is she just adorable with anyone she stands next to

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Pls everyones reaction to MC being taller or at least the same height as them


  • remember that time jaehee said he wouldn’t get a girlfriend because he was short???
  • well shame on her bc look! he got a partner!
  • and they’re taller than him!!
  • he likes to sit on MC’s lap to play LOLOL
  • yoosung please we’ve been in this cheap office chair since seven pm and it’s now two am my legs are sore
  • he is absolutely taking up the role of “the short one is the adorable one” because that’s how he is
  • when he wants to kiss MC he just whines until MC bends down to his level 
  • because it’s cuter than him standing on his toes.


  • she was taken slightly by surprise
  • but at the same time she expected it??
  • she likes hugging MC bc her head is right in their chest (not! in a perverted manner!)
  • (she just! feels! like! it’s! romantic!!)
  • stops wearing high heels because hey who needs to reach high shelves when I can have MC reach them for me?
  • she looks adorable when she’s cuddled up next to MC. this is a fact and cannot be countered, as it is undeniable


  • honestly? if anyone is taller than him he’s going to admire that every day
  • except jumin. he doesn’t count
  • he insists that he should still be the big spoon even though by body logic he should be the little spoon??
  • he also adores it when MC wears shoes that make them look taller like yes MC slay those shoes. show the world who rules.
  • everyone hates him and MC when they go to the movies because their height makes their head block the sight of everyone
  • but everyone stays silent because they also think they make a very lovely couple


  • MC could be 50 meters tall and he’d still treat them like they were shorter
  • he’s trying to pat MC’s head but he looks ridiculous because he has to stretch his arm so much? because MC is his height?
  • if MC ever says something like “this seat is a little bit cramped” he’ll quickly solve it
  • no more cramped legs in any place god bless him and his knowledge in long leg problems


  • Have you seen a pic of a statue that said the size and you were like “that’s just normal?”
  • but then you saw it irl and it was bigger than expected and you can just whisper “oh wow” when you see it?
  • that was 707 with MC
  • he just didn’t think…. the height he had found out could be this tall in real life??
  • also known as: 707′s eternal excuse to make MC go get the honey buddha chips because:
  • “they’re in a high shelf! I’m sure you can reach them!”
  • he’s a lazy bum he could reach them. everyone could. even yoosung could reach them. he just wants to send MC to do it because he doesn’t want to stand up
Olicity: Namesake

Connor Hawke is six years old. His hair is dusty blonde, his eyes are ocean blue, and he has freckles on his cheeks from a summer spent outside in the sun. Connor Hawke attends public school, likes riding his bike, and his best friend’s name is Daniel. His favourite movie is Jurassic Park, and he loves dinosaurs, hates doctors, and he’s always wanted to go up in an airplane.

Connor Hawke has lived with a foster family since he was two years old. After the accident. They’re nice, an older couple. They bought him the bike for his birthday last year.

Connor Hawke met his father for the first time today. He should be happy.

He’s not.

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This is me and my girlfriend Lindsey. We have grown up in the same town together for several years and never crossed paths. I became friends with her on Facebook through mutual friends and found we had a lot in common through her posts. 

I finally had the courage to begin talking to her, which led to our first date. 

To both of our knowledge, I was straight. But there was something so magnetic about her, I swear I fell in love with her from the moment she rolled up to meet me in her big, beautiful truck haha. She had the windows down and carried the biggest smile I have ever seen on anyone. 

We spent the whole evening talking about everything and nothing, and I swear I’ve never had such a strong desire to kiss anyone like I did her. But we waited. 

We finally did share our first kiss on Veteran’s Day, which is quite special because she is a soldier for the U.S. Army. 

We’ve been inseparable since day 1, and have shared many tears due to her orders for deployment coming up in just a few months. I have never experienced true, passionate, never ending love like I have with her, and I never will with anyone else because we are GETTING MARRIED next summer! 

I am one blessed woman, and I will always stand behind my soldier and be her number one supporter. Through thick and thin, I am hers and she is mine. 

I’ve come undone (the sweater fic)

Anonymous said: 

prompt (this one looks too good): ‘we showed up at a party wearing the same exact outfit. this is awkward.’ au (heck you can even make it a holiday party!).

This is a lovely example of a fun idea leading to some excruciating execution. This took way too long and I almost gave up on it a dozen times. It’s a bit angsty but ends fluffy.  
3.8k | Rated T | | AO3

Emma shifted her feet and the small present in her hand as she stood on the stoop of the large white house. The Boston winter was in full swing and her breath made clouds around her head as she steeled herself to ring the bell. Inside she could hear the sounds of the Christmas party, laughter and music and all the things Emma had seen on those Hallmark movies but never experienced herself.

“First time for everything,” she muttered and pushed the little button. The chimes barely started before Henry was ripping open the door.

“Emma! You came!” He threw his arms around her waist and she hugged him back trying not to feel awkward.

“Yeah kid. Of course I came.”

He pulled back and beamed at her. Her heart melted a bit. She had seen his smile in pictures, Regina had always been good about sending pictures, but having him smile at her and for her was completely different. She offered him the gift.

“Here. This is for you.”

“Thanks!” He took it with wide eyes. She didn’t know what to do next and was grateful when Robin appeared in the doorway in a forest green sweater with a giant snowflake on it.

“Emma! Come in you must be freezing.”

“Look Dad!” Henry proudly displayed his gift

“That’s lovely Henry, why don’t you go put it under the tree?”

After another quick hug Henry scampered off.

“I hope it’s okay. I just thought this year, since he knows who I am now.”

Robin waved his hand. “Of course. It’s perfectly fine. You’re family.”

Emma breathed a sigh of relief; happy that she hadn’t overstepped her bounds.

Robin offered to take her coat and she gave him a small smile. He was almost too nice sometimes.

“Excellent jumper! Wherever did you find such a gem?”

Emma looked down at her baggy over-the-top Christmas sweater; perfect for the parties ugly sweater theme. It was a bright red knitted affair that featured a giant Santa standing next to a disproportionate Rudolph. The kind of sweater that a 1980’s housewives would have adored.

“Oh. Just a thrift shop.” The practiced lie came smoothly out of her mouth. There was no way she would be telling anyone the truth; that she had stolen it from a one-night stand in her rush to escape while he was in the shower. The situation with the Mills-Hood family was precarious and she was trying to prove that she would be a healthy addition to Henry’s life not talk about her sexual exploits.

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