is quickest a word

No matter how busy someone is, if they love you and care they will find a way to make time for you. Even the smallest text message or quickest phone call can say a thousand words
—  Rebecca Press

‘That was an awesome red carpet. Did you do it?’

Hansen!reader x Connor headcanons


- You and Evan are pretty open with one another. Yes you still had disagreements like normal siblings but with what Evan was going through you were just a lot more supportive and understanding of one another. This means that when you first start dating Connor you tell him that you want to bring him over and ask if thats alright as you know that your home is Evan’s safe space where he feels the most comfortable. Evan is fine with this and tries to talk with you about it: “So you - um, you really like this guy - Connor?”. “Yeah I really REALLY like him, Evan”. “As long as he, you know, he makes you happy” Evan would reply with a smile. You’d kiss his cheek and thank him, immediately texting Connor to invite him over. 

- The first time you brought Connor home you thought he might be mean to Evan but he was actually nice to him - well as nice as Connor could be to new people. And now they get along… ok. Connor and Evan definitely … tolerate each other. 

- In fact if you two were ever chilling at your house you’d invite Evan to come and eat with you or watch a movie. I mean he’d always decline, not comfortable with the idea that you two might get a bit too comfortable, but he’d appreciated the gesture. 

- Sometimes when you weren’t home, you’d tell Connor he could come to your house and stay there until things with his family calm down. Whenever he did he and Evan would just awkwardly talk or stand in silence until Evan made an excuse to get away or you returned home. 

- Evan is very protective brother (even though his anxiety might not make him seem like it) but he’s just protective in his own ways. He’s not going to be the type to threaten Connor not to hurt you. Instead, before your first date he’d drop you off and be like “I can pick you up whenever and don’t, um, don’t do any, you know, anything you’re not comfortable with”.

- Heidi would be a sceptical of Connor at first. “Isn’t he a bit old for you?” “We’re the same age, mom” “Well he’s very tall”. You think it was his hair and nails (and intimidating demeanour) which scared her off a bit, but she comes round to him in the end seeing how happy he makes you. She always tries to leave you a bit more money so you can invite Connor round for take out pizza when she’s out at work. 

-  (is it bad that I kind of get Regina George’s mom vibes from Heidi - like only the ‘I’m not just a mom, I’m a cool mom’ and the walking into to the room offering snacks and a condom. No? Just me?? Like maybe she’d walk in on you and Connor getting a bit handsy and be like “Ok, this is a positive thing. Having happy sexual relations is a good thing at your age so just keep doing what you’re doing” rather than scolding you idk)

- If you and Connor ever got in a fight, you just know that Evan would always be there to comfort you. He’d let you cry into him and rant to him and he’d nod supportively and try to help you. 

- Connor has a habit of breaking into your room through the window whenever he gets sick of his parents, but the first time he did it he didn’t know which window was yours and climbed through Evan’s window in the middle of the night. The poor boy nearly had a heart attack thinking that a murderer was climbing into his house. Connor just climbs in, notices Evan, and the two of them just freeze for a moment awkwardly, Connor halfway through the window and Evan half crouching at the end of his bed, until Connor is like “Where’s your umm … your sisters room?” and Evan replies “Down there” and just points him down the hall. “Uhh thanks” Connor says practically running to your room.

- There has been more than one occasion where Evan has walked in on you two making out. Heavily. And its usually because you thought you were home alone (you know how quiet Evan can be) so it was normally on the couch or in the kitchen. He normally turns around blushing and hopes you didn’t notice he was there. But when you do notice him he goes into the quickest string of apologies and excuses ever like: “Oh, I didn’t notice you were here, I didn’t see anything, I mean if I had saw something I wouldn’t say anything any way, but I didn’t, I didn’t see anything and you just keep, uh, you just keep doing you and I’ll keep doing me and we’ll just keep on.. existing together - but not together, not in the same room, separately, far apart, but everything’s fine and I’m fine and you’re fine so we’re all just fine, ok, good”.

