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Truth or Lie (Part Thirteen)

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A/N: A bit of a long flashback in this chapter. Good things are coming, guys. Good things. Lucifer x Reader fic coming up next!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warning: Angst, fluff, flashbacks, anxiety, mention of alcohol, explicit language

Word Count: 3439

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“Just kiss him already!”

You pinched the bridge of your nose as Quinn kept encouraging you to do the one thing you told yourself not to do. “No, because that’ll most likely lead to a relationship.”

“Ohh, you want a relationship with him! You don’t want to just punch your ticket once. You want a season pass,” Quinn smirked, giving your shoulder a playful nudge as the two of you sat on the polyester couch in her living room.

You sighed loudly and buried your face in your hands, feeling lost on what to do. “Maybe I should just quit my job and leave the country.”

“Maybe you should just kiss him and see where it goes. I mean, what are you really afraid of?”

Getting you and Rob killed. “It’s just a lot of exposure, you know? I’m just not sure I’ll handle that well,” you replied, drawing your face out of your hands to meet your friend’s gaze.

“You already deal with that type of exposure. You’re attached at the hip wherever he goes. The fans know of your existence already,” Quinn pointed out.

“It’s the media I’m worried about. There’s talk about him coming back for Supernatural and he’s all over Comic-Con, so they’re bound to get nosy about his personal life. You know how the media is,” you muttered, knowing you had interviews to schedule for him in the future.

“Just don’t tell anyone. Keep it a secret,” Quinn suggested, really capturing your attention.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think the way Q and C relate to each other changes in Season 3? In season 2 they were seductive to each other, a little fighters, flirtly. They were clearly measuring. That change when they started to know each other better? When they star to trust each other? It was fun the way they had initially, there was humor. I miss the humor in fucking HL.

They were measuring and yet already trusting of each other, e.g. in the tailor shop scene in 2.06. The mutual trust is the foundation of their relationship and everything we saw in season 3 added to that: Quinn visiting Carrie in the hospital and offering to be her character witness; going through the Javadi murders together; Quinn shouldering the blame to protect Carrie’s earlier sacrifices, etc. 

Why does the dynamic change between season 2 and season 3? They clearly committed to Quinn as more than a guest character and, as such, put more thought into what he would represent. Gansa is on record saying that they were writing a character who did the dirty work of the CIA. Accordingly, Quinn took a darker turn in season 3 - he was far less flirty and funny than in season 2. Notably, that devolution into darkness seemed to amplify with every season until his death.

About the humour: we miss it, too.

@wulflune ! got quinn wilde

   HE WAS DOING SOMETHING OUT HERE.  and sure, it’s a little disconcerting to see a grown man out at night and in the middle of the woods, at that. quinn belongs out in nature. it’s nearing midnight and he’s down on his knees, fingers curling around two small mirrors. he thinks someone tried to hit him with a curse and the moon’s waning. right now’s the best time he’s got to send that evil back the way it came. quinn’s moving around quite a bit ; he moves like an animal moves . 

   aside from the light of the moon, the quick flame he lights up and pitches towards his stick of incense gives a better look at his face. quinn’s good-looking, most people would agree. some might even look twice. then it’s back to shadows.

   quinn stills. his shoulders tense up. he feels as if he isn’t alone and wonders for a moment if his ancestors have come to give him unwarranted advice. quinn turns his head first and then the rest of his body. the sigh of relief he releases would be a scream from someone else. he isn’t afraid of wolves. 

   he eases forward with a palm out ; his eyes are shining.

     “     hey. hey there. what are y’doin’ ?    “  a smile,  “    it’s rude to spy y’know.    “  he feels like this animal will understand. 

People who ship Harley Quinn and the Joker make me want to punch them in the face and question their mental stability

anonymous asked:

Yesterday I saw 5x04 and 5x05 and felt the relationship between C and Q was distant but both were very moved to meet each other again. And C faced him saying she looked for him over the 2 years, wanted to build a bridge to him, and after he was shooted, she embraced him, touched him, caressed him and that moving moment where Quinn dropped on her shoulder (every time I see that moment, it feels to me like he is home). I was surprised especially compared them in season 6.

While the time jumps do move the story forward, the downside is that we don’t get to know what happens in the interim. 

This is what I think happened between seasons 5 and 6: Once Quinn was awake again and could vocalize his frustration, he began to push Carrie away. And Carrie was unable to communicate to him (and possibly herself) why she wanted to be there for him. 

It is notable that 2.5 years in Syria and meeting again under the oddest circumstances, gut shot and Jonas included, they were nevertheless able to open up to each other. But six months of seeing each other every day drove them apart. (Who would have thought that we’d appreciate the crumbs we got in season 5 in hindsight?)

