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The mystery of “two weeks in Bath” has been solved in vol.26

My copy of vol.26 hasn’t arrived yet but I heard from other people who already bought it that Agni’s death date Grell read aloud in chapter128 has been corrected in the newly released comicbook:

Chapter128 (magazine version)

This date puzzled a lot of readers back when the chapter was released because if it weren’t an error, it would mean that OC and Sebastian stayed in Bath for almost 2 weeks even though they had nothing to investigate there lol, but apparently, this date was indeed a small error on Yana’s part. It got fixed now and the correct date of Agni’s death as well as RC’s return is

15 November 1889

i.e. it’s the same day Ciel and Sebastian went to Bath, found Violet as well as the bodies of the patrons of the Blue Sect and met Grell and Othello:

So when Grell said

“We’ll be seeing each other real soon, you can count on it.”

to Sebastian in chapter 125, Grell really meant “real soon” - as in “in a few hours”.

Anyway, I fixed my Blue Sect Arc Timeline accordingly :)