is sayin yes

there arent enough good bloggers sayin this that dont focus 100% entirely on mens rights but i just wanna saw that male survivors of abuse and rape and violence are important and deserve positivity and safe spaces and are valid and what they went through isnt minuscule or ‘nonexistent.’ male survivors: ur strong, brave, and im proud of u.

yES louis is cute and small and tries to be big and tough BUT i feel like if you seriously messed with someone he loves you’d wake up in the middle of a cornfield with (tiny) hand shaped bruises on your ankles and no recollection of how you got there

  • Draco: Alright, Hermione, what's it gonna take for you to feel loved? What, you wanna get married? You wanna live happily ever aft--
  • Hermione: Yeah.
  • Draco: What? What did you just say?
  • Hermione: You asked me to marry you, I'm sayin' "yes."
  • Draco: No, I meant when you said that--
  • Hermione: What, now you don't wanna get married?
  • Draco: No, I guess--
  • Hermione: We've only been engaged 15 seconds and you're already getting cold feet.

Me when watching a Say Yes To The Dress episode: 

Bride consultant: Ah yes thats a $6700 pnina tornai dress.

Bride: You know its $3000 over my budget but I’ll just get a second job.

Bride consultant: Are you saying yes to the dress Marsha? 

Bride: IM SAYIN YES TO DA DRESS!!!!!!!!!

*giggles* *screams* *motherly cries*

ME: r u frickin kidding me? do you know how many MICROWAVES I can buy with a frickin $6700 pnina tornai???!!?!?!?!11?!

  • Yui: the sky looks beautiful tonight.
  • Hades: Yeah.
  • Yui: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Hades: *blushes* Who?
  • Yui: *blushes more* You.
  • Hades: *intensifies blushing then passes out in the middle of the grassy plains*

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 of course not. it’s not only up to the astrals to serve, but all mortals must practice peace as well. each goes hand in hand         without the other, war will catch fire  .      her seer is wise, points out the obvious where most are feign & too naive to care.

            ❝ it is catching fire,❞ she doesn’t mean for her words to come across as strong as they do, but worry wants for steel backbone. gazes to eternal mother with all the fear she hides from humanity. ❝ what does it mean, then, for astrals should mortals not practice peace? ❞

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Not to sound like I'm defending BW (cos I'm really not) but apparently the day 1 patch is supposed to fix most of the issues both with the cc and animation, it should be available on the release day ,, just sayin'

Yes, I’ve heard that they are making the patch that’s supposed to add a lot of things into CC. But I did not know it’s going to be day 1 patch. Thank you for telling me. This information restored a tiny bit of hope. :-)

You know, I’m usually increadibly easy to please and I don’t complain much, but CC is really important part of a RPG. and it’s even more important in a game where you see your character’s face all the time.

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⚡ - In their eyes, do the ends justify the means?

“Shite, I’m thinkin’ that’s more dependin’ on the ends justifyin’ the means, ain’ it? I ain’ goin’ to be puntin’ some popoto child out o’ the way jus’ to be gettin’ to the shop sellin’ sweets any faster, after all. Though all jestin’ aside, I have to be sayin’ that generally yes, there are more’n a few times where the ends are justifyin’ the means. Particularly when it’s involvin’ the folk I’m considerin’ close to me, there ain’ any moral depths I won’t get to delvin’ for ‘em.”

“Even beyond those close folks, there really ain’ anythin’ I won’t get to doin’ so long as it keeps my feet movin’ forward. Stealin’, fightin’, cursin’, killin’…s’all more’n fair to me if what I’m needin’s on the other side. Maybe that’ll get to makin’ me sound more’n a measure selfish, but what other folk get to thinkin’ ain’ much matterin’ to me. My feet are set on this path an’ they ain’ keen on walkin’ ‘way from it any time soon, eh?”

Before vs. After:Karamatsu Matsuno

Me before: Bruh,look at this dude,he looks like a bowl haircut muppet like-




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