Cousin BJ

PART 1     PART 2

Warnings: Triggers of Domestic Violence.

Authors Note: Takes place before Man Cubs (so the boys are not calling Jensen Dad yet)

Special thanks to @ariallane for being an awesome beta reader and for helping me significantly improve this chapter! I don’t know what I would do without you Hun! xo

PART 3 “Slugger”

Dinner turned out well. At least the food did anyway.

Jensen and Annie were unusually quiet. Quinn felt terrible for putting them through this shit show of a family dinner. But they weren’t the only ones having a terrible time.

She was pretty sure that every time Brandon made an excuse to get out of his chair it was so he could try and look down her dress. At one point during dinner he tried to play footsie with her too. It was gross.

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I, Half-Orc Gunslinger with a nasty temper and 0 impulse control, am carrying another party member (Lelenia) on my back. OOC, it’s because the player isn’t here. IC, it’s because Daja (my character) knocked her out for being annoying. Note that this character is like, 12 years old and weighs only about 50 pounds. Also that this arrangement was her player’s idea, not mine.

A new party member (Nambra) is following us, trying to check us out before approaching. She rolls stealth while me and the party member with me who is not knocked out and slung over my shoulder (Quinn) roll perception. Quinn makes the roll and I don’t, but Quinn decides to point Nambra out to me anyway, along with a request that Daja not immediately shoot her. Daja actually sort of half-gets along with Quinn, so she decides to comply.

Me: I throw Lelenia at the person stalking us.

*everyone laughs*

Nambra (OOC): What would you even roll for that??

GM: I’m pretty sure you don’t have proficiency in small children.

Me: No, but I do have proficiency in improvised weapons. Are small children improvised weapons?

After a bit of debate, we decided that yes, yes they are.

This morning, U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn found himself in a bit of a predicament, after taking a shower Quinn’s bathroom sealed shut. The member of the USA-2 four man sled was trapped in his bathroom without a phone and no way to signal for help. So, instead of waiting for someone to discover him locked in his bathroom, the former professional football player took matters into his own hands — Quinn lowered his shoulder and drove right through his bathroom door.

Sochi problems? No problem.

The sun was just barely coming up when the door to the loft slid open and a very angry Quinn came in, her eyes immediately seeing Dani huddled up uncomfortably on the couch. Quinn smirked at that, clearly what Rachel had told her last night had pissed Santana off enough to kick Dani out of bed. Quinn made her way over to the couch and grabbed the cushion Dani was half sitting, half laying on and pulled it until Dani went flying off the couch, landing hard on her arm and side. “What the fu..” She trailed off when she looked up and saw an extremely pissed off Quinn standing over her. “You want to explain to me what the fuck you were doing touching my girlfriend?” Dani got to her feet and rubbed her shoulder where she had collided with the floor. “It was a joke we were playing on each other last night. I wasn’t trying to make a move on your girlfriend, Quinn. I love my girlfriend very much, you know that.” Quinn shook her head and grabbed Dani by the lapels of the hoodie she had on and backed her into the wall behind her. “No, the only thing I know is you continuously hurt Santana and now you’re trying to fuck with Rachel.” Dani grabbed onto Quinn’s arms to try to free herself and get away from where Quinn was digging her knuckles into her shoulders. “Quinn, stop, that hurts.. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone! It was just a joke and Rachel knew that!”


The next day, Quinn strolled into school with her bright red uniform on, hair tightly in a pony tail. It felt good to walk down the halls, have people look at her and admire her. She loved it. Finn walked up to her, draping his arm over her shoulder. “Hey, Quinn." 

“…no, they’re defiantly bigger, dude.”

“Do you think she got the, y’know—” Sam holds his cupped hands towards his chest, crudely imitating a large pair of breasts, “—taken out?”

Puck takes a contemplative sip of beer before answering. “I dunno. Maybe? Those puppies were a work of art before, but now that she’s preggo? Daaaaaaaaamn! Britt must be one happy woman.”

“I heard pregnant women want sex, like, all the time.”

“Quinn keeps complaining that they keep canceling on her, now I know why!” laughs Puck.

“I wish someone would release a sex tape of that!”

The men laugh, fist bump, and jovilally bump shoulders.

Quinn breezes past the duo. “If you boys go now, I’m sure you can catch up with Rachel and Kurt before they speed race their way out of the parking lot.’

“But it’s only nine o’clock,” mutters a confused Sam.

A strong hand lands on both men’s shoulder, startling them. “So, fantasizing about my pregnant wife, huh? Let’s talk about that,” says Brittany coldly.

Quinn doesn’t even make it to Mercedes and Mike standing 5 feet away by the drinks table before she’s laughing.