is she a titan

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What do you think draws Raven to Starfire?

In the comics, Raven is an empath. i can only imagine how fascinated she must be just being near a person like Starfire, who experience emotions to such a strong degree.

Raven is used to dealing with a lot of angsty teenagers who hide their feelings (look up every titan ever pretty much), so often the emotions she senses are different than what physically displayed in front of her. with Starfire, what she feels is what she emotes. there isn’t a barrier or a wall she’s putting up to prevent people from knowing what she really feels. so Raven’s empathy senses have no meaning when dealing with Starfire. I think she might find it relieving. 


【Eng Lyrics】Attack On Titan Season 2 Mikasa Character Song - No Matter W…

English Lyrics !!!!!!!!!

This is a sad song man….the lyrics T.T

So I just had this dream where me and some people were talking about different theatre plays and that we should make one with a dark theme, like the original Disney fairy tales or smth. And they’re like yeah yeah that’s pretty neat and starts listing up like Swan Lake, Snow White, and other tragic ones and then one person just yells out “CELINE DION” and everyone’s like??? What? What do you- Celine Dion??? Did u mean Titanic? And she’s like oh yeah that’s the name

And I don’t know I just found that pretty funny so I had to write it down when I woke up

Thalia hugging Percy at the end of Titans Curse, saying he is her friend and as  handing him the position of hero of the prophecy, bc she was too fed up with all the bullshit from the gods,  being a tree and loosing a brother  and she wanted to be alive

i would give anything for the complete Thalia story