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soumako ♧ ( ´ ▽ ` )

♧:One character playing with the other’s hair

Nonsexual acts of intimacy

Makoto theorizes that everyone, no matter their default demeanor, has something that he calls a ‘disarmament button.’ Some form of physical attention that, when inflicted on them, weakens potential walls that the person has up.

Haru, for example; years of careful observation has convinced Makoto that his disarmament button is located is in his hands. That’s why Makoto always insists on helping him out of the pool. Simply making contact there seems to offer some extra level of comfort for him. He thinks Kisumi’s noticed too, because ever since he and Haru have started dating, he seems to be paying a lot of attention to Haru’s hands. There’s a great deal of hand-holding and gentle touching of fingers there.

After nearly six months of dating, Makoto’s concluded that Sousuke’s disarmament button takes the form of his hair.

It’s almost comical, how he melts when Makoto runs his fingers through it. His expression slackens within seconds of Makoto making contact - brows relax, eyes droop, ever-present pout of distaste eases. Makoto can almost see his imaginary tail wagging with contentment. It’s the quickest and surest way to help him relax without breathing a word, tried and true.

“Don’t stop,” he mumbles one rainy morning, unapologetically sprawled on top of Makoto in bed. Makoto doesn’t really see the appeal of laying on him when there’s a whole other half of mattress, but he has yet to find the energy to push him off. For the last ten minutes he’s been playing with Sousuke’s hair; he’s only just stopped, because he thought Sousuke had fallen asleep.

“You’re awake,” he observes faintly.

Sousuke hums. “Don’t stop. I like that.”

“Mm. I’ll keep doing it if you get off.”

“Why do you want me off? I’m keeping you warm.”

“You’re crushing me,” Makoto corrects, wheezing a laugh.

Sousuke clicks his tongue, but relents and rolls off. “You’re so ungrateful.”

“I’m sorry for valuing my ribs,” Makoto replies simply. He returns his fingers to Sousuke’s hair, and is rewarded with a kiss to the inside of his wrist.

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emma do you have any advice for when you're short for words? I always struggle to reach even just the minimum required, i don't know what to do :(

Hey! When I do essays I will always look at the word limit and then work out the minimum. My university generally allows 10% under or over! I will then take that amount and divide it between how much I want to write. So introductions, I’ll aim for maybe between 80-100 words and then maybe 200+ for each paragraph - obviously depending on the amount required. Then I’ll just start writing and usually, I’ll manage to go over without realising. I find having that minimum really helpful since you have something to work towards. However, if you’ve already written it here are some other things you could try:

  • make a draft - this is so important! When you get an assessment, write down everything you can think of to include. Later on, you can back in, add more and get to writing. I usually will note my paragraph points and several things to include underneath so I have an idea what I should include.
  • add in more supportive evidence - this can apply for most subjects. You can just add in statistics, quotes, evidence or opinions to add in a few extra words. Even if you lift things from your textbook, for instance, you can say “[the author] notes …..” and paraphrase something.
  • remove any abbreviations - for instance, make WW1 into World War One! Accumulating those little words will usually add up!
  • add adjectives/descriptions - obviously, don’t go over the top adding in a million but single words every now and then can help.
  • see if you can add in filler words like “in which”, “therefore” - I will usually go in and remove them when I edit since I generally go over word limits. The sentences still make sense it is a good way to add in a few other points.
  • if you’re continuing a point add in “furthermore”, “in addition”, “similarity” - again, small words that don’t distract from the point but will boost your word limit. With essays, cohesion is important so you could always add in your 2nd/3rd paragraphs beginnings like, “Unlike [point from paragraph 1], this does …”. 
  • add random words and put them in white (#lifehack) - if you’re submitting essays online which automatically calculate word limit, add in random words at the end of each paragraph and put them in white. They’ll be counted but won’t show up!
  • format to make it look like there is more on the page - if you’re submitting it in a physical copy and yours is a whole page less than other peoples, it may look like you’ve not filled the word limit. Times New Roman is the quickest font to read, so if your assessment style isn’t specific make it a sans serif font. Increase the border margins and spacing! 

