is she srs


Matthew Gray Gubler/ Spencer Reid: 

The Good Doctor (Spencer Reid)

I Love You (MGG)

Insecure (MGG) 

Sick (Spencer Reid) 

The Day it All Changed (MGG) 

WHAT?! *Requested* (MGG) 

Lazy Day (Spencer Reid) 

You’re my Model (MGG) 

Stomach Pains (MGG) 

I Don’t Want to do This!! (MGG)

You’re Pretty (Spencer Reid) 

Silence (MGG)

Body Oils (MGG)

“Please Help.” (Spencer Reid) 

Letters from Reid (Spencer Reid) 

Letters from Reid pt. 2 (Spencer Reid)

Letters from Reid pt. 3 (Spencer Reid) 

Letters From Reid pt. 4 

Letters from Reid pt. 5 

“It’s okay Spence.” (Spencer Reid)

Cry Nerd! (Spencer Reid) 

Spence Jr. (Spencer Reid) 

It’s Cold (Spencer Reid) 

Um Her. (MGG)

Homework Sucks. (Spencer Reid)

Good Dream? (Spencer Reid)

Comfort me. (Spencer Reid)

Beautiful. (Spencer Reid)

Abusive. (Spencer Reid)

Halloween Excitement (MGG)

Sleep Deprived (Spencer Reid)

You’re not Awkward (Spencer Reid)

Not a Morning Person. (MGG)

Fight Me (Spencer Reid) 

Kitten (MGG)

Lonely. (Spencer Reid) 

Will you? (Spencer Reid)

Here’s my Heart (Spencer Reid)

I’ve had a Bad Day. (Spencer Reid)

Daddy wasn’t Hurting me. (Spencer Reid)

Y/N No! (Spencer Reid) 

Why (MGG)

Why pt. 2 (MGG)

Christmas Love (SR)

What Happened (SR)

I can’t do this without you. (SR)

Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. (MGG)

New year, New me (SR)

Mr. Scratch (SR) *Requested*

You’re Who? (SR)  Pt.2 *Requested*

Prove It (SR) *Requested*

Rossi’s Niece (SR)  *Requested*

Nervous Habits (SR) *Requested*

Nice to meet you (MGG)  *Requested*

Leave me Alone (SR) *Requested*

Calm Down (SR)  *Requested*

Really? (SR) *Requested*

Hurts so Good (SR)

Long Time, No See (SR)  *Requested*

Bodycon (SR) *Requested*

Love Me. (MGG)  *Requested*

Don’t leave. (SR) *Requested*

What Makes you Different, Makes you Beautiful. (MGG) *requested*

I Love the Geek. (MGG) *requested*

Late Valentine’s Day Surprise (SR) *requested*

Kinky (MGG) *Requested*

New York Date (MGG)  *Requested*

Want me to Help? (MGG) *requested*

Hotch’s Little Sister. (SR) *requested*

Flat Chested (SR) *Requested*

Disney (MGG)  *requested*

21 (MGG) *requested*

New House (MGG) *Requested* 

The Proposal (MGG)

Ex-Boyfriend (SR) *request*

Prank War (SR)  *requested*

Hotel Room (SR) *requested*

Depression (MGG) *requested* 

Hand in Marriage (SR)  *requested*

These Things Happen. (SR) *requested*

Being Pregnant is Tiring. (SR) *requested*

We’ll Stay the Night (SR)  *requested*

Fireplace (SR)

Pain in the Ovaries. (SR) 

Garcia’s Helper. (SR)  *requested*

You’re Home. (SR) 

Teasing. (SR) *requested*

Borrowing Pajamas. (SR) *requested*

Charged with Assault. (SR)  *requested*

Perfect. (SR)  *requested*

I’ll Help You. (SR) *requested*

Shared Trailer. (MGG) *requested*

Burns. (SR) *requested*

Can’t Let You Go. (SR) *requested*

Do you Trust me? (SR) *requested*

Lumineers (SR) *requested*

Finding the Love Birds *requested*

Symphony (SR) *requested*

Inked. SR

Easter Bunny. (SR)

Not the Loving Type. (SR) *requested*

Allergies (SR)

Jealous (SR) *requested* 

Is That Yours. (SR) *requested*

Taken. (SR)  *requested*

My Love. (SR) *requested*

Workout (SR)

Safe (SR) 

Defending (SR) *requested*

Not Her. (SR) *requested*

Colored (SR)  *requested*

Baby Girl. (SR) *request*

Boyfriend. (SR)  *requested* 

Ok What? (SR) *request*

She Loved (SR) *requested*

Work. (SR) *requested*

Shower. (MGG) *requested*

Arguing. (SR)  *requested*

The Clique. (SR)  *requested*

Glasses. (SR)  *requested* 


Roommate AU (MGG)

pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 3 pt. 4 pt. 5 pt. 6 pt. 7  pt. 8 pt.9 pt. 10 pt. 11 pt.12 pt. 13 pt. 14 pt. 15 pt. 16

Apartment Neighbors (SR)

pt. 1 pt. 2 

That’s all so far! Please feel free to request! 

I'm a bit pissed right now so I'm just going to leave this here.

If you’re really pro-choice, and say you support a woman’s right to choose, you better fucking support a trans woman’s right to have hrt and get srs if she so desires.

(I know I’m going to get hate for this.)

You know, I think about it a lot and I still maintain my favourite stephew moment, out of hundreds of cute looks and flirty words and touching and smiling, is still the fnaf dating stream (at 37:45) when Stephanie said that pickup line and Matt jumped on her.

(U know what reblog and add your favourite stephew moment!)


Mint-Eye Rika:


#I’m hooked on Killian Jones » 72/ 

Butler giving little Artemis piggyback rides.

Butler and Juliet giving Miles and Beckett piggyback rides.

Holly trying to give Miles and Beckett piggyback rides

Foaly begrudgingly giving Miles and Beckett piggyback rides

Minerva giving Beau piggyback rides

Artemis giving Miles and Beckett piggyback rides

Angeline and Artemis Sr giving Miles and Beckett and Artemis piggyback rides

Butler giving Juliet piggyback rides

Basically everyone giving and getting piggyback rides
P3 Christine Live: Amanda Delara "Gunerius" (Karpe Diem remix) Foto: Elise Vatsvåg og Patrick Arvidsson Klipp: Elise Vatsvåg

“Gunerius” (Karpe Diem remix) - Amanda Delara. The song that was played during the basketball scene with Sana and Yousef. 

Translation of the lyrics:

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