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#goD these two #peggy’s literally on the edge of her life #running away from people she works with #some of which she probably even trusted #who are after her for crimes she hasn’t committed #and they don’t even bat an eyelid #all of them instantly go to find her so as they can lock her up #they don’t even think about if Peggy is actually not guilty #even though Peggy has done countless of things to prove herself trustworthy #and then here’s Angie #precious cinnamon roll Angie Martinelli #(who doesn’t even fully know about her friend’s double agent ‘job’ #and the reality of Peggy’s life) #deciding at this very moment #that she is going to protect Peggy #she’s going to lie to FEDERAL AGENTS #put her life and job and home at risk #because Peggy is in trouble #and she’ll be damned if she’s just gonna watch that happen #if Peggy’s life is on the line #then so is hers #Angie Martinelli is Peggy Carter’s shield just as much as Peggy is hers #and I love it so so much


tawny torpedo


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.

I think I’m actually going to be pretty pissed if sjm doesn’t up her diversity game in the next books.

There are a lot of opportunities for her to do this - she has in no way written herself into a corner where diversity is no longer possible (this may have to do with world-building holes, but, anyway…).

There are Courts we haven’t seen yet, characters, Chaol is going to whatever in the hell place he is going that could have diverse people, I’m sure there will be more relationships developing that don’t at all need to be hetero or even monogamous, tbh. There is just… a lot of potential for this.

(edit to move some of my tags to the post bc… my tags got ridiculous…) If I knew before what I know now about these books, I may not have read them in the first place. But I did, and now I’m here, stuck in this fandom dumpster of smut and meta and so-called theories, and I like living in this damn dumpster. I just wish it weren’t filled with white hetero monogamous couples all the time.

And so I’m… going to be quite disappointed if some things don’t change. I don’t know what I’ll actually do. But I know I won’t be happy.


I’ve noticed a common complaint in the Steven Universe fandom nowadays being that Lapis’ day palette is way too bright, which i completely agree as I actually started to notice that her color palette now is brighter than her Season 1 palette when looking at images of her online, so using a screenshot from Jailbreak i edited a vector of Lapis to hopefully look a lot more pleasing to the eye, I personally like it over the more neon sky blue skin she has now. What do you guys think? (also check out the read more for a bonus screencap edit!)

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Who you should fight: RVB AI edition

Alpha: What the hell is wrong with you? Alpha has been through enough—being tortured by the Director,  all the shit he went through with the Blues, which includes but is not limited to time travel and dying a fuckton of times. Let him rest. Do not fight Alpha.

Beta: Holy shit man I mean if you think you can survive. Did you see what she did to the Reds?? And literally anyone and everyone who has crossed her??? Girl’s a fuckin badass who could fuck you up if you even tried it. Do not fight Beta.

Delta: Look I know we all love Delta but c’mon. You know you wanna. Go for it. Punch the nerd. Steal his lunch money. Fight Delta.

Epsilon: Epsilon has been through enough my pal. He’s tired and upset and lonely and holy shit leave him alone??? Let him rest?? Do not fight Epsilon.

Eta: Why would you. Want to fight Eta. Eta is Alpha’s joy. Why would you do this. Do not fight Eta.

Iota: Why??? Iota is Alpha’s fear why would you???? Do this????? Do not fight Iota.

Gamma: Honestly like, go for it. I mean, he assisted in torturing Alpha. His knock-knock jokes are awful. Still; go easy on him. He lost Wyoming. Fight Gamma.


Theta: Okay first of all why would you want to fight this cinnamon roll. Look deep into yourself to see if you can find the answer. You can’t, can you? That’s right bc Theta is a sweet child. Even after he killed a bunch of people in a murderdome he looked to North for approval okay leave the purple child alone. Do not fight Theta.

Omega: Oh yea man. Fight this guy. He’s dramatic and kinda scary but he’s actually a huge nerd. Punch him. Fight Omega.

Thieves Are NOT Welcome.

Hi Everyone,

Normally I don’t post things like this but I’m beyond upset and annoyed over an incident that has happened. One of my dearest and best friends in this fandom and in real life miss @mybeautifuldecay has had this incident happen to her. 

Most of you probably know MBD creates not only beautiful fanfiction, but absolutely stunning artwork, particularly Outlander fanart. She’s created multiple drawings in different mediums starting with graphite and up through photoshop digital paintings.

One such of her magnificent digital paintings has been STOLEN! Someone has ripped her art from where she posted it and then “edited” the file. I’ve seen both images and really all the person did was add a slight color filter to the art then slapped their name to the drawing. 


The drawing was posted to twitter and by turn of fate, Caitriona retweeted the tweet the art was attached to. MBD has (much nicer than I have) asked the person who tweeted it to include her tag and has shown proof that the drawing in question is hers. She’s being attacked and made out to be the villain in all of this, all because she stood up for her work. Stealing fanart and claiming it as your own is PLAGIARISM. Adding an “edit” to someone’s work does not make it yours. 

