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Why Dance✖

Lai Guanlin x reader

Word count: 576

“Uh, I like you. There. I said it.”

“Hey y/n, did you finish that dance yet?” a voice called out from behind making you stop what you were doing. You turned around to be faced with your friend and fellow trainee Lai Guanlin. He was also your crush.

You shook your head. For the past week, you’ve been working on a totally “top secret” choreography for the upcoming monthly evaluation. It wasn’t really a secret anymore since Guanlin walked on you practicing and now looks like you have a partner for the evaluation.

“It’s not completely done yet but most of it is” you responded. Actually it was done but being the perfectionist you are, you have to go back and make every single detail perfect. Being Guanlin’s partner only fueled your aspiration to make the dance better.

“Show me and maybe I could help. I mean we are a team” he said as he plopped down on the ground. Before you could protest, he started the music forcing you to do the dance.

When you finished, Guanlin applaud loudly causing you to blush. You were out of breath but practice makes perfect.

“Wow y/n, I think that was your best choreography ever” he complimented making you blush even more.

“Thanks but I need to perfected it. But in the meantime, let me teach you the dance so we don’t cram too much practicing in last minute” you said grabbing your water bottle and taking a long drink. Guanlin got up excitedly and gave you a thumbs up.

“Ready when you are” he said. That was your cue to start teaching. The next few hours were spent on you correcting all his moves and teaching him the whole choreography and some more Korean. It was also spent laughing whenever he tripped and whenever you accidentally kicked him.

“Hey Guanlin, I have a question” you stated as the two of you plopped on the floor after your dance lesson. You were both sweaty and pretty gross but Guanlin somehow managed to still look perfect. His genes are pretty good.

“Ask away” he said, taking a big gulp of his water.

“Why did you partner up with me?” You asked curiously. You could have sworn his eyes went big and his cheeks went red for a second but you blamed it on your tiredness.

“No particular reason, I just wanted to I guess” he replied but any normal person could tell that he was lying. Wow, his cheeks were definitely red.

“Just tell me. You could have partnered up with Seonho and perfected your troublemaker routine” you teased him a bit. His cheeks went redder and by now you were confused. What was his reasoning? Did Seonho do something?

“Do you really want to know” he asked looking at you straight in the eye. You nodded your head, genuinely curious at this point. You weren’t the best choreographer at Cube, nor vocalist or rapper. Guanlin could have done a rap would someone else but why would he choose dance with you out of all people.

“Uh, I like you. There. I said it" he answered nervously, unable to look you in the eye. You blinked a couple of times before his words actually hit you. The Lai Guanlin likes you. This must be a dream or something because you couldn’t believe it.

After a few moments you finally broke the silence and gave him a response to his statement.

“If it helps, I like you too”

Whew boy, just finished Attack on Titan season 2 tonight, and what a wild ride it has been!!

It captures so much powerful heart, and emotion, that it is hard to describe. All I can say is if you have not seen this season yet do yourself a favor, and check it out soon!! It nearly left me in tears at times, but everything was filled with a stunning sense of thrill, and intensity, even the soundtrack is so incredible and helps to set the tone and mood!!

Season 3 here we come!! =D

10 years into the future
  • me, a chem teacher: so kids, how was your spring break?
  • me: *softly gasps. a single tear rolls down my cheek* attack on titan season 3....

“We were extra hard on him to toughen him up, and look what happened!”


Ludo is probably my favorite character in ‘Star vs The Forces of Evil’, and depending on where the writers are planning to take this, he might turn out to be the most important.

Who is Ludo?

In Season 2 of ‘Evil, the bard Ruberiot, who has vowed to sing The Truth, no matter the consequences, calls Ludo an envious jester. And yet Ludo might be the key to the core narrative of the show, and to the destiny of his entire world. 

Ludo is a fool. He is weak and stunted in every conceivable way - mentally, physically, emotionally, morally. 

In fact, one has to wonder how he even manages to be the heroine’s main antagonist at all. In Season 1, he had assembled a gang of vicious monsters and thrown his clan out of their ancestral home. Surely he must have SOME hidden talents?

In the episode ‘Ludo in the wild’, we finally learn what these are. For the first time, we really get to observe the pattern up close.

Ludo is alone. Weak, cold and hungry, surrounded by creatures much stronger and craftier than himself. 

