is quite the stud!

England Boyfriend Headcanons

-He will surprise you. Never underestimate him. He is never what he seems on the surface and has many layers.

-At the beginning of the relationship, he’d be a typical English gentleman who enjoys sipping on tea and spending quiet afternoons working on his cross-stitch or reading a novel in his armchair. However, once he’s settled in a relationship, his rebellious streak (which he tries fairly hard to keep hidden) will start to emerge…

-He has a whole secondary wardrobe filled with tight leader, ripped skinny jeans, band shirts, fishnets, studs and chains. He will be quite flustered when you first discover this, insisting that it’s just from his troublesome teen years and he’s “just hanging on to it for sentimental reasons…”

-He wears that stuff when he goes to loud concerts (and always returns home with a hoarse voice from screaming all night long).

-He smokes when agitated. Always outside, and not very often, but he keeps a pack in his back pocket at all times (don’t smoke, kiddies. It’s a nasty habit). You could convince him to use one of those newfangled vapour sticks, though.

-He is incredibly gentle and soft-spoken with his significant other – a 180 in comparison to how he is with his (few) friends (loud, obnoxious, and a more than a little bit argumentative).

-He loves babies. Human babies and baby animals. He will gush. (he 100% wants kids in the future). He is surprisingly wonderful with children. He is very patient with them. 

-Fights with him are usually loud and passionate.

-He’s not often the first to apologize, he’s too stubborn, but as soon as you do (assuming you do) he will crumble in his willpower and beg for your forgiveness. He’s usually torn up inside after any argument.

-When he’s upset about something, he will let you know about it before you need to ask. He’s excellent at communicating these things.

-If you share a bed with him, he prefers to sleep on his own side; however, he will reach over and play with your hair or trail his hand on your skin in silly little patterns, often drawing simple pictures of spelling out cheesy phrases.

-He’s a passionate kisser once he gets going.

-He is a fan of PDA. He likes showing the world that he has you. He never really considered himself date-able, so it gives him great pleasure to show you off to the world and brag about you to anyone who will listen. He will list your accomplishments to strangers when he’s feeling particularly happy.

-He loves to hold your hand and murmur sweet nothings into your ears when you’re out and about. For example, while you are standing in line at the mall to pay for something, he’ll come up behind you and quietly tell you how lovely you are.

-He’s not the best at cuddling (he’s a one-armed cuddler), but he does enjoy when you snuggle up into him while watching a movie.

-He will make an excellent impression on your family when he meets them for the first time. However, once they get to know him, half will continue to love him and the rest will get into heated debates at the dinner table and end the evening with fierce glares.

-He will pretend not to remember every single specific date, insisting that he only has room in his mind for ‘important ones’ like birthdays and anniversaries; but, if you were to snoop through his day planner, you’d see little notes marked very neatly in pencil cataloguing every little thing that he found significant (holding hands, he brought you somewhere that you really enjoyed – ideas for future dates, when he discovered your favourite colour, your favourite flower, when he first noticed how beautiful your eyes were, the first time he made you laugh, etc.)

thelowbrass  asked:

Yellow, pink, and grey!!

Yellow, 7 facts about my childhood: 

1. In kindergarten, I was head over heels in love with my principal’s son. He was quite the stud. 
2. When I was little, my mom used to let me drink coffee with milk for breakfast every day. It explains a lot… 
3. I grew up with bronchospasm and spent a lot of nights in the hospital when I was little! Thankfully, it never resurfaced and I now run 15 miles for fun :))) 
4. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Michael that I didn’t have a crush on at one point or another. 
5. My dream was always to be a racecar driver. My parents were really into that when we lived in Argentina and I practically grew up on the track! 
6. Some of my favorite memories are from when my dad used to take me on day trips on his motorcycle. We’d drive through the mountains for a few hours and stop for dinner on the way back. It was loads of fun! 
7. Hilary Duff’s “Most Wanted” was the first CD I ever owned and to this day, I still remember every word to every song. 