If any of you see any fanart please, please, please seek out the artist! Tag the artist and show that it is theirs! This is a very frustrating and demoralizing thing to happen to someone. When you’ve put your time, effort and love into something only to have it stolen and claimed as someone else’s is disheartening and anger inducing. 

If you see @BriannaFraser10 on Twitter please block, report or do whatever you can to stop them from claiming MBD’s art work is theirs. 

FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS 01 | 50 - “You stay out of it! I am a PRINCESS, and she has thrown mud at my dignity!—PEACH speaking to Mario and Luigi about Mimi (Super Paper Mario).



[If the Lords had Instagram] Masamune x Kojuro

Ieyasu x Mitsunari Shingen x Kenshin

Masamune: Account is full of his MC’s pictures, mostly when she isn’t looking because to him it shows how beautiful she is even in her distracted moments. Looking at her calms him down, it’s also his own way of lavishing her with attention. He also has pics of his younger brother Kojirou. He uses insta to remind himself of the good parts of his life so he never posts any war related things. Though Yukimura tests his patience by tagging him in all sorts of provoking posts. Only follows Kojuro and Shigezane.

Kojuro: Instagram poet. His poems gets thousands upon thousands of likes. He gets requests often and is one of the more popular Lords. He forever shows off his turtle, Bontenmaru and how he is such a good father to the turtle. Also posts complaining about his mess to which hundreds of women offer to clean for him. Very anti-cat. Used to follow Shingen until he heard his nickame was the “Tiger of Kai” and tigers are big cats.


I have this friend, she’s Russian and an extremely good artist. Now, one of her posts has gone (comparatively) viral - and while she’s happy about it, she’s also scared.

She usually gets very few notes (most of my text posts get more tbh) - partly due to the way she tags her art (=not in the most popular tags of the fandom).


Because it’s safer, she says. Because people have repeatedly taken her art, erased her signature and watermark and claimed it to be their own.


I mean, re-posting without permission is one thing. I dont like that people do it. They could have the fucking decency to google the art and find the correct source and reblog it from there (or ask for permission to re-post).

It’s not okay to just repost whatever you like. Someone has worked really hard on that picture / edit / fic. Why do you think it’s fair to take people’s attention from them?




The AU Collection, Holidays Special ► The Family Man (more

After a little christmas reunion with his old friends, Hyde wakes up to a brand new 1985 in which he is married, has a kid and another one on his way. Having Jackie on his bed is a dream he thought he was never having after Chicago, the problem is, in his reality she’s dating some actor and he is living in New York. Where the hell is he?


female awesome meme: females in a movie - natasha romanoff, captain america: civil war (3/10)
She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.”
— Nikita Gill

Teach You A Lesson [A Stucky One Shot].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! I’m here with another Stucky fic, I’m obsessed okay? Don’t judge me. I love them too much. 

Anyway, this one is based off a headcanon by the wonderful @stevestuckyonbucky (thank you, again!) and this post (I hope it’s okay that this has inspired me, I did like and reblog your post with a message! If not, just let me know). And because I know she loves Stucky, I’m going to tag @undiscl0sed-desir3s! Enjoy <3 

Pairing: Stucky. 

Warnings: Angst, an almost fight, some swearing and smut. NSFW. This is explicit, so please, like all other NSFW things, only read if you’re an adult. 

Disclaimer: All Marvel characters go to their original creators. The headcanon idea belongs to @stevestuckyonbucky and the ‘elbowing in the face’ OTP post belongs to @generalklineski

P.S: This has been edited and checked, but please forgive me for any mistakes. 

Steve hadn’t meant for it happen.

He never means for things to happen around him, they kind of just do.

Still, he hadn’t wanted to do this.


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SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Naomi has already made Alexa Bliss pay for her disrespect, pinning the SmackDown Women’s Champion in consecutive tag team matches in the span of one week.

But if Naomi’s streak continues at WWE Elimination Chamber, where she faces WWE’s Wicked Witch in singles action, she’ll leave with more than just a sense of retribution; Naomi will also be champion.

Upon Naomi’s illuminating return to Team Blue on Jan. 24, Bliss made the mistake of suggesting a match against Naomi was beneath her. Yet, at Royal Rumble, Naomi scored the winning fall against the titleholder in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match, a feat she repeated days later teaming with Becky Lynch against Alexa and Mickie James on SmackDown LIVE.

Long respected for her dynamic abilities inside the ring, Naomi has yet to claim a title in WWE. Will she live up to her potential at WWE Elimination Chamber and catapult to the top of Team Blue’s Women’s division? Or can the cruel and crafty Alexa Bliss, perhaps fortified by her alliance with Mickie James, find an answer for her challenger?Watch WWE Elimination Chamber live Sunday, Feb. 12, at 8 ET/5 PT on the award-winning WWE Network.