Honestly, I’ve lied about so many word limits - either being under or over. I’ve never been caught about it though. Besides one assessment where I’d written like 18,000 words before editing, told my friends and then our teacher heard about it and said I needed to cut down considerably hahah! I’Il hope this helps. I definitely have struggled to meet the word limit before but the more you practice, the better your writing will get! xx

TalesFromThePharmacy: 'I have an sti.. could I have your number?'

I work at a pharmacy in Sydney Australia and had one of the most cringey experiences a few weeks ago. At around 4pm I had a young male probably around 15-16 and in a highschool uniform come in requesting Zedd tablets. He is obviously drunk so I just try and push him out the quickest by serving him first. The first words that come out of his mouth are “this is so embarrassing since you’re a girl.. and I have an STI but I need these, I got drunk to go to the Doctor haha… ”. Honestly thought he was going to pass out drunk there and then so I quickly take his script and put it through. Whilst doing this he shouted over to me, “I cheated on my girl with a slut.. this is so’re young you get it..”. Meanwhile all the customers (mostly elderly) are looking at this kid like he is satan. The kid then walks closer to where my computer was and after all his ranting about STIs goes, “hey could I have your number.. you’re cute”. I just stared back blankly whilst my 50 year old male boss just stares at him over my shoulder. Since we were low on staff that day I had to go through payment with him as well which I wasn’t looking forward to. I tell him the price and he just giggles and goes “I dont have that.. hahahha”.. I give my boss a sympathetic look as I’m not sure how else to get this kid to leave and my boss just says “give us what you’ve got and that’ll be fine”. We ended up getting $4 in silver change and the kid still refused to leave without me writing my number on the receipt (which I refused to do) so I just left to go out the back and stared through a one sided window until he got bored and left.

Since then I’ve seen him twice outside the station I travel from and he always tries to wave at me. Still stands as the worst pick up line ever.. “I have an sti from cheating on my girlfriend, Can I have your number?”. Would not recommend.

By: moonsicle

One Step Forward

     You knew your ass was going to hit the floor one way or another, how long that would take was only a matter of time. The single advantage you had was that you could teleport but that would take a toll on your body with each use. Tim is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, something you were an amateur at. As you both waited for Dick to commence the match, your eyes wandered to Karen, who gave you a thumbs up. You hoped you would manage to survive a significant amount of time, without too many injuries. Your eyes trained back to Tim, who was watching you closely, most likely thinking about the quickest way to take you down.

     Dick gave the word and Tim didn’t hesitate to act. You teleported away as he got closer and tried to find a way to retaliate. He would most likely be trying to find a pattern in your teleports and he knew your weaknesses. You decided to buy as much time as you can by teleporting away from him and keeping in mind the strain on your body. Tim maneuvered his way to you with each teleport and you hoped your plan paid off. Once you felt your body about to give, you turned to defending yourself physically. Tim noticed the change and immediately went for the finishing blow. Using every ounce of energy, you teleported behind him as he made a move towards where you had been.

     Swiping his feet underneath his body, you tried to pin him down. However, due to the exhaustion, your grip wasn’t strong enough. In no time, Tim had flipped you two over, pinning you to the ground with his body. You flushed involuntarily at the closeness.

     “Y/N, you all right?” You nodded to Tim, not trusting yourself to speak. Thankfully, he got off you and offered you his hand. You took it, noting how warm his hand was before letting go, hoping you weren’t holding it for too long.

     “That was a good plan.”


       The conversation died there and you walked away to allow the next fight. You slumped against Karen, telling her all she needed to know.

     “You chickened out.”

     “He said I had a good plan! And all I could say was ‘thanks.’ I couldn’t come up with a way to keep the conversation going.” Karen patted you on the head, a sigh escaping her lips.

     “Looks like I have my work cut out for me.” Your spirits had dampened.

     “I’m a hopeless case.”

     You spent the rest of the time watching the others fight, your thoughts darkening at your lack of progress with Tim. But, what could you do? Holding a conversation was difficult as of late and finding reasons to talk to him was worse. At this rate, you were most likely to die first than confess your feelings. Once the training was done and everyone was going their separate ways, you finally found the courage to do it.