He starts stalking them. They are kicking him around, and yet with glassy eyes, he keeps on following them into their nests, returning to their abuse like a moth to the flame. Except this particular moth is not flammable. They may feel pity for him, or disgust, but whatever he feels does not go any deeper than the most basic, ludicrous flashes of hunger, fear, pain and outrage. And… affection.

Are we starting to see how the trigger-happy warrior princess Star Butterfly might have first caught his attention? 

He’s always watching. Worming his way into his abusers’ lives, until they are becoming used to him. They think they know what their power dynamics are.

And then, in the blink of an eye, Ludo turns the tables. Perhaps even without realizing it himself, he has studied his abusers, knowing them on an intimate, if purely instinctual level.

If you are what you eat, and Ludo is all the way at the bottom of the food chain, then congratulations: Ludo is a part of you now.

Ludo’s talent is surviving abuse and mirroring his abusers (he even gets the better of Star Butterfly when he learns magic and steals her spellbook), in a twisted mockery of family relations. He did it with Arachne and the Bird (his two mothers…), the horde of rats, probably with his first troop of monsters as well. Oh yeah, and his actual family, where all of this started.

Ultimately, of course, his domain will fall apart. Once he has gathered his armies and his prizes, he hardly even knows what to do with them. All of his attempts at grandiose shemes are short-sighted and doomed to fail. As a survivor, he only lives in the moment. Easily tricked and robbed of all his achievements, or manipulated by those with much greater designs into doing their bidding. His armies of abusers are quick to turn on him again once he inevitably loses his focus, because frankly, they are not even sure why they ever… adopted him in the first place.

He has no past, and he has no future. It’s funny how he commands his army of rats to rebuild an ancient monster stronghold - ultimately doing little more than shoving debris around, before the house of cards inevitably falls apart again. In dreams and stories, houses represent your mind, your inner life. What does this ruin say about Ludo?

Ludo was the runt of the litter, and he has never grown up. Ludo is a child. Reverting again and again, repeating his cycle of survival and abandonment.  

There is a remarkable scene where the wise, ancient entity Glossaryck is trying to teach Ludo magic, and just after Ludo expressed his disappointment that convincing Glossaryck to work for him did not require torture, he immediately demands Glossaryck torture HIM. Just a couple of scenes later, he meekly asks Glossaryck to praise him, even tuck him into bed calling him “my darling”. 

Yeah, take a wild guess how those wires got crossed in Ludo’s head.

Ludo is attracted to abuse, to the abusive use of power, and abusers are attracted to him. He is the very focal point of the eponymous Forces of Evil.

Despite what you might have thought when you picked up this waaacky show, when it comes to Evil, with a capital “E”, they are being dead serious. Hint: it’s not the kind that is reliably confined to an impressive villain character, a single person or faction.

Star Butterfly will have to dip down and go deep.

As you might have guessed by now, the monsters themselves are not the Forces of Evil (though the Jury is still out on Toffee). They are the remnants of proud nations who have been decimated, robbed of their lands and pushed to the margins of civilization, many of them turning bitter and violent. 

In a way, Ludo is the ultimate monster.

And ‘Evil is his story.

The battle for the soul of that world is going to be fought inside Ludo.



So, this is a post about why Eskild is one of the most important and underrated characters of skam. First, this is how I believe Eskild and Isak’s friedship began: after all that had happened with his parents and with him starting to question his sexuality, Isak one night decides to go out into a gay bar and see what he truly feels about being in a “gay environment”. At this point Eskild has already had the talk about Isak’s eventual homossexuality with Eva and Noora and he’s “investigating”. Maybe they started talking and arranged to meet at this bar, the one we know they met at from the conversation later on between Isak and Eskild, but when they meet Eskild realizes that Isak is not sure about himself yet and Eskild doesn’t hit on him because he knows how complicate the coming out process is. Instead he offers to listen and that’s when Isak tells him about his parents and not wanting to go home. Eskild then tells him that he can stay in his appartment’s basement and Isak accepts, which his later confirmed by the belt situation. Then when Noora leaves in the end of season 2 and Eskild has room for a roomate, Isak just moves in. Still, for me, what makes Eskild’s character such an amazing one is the fact that Eskild “knows” about Isak and still tells Noora and Eva that he’s not gay because he knows what would come from that; it’s the fact that he’s been helping him all that time and in the last episode of season 2 when they get introduced he pretends they don’t know each other, so people won’t associate them and speculate. Eskild becomes his friend and his guru and helps Isak through both seasons while never compromising his beliefs as he tries not to force Isak to come out. He teaches him. I just think that’s amazing, from a “typically stereotypical kind of gay”.

