is she srs

I'm a bit pissed right now so I'm just going to leave this here.

If you’re really pro-choice, and say you support a woman’s right to choose, you better fucking support a trans woman’s right to have hrt and get srs if she so desires.

(I know I’m going to get hate for this.)

Robert De Niro Sr. & Virginia Admiral

Admiral & De Niro were both promising young artists in 1940s Greenwich village when they met in a Hans Hoffmann painting class. 

The couple surrounded themselves with bohemian artists and writers of the time. Admiral was also a poet and worked for a time as a typist for her friend Anais Nin, both she and De Niro Sr. wrote erotica briefly for Nin. 

The couple married in 1942 and in 1943 had their son, the actor Robert De Niro Jr. They divorced soon after but remained close friends throughout their lives.

Both became highly acclaimed abstract painters in their own right and have work included in the Guggenheim collection.


Steady. by Bianca
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“Find yourself a girl and settle down - Live a simple life in a quiet town. Steady as she goes. So steady as she goes. Your friends have shown a kink in the single life - You’ve had too much to think, now you need a wife… […] When you have completed what you thought you had to do And your blood’s depleted to the point of stable glue Then you’ll get along!” The Raconteurs - Steady as she goes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADAW 11/52 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No matter what, huh? Let’s all strike a pose and see how we get away - Come oooon!

The thing that bothers me the most about Hux’s backstory in Aftermath is that his mother is supposedly a “kitchen woman.” Wtf does that even mean in the context of the Star Wars universe? I mean, surely they have droids for tasks like food preparation? It’s like Wendig inserted the cliched villain back-story from second rate faux mediaeval fantasy novel without thinking about the fact that it didn’t really make sense. 

Though I totally support the idea that Hux’s mother was actually some sort of badass warrior secret super assassin or something, and Hux senior only tells people she works in the kitchens as a kind of a in-joke. 

What if she and Hux Sr. started out hating each other? And then developed a grading mutual respect and eventually feels? And learned to work together using their complimentary but different skill sets?…Rather like two certain someones a generation later.

I just wanted to doodle that pudgy bat -nods

Ahem, based off of a convo with @ghikij, a vampire AU that’s dark but this cute pudgy batmon ruined the dark atmosphere. Go make her write this AU D’X

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What do you see in Sebastian ?

“… It would be a bit difficult to put all of my thoughts into words.

He is a very strange fellow, if I would be honest. And a bit of a cad when you get to know him.  But, and do not tell him this, I think I have come to adore those aspects. Perhaps it is because he is an old soul,” and a demon, “and he has no reason to care about such things. But he is an honest person in a very dishonest world. I feel very lucky that I get to witness his honest thoughts and feelings(?), even when it comes at the expense of my own feelings.”

A bit of a sad smile crosses her features.

“He is wise, he is resourceful. He can be kind when he wants to be. Even despite this, he does not understand emotions very well, and it must make me insufferable for him to be around… the fact he has not left me yet tells me that he is committed and… I do not know. Maybe that his emotions are just waiting to be coaxed out by the right person. I probably will not be that person, but… I will still be patient with him. Even if he can be cruel and warped in morals, it does not make him undeserving of my time…

and my love.”

A sigh.

“He is not what you would think of when you imagine a ‘good man’, but he is good in my eyes. I think, for me, that is all that matters.”

Judy is so used to just fixing things at this point, years after they’ve started working together, that it’s second nature to just reach over and fix little things like his tie if she notices he’s getting just a little too wrapped up in work. Maybe because she thinks srs work mode Nick is pretty swell (Aka hot)