Pink, 4 (more) facts about my parents: 

1. My dad and I have the same taste in music! Thanks to him, I practically grew up on classic rock and he actually took me to my first concert (Roger Waters - Pink Floyd!!)
2. When we still lived in Argentina, my dad owned a bar/café called Candela Café :)
3. My parents used to do a lot of road trips when they first got together! They took a lot of polaroids and I love going back and looking through them. Honestly #goals
4. My dad has a very sarcastic/cynical sense of humor and the older I get, the more I realize I’m turning into him…

Grey, 2 facts about my favorite things: 

1. There are actually male and female pine cones, and the ones you find on the ground are female pine cones that have completed their reproductive process. They usually start out as soft, green, sticky cones, and hard brown cones to protect their seeds once they’re fertilized. Isn’t that adorable?
2. The tallest sunflower in the world was measured at 30 feet and 1 inch!!

Thank you! :)


If you asked Apollo who his favourite film star was, he would reply in a heartbeat: Marlon Brando. Brando’s devastating masculinity and broodingly handsome looks, his screen presence and heartbreaking acting ability…the man was a god. Just the mere mention of his name is enough to provoke palpitations in Apollo’s chest. And tonight on Channel 5’s ‘Midnight Classics’ series they are screening A Streetcar Named Desire, and Apollo has been in a state of rapturous anticipation all day. No, all week! Never mind he has seen the movie 500 times before, and can recite every single line. He could never tire of watching the brutish intensity of Brando’s performance, his raw, menacing  sexuality, the terrible, thrilling and sadistic joy he derives from tormenting and finally destroying poor Blanche. Apollo feels quite faint just thinking about it.
In preparation for tonight’s cinematic stud fest Apollo has been stockpiling a lavish assortment of snacks, and would also have a gallon tub of his favourite ice-cream if Sonia hadn’t snorted all of it in a single session, the selfish bitch. Ever since the Roy-Toy finally manned up and served her with divorce papers the stupid cow has been snivelling and self-medicating with ice-cream like some tragic heartbroken teenager. Apollo has never been able to understand their marriage at all. While they were living under the same roof they always acted like they hated each other, but here’s Sonia moping around the house like divorce is the end of the world. At least the Roy-Toy’s new bit of fluff likes dick, that much is blindingly obvious. Apollo would adore to have one of Naomi’s sculptures which he thinks are tremendously witty and original and would make the most fabulous conversation pieces. He went to her exhibition the day it opened and has been back three times, and while he enjoyed himself each visit he remained convinced that not a single one of her sculptures came close to emulating his own glorious member in terms of sheer grace and beauty. He wonders if she accepts commissions. Although really of course she should be paying him for the privilege.
It’s 11.46 and Apollo has nearly completed all his preparations. The snacks are all set up in the TV room, the baby monitor too, although Apollo is confident the triplets won’t awaken after he sedated them all with an extra spoonful of formula in their bed time bottles. Angus always sleeps the sleep of the dead. Sonia has finally  slouched off to bed. Apollo is just putting the finishing sprinkles on top of his mug of hot cocoa after extracting a tray of perfectly formed cinnamon rolls from the oven when he senses something. An electricity in the air. Then he hears it. The crackle of the intercom at the front gate. Apollo feels anger bubbling inside him. He almost throws the sprinkles shaker across the kitchen. Who could be calling at this hour? And how dare they disturb his date with Brando!



One-word prompt: Summertime.

The sticky summer air rolled over Abbie as she opened the car door. She could feel her hair frizzing.

But there was Crane, sitting outside on his front porch. Rocking back and forth, back and forth in one of Corbin’s old wicker chairs. He looked in even worse shape than she felt, with damp tendrils of hair sticking to the sides of his face, white linen shirt sticking to him in blotchy patches.

“Is the air on the fritz again?”

“No, it’s quite frigid inside.” He poured her a mug of lemonade studded with mint from the little garden he’d set out back. “But there’s something pleasantly languorous about this heat, don’t you think?”

Abbie thought the heat kinda felt like walking into an armpit. But Crane was sprawled on that rocker like a cat in a sunbeam, a book dripping bonelessly from his fingers.

“Languorous. That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

She slid into the rocker next to him and sipped her drink. Together, they talked in lazy circles and watched the night fall gentle and heavy as velvet.