Bellamy’s Season 5 Arc - Speculation

The 100 tends to follow a pattern with Bellamy and Clarke, and their so-called “dark arcs”. They almost seem to be on alternating schedules. For instance, Bellamy’s first dark arc was Season 1, where he was played off as the antagonist (until he got more fleshed out and started working WITH Clarke, versus against her). In Season 2 he was, for the most part, a hero. Then in Season 3 was his second downward spiral, and Season 4 we saw the return of him playing the hero.

Clarke was the opposite. Instead of Season 1, like with Bellamy, Clarke’s dark arc came in Season 2, with her becoming cold and shutting down her heart. Season 3 was her path out of the darkness, and in Season 4 we saw Clarke return to that dark place with her once more trying to justify her actions as “the only choice”. 

There’s a pattern. 

If it continues (and I think we should be prepared for it to), that would set us up for Bellamy having another dark arc in Season 5, although not in the same sense as previous seasons because he still remembers the lessons he learned then, and Clarke on the opposite schedule (like it’s been in the past). 

When we see Clarke after the six year time jump, she is full of light and hope. I have a feeling that when we see Bellamy again, it’s going to be the opposite.

Throughout Season 4, we saw Bellamy gradually starting to rely on his impulses less and start using his head more. The finale was the climax of his Season 4 arc, with all of the previous episodes leading up to the ultimate moment when he would have to close that door on Clarke, the girl he loves, in order to save his friends. 

He followed his head over his heart.

Bellamy and Clarke have often gone on parallel journeys, just in a different order. I have a feeling that Bellamy’s arc next season might not be all that different from Clarke’s in Season 2 in the sense that, after losing Clarke, he’s starting to shut down his heart and rely more on his head.

Clarke’s shift resulted from killing Finn. Bellamy’s will result from essentially “killing” Clarke by shutting that door on her. It was the right choice to make (otherwise everyone would have died) but also extremely traumatic.

I’ve seen many people being a little surprised at Bellamy’s reaction to Clarke’s “death” and how they were expecting him to cry more. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that Bellamy would try to shove those emotions down and bury them somewhere deep inside him as a coping mechanism if he believes that to honour Clarke’s memory, he has to be a more rational leader rather than an emotional one. 

The best thing to do as the leader of his people? Maybe. But the healthiest? Probably not.

Don’t misinterpret my message: it’s not that I believe Bellamy will be ALL head next season, and NO heart. I think he’s going to be a balance of both (which will make him an excellent leader) but I think that, much like Clarke in Season 2, he’s going to struggle to find his way out of the darkness as a result of some of the choices he makes leading in that way. 

We don’t know what happened in those six years yet, all we know from Jason is that it wasn’t easy for the group of seven up in space. I’m sure we’re going to see the effects of that, and the toll that it took on Bellamy as a leader (and I doubt it will be pretty).

As a somewhat related note, I wanted to talk about what this means in terms of Bellamy’s love life on the Ark, as that seems to be the topic of discussion on my dash at the moment (sans the Bellarke Extra-ness).

Everyone’s worried about Bellamy falling in love with someone else … but the finale is telling a different story. It’s telling the story of Bellamy shutting his heart down, ruling with his head (as I said before, however, I don’t think Bellamy will lead ONLY with his head - because that’s not who he is - but I believe it will be a large element of his character arc). We already saw him start to shut down his heart a bit at the end of 4x13, in the scene where he stares down at the burning Earth.

Yes, I’m sure Bellamy has grieved and “moved on” in six years. But I also think that after what has happened to him, after losing Gina, after losing Clarke - the only two girls he’s ever opened his heart to - he’s not going to be eager to jump into any relationships. Not any serious ones. 

So I’m not expecting any sort of intimate relationship between Bellamy and anyone else on the Ring that involves anything beyond sex. 

If the pattern I mentioned continues, Season 5 could very likely bring us another dark arc for Bellamy (different than previous seasons), and that would involve him closing his heart to any true romance.

