is really cute though sooo
He feels like a home I've never been to - kaijuborn - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: He feels like a home I’ve never been to
Fandom: Overwatch
Ship: Jesse McCree/Genji Shimada [McGenji]
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Jesse is an agent at Blackwatch, and Genji an agent at Overwatch. They meet during a cooperation at Watchpoint Gibraltar and become fast friends, as well as something more than that.

I’ve been wanting to write McGenji for a while as I think it’s a really cute ship! This turned out sooo much longer than I expected though! (Sorry?!) There is sexual content towards the end of the fic, so if you just want to read something sweet with Jesse and Genji then the majority of the fic is sfw!

Enjoy! <3