is season 2 out yet or what

headcannon that the first episode of season three is just shiro falling out of the ceiling panels of the black lion and falling into Allura’s arms. ‘what the fuck’ he says. everyone is screaming for 10 minutes. that’s the whole episode.

“We were extra hard on him to toughen him up, and look what happened!”


Ludo is probably my favorite character in ‘Star vs The Forces of Evil’, and depending on where the writers are planning to take this, he might turn out to be the most important.

Who is Ludo?

In Season 2 of ‘Evil, the bard Ruberiot, who has vowed to sing The Truth, no matter the consequences, calls Ludo an envious jester. And yet Ludo might be the key to the core narrative of the show, and to the destiny of his entire world. 

Ludo is a fool. He is weak and stunted in every conceivable way - mentally, physically, emotionally, morally. 

In fact, one has to wonder how he even manages to be the heroine’s main antagonist at all. In Season 1, he had assembled a gang of vicious monsters and thrown his clan out of their ancestral home. Surely he must have SOME hidden talents?

In the episode ‘Ludo in the wild’, we finally learn what these are. For the first time, we really get to observe the pattern up close.

Ludo is alone. Weak, cold and hungry, surrounded by creatures much stronger and craftier than himself. 

He starts stalking them. They are kicking him around, and yet with glassy eyes, he keeps on following them into their nests, returning to their abuse like a moth to the flame. Except this particular moth is not flammable. They may feel pity for him, or disgust, but whatever he feels does not go any deeper than the most basic, ludicrous flashes of hunger, fear, pain and outrage. And… affection.

Are we starting to see how the trigger-happy warrior princess Star Butterfly might have first caught his attention? 

He’s always watching. Worming his way into his abusers’ lives, until they are becoming used to him. They think they know what their power dynamics are.

And then, in the blink of an eye, Ludo turns the tables. Perhaps even without realizing it himself, he has studied his abusers, knowing them on an intimate, if purely instinctual level.

If you are what you eat, and Ludo is all the way at the bottom of the food chain, then congratulations: Ludo is a part of you now.

Ludo’s talent is surviving abuse and mirroring his abusers (he even gets the better of Star Butterfly when he learns magic and steals her spellbook), in a twisted mockery of family relations. He did it with Arachne and the Bird (his two mothers…), the horde of rats, probably with his first troop of monsters as well. Oh yeah, and his actual family, where all of this started.

Ultimately, of course, his domain will fall apart. Once he has gathered his armies and his prizes, he hardly even knows what to do with them. All of his attempts at grandiose shemes are short-sighted and doomed to fail. As a survivor, he only lives in the moment. Easily tricked and robbed of all his achievements, or manipulated by those with much greater designs into doing their bidding. His armies of abusers are quick to turn on him again once he inevitably loses his focus, because frankly, they are not even sure why they ever… adopted him in the first place.

He has no past, and he has no future. It’s funny how he commands his army of rats to rebuild an ancient monster stronghold - ultimately doing little more than shoving debris around, before the house of cards inevitably falls apart again. In dreams and stories, houses represent your mind, your inner life. What does this ruin say about Ludo?

Ludo was the runt of the litter, and he has never grown up. Ludo is a child. Reverting again and again, repeating his cycle of survival and abandonment.  

There is a remarkable scene where the wise, ancient entity Glossaryck is trying to teach Ludo magic, and just after Ludo expressed his disappointment that convincing Glossaryck to work for him did not require torture, he immediately demands Glossaryck torture HIM. Just a couple of scenes later, he meekly asks Glossaryck to praise him, even tuck him into bed calling him “my darling”. 

Yeah, take a wild guess how those wires got crossed in Ludo’s head.

Ludo is attracted to abuse, to the abusive use of power, and abusers are attracted to him. He is the very focal point of the eponymous Forces of Evil.

Despite what you might have thought when you picked up this waaacky show, when it comes to Evil, with a capital “E”, they are being dead serious. Hint: it’s not the kind that is reliably confined to an impressive villain character, a single person or faction.

