is really hard to work with red y'know

as much as I hate it when old people are like “mrrr mrrr your generation sucks” I also hate it when people my age use “baby boomers” when they mean “rich people” (and I mean Americans particular bc that’s where I’m from and what I know about)

i mean this when we’re talking about economic issues, like the recession and stuff

like, I know a lot of us are poor, or poorer than our parents were at our age, and that we as a generation are not very economically stable, and I fully support thinking about it and organizing around it and stuff

but like…I’m the child of a blue collar baby boomer from a rural area and like. in the rust belt, people have been struggling for generations. all that “you could work you way through college with a summer job in the 70s” stuff is true and all but my dad still couldn’t afford college, for many of the same reasons people today in the same area can’t. for the same reason I maybe wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t moved out of that area.

and it just frustrates me to hear “baby boomers had it easy, economically” in a way that suggests they’re all rich? bc it erases the fact that this is not by any means at all a new problem in this country even if it’s a growing one? and we need to recognize that this stuff has been going on for a long time and that it’s always been rich people doing it.

but equally you can’t trust someone young and rich just bc they’re young? they’re not necessarily going to be more compassionate, more open-minded, or more invested in workers’ wellbeing, and we need to be equally vigilant about, say, young company owners and suchlike and can’t rely on them to be more ethical just bc they’re under thirty? we gotta judge people in power based on their behavior, and having money gives you power.

Class issues in America are often not discussed openly enough and class identification is pretty weak where I’m from and I think we need to recognize that this isn’t a generational conflict, it’s a class conflict

and I just get really frustrated when it’s simplified along these lines because we already don’t recognize the problem for what it is and we don’t need another red herring

I’m not saying “don’t make fun of grumps who complain about cell phones” here I’m just saying, when you’re talking about economic issues (in America at least) don’t lose sight of who caused this and who is impacted by it, y'know? it’s a really hard thing to change and we gotta work together, everyone who has a stake in this, to make progress.