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Okay maybe Jenna is a terrible parent to Jeremy but Elena is a worse sister to him. Like how many times did she compel him for no reason ? and she continued to still be "friends" with Damon. who is a vampire

Yes the DE relationship renders Elena a terrible sister and friend


buffy rewatch ❉ this year’s girl

I think my favourite thing about Bubbline is that in the first episode that made it clear this is going to turn real gay real fast (What Was Missing), the characters still had their initial traits. Princess Bubblegum was this perfect little princess who always gets everything she wants and everyone adores her. Marceline was this “dark and mysterious” ancient vampire who’s oh so cool and nonchalant, but also a terrifying force when angered.

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And now we see so much deeper into their characters. Bonnibel is actually almost as old as Marcy is and she’s been hardened into a ruthless despot, who is ultimately well-intentioned but also goddamn scary sometimes, and above all so, so deeply flawed. Marcy herself is still the lost little girl she was when she turned immortal, her blasé attitude is actually just a defense mechanism and yeah, she’s still a powerful vampire, but also a precious awkward potato most of the time.

Maybe even better than all this is the fact that they both helped each other develop. Bonnie is less tense now and focuses more on her personal relationships and sees beyond the masses of her citizens. Marceline was briefly mortal again thanks to PB and is vastly better at handling her emotions and maintaining her relationship with others.

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These two are amazing.

YA lit meme: five protagonists [2/5]
↳ Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy)

By the way, my name’s Rose Hathaway. I’m seventeen years old, training to protect and kill vampires, in love with a completely unsuitable guy, and have a best friend whose weird magic could drive her crazy. Hey, no one said high school was easy.


Uh-oh. Manila folder time.


What kind of ending is that? They left us with more questions than answers. I mean, how and when did Damon die, because clearly, he died. And Elena, is she dead, too? What the heck was that? 

Caroline opened a school, and got a donation from Klaus, so there’s a possibility that she may go to the Originals at some point since she is still a vampire and will be alive long after her family has passed. And Bonnie? I mean, she was alive last time we saw her, and at least we know that she is going to live her life to the fullest, possibly find love again, and see the world, and have a family. So, that’s a consolation I suppose. I don’t know. I’m rambling now, so I’m just going to end this post with a big question mark.  

Vampire WJSN

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  • is absolutely ANCIENT. she’s so old that she’s lost count of her age but she never turns bitter from the years spent watching humans fight wars and vampire packs fight each other. she’s still caring and although not the pack’s leader, she is gone to for advice
  • vamp law states that if a human knows of the vamp world, they either must be turned or killed
  • but when you stumbled upon their hunting party, she broke the rules and took you in instead
  • you became a helper, their legs during the day when the sun was out
  • this made her admire you and she wastes no time in asking you out. she’s too old to mess around, you know?

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Xuan Yi:

  • with no need to buy food or heating, etc, she’s saved up a lot of money. that she loves to spend shopping. she’s the most fashionable vamp around and can predict every trend
  • you were an employee of a clothing store and from her frequent visits, you got to know her well
  • you started off just talking about “what’s in” and yourselves and the weather. then one day she’s like “want to go for coffee?”
  • she takes you to a local coffee shop when you’re on a break, “forgetting” to drink her coffee before it got too cold. you thought it was just a friendly get together until you part ways and she’s like “thanks for the date! when are you free again?”
  • her fun personality is what the new pack members are drawn too and you’re not much different. she draws you in each and every time she visits the clothing store
  • she won’t tell you the truth about herself until she’s sure she can trust you but when she does, the pack accepts you as one of their own and sometimes forgets you’re even human

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  • so pretty that ppl die happy if she drains them
  • and what’s worse is that she’s so kind and caring that you can’t even hate her for it
  • she takes care of everyone, esp. the younger ones so everyone cherishes and respects her. she may not be the leader but her word means a lot
  • you were one of many humans, entranced by the beautiful angel that she is. you caught sight of her from your window one night and for some reason, couldn’t help but follow after her
  • when you caught up you asked if she was ok, why she was out late and having someone care about her safety felt so nice that bona decides to befriend you
  • “I was just going for a walk. Care to join?”
  • this was the first of many nightly walks where you get to know each other better and after a while, she’ll tell you her secret
  • she’ll never force you to stay with her or judge you for being scared. what you do next is entirely up to you

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  • you were the leader of a pack when Exy contacts you one day with a preposition; that you join groups. together you would be big and powerful and you agree
  • it takes a while but her and her pack are so nice that there’s no real issue getting to trust them or working w them
  • the time you spend together, planning and discussing and even just goofing off makes you catch Feelings
  • both your packs know and even she knows but no one says anything
  • there’s no need to
  • the way you look at each other says enough

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  • you overheard the cutest laugh one day and when you looked around the crowd, you seen the prettiest girl you’ve ever laid eyes on
  • your friends were nudging you like ;) aaay go get some but you’re like >////< no pretty girls are scary
  • the girl laughs as if she can hear you and next thing you know, she’s tapping your shoulder
  • “hi, my name’s Soobin, what’s yours?”
  • a friendship blossoms and you arrive early to her place one day, only to see her with her teeth sunk into a woman’s neck
  • the incident left you frightened and she tried to talk to you, to explain but you kept avoiding her. she corners you eventually and explains it all
  • whether you choose to stay w her is up to you