Star Butterfly will have to dip down and go deep.

As you might have guessed by now, the monsters themselves are not the Forces of Evil (though the Jury is still out on Toffee). They are the remnants of proud nations who have been decimated, robbed of their lands and pushed to the margins of civilization, many of them turning bitter and violent. 

In a way, Ludo is the ultimate monster.

And ‘Evil is his story.

The battle for the soul of that world is going to be fought inside Ludo.


Haters gonna hate but I don’t freaking care cause this makes me so happy!! I don’t care what anyone else thinks I shipped this two and do hope they end up togheter and if this kiss is any indication we ate heading for the right direction. I am over the moon right now!!

And yes Kara, in case you haven’t figured it out yet he does want to mate with you

  • Lance: Keith and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Pidge: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Lance: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast!

so. lets talk about lotor.

the fandom as a whole has a lot of mixed feelings about him, but as of now, we know nothing about what the writers plan to do with him in this series. with vld bringing a heavy focus on the paladins and team as characters, as well as season 2 having already begun to flesh out the greyer sides of the villains, it leaves room for lotor to become an incredibly multidimensional–yet hopefully irredeemable–character. and the basis is already there.

i want to see lotor as a stark contrast from zarkon.

zarkon spent the entirety of season 2 running straight to voltron with the big guns. his connection with the black lion is enough to override control of voltron, and he knows that and uses it to his advantage. he repeatedly ignores haggar’s warnings, something we never saw throughout the first season, in order to get his hands on the lions. he was the original black paladin, and with voltron in his grasp, he knows he will be unstoppable.

but lotor isn’t like that.

he wasn’t a paladin of voltron. he is not connected to the lions the way zarkon is. he cannot be fueled with druid magic in order to continue zarkon’s quest for the lions because there is no connection to enhance. no, lotor isn’t going to head straight for voltron central, guns blazing.

instead, i want to see lotor take the position of an antagonist similar to the archetype of grand admiral thrawn from swr. i want to see him approach his objective with caution and calculation. i want to see him learn about the paladins as the we do, for him to learn about the cracks in their defenses as the audience watches them build it up stronger. where zarkon charges in headfirst in order to swipe voltron off its feet upright, i want to see lotor run the show behind the scenes.

what’s more, i want to see him butt heads with haggar.

haggar, who stood at zarkon’s right side, and has earned his trust for reasons still yet unknown to us. who fueled zarkon’s search for the lions and supplied the quintessence which has kept him living for as long as he has. with lotor in the picture now, she will most likely be pushed to the side. he doesn’t need her druids to fuel a connection to the black lion because no such connection exists. he doesnt need her to create robeasts to send after the paladins because he doesn’t plan to destroy them head on, unlike zarkon. sooner or later, they’re going to reach a boiling point. 

which leads me to a final important point: i dont want lotor to take the paladins head on by any means, at least not for a long while after he’s begun to understand them and how they function both as a unit and as individuals (which we, as the audience, will hopefully be learning as well through the backstory & character development that season 2 lacked). no, lotor would try to hit them somewhere else, hit them where it really hurts, and make them come to him. i don’t think it’d be too far of a stretch to say that he’d try to make a move on earth.

i don’t think lotor deserves to be a redeemable villain by any means. there’s no aspect of his character that i want to see as “relatable” or “redeemable.” he does not deserve to be the zuko of vld, or turned into a kylo ren by the fandom. 

but i’ll be mad as hell if they don’t make him out to be a goddamn villain

Ok. So, I’m going to just state a few things about the fandom that are bothering me:

First, we get season 2 pretty quickly considering that animation takes a while to make and every scene was absolutely beautiful to watch. But is anyone talking about that? No (If some people are, I haven’t seen them yet).

Secondly, ships are not what makes this show great. To be honest, I hope that no ship becomes canon. Not even straight ones. Personally, the lack of romance appeals to me more. It lets the writers create amazing story lines and character development. Everyone is entitled to their ships and desire for them to become canon but please don’t make it out that Season 2 was terrible just because your ship didn’t have much of anything in the show or make it appear that your ship is all that matters.

