is she still a vampire

100% Vampire Widow Skin

Because it is subtle and I still see some people not convinced/#IWantToBelieve-ing @ the Huntress and Comtesse skins so I turned my in game screenshots to take at 9x resolution and took some pics

So yeah this are inarguably fang marks. Think everyone has seen these by now but at least I haven’t seen them at this resolution yet

Teeth! Pointy little teeth! 

And in case you didn’t notice in the last two pictures, her eyes are clearly not normal. They’re a deeper gold than usual and have red pupils. They also are shinier, I think? I’ve noticed in some lights they can appear almost completely gold or completely red which is neat.

So hey even if she didn’t get a Halloween skin at least she still technically has a vampire one

I know this isn’t the first post of this flying around but since I haven’t seen screenshots this clear yet I decided to share

Love Me Like You Do (Part 1)

Summary: Draco decides to visit America before he gets married to Astoria Greengrass, fulfilling a pact his family has made with hers. It’s a last-minute trip he wants to take before he settles down to fulfill his duties as a Malfoy. Until he meets you, and you change his whole life.

Word Count: 3,073

Warnings: None.

A/N: Another daydream of mine with my beloved Draco. Hope you all enjoy! 

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“Draco? Draco!”

Draco blinked and met his mother’s eyes. “Yes?”

Narcissa Malfoy gave him a thin-lipped smile, embarrassment across her otherwise-stoic features. “Are you with us, dear?”

Draco, in fact, wasn’t in the room. His mind had been wandering ever since his father began to talk about business and how he was seeking to invest his Galleons into worthy ideas. Nothing that really interested Draco. His passion was found in cauldrons, steaming potions, watching them change colors as Draco neared the discoveries of spells and concoctions that would help the wizarding world throughout the planet.

Yet his parents weren’t so fond of his chosen career path. They called it a hobby, didn’t acknowledge Draco’s efficacity in it, and Lucius incessantly insisted that Draco meet with him weekly to go over the family’s interests and what to do to bring even more fortune to the Malfoy household.

The war had been unkind to his family. Pureblooded thinking had been shunned and Lucius Malfoy had been forced to swallow his pride and beliefs to keep going forward, to try to fix the wrongs that had tarnished his household when he had chosen the wrong side.

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sorry but 5 years later and i’m still convinced that there was no way stefan couldn’t have saved both elena and matt from drowning at wickery bridge

dream catcher [stefan salvatore]

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  my recommendation, listen to sad music with a happy ending :)

  It seemed as though Stefan Salvatore had planned this from the beginning.

    Although it may not have been obvious to most, but Stefan had been planning his death for quite some time. He had been wishing for the sweet release of death to take him away from the horrors of the world. Stefan wanted more than what life had to offer him. Afterall, what good had life ever brought him anyway? The only thing that life had ever given him was you, but it seemed that fate did not plan on keeping the two of you together for very long.

    Years ago, Stefan Salvatore had been the love of your life. The two of you had gotten married under the stars and traveled the world together before settling in Mystic Falls. However, once Elena Gilbert came along, things began to change.

    Life became rougher and it became difficult for you to survive. Even as a vampire, you had always had a little trouble keeping up. This was primarily due to the fact that you were on “the bunny diet” as Damon liked to put it. Because you only fed on animals, your body would never be as strong as other vampires.

    As fate would have it, a few years after you met Elena Gilbert, you were killed.

    They never discovered who had been the one to commit the crime, there was no evidence, no witnesses, just your broken, mangled body and your heart lying by your side. Stefan had found you after not hearing from you for a few hours. Worry had wrecked his body for hours on end before he finally found your car near the entrance to the forest. It was not unsurprising, you had most likely been hungry and wanted to drink. When Stefan tracked your steps into the woods, he was heartbroken to find your torn corpse waiting at his feet.

    Stefan had immediately dropped to his knees, not being able to maintain his body weight with the sight before him. His jaw went slack and tears already began falling from his tired eyes. Not caring about the blood that may soak his clothes, he gathered your body into his arms and pulled it tight against him. He tried to feel for a breath, a sign, anything to show that you were still with him, but he knew it was futile. Your heart had been ripped from your chest, there was no way for you to still be alive.

    Horse sobs filtered from the back of his throat and out of his lips as he cried. Stefan clutched your body to his chest, his head placed in the juncture between your head and your shoulder as he whispered futile pleas against your cold skin.

    “Please, please no,” he muttered, heart clenching in his chest, “you can’t do this to me - not now - not when I need you most.”

The way you had been killed almost seemed ironic to Stefan. It may have been your heart that had been ripped from your chest, but it still seemed like it was Stefan’s heart that had been torn to shreds.

    He stayed beside your body for hours it seemed, continuing to rock you back in forth in his arms as if there could be some miracle in all of heaven that would bring you back to him. After a few hours, after the sobs had ceased and his hands were covered in crimson blood, Stefan managed to shakily bring himself to his feet and drag himself back to his house, with your body still dangling in his grip.

    Stefan had made his way back to the Salvatore boarding house, where he knew the rest of his friends would be. After crossing the threshold of the doorway, Stefan fell back to his knees and let out another sob. Damon and Elena were the first to burst into the room to identify the source of the noise. When they saw what sight lay before them, they almost wished they hadn’t.

    Damon reacted first, seeing as he had been your brother-in-law and one of your closest friends. He dropped beside his brother with a small noise leaving the back of his throat. Tears welled in his eyes, and he laid a hand on his brother’s shoulder.

    “I’m so sorry, brother,” Damon whispered.

    Although the words were short, it was still enough for Stefan to let your body rest against the floor so that he could turn and grip his older brother. It had been a while since they shared an emotional moment together, but Damon still managed to squeeze his little brother tightly to him as he sobbed for his lost love.

    As Stefan cried, the rest of the group filtered into the room to witness what had occurred. They had been shocked and grief-stricken at the sight of you and the Salvatore brothers at your side. Bonnie Bennett had immediately let out a sob and gripped onto Enzo’s arm as he attempted to comfort her. The two of you had been great friends, and it was like a knife to the heart when she laid eyes upon your dead body. Caroline and Matt Donovan simply watched with heavy hearts as one of their friends left this world for another. The rest of your group of friends lowered their heads in indication of their fallen friend.

    A few weeks later, your funeral was held and Stefan placed your body in his family tomb, knowing that it was what you would have wanted. It was a small ceremony, just the Mystic Falls gang gathered together for one final goodbye one of their greatest friends. Bonnie and Damon gave beautiful speeches about how your laugh always managed to light up a room and how you always seemed to be able to drag a smile out of even the saddest person.