(I wonder what might be a natural progression of that arc that would resolve Bellamy shutting off his heart? Hmmm … I might be able to think of one solution. ;))

Anyway, this is a super rough meta that I put together in about fifteen minutes so feel free to add. Tagging @bellamybb 


Kim Yehyun a.k.a Another angel in produce 101:

* He arranged the line distribution of their song, “If its you”, in position evaluation. He gave the other members the most parts

* Even though he is the one who distributed the lines, He gave most parts to Yongguk, Jinwoo, and Seongri, while he only has 1 PART

* He was last (4th place) in their preformance because HE HAS THE LEAST LINES AND HE COULDN’T SHINE MUCH

*He helped alot of F trainees in dancing “nayana” despite him getting 0 screentime

* He was injured during group battle, yet he still preformed “Be mine” with his group even though he has an injured leg

* He boosted Yongguk’s confidence to sing. He told Yongguk that he can do well


kim yehyun: I’m not popular with national producers so I will help the others out while I can.


Guys I’m freaking out a bit, seeing the first insta stories from VanCity. They’re ACTUALLY gonna start filming season 2. They’re ACTUALLY gonna live and breathe each other 24/7 again for almost a year.
And you know what? We’re all invited to the party yet again so get your dancing shoes ready and dip those socks into glitter cuz we are here to stay ✨

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headcannon that the first episode of season three is just shiro falling out of the ceiling panels of the black lion and falling into Allura’s arms. ‘what the fuck’ he says. everyone is screaming for 10 minutes. that’s the whole episode.

Sigh… I’m in tears.
Jonghyun deserved better. He deserved to be in the top 11. He deserved to be called national leader. What is Wanna One gonna be without the national leader. He was such an effortlessly caring, understanding and well balanced leader. He inspired Hyunbin to work hard and eventually, even, to become a leader. He brought the groups he lead to perfect performances. He made other members shine while sacrificing his screen time and lines. It was his very last chance, yet he did that. He never once had greed to be center. He blamed himself for failure yet credit others when success comes.
Such an amazing angel with such admirable values and ethics. Why is he not in the top 11? He’s definitely one of the most deserving constantent out there. His popurlarity is no joke too since he held the 1st place for 2 elimination. So what happened? How did he drop to 14th place all of the sudden?

He deserves better.

I’m getting really tired of hearing people complain about Wonder Woman’s marketing. So let me explain something to you (the annoying people, specifically).

Wonder Woman is placed at a completely different time of year from Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. BvS came out in March of last year and had about zero real competition. They could start marketing that movie really early on without any risk of another movie taking the spotlight because there was nothing else coming out. Same with Suicide Squad. Though it came out in the summer, it was August. And we have a really dry July last year when it came to movies. So they had all the time in the world to push that movie all summer.

Wonder Woman is completely different. It’s coming out in the middle of summer movie season. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is out next week. King Arthur is out May 12th. Alien Covenant is out May 19th. Baywatch is out May 25th along with Pirates of the Caribbean. Then Wonder Woman is out the next weekend. You know what comes out the weekend after Wonder Woman? The Mummy. Then the weekend after that is Cars 3. A couple weeks later is Transformers. Then at the start of July, Spiderman is out.

Are you getting this yet? The reality is not all these movies are going to be smash hits, and these are all big blockbusters. Some of them have to under perform. The way Wonder Woman is marketed is going to be crucial, but they need to be very careful. They cannot start marketing at the wrong time and risk the movie being overshadowed by Guardians 2 or Pirates or whatever it may be. Timing is everything. And press tours don’t usually start until about three weeks before the release of a movie. So they’re going to have to be very smart about when they put their actors on talk shows, release clips, or whatever. The summer is too packed for them to just throw everything out there at once. If they did that right now, at the end of April, then people would forget about this movie come early June, because there is so much else coming out.

And I’m tired of hearing “I’ve never seen the trailers play in front of movies I saw this year!” It’s theaters who decide what trailers to play in front of movies, not movie studios. Sure, they release trailers strategically so they’ll play in front of big movies, but they don’t decide for the theaters. I saw the Wonder Woman trailer in front of Suicide Squad and Beauty and the Beast. People I know saw it in front of Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts. Just because YOU didn’t see it doesn’t mean plenty of other people didn’t. That goes for all the marketing. Just because you aren’t seeing it right now doesn’t mean it’s not out there, and there isn’t more to come.

The reality is that Wonder Woman is in a really tough spot. It has stiffer competition than I’ve seen for a movie in a long time. And the way it will be marketed is going to be very important. You just have to trust that they know what they’re doing.

You know who’s reaction to Hiccstrid we haven’t gotten yet? (That doesn’t include any Berkians). 

Dagur’s reaction to Hiccstrid.

Like. Do you think he’d call Astrid “sister” or something…? And then try to hug her (and nearly get killed for trying that).