Thirdly, can we all just take a moment to just enjoy the show the way it was actually given to us instead of complaining about how you think it should have gone?! I have never enjoyed a show as much as I enjoy Voltron. I like every character in this show (I usually have a few in other shows I can’t stand but Voltron is different).

I avoided Tumblr until I watched all of season 2 so I could look at the tags but I’m so disappointed in the fandom’s reactions.

#Supergirl "Luthors"

There’s just a few things I want to say about the episode.

Kara isn’t mad no one believes In Lena. She is mad no one believes in HER when she says she Lena isn’t evil. That they don’t trust Kara enough to back her no matter what the evidence says. Kara is the only person who hangs out with Lena, yet everyone else thought they knew Lena better, simply because she is a Luthor. James immediately believes she’s evil, even trying to prove it. “See Kara I was right you were wrong” is what James was aiming for. Going as Guardian instead of with backup shows that it was selfish. Thats not what friends do. Maggie took the evidence face value and arrested her. She is a cop so its her job, but telling Kara to stay out of it was still against Kara’s faith in Lena. It took a while because he is a soldier, but J'onn believed the evidence. And Winn barely tried to go over the video for errors. Mon-el didn’t really care because he was too worried about what Kara thought of him to even ask about how Kara felt. You don’t just go around smashing concrete blocks in anger for no reason. Only person who didn’t question Kara, or say nothing negative against Lena, was Alex. Because she knows Kara, and believes in her. Lena is the same. She doesn’t question Kara, and only truly cares about Kara’s opinion. Kara is a TRUE hero. She doesn’t let her personal feelings get involved. She even let Livewire go because she saw good in her. An actual bad guy. Lex tried to kill Clark, and she STILL believes in Lena. Lillian had Kara kidnapped and tortured, and she STILL believes in Lena. She saw a video of Lena with the kryptonite heart, AND SHE STILL BELIEVES IN LENA.

Lena didn’t think anyone was on her side, ready to run away alone from everything, which is why she was so shocked that Supergirl came, and why Supergirl immediately says “Kara Danvers believes in you.” Kara knew Lena needed to hear it. When it comes to Lena, the lines between Kara and Supergirl are becoming blurred.

As for the end scene, I believe that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl. Its in her offhand comments. “I am human after all, some steel in that Texas wheat.” But Katie McGrath is so good at this type of role, that it seems on the surface Lena is mysterious and unfeeling and maybe still on the fence of good/evil, but I believe that she is planning ahead on how to protect Supergirl. She truly loves Kara and will do anything to protect her. Lillian is still out there and she will do what it takes to stop her. “Don’t hurt her!” She was about to jump in front of Supergirl but Hank stopped her. She knows. And she cares. And Its beautiful.

I think what makes Kara and Lena so frustrating is that there is clearly love there, but the writers expect us to read between the lines. Giving us these scenes of “I looked into her eyes,” and “My office is overflowing with flowers.” I love my friends, but that isn’t a friend thing. At all. You can fight me on that. This isn’t fair to the fans at all, especially with such an amazing storyline.

Oh, and dunno if anyone caught it, but when Metallo exploded, he yelled Kara.

What I Expect For In 2017:

1. Yuri!!! On Ice season 2

2. Victuuri becoming cannon. We need Yuri to win a gold medal. Not only for himself and Victor, but for the marriage as well. I’ve got every thing planned. Yurio is gonna be the beautiful flower girl 💛

3. Yukine to get out of that bloody box. For all we know he might’ve started going crazy and drawn little pictures of people with his fingernails. Poor cinnamon roll.

4. Fractured but Whole with Tweek and Craig worrying about each other throughout the story

5. Noragami season 3 to be so amazing that I die. Wait I’m already dead because of so many anime’s and mangas’s… I’ll put dying on the not answered list.

