is secretly a troll

honestly, i don’t think we appreciate enough that ron was forced to go an entire year without being able to practically try out almost any of the magic he was learning because of his snapped wand. like he still did pretty well in school overall and didn’t suffer any real lasting set-backs from all the time he missed. that’s pretty freaking impressive. 

Welp, here is another “Trolls” fanchild! This time a bergen. It’s the daughter of Prince Gristle Jr. and Bridget.

Name: Gretl
Age: 7
Dad: Gristle
Mom: Bridget
Likes: singing, baking, candy, pizza, rollerskating, Sawyer
Dislikes: seeing Sawyer get hurt/bullied (same goes to her other friends), (can’t think of anything else she’d dislike atm)

Gretl is a young bergen who has been best friends with Sawyer since they were babies. She is also a member of his “snack pack”, and harbors some romantic feelings toward him, despite her being a bergen and he being a troll. Like Gristle, she likes eating meals while wearing a bib. Gretl is something of a tomboy and enjoys sports like rollerskating (which she probably got from her father) and furball baskets (the trolls’ version of basketball). She also secretly wishes she were a troll.


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| emotionally | whiny (not all 3)
manipulative(2 of the 3) | paranoid(sometimes{[“]mostly[”] because of me :b}| lies (not all 3)
impatient | cowardly(depends on the situation &what it calls for)| predatory(sexually) | selfish(wanting to keep the other safe/ being possessive{then yah{at times}) |ruthless(in bed{only one}the other 2 depends on the situation)
| judgmental | impulsive 
vengeful(depends on the situation)| sadistic((trolls)) | petty(“secretly” to self cause drama and add on’s, yes I do it to, cause plot/drama) | unlucky(because of me)|


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious(to a certain extent) | tolerant |
intelligent(depends on what ….*no further comment*) | confident | focused (depends on what)| theatrical (1 most other not so much)|humble(depends on what/situation) | generous(mostly)|
merciful | observant | wise | charming (depends on how{2 of the people}¦{1 of the poeple}almost always[has times])
| optimistic(meh) | decisive | adaptive | calm (“calm” »as in at times I don’t give them enough time to be calm and if they do, they are somehow screwed¦{not to all rp partners}[I’m a cruel being in more ways than one¦)

Okay but imagine Steve and team going into hiding in Canada and Justin coaxes Tony to take a vacation. So Tony reluctantly goes and he’s being pampered and loved there when Justin and Tony suddenly meet Steve during some random trip.

Justin takes one look at both of them and slides his arm around Tony’s waist, leaning into him and says, “Won’t you introduce us, honey?” in a sickeningly sweet tone because he’s secretly a troll.

Tony catches on and replies, “Oh nobody my sweet maple syrup. Just some guy I went a couple of rounds with.”


“I’m sure you’ll have better luck with him,” Tony says nonchalantly.

Justin raises an eyebrow and looks Steve up and down before saying,

“You should come by sometime. Put on the gloves. Let’s go a few rounds.”

When Steve gets back to his hiding place later that night, Sam hands him a parcel saying that someone hand-delivered it.

It’s the beetle phone along with a Letter Writing For Dummies book that has the PM’s seal inside it with the words: Welcome to Canada. Enjoy our hospitality for a few days and try to leave without damaging our airport.

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You are my;;
[] Acquaintance
[x] Friend
[] Stranger
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Love Interest
[x] Best Friend
[] Enemy
[] Nemesis
[] Other

I think you’re;;
[] Ugly
[] Ok
[x] Pretty
[x] Beautiful
[] Gorgeous
[] Sexy
[] Hot

We should;;
[] Fight
[] Fuck
[] Kiss
[] Make love

[x] Text
[x] Watch films

[x] Like You
[] Hate You
[x] Love You ((friend wise for the liking/loving ones))
[x] Think you’re … ((A god damn troll but a lovable one))

I secretly;;
[] Hate You
[x] Love You
[x] Like You
[] Dislike You
[x] Think You’re …((A cool bean in my books))

Should you reblog this?
[x] Yes
[x] No

The Types as Fuckboys

ISTJ: the fuckboy looking for his manic pixie dream girl

ESTJ: Meninist fuckboy

ISFP: Stoner fuckboy

ISTP: Stoner fuckboy/white guy with dreads

ESFP: Original fuckboy™  /fuckboy with a band

ESTP: Jock fuckboy

INFP: fake deep fuckboy who tries to “save” you

ENTJ: fuckboy who always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, constantly talks over you

INTJ: fuckboy who breaks up w/you for being “too emotional”

INFJ: fuckboy who writes pretentious poetry

ISFJ: The “nice guy” fuckboy who gets friendzoned

ENTP: player fuckboy always talking to 100 girls at once/can’t commit

ENFP: charming fuckboy who constantly flirts w/other girls

ENFJ: controlling fuckboy, probably tries to do weird stuff like pick out your outfits for you and tell you how to cut your hair

ESFJ: most popular guy in school prom king fuckboy who will only date the most popular girl in school and is too worried about his image

INTP: fuckboy who trolls women on the internet/is secretly a brony