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  • smol but evil
  • well, she’s loyal to her pack of course. but she also lovingly picks on everyone >:D
  • her teasing of you is a bit different tho
  • it’s not just friendly banter but more like “you look stupidly good today! :) what a nerd ;)”
  • eventually you just start dating
  • there may be some jealousy on your behalf since the males can’t seem to keep their eyes off her but dw about that
  • she’s so loyal and loving and they know right away that she’s taken bc she likes touching your butt as often as possible :^) so they can just back right off :^)

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  • proof that vamps aren’t all bad and scary ~
  • she looks after everyone to the point where she’ll clean up their messes w/out complaint and you’re like “no, they need to learn to take care of themselves!”
  • she’s just too kind for her own good
  • but onto how you ended up together …
  • you were from a rival pack but when you two crossed paths, she showed you nothing but kindness and beautiful smiles. you wondered if what your leader had told you (that Exy’s pack were vile and ruthless) was actually just bs so you sought dawon out more often
  • the time you spent together showed you her good nature and that your leader was lying so you left and joined her group
  • the fact that you trusted her so much, that you saw the good in her pack who she loves so much made her feel jittery inside.
  • her crush only grows stronger and stronger until it’s SO obvious that she likes you and you’re like “do u wanna go on a date or something?” and adsdfhlksja you’ve awakened her dead heart

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  • happy and energetic
  • when she sees you, a lone vamp, just wandering around, she feels bad for you. she didn’t want you to be lonely so she keeps trying to be your friend and over time, her fun personality changes your mind and now you’re part of the pack :)
  • luda senses sparks between you two and decides to play cupid
  • she convinces you both to go on a date and while on it, you realise that she was right. you did like eunseo. you were so used to closing off your emotions that you hadn’t realised that warm feeling inside you was affection
  • “this was fun! maybe we should go on another date?”

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Cheng Xiao:

  • when you joined the group, she stayed away at first out of shyness but gradually warmed up to you. now she’s talkative and makes you laugh, even w/out meaning to
  • she’s surprisingly innocent, despite her age and all that she’s witnessed
  • but you see that as her seeing the good in everything. it puts her in danger sometimes, as she can sometimes trust the wrong ppl
  • a member of an enemy group befriends her and tries to take her hostage one day but FIRST OF ALL
  • she like back flips away and beats their ass and majestically tumbles back to the pack to tell everyone what happened
  • and you’re sickened and worried bc “WHAT IF THEY HAD HURT YOU?”
  • but she silences you with a kiss, that confused you at first until you realised you liked her. it may seem dumb looking back on it but you were closed off from your feelings, trying to keep up that cold vamp image, not even realising that you had fallen for her. but she knew
  • “don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself ~”

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Mei Qi:

  • brains AND beauty
  • ppl go to her for advice, since she’s smart and will think rationally. but she’s also kinda weird so if they need a good laugh, she’s there for that too
  • she’s confident in herself and her abilities so when she sees you struggling with battle practice, she offers to give you extra lessons
  • by the end of them not only can u fight but you also got her phone number ;) wait, do vamps even use phones? haha

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  • always hungry for blood
  • you both strike up a friendship since you run into each other a lot, trying to sneak into the blood supply room or sneaking off to hunt when you’re caught
  • she starts off wooing you by bringing you random bags of blood so romantic
  • and initiating shy skinship like holding hands or sitting close to you
  • this goes on for years, where you lowkey flirt and do couple things but never actually ask each other out
  • putting a label on it is pointless since you both know you’re committed

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  • isn’t afraid to approach you and talk to you when you catch her eye one day. you were a rogue vamp and her outgoing personality made you consider joining her pack
  • although she looks young, she’s really not and that shows through her maturity
  • another motherly type that takes care of and loves everyone. so any of their problems are her problems too
  • when she realises she likes you, she’ll ask you out on a date. simple at that.

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  • got your attention by screaming when she seen a cute dog in a sweater and you’re liek “this is my emotion too” bc HIS PAWS AND THE SWEATER OMG SO CUTE
  • and she decides that you’re cool so you should be friends and yeah
  • after a few years, she tells you her secret and you don’t believe her at first purely bc “lol but your breath doesn’t smell like blood??”
  • she shows you her fangs and the pack and when you finally believe her, you don’t run away or anything. you trust her and are basically part of the pack too
  • you joke about how your relationship started with a dog and you’re nicknamed the “puppy couple” bc of it and your cuteness together

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  • Kaname : So you don't think about the future?
  • Yuuki : No.
  • Kaname : Never?
  • Yuuki : No.
  • Kaname : You really don't care what happens a year from now? Five years from now?
  • Yuuki : Kaname, when I look into the future, all I see is you! All I want is you.
  • Kaname : I know the feeling.

Here I am, ready to loose more followers. 

Dear Klaroline fandom,

I’m also a huge Klaroline fan, but you’re being so disrespectful to the Steroline fandom, it makes me sad. Stefan and Care just got married and he died. It’s devastating and I can’t believe you guys are being so mean to Steroline. Like if you loved Caroline so much, you wouldn’t be happy that she lost the love of her life and will probably loose all of her friends and family at some point of her life, too. Klaroline maybe will happen, but even if Stefan got to live 60 more years and then die happy after having an amazing life with Care, she was still going to be a vampire and Klaroline was still going to happen eventually. And then both Steroline and Klaroline fandoms would be happy. Like I said, don’t be bitches about the ending. It’s not like Klaus was only thinking about Care in New Orleans. He had Cami. Whom you also hated, cause like I said you’re being bitches. It’s a shame for me to call myself part of the Klaroline fandom. I am Klaroline fan, but not anymore part of the people who are such a huge assholes. Like you are. I’m ready to loose followers. Hit me with your best shot! :)