6. Attack on Titan to be outstanding. I feel horrible for those fans who waited half of their life for a season 2. ( I watched Attack on Titan during the summer but I did know what it was. I just never got to check out the episodes yet. )

7. Another anime that can break my heart, put it back together, then repeat everything. Like Yuri!!! On Ice did. Thanks MAPPA.

8. Yukine some how surviving the box with no one questioning how. You don’t have to know people. J- Just let it happen.

9. Finally, the last one. Ships and more ships ruining my life.

And yeah that’s what I want for 2017. Who else agrees with these ideas??

Im really glad with how they did Alex’s realization of liking girls in this episode. And I loved that they didn’t immediately jump to the Maggie and Alex romance. Alex isn’t even able to say the word gay yet so she’s still figuring herself out.

I love that its all slowburn cause thats the best kinda fanfiction and let’s be honest, thats what season 2 of Supergirl has been so far, a big, gay multi chapter fanfic

The post I wanted to write during S1 but didn’t

In this episode, there was a pretty big focus on there being something special about Kumiko, especially in terms of her interactions with Asuka. Like, Asuka completely shuts out everyone else except for Kumiko in Season 2, and we all know it. And there’s a tiny detail that I remember from last season that completely fits into what Asuka says at the end of this episode, about Kumiko being such a “euphonium-ish kid” and that being the reason she wanted to talk to Kumiko in the first place.

This is from Season 1, Episode 10. At the time, we hadn’t gotten enough Asuka background yet, so I decided to save these screenshots for later and left them out of my big Asuka analysis. This is the big episode where Kumiko first starts to realize that Asuka isn’t exactly as silly as she appears, that she’s actually putting on quite a facade to be immune to the drama around her (the scene after this is when Asuka tells Kumiko that she doesn’t care who plays the trumpet solo). The really big Asuka-Kumiko interactions we’ve had in Season 2 obviously hadn’t happened yet, so this little comment that Natsuki makes was just a small detail to me, but now we know that Asuka’s even willing to share her past with Kumiko because she feels she can trust her.

Tl;dr: Asuka’s different treatment of Kumiko has been a thing since Season 1, and I’m amazed at how deep their friendship has become since then.



Okay, now that the warning has been done. You’ve been warned. This is my very own Shiro Theory that I discussed with a friend after watching episode 13 and sitting in shock. I decided to share this theory here and hopefully ya’ll will appreciate it? 

So, as soon as the episode was over I was immediately trying to make sense of what exactly could have happened and a few things ran through my head first. Hear me out…

My first thought was, “Zarkon was in his head…” (as shown above when I got the picture as Zarkon was going into his head…thus the bad lighting D:). At the end of the episode, I was reminded of episode 7 when both Zarkon and Shiroare in the astro-plane and Zarkon says something along the lines of dying there causes you to die in the real world as well. So my immediate thought was that when he died, he was in Shiro’s head, which requires being in the astro-plane. Then, because he was “connected” to Shiro, when he died then Shiro died. However, it didn’t make complete sense because the Galrans had Zarkon’s body and the paladins didn’t have Shiro’s. 

So…I ruled out that idea.

My second thought was that he got lauched out of the black lion. 

I mean…that blast split up Voltron. It was strong. However, this also didn’t make much sense.

 Lance and Hunk are immediately shown to be fine and still intact in their lions.

Seconds later Keith and Pidge are shown to be moving their lions to an unresponsive black lion. All the other paladins are still in their lions, so it doesn’t make sense for Shiro to have gone flying into space. Not to mention…

the doors to the black lion are closed when they go to look for Shiro and there’s no outward damage that we can see. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to think the black lion is like the red lion and wouldn’t just let their paladin float off into space if they could help it. Even if the black lion couldn’t do anything, I would hope SOMEONE would have noticed a floating Shiro. So, once again ruled that thought out.

My third thought scared me a bit. It didn’t have evidence that could completely rule it out as not happening…and it has to do with Zarkon’s final blow before being destroyed. 