     “I’m gonna go tell him!” Karen looked at you, surprised by your outburst.

     "You’re going to tell him what?” Before she finished her sentence, you had scurried off towards Dick and Tim’s direction.

     “Hey, Tim!” Both Tim and Dick turned, Tim surprised that you had called him out and Dick looking a bit smug, knowing what you were going to do. You flushed and all your courage had left you at the sight of it.

     “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Dick chuckled and excused himself, going to stand beside Karen. Your mind was working overtime to come up with responses.

     “Uh..n-nothing’s wrong! There’s just something I needed to ask you!” You could do this, you would confess your feelings to Tim. Well, that is until your eyes met Tim’s.

     “What do you need?”

     “Could you help me train?” You wanted to slap yourself now.


     The following conversation consisted of setting up a time to train with him, when you both weren’t busy with missions. Tim bid you a good day and left as you numbly walked towards Karen and Dick. Dick snickered, having heard the conversation while Karen patted you on the head to try and to comfort you.

     “I’m doomed!” Dick left to give you two some privacy and Karen gripped your shoulders.

     “You aren’t doomed, think of this as a first step. You managed to have a conversation with him and now you have a reason to talk to him.”

     “But the whole point was to confess.”

     “I know sweetie but you aren’t ready to take that step. To gather courage, you should think of this as training for you to get comfortable around Tim.” You didn’t really believe that it would eventually lead up to you confessing but it’s better than having nothing planned. Karen patted your head affectionately as you both went to go hang out at her house.

     “Don’t worry Y/N, you’ll get there eventually.”

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Friday Nights - Jimin

Genre: fluff – jimin style

Word count: 2841

Rating: PG-13 because Jimin’s too sexy

The distant booming of bass-heavy music filled the bustling night air, with echoes of boisterous conversations and impatiently honking cars completing the night time city soundtrack. Shoving your hands into the pockets of your black addidas zip up hoodie, you drank in and released a deep breath, feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins. It was Friday night and that could mean only one thing – it was dance battle night.

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Shitty therapist anon here. You didnt have to throw throw the word ableist around. Im learning that theres differences and im not wholly anti self dx anymore though i still think its good to get many opinions before fully pushing it due to making yourself believe you have something you might not especially if like with depression; you may need meds. So chill with getting angry. I wasnt calling anyone a liar and i worded the ask wrong.

1 i wasnt angry. but now that youve said i was angry im angry. so fuck you

2 i’ll use whatever words i damn well please so jot that the fuck down

3 still ableist whether you think i should use the word or not

4 seriously the quickest way to piss me the fuck off is to tell me i was angry about something when i wasnt so, again, fuck you


I got this request for a part 2, and I’ve never gotten I request for a second part, so maybe you guys want a third part after this?? Sorry it’s a bit short, I’ve been a bit busy, but there is always room for more parts right?! :) - Chelsea

I looked at the bite mark on my neck in the mirror that was nailed into my school locker. I saw Lydia walking toward me from the corner of my eye and I cover the bite with my sweater swiftly.

“Y/N, I’m having this killer party at my house and you are coming. You don’t have a say in this, make sure you were something sexy.” Lydia smiled and walked down the hallway to get to class. I looked around. That was the quickest conversation I had ever been in; I didn’t even say one word. I looked back into the mirror and I looked at the purple color under my eyes from the lack of sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about that night in the basement with Theo.

I don’t know what I felt, but it wasn’t something good. I felt happy and I felt emotion while it was happening. It was the way he caressed my skin with his strong hands, the way his lips touched my sensitive skin, the way he found my sweet spots so easily, and the way he breathed; there was something different about the way he was breathing. It was soft, but not too soft; it was uneven, but not so out of order that he was groaning through it. It was gentle and even, he did the same tone of breathing in between the kisses he did on my neck.

Then after I felt his caring breathing, he bit me. Once he bit me, I knew that something was happening, that it was more than hot sex. When does a werewolf bite someone unless they mark them?

I walked down the hallway and I decided to head into the girls bathroom and check if my makeup wasn’t messed up already from rubbing my eyes constantly that morning. My make up was perfect surprisingly. But the purple under my eyes told a story that I would never be able to explain.

