is she crying

my little sister is a preschool teacher and works primarily with toddlers.

she says when one of the kids starts crying, she puts them on her knee and sings the Breathless chorus while making them bounce up and down.

apparently, she says, it works very well, and she’s trying to teach the other teachers how to do it.

ثُمّ قَال :
تَبدين رائِعة جداً في كُل مرّة تقُولين أنّكِ لا تكترثين لِـ غياب أحد، وأنكّ ما عُدتِ بِــ حاجة اليّد التّي كانت تُمسِك بكِ و تخلّت عنكِ ✨
تَبدينَ رائعة . . رائعة جداً، و أَكاد أُصدّقك،ِ لولا أنّكِ تَبكين بعدَها ! 💔

   I actually think I will be using this particular FC for Alex in her FF.XV verse, primarily after the 10 years. Since she is around 35 at the time, she would of become a woman of high confidence and living less in the shadows of her family’s name. Along with the fact, it fits for the more mature and refined look she will noticeably establish after her story ends in Tenebrae. Alex does not continue on with the others, she stay back and defends the citizens. That is her goal, as it has been since she was trained to live up the namesake of the Benedetto house. 

It also will be interesting to see that Alex loses the usage of daggers and can conduct ice, she also has become more known to fight with a javelin. In the 10 years, she goes from a girl who was scared of the future to a woman who is actively running towards it in the prospects, hope will shine through. No longer is she hunting out of the need to make gil, but to push back and ease the ghoulish nature the dark has brought.

  As always, she fears no creature and to see her emerge as a daemon hunter would be pretty remarkable.  I really love this verse because of the phases, how she went from a dainty girl who wished to sing for ceremonies and the court to a huntress with an unbreakable will– guarding everyone who seeks out her protection. Her braze nature shows so much in this AU, along with her love and hope.