Zarkon specifically aimed at the head, which is where Shiro is obviously. This attack could have been to just separate Voltron but it kinda has that purple magic feeling going on there….

and that would explain the flashing purple lightning racing up Shiro’s body. It definitely reminded me of Haggar’s magic. The only thing I could come up with to remove this idea was that Shiro was still there (we assume) to give the final blow and for Zarkon’s destruction. The effect of the magic could have been slowed though….who knows?

My last, and favorite, thought was, “What did we last see Shiro do before we found out he went MIA?” and this is what lead me to my theory. 

Shiro is last seen using his bayard. He already has an EXTREMELY strong bond with the black lion; however, I think the bayard helps with the bond as well. So, with his already strong bond and now the bayard, for a lack of a better phrase, I want to say he completed the bond entirely? 

We already know Coran and Alulura aren’t completely sure what all lions and paladins can do when it comes to their bonds. They didn’t think a paladin and a lion’s bond could stretch over long distances but Keith and Red (and I guess Zarkon and Black) disproved that. 

So…my theory is that Shiro, in that moment, quite literally became one with the black lion. He “completed” the bond and had one thought in his mind at the time. He wanted to defeat Zarkon and keep the black lion away from him,and with that thought literally became the head of Voltron, literally became the black lion. 

The lack of response could easily be explained as well. Becoming a part of something else is shocking, not to mention Shiro’s been fighting for awhile now, he could have easily fallen into unconsciousness. The black lion is also shown to be unresponsive and without power, this could also affect whether Shiro can be reached or not… 

Jeez…That was soooooo long. I’m sorry.

This is of course just a cool theory. One that made sense and explained how he was gone, while also making me happy that he wasn’t dead. I’d love to hear thoughts or other theories? I kinda doubt this is what happened but what do you think the writers will come up with as an answer?

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Do you know why everybody is talking about season 4 & Degrassi? Do they get it before everyone else or what?

It hasn’t been released yet. They could be speculating? Season 4 will probably be released this summer like season 2 was.

There are a few spoilers out for season 4 though. Family Channel’s app posted a couple of screencaps from season 4 on their “series poster” for Next Class:

Keep reading

paintedclocks  asked:

Okie doke, you seem to be getting a LOT of people who are confused about season 2. Now I'm not an expert but I've been keeping up with all the news and what not and I'm 99% sure that season 2 has NOT been confirmed. It's extremely likely (especially since Kubo has been traveling so much lately possibly for research) that season is happening but not yet announced. Keep a look out for that event happening at the end of April. I bet you anything if season is happening it will be announced then.

Sorry if it’s late!

But yeah, all the fandom needs to do now is wait for official announcements directly from Kubo-sensei now that she has a twitter acct that’s exclusively for YOI. :))

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿) (well, 'RP threads' would probably more accurate in your case :P)

Haha, I’ll do a mix of fic and threads. Thanks for the tag, luv! <3

“Asset, Agent, Hunter, Spy”- Jalec. NC-17.
I think that out of everything I’ve written, this was the one I had the most fun with. I wrote it right after season 1 ended and the season 2 promo stuff hadn’t come out yet, so all of this was kind of my “dream” scenario for what I hoped s2 would be about. It’s season 1 canon-compliant war!fic, with Jace playing double agent with Valentine whilst feeding the Clave information through Alec, and was pretty much how I envisioned a romance unfolding in the middle of a war would be. It’s messy and violent and features a Jace fraying at the edges more and more with each chapter, and is mostly told from Alec’s POV.

“Where Art Thou” / “The Art of Drowning”- Jace. Gen. Angst.
Two drabbles that I wrote about Jace in season 1 and 2, respectively. They’re book-ends to the same paternal theme and they hold a special place in my heart because writing them helped me encapsulate my understanding of Jace’s character. Whenever I feel myself drifting out of his head, I go back to these and find his headspace again.