I walked out of the bathroom and as soon as I turned I ran into Theo.

“Holy sh-,” I said and he had a smirk on his face as he was leaning on the floor. He looked so hot though. He had a V-neck shirt on with a black sweater on and his hair was clean and slicked upward like usual.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, dollface.” He said and pushed me against the lockers, he held one hand against the locker and the other hand on my waist.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked. He was up to something. It was obvious that he wanted something from me. I knew that he didn’t have any feeling for me, even though I thought that maybe there was a tiny bit of humanity inside of him.

“What do you mean? I’m just talking to the girl that I slept with in the high school basement. It started with you being freezing and that you needed to be warm or you would get sick. We obviously didn’t want that, so I decided to help the damsel in distress like the good looking prince I am.” He said with his perfect toothed smile. He was always cocky and thought so high of himself.

I rolled my eyes and tried to walk away from him and head to calculus. Theo backed up so that he was in front of me once I gain.

“Whoa there princess, we need to talk about what’s going to happen next.”

“What’s going to happen next?” I scoffed and crossed my arms against my chest.

“I know you felt something.” He said.

“I might have, but did you? I think that’s the real question here, well, at least for me.” I moved out of his way again. I heard him growl and I smirked. For some reason it gave me pleasure knowing that he was getting frustrated. He ran and got in front of me once again.

“Oh my Jesus, when are you going to give up?” I asked, very annoyed.

“Not until you listen to me.”

“Okay, fine, how about I listen to you when school ends?” I asked.

He nodded. “Meet me at the back of the school, we’ll go to my house and talk about it.” I raised an eyebrow. He wanted me to come to his house? Well, holy shit.

I nodded and smiled. I bumped into him on purpose and headed to my calculus with a big smile on my face. I could feel that Theo had a smile on his face as well.

I Think

Anonymous asked: 32 and 80 with Alexander? (:

A/N: Probably the quickest fic I’ve ever written. Hope y’all enjoy!

Word Count: 1084

TW: Pregnancy, death mention, sickness, headaches, being hungry, period mention.

AU: Modern

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

The past few days had been rough. As a high ranking lawyer, you were used to working your butt off and being fatigued. You worked all day long and stood around in heels, walking from here and there, tiring yourself out. But this was a whole different level of it.

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100 word prompt: Quickest way to an orgasm (swan queen)

“There’s no time.”

“There’s always time,” Regina murmured. She smirked when she found the wetness. “You were saying?”

“They’ll be here in two minutes.”

“I can make you come in one.”

Emma gasped loudly before a hand covered her mouth.

“This is why I want you to learn magic,” Regina whispered. She slipped two fingers inside of Emma. “Watch and learn.”

Emma didn’t quite understand where the flicking against her clit came from, but when her orgasm hit she couldn’t care less. Regina hadn’t lied. One minute.

“What was that!”

“Magic, my dear.”

“We have another minute.”

“That’s my girl.”

St. Patrick by PVRIS (Gang!Harry imagine.)

A/N: I really just used bits and pieces of the song, tbh. But here’s the link to the sing if you wanna give it a listen: [x]. I could foresee a part two for this but it’d have to be song-based so if anyone has any song suggestions, hmu. Also constructive criticism is welcomed and comments are always appreciated.

I know it’s chemicals / that make cling to you, cling to you / Ooh and I need a miracle / to get away from you, way from you

Harry doesn’t get attached to people. That’s the one thing he made sure of or well, he tried to. He couldn’t just go around getting attached to people, especially when he could get them or hurt or killed or something along the lines of that. Anyone who was near him could be(and probably would be) targeted at some point in time, just because some people really want to find a way to make him break.

And he’s seen some guys in his gang make the most elementary of mistakes - getting close to someone only to find that they either a) panic and back out at one point and time or b) wind up in the ‘missing’ section of the newspaper. Bodies were never found and Harry’s been to more funerals with empty caskets than he’d like to count.