    When Stefan stepped up to give his speech, his eyes were red and swollen from all the crying he had done over the past few weeks. He attempted to pull himself together by rubbing the skin beneath his eyes, but all it did was make them ache.

“When [Y/N] was little, she used to sleep with a dream-catcher above her head. She told me that she used it to keep the bad dreams away and she still used it, even as a hundred year old vampire,” Stefan chuckled, “The day after we moved in together, I noticed that she had taken the dream-catcher down and now it laid inside her bedside table. When I asked her why she didn’t have it above her bed anymore, she simply told me ‘I don’t need a dream-catcher to keep the bad dreams away, because now I have you and I know you’ll always protect me, even in my sleep.’ It was in that moment that I knew I was completely and uninevitably in love with her. It was because she not only loved me but she trusted me wholeheartedly to keep her safe. And I know that if she could be here now, she wouldn’t want me to blame myself for what happened to her because it was out of my control, but that guilt still weighs heavily on my heart. I didn’t keep her safe, at least in that moment I didn’t. I may have kept her close my entire life, but in that moment, when she needed me, I couldn’t keep her safe. For that, my love. I’m sorry - I hope you can forgive me.”

    From behind his back, Stefan had drawn the dream-catcher onto the casket before him, finally letting his tears take over as he cried once more. Damon ushered him away from the podium and let the others give their speeches as he comforted his brother.

    After the funeral, Stefan was never the same, he went back to the brooding vampire he had been before he met you. He rarely spoke and chose to instead divulge his problems in alcohol rather than human interaction.

    Months had passed, but Stefan was never the same. Your death had shaken him to the core and Damon worried that Stefan would never come to terms with your murder. He feared that Stefan would continue to be the broken soul he had become. Stefan knew that Damon was trying to help, however, Stefan was haunted by too many demons and his soul could never be repaired. The torn pieces of his heart were so mangled that no stitch could ever pull them back together. Stefan knew he was broken, and he knew that the only thing that could repair those fragile pieces was if he was reunited with you.

    So when Bonnie discovered that there was a way to kill Katherine Pierce by keeping her in hell and letting the hellfire consume her as Bonnie destroyed it, Stefan knew what he had to do.

    Stefan entered the empty cavern of the tunnels, letting his eyes fall upon Katherine and Damon as they argued.

    “You’re bluffing,” Katherine replied, a smug smile falling upon her lips.

    Before Damon had the chance to respond, Stefan spoke up, alerting the two as they argued, “No, he’s not. And neither am I.” Stefan took careful steps into the cavern, letting the two watch him as he maneuvered his way closer.

    “I got this handled, bro,” Damon muttered, eyes wide as he takes in Stefan. It was the first time in a long while that Stefan had gotten involved in one of the “adventures” that the Mystic Falls group tended to attract. “You need to get out of these tunnels,” Damon continues.

    Stefan shakes his head, “I’m not the one who’s going to get out of here - you are.”

    “Bad time to be a martyr, Stefan,” Damon growls.

    “Said the martyr,” Stefan quickly retorts.

    Katherine turns and tries to make her way towards the exit, “I’m going to let the two if you figure this out amongst yourselves.” She steps closer to the exist of the tunnels but is stopped when Damon draws his hand back and lets the knife fly, hitting Katherine in the back. She is immediately subdued, falling to the ground where both Damon and Stefan know she won’t be rising from anytime soon.

    Damon steps forward the confront his brother, “Fine, then we will both go.”

    “Somebody needs to stay here and make sure she’s actually in hell when it’s destroyed,” Stefan replies.

    “I’m aware,” Damon speaks, cutting Stefan off as he tries to speak, “tell Elena that I did this for her, to pay for my past mistakes.”

    Stefan shakes his head, “You can tell her yourself. I need to do this Damon. I owe it to Bonnie and Enzo - I owe it to a lot of people.”

    Damon shakes of the hint at your name, instead choosing to try to convince Stefan out of his suicide mission, “I can’t let you die here, Stefan.”

    “Yes,” Stefan nods, “you are.”

    “Are you seriously going to sit here and argue with me about who needs this redemption more?” Damon cries, “You’re not responsible for Enzo, Stefan!”

    Stefan feels a weight in his heart as he replies, “You keep saying that but you’re wrong! We are all responsible for our own actions. Every drop of blood that I have spilled, I am accountable for.”

    Damon paces back and forth as Stefan attempts to convince him, trying to wrap his head around his brother’s logic. “Then I’m accountable too, and I have spilled even more!”

    “Damon, I’m human. In sixty years I’m going to be old and I’m going to be dead. You have quite literally an eternity with Elena ahead of you-”

    “Which means a lot less without you!” Damon cries.

    “Do you think I want this? I lost the love of my life, my wife is dead and she is waiting for me to come home to her. In the nearly two centuries since I made you become a vampire, I have fought to turn you into the man who deserves the happiness that is out there right now. Damon, I can’t have that happiness because [Y/N] is already gone. I can’t be happy until she is back by my side once more, Damon,” Stefan cries, tears welling in his eyes as he recalls the woman he loved. His heart, although torn and broken, could be restrung if he had the chance to see his wife again.

    “No,” Damon whispers, his focus not completely in the conversation as he remembers his sister-in-law.

    “So let me do this for you,” Stefan whispers.


    “Then let me do this for me,” Stefan cries. It had been too long since he had seen you and that separation was beginning to tear him apart from the inside. It wasn’t just your death that lingered over him, it was the guilt of not saving you and the horror of having no way to bring you back. He may have been human now, but there was no life for him unless you were in it. There was no purpose of living unless you were living.

    “Please,” Stefan whispers.

    Damon’s body shakes as he takes a moment to think. His body hurting as he thinks of what he is going to do next, knowing that Stefan will never forgive him, “I love you, little brother.

    “I love you too.”

    Damon steps forward, placing a hand on his brother’s shoulder shaking his head as he speaks, “And you’re right - you are human. Which is why I can do this.” Salty tears begin to roll down his eyes as he speaks his next words, his pupils widening as he compels his little brother, “Go, walk out of these tunnels and you are not going to stop until my death breaks the compulsion,” Stefan struggles against his brother, pleading for him to stop so that he can finally be reunited with his wife, “Because I am the big brother. I’m sorry I wasn’t better at it until now.”