“The Light of Other Days”- Jalec. NC-17.
I hate myself for rec'ing a WIP, but TBH I really am quite happy with this one. It was my take on what would have happened if Jace had felt the same way about Alec while they were still teens, and how their relationship might have played out if Alec had been forced to leave because of this. It’s a story about young love, old lovers, and how sometimes what we need is not necessarily what we want. The third chapter has been in this 90% state of completion for a while now, and hopefully with some free time coming up, I’ll be able to finally put this story to rest. -_-

“Original Sin” / “Sin City!Verse”- Jalec. NC-17.
Original Sin started off as just a dark, messed-up shortfic that I wrote to go with this manip I’d created of mob!Jalec, but it garnered a bit of ire because some people felt like dark!Alec shouldn’t exist. Naturally, my parabatai @dnteverdoubtme jumped at the chance to write an even more fucked up version of Alec than I’d originally dreamed up, so we expanded Sin City as an RP verse and just went to town. (Not for the faint of heart; trigger warnings are listed in the chapters in which they appear. Please tread carefully.)

“No Matter the Cost” - Jalec. NC-17. Game of Thrones AU.
Probably the most fucked-up RP that @dnteverdoubtme and I have ever published. I think that GOT fans wouldn’t be very surprised at any of this, but it definitely pushes the boundaries of what we’ve written. I personally love it because we’ve managed to spin these two incredibly deplorable characters whose only redeeming quality is loving each other, and there are quite considerable shades of Jaime and Cersei interwoven with how we’ve chosen to portray Jace and Alec in this verse. There’s a good mix of humor and romance here in spite of everything as well, which amuses me to no end. (This verse has more trigger warnings than I can shake a stick at, so please make sure you check the notes/tags before reading.)

How BFFs Maddie Ziegler and Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Fangirled Their Way to Friendship

Just call them the teenage dream team!

Maddie Ziegler is opening up about her close friendship with Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown.

“She was a fan of the show, Dance Moms, and she came to one of the So You Think You Can Dance tapings: I get back to my dressing room after, and I hadn’t watched her show yet, so she was like fangirling, which is so funny!” Ziegler, whose new memoir The Maddie Diaries is out now, tells PEOPLE.

She continues, “And we actually connected. I was like, I know we’ll be friends.’ And then she was talking about her show. I didn’t really know what she was talking about. And then when I watched Stranger Things in a day and a half - it was so good! I’m so excited for season 2. She’s so good. And then I just reached out, like, Your show’s amazing.’ Then we just kept talking and became best friends.”

  • For more on Maddie Ziegler, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

Indeed, the 14-year-old Dance Moms alum - who left the show last year and has since gone on tour with Sia and sat on the judges’ panel of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation with Jason Derulo and Paula Abdul - and Brown, 13, have documented their friendship on social media, posting a snap of themselves enjoying Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year.

Ziegler says they bonded over growing up in showbiz.

“We talk about that all the time. We love how we’re so alike in so many ways,” she says. “We’re two people that are so happy that we found each other because we could relate to each other, and we’re not brats in this industry and can just enjoy time together. We relate in so many ways being in the industry!”

FROM COINAGE:The True Cost of Famous TV Apartments

Brown, who won a Screen Actors Guild Award earlier this year for her performance in Stranger Things, previously opened up about her friendship with Ziegler on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She told the daytime host, “We’re really good friends and we text each other every day.”

Stranger Things season 1 is streaming on Netflix now, and season 2 premieres Oct. 31.

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45 minutes, have passed, still no idea what series to start watching before bed.

I have some shows I have saved/currently waiting for.

Dragon’s Maid episodes appear once a week, rewatching Buzz Lightyear of Star Command during lunch breaks, currently waiting for Tangled to appear online, finished Season 1-2 of Ren and Stimpy, Star Vs Season 3 isn’t out yet. 

How’s that Wakfu/Dofus series? Is it any good? I remember only watching one episode and the lip syncing kinda bothered be a bit (cause it’s over a french dub I know). 

I might rewatch Producing Parker again, it’s only 13 episodes. 

Anyone got any good suggestions?