Maybe he always assumed they were together, but then again, considering he didn’t know that there were 2 women in the Riders until Savage pointed it out that one time… probably not.

So yeah, S5, give me Dagur’s reaction to Hiccstrid.


replied to your



i’m so excited for the day donna moss holds her…

I approve of this post, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Because Donna *would*

listen if they set up a parallel for anyone to inherit jed’s legacy, it’s either charlie young or donna moss and listen charlie as donna’s vp

donna, who made almost the exact same analogy as the president did when talking about economies–josh originally laughing at her diet analogy of all things in moderation–that is, until the president says almost the exact same thing, but using different language. Donna, who came up with the idea of nominating both christopher mullreedy and evelyn baker lang to the court and it worked, who can take issues and explain them in terms the everday american can still understand, without fully taking away the nuance and complexities–but she’s not richie, she’s not just “10 words or less,” and she can still easily absorb information like a sponge.

She’s constantly giving fun facts about what’s going on yes (just like Jed) but it’s also from what she learns from politics as well–she knew the filibuster rules intimately, despite the fact that at the time her only foray into the world of politics was as the deputy chief of staff’s assistant, with no one else including the President knowing the rules.

there’s also the fact that when josh was shot, back in season 2, he was out of commission for months and yet? when he got back? there was no one at his desk, there was no replacement. CJ Cregg was gone for like a day and as the Chief of Staff and you had Toby saying on national tv she was going to swat at suicide bombers with her purse. You know who was probably running that office?

Donna Moss.

CJ Cregg, who was making 500,000 a year in Hollywood, tells Donna that Josh is never going to find someone as good as she was. CJ has experience with assistants ok. This is the White House–do you know how many applicants there would be to be Josh Lyman’s assistant (that old friend of Donna’s said it: that’s like a Master’s degree in public policy. Season 3 Donna was considered valuable enough that she thought her starting salary was their entire budget). In like a year she rapidly improves as well, becoming indispensable to the Bob Russell campaign. (listen we don’t talk about the chicken suit moment ok. Bartlet rode his bicycle in a tree. This is her bicycle accident alright)

“ Every time we think we have measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we’re reminded that that capacity may well be limitless.”

And there’s that line when they got stuck behind in Iowa from Jed Bartlet, President of the United States: “300 IQ points between them, they can’t find their way home. I swear to God, If Donna wasn’t there they’d have to buy a house.”

And keep in mind Donna probably had extremely limited experience before coming to the Bartlet for America campaign. She didn’t have a college degree, and was at best going from temp job to temp job. And even comparing her to the other assistants, except maybe Margaret and Mrs. Landingham, who’s probably been with Leo and in politics for years, she became brilliant at her job.

So much of Donna’s outward appearance is wrapped up in the pretty smile and the blonde hair and the oh shucks wholesome, Midwestern farm girl image that people don’t realize behind that is a razor sharp wit, someone who is ruthlessly compeent, possesses a brilliant mind that is so overwhelmingly observant–she sees everything (you know who noticed there was something wrong with Josh first, right before he got diagnosed with PTSD? Not his best friends, not his boss, not his surrogate father–Donna), and someone who could eat you alive if she wanted.

And every single task Josh has ever given to Donna, she’s done it–Josh. This isn’t CJ or Sam or hell even Toby. This Josh “Mr Secret Plan to fight inflation” Lyman. Do you know how many idiotic and seemingly impossible tasks he’s probably given her. Do you.

”If you were in an accident I wouldn’t stop for a beer”
“If you were in an accident i wouldn’t stop for red lights” Donna would eviscerate anyone who hurt who she cared about –and now, unlike when she was “just” an assistant, she has the means as well now.

You want to talk to me about the two Bartlets? What about the two Donnas?

Episode 26-a new dream?

This is my little pet theory I’ve been thinking about since watching the 2nd recap movie in late 2015, and I started getting very vocal about it towards the end of last year; and wanted to mention it one more time before the episode airs. Basically, I believe we’re going to see another titan-magic-related dream through Eren’s eyes next episode (hopefully right after the OP to parallel ep 1). Let me explain.

Remember Eren’s ep 1 dream? Filled with grotesque and bloody imagery, though the most striking picture was the the body of Carla Jaeger lifted from the Jaeger household, only to be eaten by the smiling titan as we all saw later on. Of course everyone remembers, its arguably one of the most discussed and confusing scenes in the entire franchise, especially since it differs from the “see you later” manga counter part.