    The two brothers cry as Damon compels his brother to escape the tunnels, not knowing that Stefan was already on vervain. Stefan lets out a teary-eyed smile as he turns and emotionlessly leaves the tunnels with a heavy-heart and a mission in his mind.

Minutes later, Damon is holding Katherine in front of the tunnels, waiting for the hellfire to consume them. Katherine struggles, attempting to break free of his strong hold. However, before the fire reaches them, Damon is stabbed by a syringe of Stefan’s blood, transferring the cure to his body. Stefan lets the syringe hit the floor as Damon looks up at his brother in shock before Stefan throws his body out of the way of the hellfire.

Stefan grabs ahold of Katherine, knowing that he will be dead soon because he no longer has the cure running through his veins. He drags her body back into the tunnel as she cries out for him to stop.

“Stefan, please,” Katherine cries.

He ignores her plea and pierces the dagger into her heart before turning to his brother who lays unconscious on the floor, “Goodbye brother,” he whispers. Stefan then turns his head back to the tunnel before him and allows the fire to consume him body, his last thoughts being of his beautiful wife who he would be seeing soon.

Stefan lets his hand fall away from Elena’s, making his way towards the doors before him. Anticipation fills his every movement as he moves closer. It had been too long since he had seen you, since he had been able to touch you or even speak to you. It may not have been an eternity but, God, did it feel like it.

Letting the light take over his figure, his eyes adjust against the harsh, bright sun as he steps into the parking lot. His eyes scan the area until they land on one figure. One figure who has his breath taken away the moment his eyes land on her. Before he even gets a chance to do anything, tears are overtaking his vision and he lets out a watery smile.

    “I told you that I would always have you by my side, my dream catcher,” you let out. Your body is leaning against Stefan’s old car, arms crossed over your chest as you admire the love of your life. On the inside, your body is buzzing with excitement - he’s here, he’s actually here. It takes all the strength you have in your body to not rush over to him immediately,

    Stefan laughs softly, “And that’s where I’ll be for the rest of my days.”

    His words are all it takes for you to rush over to him, you’re feet moving as quickly as you can. You are taken into his arms, his biceps crushing you into his chest, where he buries his face in your hair. You cry out, letting your arms wind around his waist as you softly cry, letting out little hiccups as you try to laugh. Taking in his scent, your throat makes a happy noise as you bury your nose in his chest. “I love you,” you whimper, “I love you so much.”

    Stefan lets a few of his tears drip onto your hair, “I love you too.”

    And then he’s placing his lips onto yours, lifting you by your hips as he spins you around in circles. You let out a few giggles as you twirl with his strong arms embracing you. His lips are as soft as you remember and his kiss feels as though it’s brightening your soul. In reality, your kiss is stitching back the pieces of Stefan’s broken heart. Those torn and mangles pieces that had been in his heart for so long were finally being repaired. He could feel his heart becoming lighter as he tilted his head, letting his lips slot against yours once more.

    When he brings his head back, he buries his face in your neck letting out a happy laugh that he had not made in a while. It doesn’t take long before he places his hand on your cheek, admiring the way you gaze into his eyes. He watches as you place your hand over his own, his eyes sparkling as you smile. His eyes fall upon the wedding bands on both your fingers, his heart ringing as he is finally reunited with his wife.


    They bury his body in the tomb next to yours, hoping that if they were close here, they would be close in whatever afterlife they end up in.

    Damon stands in front of the two headstones, letting memories of his two best friends wash over him for one last time. He turns his head as Caroline enters the room, watching as she approaches him.

    “Do you think they found peace?” Damon whispers.

    “Together?” Caroline replies, “yeah, they definitely found peace together.”

Klaus M. – Long Time No See

Words count: 1960? maybe less maybe more 

Warning: None


Requested by @mikki-hear

Hello! I love your Klaus one shots and was wondering if you would take my request? The reader was once married to Klaus but she fakes her death and leaves the Mikaelson’s when she finds out that Dahlia is comming after her child. Centuries later she runs into them in New Orleans. She also only refers to him as “Nik”.

then I asked

Hey, I have a question. In your request. When the reader leaves does she take their daughter with her or no?

Then she/he said

She takes her daughter with her and makes sure that she has a normal human life (as normal as having an immortal non-aging mother could be) so when she returns centuries later the daughter has long since died.

And then I felt as i was stupid for some reason.

You’re a vampire, have been one for a long time. You’ve met Niklaus long before you turned, you met him when you were in high school. A few years of dating and being love, he proposed. You weren’t a vampire then and he didn’t want to turn you into one, unless he desperately needed to. And you never had to turn, even if you were surrounded by the supernatural. He was always there to protect you, not long after you got married, you got pregnant. Klaus having broken the curse was able to procreate and you being a human also meant that you could procreate. It came as surprise to both of you, but you were beyond happy. You were having a child with the man you love, what more could you need?

You gave birth to a beautiful daughter, after you gave birth Niklaus changed you. You became a vampire. A happy one. Your daughter was a beautiful mix of both Klaus and yourself. She was the jewel of the family. Everyone loved and adored her.

But as always being a Mikaelson meant not everything lasts forever. Happiness is included. A few months after you gave birth to your daughter, (y/d/n). Dahlia came into the equation threatening the lives of everyone and threatening to take your daughter from you. You knew that there was no way Klaus would be able to protect the both of you, so you did the only thing you knew you could do. That is to fake your death. You faked your and your daughter’s death and fled the city, leaving no trace of you or her being alive. Your daughter grew as a normal girl, well as normal as having an immortal mother that is. She understood what you were and as she had more wolf and human in her than a vampire, she grew and never stopped growing and eventually she dies. You mourned her for a long time, but never once did you return to your husband and his family.

A few centuries later, you found yourself wondering around New Orleans. You heard about a part in the French Quarter you and one of our friends were going to. It was close to seven when you arrived at a house called the Abattoir.

“This place is amazing.” You nodded your head in agreement. “Maybe you can find someone tonight.”

“(Y/F/N) you know I don’t want to be in a relationship.” You sighed, even though she knows about you and Klaus, she still insists that you should move on and fined another guy.

“(Y/n) you have to move on, I mean what are the chances of you two meeting again?” You just shook your head and mumbled ‘I’m going to the bar.’ Before you left her. You easily found the makeshift bar, and ordered a martini (A/N I’m almost 18 I’ve never drank alcohol before so I don’t know if it’s good.). You leaned on the bar as you waited for your drink.