However, it only took a moment for his guard to falter when he met the bright eyes looking at him inquisitively, as if she’s never seen anything quite like him before. Most of the time, people would quickly look away when he meets their eyes because Harry’s downright horrifying when he wants to be. But she didn’t. He could clearly see the heat rise on her cheeks at being caught but she didn’t turn away until one of her friends called her name, drawing her back into the conversation.

Everything was downhill from there and as much as he fought it, he couldn’t find it in himself to get away from the cherry-colored lips that curled upward when she smiled or the hair that would fall in her face when she’d duck away from his gaze when compliments seemed to slip out from his lips or the way her nose would crinkle whenever she was presented with something that she wasn’t quite thrilled with.

Rookie mistake, yes. But still, everything seems a little better when she slides her hand into his and laces their fingers together.

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fairly local (piano/vocal cover)

fairly local || originally by twenty one pilots

so i listened to the leak. and i honestly refused to do anything before sitting down at a piano and wailing this song as freely as possible. sometimes the quickest covers are the most resonant. i felt every word of this. i hope you feel it too.
it’s a new era, everybody, but we still have to create like we used to.
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Virginia Woolf’s Shakespeare collection rebound by her in coloured paper.

“I read Shakespeare directly I have finished writing. When my mind is agape and red-hot. Then it is astonishing. I never yet knew how amazing his stretch and speed and word coining power is, until I felt it utterly outpace and outrace my own, seeming to start equal and then I see him draw ahead and do things I could not in my wildest tumult and utmost press of mind imagine. Even the less known plays are written at a speed that is quicker than anybody else’s quickest; and the words drop so fast one can’t pick them up. [..]  Indeed, I could say that Shakespeare surpasses literature altogether."— Virginia Woolf from a dairy entry dated 13 April 1930

“I could spend three hours every day reading Shakespeare.”— Virginia Woolf, Night and Day

“If ever a human being got his work expressed completely, it was Shakespeare. If ever a mind was incandescent, unimpeded, I thought, turning again to the bookcase, it was Shakespeare’s mind.” — Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

"… I cry, ‘I too have pressed flowers between the pages of Shakespeare’s sonnets,’ and am churned up." — Virginia Woolf, The Waves

"…and it is rashness that we need in reading Shakespeare. It is not that we should doze in reading him, but that, fully conscious and aware, his fame intimidates and bores, and all the views of all the critics dull in us that thunder clap of conviction which, if an illusion, is still so helpful an illusion, so prodigious a pleasure, so keen a stimulus in reading the great. [..] Illness, in its kingly sublimity, sweeps all that aside and leaves nothing but Shakespeare and oneself.”— Virginia Woolf, On Being Ill

“Out of Shakespeare there is no more exciting reading.”— Virginia Woolf, “The Russian Point of View” ; The Common Reader: First Series

“Never tell me that girls often are incapable of love! I had all Shakespeare by heart before I was in my teens.”— Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

“… how serious he was , wanting her to read Shakespeare before she could even read a child’s story in English !”— Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway

“A silly song of Shakespeare’s has done more for the poor and the wicked than all the preachers and philanthropists in the world.”— Virginia Woolf, Orlando

“I sometimes feel sorry for the poor who don’t read Shakespeare." — Virginia Woolf from a dairy entry dated 18 August 1921

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this life would kill me if I didn't have you

This is what happens when I can’t sleep. I haven’t decided yet if it’s good or bad, but it’s something.


you are my heart
every breath I breathe
and I’m safe in your arms
you rescue me
when I’m weak, you’re strong
if you were gone I don’t know where I’d be
you were made for me

It’s not too long after Killian’s gotten his heart back (she still thanks Belle every single day for saving him) that Emma sits down across from her mother at Granny’s, only to glance out of the window to see Henry and Killian sitting on the curb, laughing and talking. 

Killian is telling him a story, with wild hand movements and words that are extravagant, she’s certain. Henry is smiling widely, ear to ear, taking in every word as if this account is all he’s ever wanted, the tale of all tales.

Emma smiles, and her mother raises her brows when they meet glances. 

“So how is he?” she asks, her curiosity much too obvious.

“Which one?” Emma questions in return, focusing on her mother and looking away from the picture outside. 


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