Then reality hit me. I actually had a daughter. Sometimes it felt so unbelievable. I was responsible of her, she looked up to me. It was mind-blowing to think about, but wow I was happy. ‘’Can we go to the pow pow place?’’ Jezebel whispered after a while, knocking me out of my thoughts. I looked into her eyes and sighed. ‘’I’m not sure you’re big enough to shoot yet’’ I admitted seriously. Y/N didn’t like the idea at all. She wanted Jezebel to be at least 5 until she could start shooting stuff.

Suddenly I saw pouty lips and glossy eyes. Oh fuck. ‘’But I wanna shoot’’ She whimpered sadly. I saw dinosaur tears forming in her eyes and I started to slightly panic. ‘’Oh..Don’t cry baby. Daddy will take you to the pow pow place’’ I promised, hoping that it would stop the tears. Miraculously the tears disappeared and a big grin appeared on her face. ‘’Yes!!’’ She cheered loudly and dropped her knife while throwing her hands in the air.

‘’But you can’t tell mommy’’ I reminded her while walking out, heading to the elevator. ‘’I won’t’’ Jezebel reassured me. As we got in the elevator, I saw our reflection in the mirror. I liked seeing myself like this. I would give Jezebel the childhood I never had. A good one. ‘’Can I pwess the button?’’ She whispered excitedly. ‘’Hmm let me think’’ I was slow on purpose. She crossed her tiny fingers and nearly held her breath. I lowered her in front of the buttons. ‘’It’s that one’’ I pointed at the right button. Then she pressed it and chuckled at it. Oh the little things kids found interesting.

‘’The tawget is Batsy’’ I heard her saying which surprised me. ‘’Where did you learn to hate Batman?’’ I questioned her and held her hand, not wanting her to run off when the doors would open. ‘’You and mommy’’

I hate what the reboot did to the girl’s personalities.

Bubbles is, according to herself, the ‘cute one’. Since when? Sure, she was always the cutest but that wasn’t her role. She was the naive one and the innocent one. Her naivete made her cute, she wasn’t just automatically cute. The current Bubbles isn’t even cute. She’s try-hard cute. Squealing like a fangirl and dressing in rainbow doesn’t make her genuinely cute.

Blossom has pretty much been devoid of all fun. She’s just a geeky stereotype and a mysophobe stereotype. She’s there to make smartness jokes about when that was never a part of her original character.

Buttercup is way too mean spirited compared to before. She was rough and tumble but she wasn’t so aggressive. She wouldn’t be a class clown like in that episode with the panda and she wouldn’t bully people on her own accord much.

The writers said they wanted to flesh out the girl’s personalities so why are they all so one-note? Bubbles is a cutesy internet fangirl, Blossom is the nerd, and Buttercup is the tomboyish rough one. That’s pretty much them 85% of the time in the reboot.

My Opinion on Pokémon Sun/Moon characters

Protagonist: that’s me but it’s also not me
Professor Kukui: Shirtless dude
Lillie: Precious Cinnamon Roll #1
Hau: Precious Cinnamon Roll #2
Ilima: Fabulousness
Lana: Precious
Mallow: Yes just yes
Kiawe: He’s too serious but I don’t hate him
Sophocles: He doesn’t really care that much
Acerola: Cutest thing ever
Kahuna Hala: Hau’s grandpa
Kahuna Olivia: moar fabulousness
Kahuna Nanu: He needs help
Kahuna Hapu: cute yet serious, I liek it
Gladion: Sinnamon Roll
Plumeria: she needs to change her name
Guzma: hE nEEds To StoP
Lusamine: she exists for one reason and it’s to be hated by me
Wicke: thank you, you are nice
Masked Royal: *see Professor Kukui*
Red: honeymoon w/ blue
Blue: honeymoon w/ red
Mohn: who’s that
Professor Burnet: I like her she’s shirtless guy’s wife
Wally: *yells* DAD CAN I KEEP HIM?!
Cynthia: badass
Molayne: he gives the hints that shirtless guy is the other shirtless guy even tho we kinda already know
Dexio: he was in X & Y w/ john sina he barely even talks


Team Skull Grunts: “…”