“What is a lovely girl as yourself doing here all alone, love?” You heard a familiar voice say from behind you, it sent shivers down your spine, if he was here that means… you shook your head, and decided to just ignore him. “Oh playing hard to get are we?” you moved your hair so it was covering your face. But unintentionally you showed him your left hand, where your wedding ring still sits. “Where did you get that?” 

Kol said harshly as he took your hand and pulled you so you were facing him, his eyes went wide his mouth dropped. You looked at him scared and nervous. Kol looked around for a second, before he vamp speed you both into an abandoned room.

Kol stated pacing back and force, you fidget with your hands not knowing what to say.

“Kol.” You said with a shaky voice. Kol stopped pacing and looked at you, he looked betrayed. If he looked like that you couldn’t even begin to think what Klaus would look like.

“How? How are you alive?” He asked you frowning. “We all saw your body and-and (Y/D/N)’s as well.”

“I faked it.” You whispered knowing that he heard you clearly with his vampire hearing.

“You faked it?” He laughed dryly. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Because it was the only way to give (y/d/n) her best chance.” You said tearing up. “Dahlia was planning on taking her and killing everyone to do so, I couldn’t make my daughter live a life where she is enslaved.”

“We could’ve stopped her.” Kol said calmly.

“And then what? This family has more enemies than anyone else on this planet.”

“Klaus will be mad when he finds out.”

“Is-is he here?” You said stuttering a bit and once again playing with your hands.

“Yes, he is.” Kol said kindly once he saw how scared you were. “He’ll be mad for a while but he’ll get over it, he loves you too much to be mad at you for long.”

“Kol, what are you-“ You both turned to the door way to see Rebekah who was just as shocked to see you as Kol. “Oh god (y/n)?”

You gave her a small smile and a nod, in a second she was hugging you tightly.

“I- we thought you were dead.” She said still hugging you.

“I-I faked it.” And you told her what you told Kol.

“I have an idea.” She said and disappeared from the room. A few minutes later the music outside died down and you hear Rebekah say. “I’m so sorry everyone, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, we have a family emergency that need our attention immediately. So if you could all kindly leave, that would be great.”

You closed your eyes, knowing what was coming, in under fifteen minutes the place was empty, only the Mikaelson and yourself still in the house, you quickly texted your friend and told her to leave, and that you were fine.

“Rebekah, mind tell me what the ‘family emergency’ is?” Your heart beat became frantic when you heard his voice. Kol laid a hand on your shoulder in comfort.

“Just stay calm no matter what.” Rebekah said her voice near the door you and Kol stood behind.

“Just tell us Rebekah.” Klaus said meaning himself and an equally confused Elijah, Freya and Finn. Rebekah hesitated before she opened the door. Kol was standing in front of you he was hiding you, only the side of your dress was showing. “Who is this?” Klaus demanded.

Kol stepped aside, and you were met with Niklaus in a tux looked at you with his wide blue eyes.

“Hello Nik.” You said softly. In a second you were harshly pressed to the wall, with his hands on your neck.

“Who are you? And how can you possess her body?” Nik asked you through his teeth, you choked as you tried to push him off you, but you didn’t need to as Elijah pushed him off you.

“Calm down, Niklaus.” Elijah said as he helped you up. “We wouldn’t find anything out by you choking her.”

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AND LOOK LIKE HER?” Nik shouted hurt and pissed at you.

“It is really me.” You said tears gathering in your eyes.

“NO! She dies, she died and so did our child.” Nik said walking towards you before being stopped by Kol.

“Nik just listen to her.” Rebekah said as she stood by your way.

“Sorry, who are you all talking about?” Freya asked confused.

“My wife (y/n).” Klaus said his voice broken and full of sadness.

“Nik you have to listen, please.” You said practically begging. “It really is me, I swear to you.” When he didn’t say anything you took that as your cue to continue. “When Dahlia threatened us and threatened (Y/D/N) I knew that she wasn’t safe, especially not after she killed all of those people and vampires and even witches. She wasn’t safe. Dahlia wasn’t baking down so I faked our death and ran as far as I could.”

“You took her from me, you took MY DAUGHTER FROM ME!” He shouted making you flinch as for the tears to run wild.

“I had to, it was the only way she would’ve been safe.” You said trying not so sob.

“We could’ve defeated her, we’ve always killed anyone who stood in our way.” He said moving his hand around gesturing to his sibling that were standing around us ready to stop any physical fight from breaking.

“And happens after that? We live a happy ever after?” You asked him getting mad at him for not understanding. “Nik, you and everyone here have a long, long list of enemies that isn’t getting shorter by time, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I condemned an innocent child to this life. I could take it, but she couldn’t.”

“Where is she?” Nik asked the question that you were waiting for yet dreading. You didn’t know what to say, everyone here wanted the answer to that question yet you didn’t know what to say.

“She live a long happy life, she got married but had no kids, she became an alpha of her own pack and-and she died at the age of-of hundred and twenty seven (A/N she lived this long because she still had vampire blood in her system).” You sobbed, Rebekah gasped and covered her mouth, and the room was silent except your sobs. Rebekah made a move to hug you, but Nik grabbed you and vamp speed out of the room, out of the house and out of the city. You were all alone in a clearing in the woods. You didn’t know why he got you here, maybe to kill you, you didn’t know. But you really didn’t care. “If you want to kill me, then kill me. I no longer wish to live. It has been hard for me since the moment I left you and after (Y/D/N)’s death I only wished for death.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” Nik said shakily, moved your head so you were looking at him, you saw tears running down his face. He was heartbroken and you felt as if everything was your fault.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” You sobbed and Nik pulled you into his arms and hugged you tightly.

“Was she happy?” Nik asked you and you nodded.

“She was.” Nik moved his head on top of yours, you were pressed against him. “That’s all I ever wanted.”

“Nik, I really am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” You said as silent tears ran down your face. “She love you, you know?”

“She did?” Nik asked his hands tightening around you.

“Yeah, I told her all about you, showed her a few of your paintings and she really did love you.” You said and wiped your tears away. You looked up at Nik who was still crying silently. You moved your hands to his face, swiping the tears off his cheek as his blue eyes stared at you. His eyes were like home, they were familiar something you can always look at and feel loved. “I love you so much Niklaus.”

