is season 3 out yet

I’ve seen so many people freak out after the whole I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself”, which personally I found really stupid. 

Like remember before season 1 came out and they kept referring to Pidge as a boy with he/him pronouns and then before season 3 came out it was “Allura isn’t lion material yet.” They used female pronouns because they can’t spoil anything for us. IT’S THEIR JOBS. 

Besides if anything, their usage of she/her pronouns probably means Lance’s love interest will most definitely not be female.

And we know that we’re getting romance and also that it is slowburn. If it’s gonna be a slowburn, the Lance’s love interest has to be from the team, because they are whom lance interacts with the most. 

And it’s definitely not Pidge, she’s A CHILD. HIS BABY SIBLING. 

It might be Allura except:

“he will end up at the opposite of where he was at the start of the show”

I don’t think y’all have forgotten that Allura happened to be the one he was chasing in the beginning of the show. That’s changed now. He thinks of her a family member now. And while the ship is really cute in fanon, it doesn’t really have enough canon support. Allura has never once shown romantic interest in Lance (aromantic/aroflux Allura hints anyone? I feel it fits her character). 

So it’s definitely not a girl. In fact the way Lauren put it, if it were a girl, Lauren would be more careful with the pronouns.

Now remember THE OTHER stuff they said:

“Lance needs someone who’s self assured”

Sounds awful lot like *cough* Keith *cough* to me…

“Lance is Keith’s stability”

They basically confirmed Klance guys.

The Wrath of the Lamb

And we’re finally here, the finale. This post will be THE LONGEST one in this whole series, so prepare yourselves!

…that’s what she was going to do?? Damn.

This little scene was cut. Excellent thinking from Reba in that situation!

A surprise appearance from Dolarhyde!

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Anyone else think we’re getting inundated with voltron content which isn’t even in character? No? Just me then

Friend: Hey! How are you? I haven’t seen you in so long! You almost never leave your house.



Me: Exactly.


3x01 // 3x02

There are people who think that the fact that Eva x Jonas broke up is Eva’s fault and she was the reason their relationship was toxic because she didn’t trust him and were paranoid because of it. 

There are people who think Isak didn’t do anything wrong in season 1 and that he actually acted like a real best friend shoul’ve acted. 

There are people who think Jonas and Isak were real cupcakes in season 1.

There are poeple who haven’t removed their heads out of season 3′s ass yet (or at all).

Dark Raph/Dark Leo possibility?

I know I’m not the first to the party but damn 

I’m overloading with the possibilities!

.Dark Leo would be amazing, Raph, Don and Mikey would face the stress and fear of having their older brother and leader working for the Shredder. Raph’s anger and worry for Leo, Donnie’s frantic search for an antidote and poor Mikey upset about the whole scenario.Master Splinter grieving over another loss. And while I would watch the hell outta that scenario- I kinda hope it won’t be Leo as well. He’s been through a lot and equally his brothers have grown when he wasn’t leading them for that short period of time. I feel it would be a little too repetitive for him to be under Shredder’s control. Equally when he comes back to normal he’d feel like it was all his fault- again something we are used to.

Dark Raph! 

This is what I want baby- and my reasons why? Sit back and read lovelies. We all know Raph’s temper and we all know he struggles to control it at times.

We also know the softer undertone to his personality. The best example I can give (Though you and I both know there are many) 


- is at the farm house. While Leo was out and even after he did his best for everyone. He took care of Leo 

-and kept Mikey and Donnie on their toes at the same time.

so while anger is essentially his fatal flaw, his brothers have always pulled him out of it. However, if he was to completely lose himself to that anger, fall victim to Shredder’s mind control, he’d be a force to reckon with. None of his brothers would want to fight him and yet he’d be so lost that he could potentially hurt one of them- it would be interesting to see the consequences after. He’s always been the raging protector, so to be the cause of their hurt would be very painful for him. We’ve seen a snippet of this when Mikey got hurt when he was “in charge”. Raph was so terrified at that moment that he froze. 

And yet-

I could be being too adventurous here…

Technically we’ve seen the brothers being controlled. (I’m gonna ignore ‘A Chinatown Ghost Story’ here.) In Parasitica, Leo, Raph and Donnie all were essentially (Obviously it’ll be more serious if Shredder’s involved) . 

We didn’t see Mikey fall to this as he thankfully cured himself and minutes later his brothers.


Consider this….

What if,

Dark Mikey!

Yes I went there, I said it. (Still want that Dark Raph though). It would be interesting though right? Rouge baby brother, a character so cheery suddenly unnaturally icy and filled with hate- or perhaps a happy yet twisted taunting figure. They could attempt some serious character development if this route is chosen. Why? Well Mikey is essentially the heart of the family, his attitude ironically keeps his elder brothers on their toes, he has a warm, close relationship with each of his bros, he’s most affectionate by far

 and he is always (funnily enough) consistent and eternally optimistic. Sometimes he gets things and understands things better than others- helping them overcome hurt.

Other times he’s there to help out.

most of all he’s there to provide laughter, cheer and those ‘god my little brother’s annoying’ moments. 

Even when times get tough you’ll find him goofing off and watching tv or something along those lines. Personally, I think this is to keep a sense of optimism and normalcy in the air….but what if this is ripped from the unsuspecting elder brothers? The entire family would be put under so much strain, knowing that the youngest is at the beck and call of Shredder (in close proximity of merciless people), knowing he’s being controlled, having to go through the day with no pranks or any disturbances. I think that would be something that they wouldn’t want to even dream of….

I’ll just go now and leave you with all your feels.

(But seriously Nick please please please please dark someone *cough possibly Raph cough* please please)