Now, with the more recent developments in the manga, its more or less implied that these “dreams” really are memories from a different time period (future or past) from Eren or someone else, sent to him through the Eldian path network, but even so, we still don’t know what that dream meant and why it occurred at that specific moment.

Lets take a more precise look once more

Purple flowers moving in the wind, followed by Eren waking up. Now, we know that these purple flowers always appear somehow related to instances with ”titan magic”, like the dream here, or when Eren shields Mikasa and Armin from cannon fire in Trost. Another time is Eren’s filler dream from ep 22, and though that one wasn’t necessarily titan magic related, it paralleled the ep 1 dream in multiple ways, essentially reminding us of its existence and importance. So, the next instance is a pretty curious one, isn’t it?

EP 25- Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Jean are in the room Eren rests in, discussing the previous battle. And, for some reason, are we not only seeing the purple plants once again, but the window is open and wind is seen passing through the room due to the movement of the curtain. That’s a pretty darn strong parallel to the ep 1 dream, is it not? 

And then came the recap movie. The post credit scene gave us a shortened version of Nick and Hange a top the wall, but chose to end on a non-manga-canon scene, Eren opening his eyes and sitting up in his room.

Now, when the creative staff decided to end the movie on this scene, there obviously had to be a reason for it. Ending it on Hange’s “is the wall filled with titans” would be cliffhangerish enough to end the movie, but instead, Eren wakes up, without saying anything or whatever, and just stares at us. Okay. End.

I thought for a while that that’s a weird way to end things but…then I realized that, in the background, the flowers could still be seen, and, the window was still open and the curtain was still moving in the wind…just like episode 1.

In my book, this scene pretty much confirms that we’re starting things off with another dream tomorrow. The placement of the wind and the flowers in both ep 25 AND the movie simply isn’t a coincidence, and there’s really no other explanation. Flowers=titan magic. Wind+flowers+Eren waking up=new dream aka new memories to confuse us forever. In the billboard PV that came out in December, there’s a glimpse at a scene between a woke Eren and Mikasa in this very room–non canon and most likely yet another parallel to the ep 1 dream–Eren talking to Mikasa after waking up. 

The question is, if that dream really happens, what will we see? The ch 1 see you later? Ch 50 smiling titan? Eren Kruger? Lets find out in a couple of hours :D 

Victor and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career

After episodes 10-12 we finally got a really good look into Victor’s thought process and I’d like to talk about a portion of it. Specifically regarding his experience with grief and the loss of his career/the life he’d known up until the start of the show.

Victor’s whole life has been about skating. It’s all he’s ever known. He himself has admitted that it’s not until he gets away from the skating that he’s able to evaluate the bigger picture, what life and love means for him. But just because he’s found new purpose in Yuuri does not mean that he doesn’t grieve the loss of the life he’s known up until now.

After episode 12 you’re probably thinking, “but hey, he goes back to competitive skating in the end. So what was he grieving if he was planning that all along?” What I will attempt to prove with this meta is that Victor actually goes through the entire grieving process before episode 12. Please give me a listen and I’ll show you what I mean! (The rest is under the cut due to length and images.)

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Everyone is so mad about this clip and I think it’s my favorite one yet.
It’s the last season, everything has to be wrapped up, William and noora have been relevant the entire season, sana had to do with William showing up and Chris is Eva’s (boy)friend.
Sana found out about yousef having feelings for her and she’s happy, everyone is having a good time. Julie will give us clips explaining what happened with the balloon squad and even. Obviously there aren’t any hard feelings and they mutually missed each other.

Also, I love William and P Chris more than anything, bite me. 💖💖

anonymous asked:

What would be your ideal outcome for season 2? Like if you got to choose what would happen by the end of it?

Here are my ideal season two post-conditions!!!

  • Victor and Yuuri aren’t married yet, but they’re planning their wedding. When Victor had been little he’d had dreams of an extravagant wedding but he’d given up on them as he grew older. Yuuri realizes this and helps him pick out colors and flowers and a location and they have a lot of fun with it all <3
  • Yuuri has won at LEAST two more gold medals
  • Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio all stand on the podium together and are hailed as an unstoppable force
  • Makkachin is alive & well
  • Yurio’s character has developed a lot, and he’ll occasionally express how much he loves Victor & Yuuri in subtle ways
  • Yuuri is more confident
  • Victor works on establishing his sense of self with Yuuri by his side to support & love him, he is a happier person and wouldn’t change a single thing about his life for the world
  • Every character has a ridiculous exhibition skate at some point