“And I love you too.” Nik said and he pulled you back into a hug, and vamp speed back to the Abattoir, where everyone was waiting, when they saw you alive and well they all relaxed. Everyone decided to call it a night and talk about everything the day after. When emotions are calm and mind clear and ready. And after that everyone went to their room including you. You were obviously sharing with Nik. You wouldn’t let him out of your sight after spending so many years apart.


Uh-oh. Manila folder time.


buffy rewatch ❉ this year’s girl


word count: 2 443
warnings: smut

summary: Y/N is a newly turned vampire and finally sees the perks of being one.
note: My first try writing smut. Hopefully, I’ll get better since I’m not that pleased with the outcome.

*gif by me

It was the first time Y/N really enjoyed her new life as a vampire. Just two days ago she had still been an ordinary human who was friends with witches, vampires, and werewolves. So, it was only a matter of time until she’d become one supernatural being herself. And exactly this had happened two days ago - involuntarily.

Since then she had struggled with her heightened emotions, the blood cravings and a constant lust which was overwhelming her. But right now, she could finally see the perks of being a vampire.

Y/N was dancing to the loud music, a tumbler filled with rum in her hand. Due to her higher alcohol tolerance, she only felt lightly buzzed although she was partying for many hours already.

She looked around the club to find someone to feed on. Even though she had been drinking alcohol all night long, she still felt the insatiable hunger inside of her. Hunger only human blood could satisfy.

Finally, she found someone who seemed perfect. It was a blonde guy sitting alone at the bar, looking uncomfortable being here. His missing wouldn’t catch too much attention from the other people.

She made her way to him and tapped on his shoulder to get his attention. She looked him straight in the eye and said: “Don’t scream. I’m not gonna hurt you.” Though she never tried it before, she knew her compulsion worked by the look this guy was giving her.

Dragging him away from the crowd, she made sure no one was following her. She didn’t want to draw too much attention.

She opened the door to a small room only a few did know about. The boy had a scared look in his eyes as she walked closer to him, her fingers caressing his cheek. A smile appeared on her face. Playing with victims was definitely way more fun than she’d ever thought.

The purple-black veins appeared on her face, and she could feel her fangs coming out, everything inside of her aching for blood. Without any more hesitation, she sank them into the guy’s neck, finally feeling the warm liquid floating down her throat. 

She could feel the boy’s struggles, as she slowly drained him, trying to keep control. She didn’t want to kill him.

“Well, well, if this isn’t our sweet, innocent, little Y/N.” It was a somehow familiar sounding male voice coming from behind of her. 

Letting go of the boy, she turned around to be met with the sight of Kai Parker. He was leaning against the door, greeting her with his typical smirk and a wink. 

“What are you doing here?” The girl asked, having forgotten about her victim who was still standing in the room, a scared and exhausted look on his face.  

“Seeing how you’re dealing with your new self.” He answered, pushing himself off the wall and moving closer to the girl. She took a few steps backward until her back hit a wall and therefore she couldn’t go any further. 

Kai tilted his head, a devilish grin on his face. 

“Aww, you’re not afraid of me, are you?” He wondered the smirk not leaving his face. The nearer he came, the faster Y/Ns heart was beating. Her breathing turned shallow as their bodies were only inches apart. 

“There’s no need to be afraid, princess. I’m not gonna hurt you … much.” Kai trailed off.

His hot breath tickled her skin, his voice doing wonders to her. She couldn’t explain why but at that moment she wasn’t afraid of him. Of course, she knew what he was capable of, but she felt he wasn’t here to harm her. 

“It’s about time someone shows you the pleasant sides of being a vampire.” He said in a low seductive voice as his fingers brushed the bare skin on her arms. Her body reacted immediately, his touch sending shivers down her spine. 

It only lasted seconds before Kai pulled away from her, turning towards the boy Y/N had already forgotten about. She had been too focused on Kai and what he was going to do to her. 

He grabbed the guy on his shoulders and looked straight into his eyes. 

“Leave and forget everything you saw tonight. You were out partying, but as it became boring, you decided to walk home.” He compelled him, however before he walked out of the door, Y/N ran towards him and prevented him from going. 

“Why don’t we grab one last bite before he goes?” Y/N spoke towards Kai but kept looking at the stranger. 

The two circular wounds on his neck were still slightly bleeding. Nevertheless, Y/N sank her fang into his flesh again. She winked at Kai who was watching her every move. All of her diffidence had gone away; her eagerness had completely taken over her. 

“Hot.” Kai commented more to himself than Y/N, but she did hear it anyway confirming it through a change of her heartbeat. His vampirism showed; purple-black veins appearing under his now red eyes, fangs slowly coming out. 

In a split second, he vamp-ran next to Y/N piercing his fangs in the guy’s neck. The blood trickled down his throat, filling him with life and power.

Following his instinct, he let go of the boy and pulled Y/N towards him, backing her against the nearby wall, pressing his body on hers. Y/N realized his blue eyes turned to a darker shade, now filled with lust and desire. She reached out to stroke his cheek, but he caught her hand before she could touch him. His grip tight around her wrist. 

He took hold of her other wrist too, pinning them both above her head using his magic; therefore she couldn’t put them down again. 

“Is this really necessary?” She asked, struggling. She wanted to touch him, pulling him closer so he’d finally kiss her. 

Like he had read her mind, he yanked her towards him placing his mouth on hers. It was a passionate kiss filled with hunger and desperation. Y/N could still taste the stranger’s blood on his lips; surely Kai could do the same. 

With her hands still pinned above her head, she couldn’t do anything except waiting for something else to happen, all the while putting as much need as possible in the kisses. 

“I hope you’re not too attached to your clothes.” He breathed. 

Without awaiting an answer, he ripped her shirt in half with one swift motion. Unwittingly Y/N bit her lip only fueling Kai’s lust. He unclasped her bra tossing it somewhere on the ground. 

As he enveloped her in another kiss, his hands started roaming her now naked upper body. Making sure not to touch her breasts yet he touched every inch of her exposed skin. Leaving sloppy wet kisses on her jaw line, her neck, he slowly made his way down to where she wanted him. 

Soft moans escaped her slightly opened mouth, as he squeezed her right breast, placing his mouth on the other one. He began to suck on her nipple brushing his fingertips against it. They were getting harder with every passing second, just like Y/N felt herself getting wet. 

“Kai.” She moaned, hoping he’d understand where she wanted him. 

He did. His fingers traced lines from her breast, her belly button until he finally pushed them under the hem of her skirt. He brushed against her clit, drawing small circles with his index finger. 

