is she still with miles

when the storm hits, hold on tight to your silver lining

(set just before Phoenix’s disbarment is finalised but soon after he gains the shining light that is Trucy)


Degrassi Social Media AU (14/?) + Jonah and Frankie’s Instagrams

Fic: Over My Dead Body

I have no idea what this is or why this happened… but here. Have a High School!Olicity with a little bit of Tommy Merlyn thrown in. 

Prompt: You look like shit. 

“You look like shit.”

“Shut up, Tommy,” Felicity says, holding onto her stomach as she tries not to throw up.

She’d told Mr. Walsh that she didn’t feel good today and he’d still made her run the mile. She should sue the school for negligence.

Better yet, she should vomit all over his precious Reeboks.

How is it that tuition here is thousands of dollars a year and they can’t afford competent teachers? Felicity would have been better off turning down her scholarship and attending public school.

“Are you going to barf? Because I have to tell you, Smoak. I’m a sympathy puker. If you throw up, I will, too,” Tommy says, earning him a glare.

A wave of pain hits her and she doubles over, crying out.

“Mr. Walsh, I don’t think Felicity is doing too good,” Tommy calls out, putting a comforting hand on her back.

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anonymous asked:

cyber granny just put up a picture on instagram about 'her favourite boys' including her 3 grandsons and 1 great grandson, yet she lists Freddie before her 2 other grandsons and Freddie is in a photo on his own when the rest of her 'grandsons' are in pictures together (the one with Austin is a picture of Austin and Freddie) and if that doesn't show how much attention this family craves that they'll put this fake kid before their own grandkids just because of its famous dad like ???? come on

Everytime cybegranny goes extra with Freddie I get more convinced Tammi has access to her acc and is the one posting

@zumbagirl8302 requested an “elevator proposal” fic 76 years ago. I finally got around to write it. This is absolutely ridiculous. Also, I didn’t know how to end it so I just stopped writing and decided that is where it ends. Enjoy some ridiculous Jeller fluff nonsense!

She was pretty sure she’d misheard the other woman. Ever since she’d come back to the team, Zapata had been the most unwelcoming towards her, and quite vocally so. And even though the past three weeks since the failed raid on the Farm had somehow brought her closer to the team, primarily to Kurt and by extension the team, she still felt she was miles away from where she had been. With both Reade and Patterson in the hospital and out of commission for most of that time, she had had to work closely with Zapata. Their relationship was no where near where it had been but at least they were trusting each other again. So when Tasha walked up to her and said, “I’m having a small ‘Welcome Back’ party for Reade at his place tonight and I’d love you to be there,” Jane almost fell off her chair. During the past few weeks she had visited Reade a few times at the hospital and it had went well, but to be invited over for a party, that she had not expected.

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My favorite little killer, Arya, really stepped up her game this latest episode of Game of Bones and I feel the need to celebrate it with some art. 

Also sorry I haven’t posted in a week, been busy with a secret project. 

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Ok Season 4 of Degrassi will take place in the second half of the year of Zig, Miles, Tristan, Grace, Jonah, Maya and so forth of there senior year so it would be all of there last seasons right... but what if it wasn't for Maya and Tristan considering both of them are going to miss and have missed school recovering, it would make sense for them to possibly fail because of the lack of them being in school. What do you think of this idea?

I’m pretty sure the girl who plays Maya said in a bts vid that this year was going to be her last. And the guy who plays Tristan is almost 23, that’s usually as far as Degrassi stretches it for actors playing high school seniors. I’m pretty sure Maya and Tristan will graduate with the others. The only way I could see any of the current seniors making an occasional S5 appearance is if Tiny is still dating Shay (since she’s a grade below him) or if Miles comes back in relation to one of his siblings (a la Katie’s appearance for Maya).

holtzmann headcanons
  • holtzmann has adhd. between that and the fact that her mind is always moving a thousand miles a minute, she’s never totally still. she has a number of small physical quirks, tics and tells that clue into her mood and stress-level.
  • she doesn’t wear rings all that often, but when she does, she often twists them around on her fingers, repeatedly slips them on and off or flicks them from one finger to another.
  • every keychain she has has some kind of fidget toy attached to it. in fact, she’s surreptitiously slipped one onto each of the other GB’s keychains, too.
  • every straw she uses is absolutely destroyed by the time she’s done with the drink. she chews them to hell and back. in fact, she usually keeps a few straws in her pockets to chew on throughout the day. 
  • when she’s emotional, close to moved to tears, she often plays with her hair– gently curling her fingers through it or tugging, maybe pulling at her ears. 
  • her legs never stop moving. even when she’s sitting still, her knees or feet bounce. erin will often have to grab holtz’s knee when the group goes out to dinner or to the movies, anywhere where they share a bench or a row of seats because holtz’s legs will make all of them shake.
PJO Headcanon #15

Annabeth and Percy both have PTSD after the war with Gaea, but they cope with it in different ways. Annabeth takes out her anxiety with one thing she still has a hold on - her body. She runs for miles at night when images keep her awake. She goes to the gym and doesn’t stop punching until her hands cramp up. She lets her body expel so much energy that she can avoid what’s going on in her head. Percy goes straight to therapy, but since he can’t really talk about what’s going on with mortals, he shuts down and he begins to become depressed. The other five of the seven notice what’s happening to their friends and begin to help them through it. Hazel gets the idea to start a new wing at the Hospital in New Rome for therapy, both physical and mental. There they have demigod doctors with degrees who try and help the patients through their illnesses.

Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part VII

Due to the long wait an extra long version. I have written and discarded at least three versions before this one. This story has gotten way too important to me and it’s nearing it’s end and I just might keep writing beyond what I had planned for this. Not sure yet. EITHER WAY THIS IS NOT THE LAST PART YET.

Part I here,
Part II here
Part III here

Part IV here
part V here

part VI here

The one where the stakes get high 

“ Where are you going?!” No answer. She grabbed her dress and walked out, slamming the door shut behind her. Truth was; she had no clue where she was going. Her mind was in knots, wondering if she should’ve even walked away from what might’ve been her only chance at getting him to herself. She ran towards the lobby with her thoughts still racing at a million miles an hour. Even if he recoiled from her altogether now, he had to know he couldn’t just list his demands for her. If this was going to happen it couldn’t be some sort of loyalty experiment. She heard familiar footsteps behind her as she approached the reception. Even when she picked up her step and walked a little faster, she kept hearing them getting closer. An even, confident step. She could even recognize that from him. She wasn’t going to make it. 

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The Perfect Rain Kiss – Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by lost-girl1996 - Can you write one where the reader finds liam chained to a tree like in the first episode of season 5

My Teen Wolf Master List

It was dark out and a storm was coming, but Y/N was only at the half mark of her 5-mile run. She still had to run 2.5 miles back home. She didn’t mind running in the rain she loved it for so many reasons. Not only is it a good workout, but she also found the rain peaceful, refreshing, and romantic. She’s always wanted a kiss in the rain, but she’s saved that for the perfect moment with the right boy.

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-That she knew Stein when he was just a boy, before he was handsome, before he was a professor, before he was the greatest Meister: and she still loved him

-That this is a woman who walks deserts and miles to search for Stein because she leaves NO ONE behind

-That she forgave Crona, acted as a mother figure to them, despite how DEEPLY Crona had violated her life by planting that snake in her tea

-That even when Stein was feeling his worst and the world felt like it was falling out from under her feet, she still made the kids lunch 

-That she took a Soul Wavelength Attack right to the face, was thrown three feet into solid rock, endured Medusa’s Vector Arrows, was thrown into pillars, and yet still had the resilience to get up and block Maka’s attack on Stein

-That she KNEW what Stein had done to Spirit and yet still trusts Stein because she believes in his goodness

-That she is friends with the woman who has the nickname “Queen of the Tattletales”. That she is friends with Spirit, who cheated on his wife. With Stein, who violated his and Spirit’s partnership. That she can see the good, the worth, and the value of these people

-That she carried Stein, a man at least a foot taller than her, out of the vortex that housed BREW and downright collapsed into the snow with him, and cared so deeply for the kids that she got right the hell up and was willing to walk back into what would have been her death

-That she accepts Stein. That she did not FIX him. That she told him that there was nothing about him that was broken.

-That she is the strongest physical Death Scythe

-That she was crying after the search for Stein was called off and then turned around, slapped her cheeks, and made up a game plan

-That she is kind and caring and powerful and nurturing and unapologetically soft in a world where so much cruelty happens


-She had a singular moment when she was so fed up with being single (probably because of comments like the kind Arisa and Risa made in the Manga: referring to her as bitter because she’s husbandless and “past her expiration date”. which is fucked up) that she decided to marry a toilet (which, honestly, is a better option than some people she could have chosen to date)

-That she confused Tea for Coffee despite the fact that she has a blind spot on her left and held the tin up TO HER BLIND SPOT

-That she is bad with directions, but, hell, so are a ton of other people and that doesn’t make THEM any less multidimensional


Valoni and Mai having to room together while in DOMA tho. Like, they have only one bed and Valoni’s like ‘I’ll take the floor’ and Mai’s all like ‘it’s okay we can sleep both on one side, no biggie, I don’t mind’ and Valoni literally doesn’t dare to do it because it’d be having her too close yet too far like she could be breathing next to him and she’d still be miles away ya feel jalksd

and then Mai has nightmares and has to ask Valoni to sleep next to her even tho it’s like killing her on the inside to show such weakness in front of a man. And they don’t sleep at all but just talk about their shitty lives tbqh

oh my god you know that Oldbag would show up at Miles and Phoenix’s wedding
like before the ceremony when Phoenix and Miles are still getting ready she just walks into the venue and Apollo kinda keeping an eye on the front door and he’s like “wait!! who are you??” and Oldbag is like “i’m, uh, the security for the ceremony” and Apollo is kinda skeptical so he say “uh,,, i don’t think Maya arranged for any security,,,” and Oldbag goes on one of her tirades like “of course she did!!! if she didnt that just goes to show you how this younger generation has no respect for each other they only care about themselves how could someone not arrange any kind on protection for somebody so precious as my Edgey- i mean, Mr. Edgeworth!!! absolutely disgraceful this entire ordeal is its a good thing im here to-” and about this time Maya walks and sees Oldbag from behind and Maya just fucking tackles her “NOBODY IS GOING TO RUIN THIS WEDDING WINDBAG”
Maya is a very aggressive wedding planner she just wants the day to go nicely for her boys
Maya had Gumshoe drag her out and then she explains the situation to Apollo and then she goes in to check on Miles and he’s like “is everything alright? i thought i heard some kind of commotion” and Maya is like “its fine!!!!!! everything is fine!!!!!!!!! :^)”