Y/N’s moans were getting louder, her breathing more shallow as she tried to wriggle her hands out of their magical barrier. 

“Look at that. You want to move your hands, don’t you?” Kai smirked, pecking her lips. He was still working on her heat, bringing her closer to her release. 

They were locking eyes, drowning in each other. Y/N could swear his eyes nearly turned black. Without warning, he pushed two fingers deep inside her aching core. 

She let out a loud moan which only spurred Kai to thrust in and out in a fast pace. He curled his fingers inside her, feeling how she clenched his walls around him.

“Kai! I’m coming!” She groaned as he nearly brought her over the edge. Just then Kai stopped his motions taking a step back, a smug grin on his face.

Y/N growled out in frustration making Kai’s smirk go wider. 

If only I could move my hands, she thought knowing full well she’d release the tension on her own no matter how embarrassing it would be to do it in front of the Heretic. Like he had read her mind, he lifted off the spell, tightly grabbing her wrists before she could do anything. 

“Why don’t we go somewhere more private?” He asked before pressing his lips against hers again. One last time his fingers brushed against her clit causing Y/N to let out another moan. 

She couldn’t even answer because Kai kept talking. “I think I know a perfect place not too far away from here. But I guess since I destroyed your shirt you’re not too comfortable to walk out of here naked. Although I would definitely prefer it.”

“God, please shut up and take me away from here.” Y/N grumbled. And continue what you were doing before, she added in her mind. 

Kai chuckled, taking off his black jacket and handing it to Y/N. She put it on while watching Kai kneeling down and picking up her bra and the remains of her shirt. 

He reached for her hand, dragging her out of the room. Y/N had no idea what time it was, but most people were gone now. Music was still playing even though only a few were still dancing. Mostly people were sitting at tables chatting or drinking. They didn’t seem to care about the two persons coming out of an abandoned storage room.

They went outside breathing in the chilly night air. Just now Y/N realized how red her cheeks must be as the breeze calmed her down a bit. Kai had parked his car not far away opening the passenger door for Y/N. 

When he had sat down next to her, he started the engine and drove off into the night. 

Y/N still felt the wetness between her legs that was nearly driving her insane. She wanted to touch herself badly but was aware that as soon as she’d try anything, Kai would find a way to stop her. So instead of doing this, she got another better idea.

The Heretic, who was strangely quiet the whole ride, was concentrated on driving. Therefore, he didn’t saw as Y/N leaned forward a bit, an innocent smile on her face. She turned to the side to look straight at Kai as she rested her hand on his thigh. 

Slowly, she moved her closer to his crotch until she started palming him through his jeans. Kai let out a low growl. 

“Eager, aren’t we?” He tried to keep calm, but Y/N noticed what her actions were doing to him. It was getting harder and harder for him to continue driving - especially when she undid the zipper of his jeans and slid her hand into his briefs. 

She bit her lower lip while gently stroking his length, drawing circles on his tip with her thumb. Seeing he enjoyed it she quickened her pace. Suddenly she felt a pressure on her clit. A faint sigh escaped her lips, and she parted her legs a bit. Kai was using his magic on her. 

Again he pushed two fingers at once into her core, this time agonizingly slow. 

“Kai.” She moaned, and finally, he looked at her. He could literally see the desperation in her eyes. “I need you.”

“Change of plans, sweetheart.” He stated in a dark voice while she was still working on his hard length. Turning the steering wheel to the right, he braked sharply in a side street. 

He pushed her hand out of his briefs before he opened the door and stopped using his magic. Y/N got out of the car, too, and instantly found herself sitting on the hood. Kai hungrily attacked her lips, pushing her skirt and her panties down in one motion. She took off his shirt, roaming her hands over his chest. 

Not breaking the kiss he freed his rock-hard member aligning himself at her entrance. As he pushed deep inside her with one thrust, she let out a small scream. Kai didn’t even give her time to adjust to his size but rather pulled out completely before pushing in deep again. He repeated his actions over and over, getting faster and faster. Removing his lips from hers, their faces were still only inches apart. 

“Keep your eyes open, baby girl.” Kai demanded when Y/N was about to closer them. 

By now Kai was cheating with his vampire speed supporting his actions by drawing rough figure eights on her clit, bringing them both closer to their release. Y/N clenched her walls around him, digging her nails into his back. 

“I’m close.” She informed him, arching her back and moving her hips to help him thrust in even deeper. 

“Hold it.” He said through gritted teeth, working on finishing them off together. 

“I can’t.”

“Just a little longer.” He grunted. Purple-black veins showed under his eyes, and he moved his lips to Y/N’s neck sinking his fangs into her soft skin. It was adding to the pleasure, making it impossible to hold her orgasm any longer. 

She let out a loud scream, clenching her walls around his lengths as wave after wave rushed over her. This fueled Kai’s release, and he came inside of her in hot spurts. He removed his fangs from her neck, dropping down on her sweaty body. Both of them breathed heavily, Kai still deep inside of her. 

After he had pulled out, he licked the blood from the already healed wound on her neck before kissing her deeply. She tasted her own blood on his lips. 

Kai helped her stand up because her legs were still a bit shaky. He put his arm around her waist, and she leaned into his side resting her head on his shoulder. 

“We should do that more often.” Kai mentioned out of the blue. Surprised Y/N looked up at him. She had expected this would stay a one-time thing. 

“There are still others perks about being a vampire I want to show you. What do you say?" 

Y/N just nodded. Suddenly she didn’t care about what he had done in the past or who he was or what her friends would say if they’d find out. She just didn't want this to never happen again. 

No one else

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Raphael Santiago x Reader

Request :  Hey 😊 Could you do a reader x Raphael where the reader lets another vampire drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Raphael gets super jealous? Thank you!!

Warnings : blood , Jealous!Raphael 

     “ Come on it’s okay I know you won’t hurt me .” you said to the vampire laying on the sofa as he was really pale and he lost a lot of blood as he was hurt by a seelie blade . You put your wrist on his lips and he showed his fangs before burying them in your soft flesh , he was to hurt to survive if he didn’t got some blood soon and since nobody was here you knew that you was his only hope so you let him drink from your blood , his fangs releasing a little bit of venom in your body making you forget about the pain and to concentrate at his eyes . He pulled apart after a few gulps as his body already got stronger and he didn’t needed blood anymore . 

     “ Thank you .” he kissed your forehead before going out to mind his own business .

     How dare she let another vampire drink her blood , she doesn’t know that if she’s mine no one else is allowed to drink from her , it’s our rules , our law , the only important rule that the vampires have and she still steps on it . Raphael thought as he saw you letting the vampire to drink from your blood ,he was jealous and angry , you wasn’t supposed to let some one else to touch you , to drink from you , to see your true face , you was his , only his and he was going to make sure that you stood that way . He let you recover from the bite before he came to see you .

     “ So did something that I should know about happen today ?” Raphael asked as he just entered in the room that he shared with you and saw you looking at yourself in the mirror .

    “ No nothing at all .” you divulged and walked to him , you wanted to kiss him but he pulled apart , looking very angry and holding something in his eyes that you couldn’t put the point on .

     “ What happened ?” you asked hurt by his rejection , it wasn’t usual for Raphael to refuse your kiss , either to pull apart from you and he really seemed off today thing that got you worried . You wanted to know what’s going on with the man \ vampire in which you put all your trust .

     “ I saw you .” he mumbled under his breath and you heard him but you didn’t knew what he was talking about . It was confusing to see him acting like this around you .

     “ What ?” your confused voice broke the silence , Raphael looked at you an angry look on his face .

     “ I saw you when you let that vampire to drink from you .” Raphael confessed ad you looked at him even more confused , what the hell was wrong with that .

     “ And what’s wrong with that Raphael ? I haven’t done nothing wrong .” you yelled looking at him as you couldn’t control your anger . Raphael twisted his head head as he was really angry and didn’t wanted to take out his rage on you . 

     “ What’s wrong ? You broke our law , you’re mine , you aren’t supposed to let someone else drink from you ,” he informed pulling you closer to him “ I’m the only one who’s allowed to taste your blood and to get in your head , no one else (Y/N) but you just let that vamp to drink from you when you knew very well that you’re only mine . I don’t want someone else so close to you , I don’t want someone to touch you in that way , I don’t want someone else to sink his fangs on your body , I don’t want someone else to drink from you . You are mine . Mine and no one elses .” Raphael affirmed in a strange tone which made you feel amused . A giggle left your lips and Raphael looked at you a strange grin on his face .

     “ This is serious (Y/N) ! Or do you think that our relationship is a joke ?” Raphael asked but it sounded more like a demand . You giggled even harder .

     “ Sorry but it’s to funny to see you jealous ! I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t a critic situation . He was hurt by a seelie blade ad you know how hard that wounds heal . He lost a lot of blood till he arrived him and I couldn’t just stay and watch him die again .” you confessed approaching Raphael “ I’m only your Raphael , always and forever .” You put a hand on Raphaels cheek and brought him closer to you . “ I’ll always be just yours .” You whispered against his lips before you kissed his lips . Raphael wrapped his arms around your middle pressing your bodies together . You titled your head to the side and let Raphael to sink his fangs in the skin of your neck . He smelled your skin before sinking the canines into you and drinking slowly as you gave into the feeling adoring the protective way in which he held you against his body .

Ethan is talking to Sarah over the phone in his room about Benny when suddenly the door slams open with enough force to bang against the wall and a voice shouts “DID SOMEBODY SAY BENNY WEIR?!” as Benny enters with a mouthful of Doublestuf Oreos and a beaten up spellbook

Ethan then shrieks at the top of his lungs and instinctively throws the nearest thing to him which just so happens to be his phone and it smacks Benny in the center of his forehead, successfully knocking him off his feet

All Sarah can hear on the other line for the next five minutes is Ethan crying and Benny cursing at him in Latin as she sits there utterly confused


(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 541
warning : smut
summary : (based on the song ‘’Fuck Away The Pain” by Divide The Day)
* not my gif
keep reading after the cut 🔥
note : (to the anon who requested it) it’s the first time i am writing something like this 🙈 hope you like how it turned out 😅…

Y/N sat on the bar , her finger tracing the edges of the glass in front of her. It wasn’t how she had imagined spending her evening but having your entire life turn upside down in an instant demanded drastic measures. Usually drinking would never be her solution for dealing with pain , only this time it was all too much for her to handle with a pile of rocky road ice cream. No. The events from the past few hours had broken her in ways she never thought existed.
“Seven months.” she said gulping her third glass with bourbon at once , motioning to the bartender for another. Her left elbow resting on the bar as her fingers rubbed her tempels. “You date someone for seven months. This person - becomes your entire life. You move in together and everything is perfect… He tells you he loves you and then all of the sudden - he starts fooling with other girls behind your back as if you are nothing but a - a toy to be used and thrown away until you want it again. A slave , not a human being. ” The bartender kept drying the glasses , only raising his eyebrows and nodding from time to time. “Not to mention the way he chose to break up with me ! Absolutely unbelievable that guy …” said Y/N pulling out her phone. “Listen to this ‘Sorry babe. It’s over. What we had was fun but I’m not into it anymore. P.S. I’ll be coming to get my xbox tomorrow.’ … Fun ?!? He talks about our relationship as if it was a trip to Disneyland ! Who knows , maybe to him that’s exactly what it was.”
Y/N left her phone on the bar smashing her fist angrily on it. “Hit me again. Something stronger … whiskey , tequila. Mix it up I don’t give a damn what it would be. ” she said starting to slur her words. “I need it all erased from my head otherwise I might feel sorry for smashing his precious xbox to bits with a hammor and buy him a new one…and that idiot doesn’t deserve anything from me or anyone else.”
“I think you’ve had more than enough to drink.” said the bartender.
“You think ?!” she said incrediously. “My life is over. O-V-E-R , over ! He ripped out my heart from my chest without even blinking and trust me , I’ve seen that happen more times than you can imagine. Only then when those idiots lost their hearts - they died permanently the second time around. Instead I am stuck living with the pain of everything he had done.”
“Yep. You are cut off.”

Kai sat at the far end of the bar , listening in with his vampire hearing. It appeared Y/N was going to try and drink her way through every single bottle with alcohol in the bar and wasn’t planing on taking a ‘no’ as an answer. He was all for it except she was a human and he wasn’t planing on letting her ruin her life because of some ass who couldn’t appreciate her for the kind person she was and broke her heart. No. Y/N reached behind the bar grabbing one of the bottles , slapping the bartender’s hand away as he protested and tried to take the bottle away.
“Oh-kay. That would be my cue..” muttered Kai , briskly shortening the distance between him and Y/N.

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Was there any syndicated Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV that never got a proper conclusion that you'd like to see?

The 1991 Dark Shadows revival is worth a second look, because, among other things, it captured the weird, moody, gothic ambience of the original perfectly, and also because they brought back the creator of the original series, Dan Curtis, to be head writer/showrunner of the current show. It had great costuming, impressive special effects for 1991, the scripts were moody and interesting, and it had a great cast (including a young Joseph-Gordon Levitt). It was way past the standards of the usual TV revivals, chintzy nostalgia pieces like “Wild, Wild, West Revisted.”

The 1991 Dark Shadows was ahead of its time in two ways: 1) it was a reboot, before that was a common thing, and 2) it used the fact it was a reboot to go in a totally different direction. The finale ended with Victoria traveling back to the year 1795, where she found Barnabas was very much alive. By the end, she returned to the present and saw he was still around, so she knew he was a vampire. This was a totally new status quo, and since they already burned through the two most famous and obligatory storylines of the original series (the 1790s time travel arc and the introduction of Barnabas), we were now in Terra Incognita and anything could happen. 

I also thought that “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” ended with Brisco’s quest for justice unsolved, too.The funny thing is, the creator of Brisco County Jr. was Carlton Cuse, the head writer on Lost, and I kept waiting for a callback to Brisco that just never came. 

anonymous asked:

Could you please make a comparison between how Stefan treats Caroline, and how Klaus treats her? Or a comparison between the ships? (If you have time) Thanks!

This has taken me a couple of days to answer, I apologise! I was super busy with work, and I wanted to get my thoughts properly together.

Okay, so for me, the main difference between Steroline and Klaroline, is that Klaus has always put Caroline first. Always. And you can’t tell me he hasn’t. Klaus was never in love with Elena, he never put Elena before her, and he never put his family before her either. 

The best example I’d use for this is in 4x02, when Klaus CHOSE to save Caroline over Rebekah. And you know what the difference is with Stefan? Is that he’d choose Elena 1000 times over. The only reason he isn’t is because Elena is in love with Damon. And he’d choose Damon over her. He already has. He even left town, without Caroline, when she refused to travel with him, AND WENT WITH HIS EX-GIRLFRIEND. Like, come on. If it came between Elena and Caroline, you bet your ass that Stefan would choose Elena. And that’s where Caroline’s insecurities stem from. The fact that she was never a “first choice” for anyone, and Klaus gave her that. Up until the whole Hayley thing, that was so random and out of place, btw, he never once glanced at any other female on the show.

Klaus has ALWAYS understood that Caroline is but a teenager (probably in her 20s now, whatever), that she is very, very young. She’s barely been out of Mystic Falls, and she is still very innocent, despite being a vampire. Especially in regards to Klaus, who has seen the world several times over, and even in regards to Stefan. Klaus always gave her space, and always wanted Caroline to decide what she wanted, for her to make the move, and he never once pressured her into anything she didn’t want. The line “In a year, or even in a century, you’ll show up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer” comes to my mind, and I honestly think that sums up their relationship pretty brilliantly. 

However, to me it seems that Stefan never really understood that, and after she professed her feelings, it seemed as though he wanted her to be ready for him. There and then. No questions asked.

In my opinion, although Caroline was the one to say she had feelings for Stefan first, he was always the one that came across as pushy. In the season 6 finale and the episodes leading up to it, he wanted her. Then and there. No questions asked. Even though she’d just lost her mother, just had her humanity returned to her, and obviously needed time to herself. He tells her “I forgive you”, as though he as nothing to apologise for, too. Because he’d done just as worse things to Caroline, with his switch off, as she did to him. And then in the finale, when he tells her he’ll wait for her (”When you’re ready for me, I’ll be ready for you”), to me that line is just ridiculous, because Caroline had been waiting for him, pretty much all season (or seasons, since apparently she’s always been in love with him). Maybe it wasn’t intentional, but that came across as pretty pushy to me, the fact that he was being “forced” to wait for her, because she wanted time to herself.

Also, he wanted Caroline to be prepared to leave town with him, when he knew that she’d given birth to those twins. And that she’s obviously going to care for them. Even though, they technically weren’t hers, biologically (even though she carried them), he always said “They’re not hers”. Even to Klaus himself. And to me, that’s incredibly insensitive. She carried them, they’re hers. She’s allowed to want them, to care for them, since that option was taken away from her after becoming a vampire, and even Alaric had told her that they were pretty hers. Because they are. You carry a child for 9 months or whatever, and you’re going to feel SOMETHING for them. It’s not gonna be easy to give that up, and I pride women who can.

Klaus is the first one to correct Stefan when it comes to this, I think, “She carried two lives in her womb. She gave birth to them. And now she plans to turn those cooing little faces over to Alaric without so much as a hiccup of hesitation. You’re right. That does sound like the Caroline I remember.” To me, that not only shows that Klaus obviously knows Caroline better, despite the years that Stefan has spent with her, but that he also wants what is best for her. Klaus can obviously understand what emotional distress giving up those kids would do to her, as it would any women, and he wouldn’t expect her to do so. But, Stefan would. All because, he, all of sudden, wants to get out of Mystic Falls. When he clearly wanted to stay all those years. And you know who it was for? Elena, not Caroline. Again, because he puts himself and the people he loves first. And I don’t think he wants to include Caroline. At all. But Klaus would.

I could compare this ship forever, but I think that’s the basis of the difference between Klaus and Stefan and the way they treat Caroline. Honestly, I think it all comes down to the fact that Klaus puts Caroline first. And he doesn’t even claim to love her, but Stefan does. Not yet anyway. He likes her, a lot, and it’s clear to see that Klaus cares a whole lot for Caroline. I don’t think Klaus is one to say “love” lightly, and I believe it would take him at least a good decade(s) with Caroline to even contemplate “loving” her.

Another point, is that for her own wedding (which she’s been planning since she was a little girl, we all know) is that Caroline barely has any control over that. She’s wearing Katherine’s necklace, and they are using Steferine’s song. Like, come on? I genuinely believe that it is Stefan’s way of replacing Elena and Katherine in his life. Like, putting himself in Elena’s path and dating her, was his first shot at replacing Katherine. You can’t tell me it isn’t, because why would you feel the need to date someone who looks EXACTLY like the girl you once loved? And now that’s fizzled out, I think Caroline is his shot at replacing them both, although she isn’t a doppelganger and looks nothing like them. He wants an obedient girl, and that’s not who Caroline is. I honestly think the relationship has just destroyed her character and any development she’s had, and all those insecurities have come racing up.