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i noticed youve commented on a bunch of homestar runner youtube videos so i was curious if you have a favorite short or sbemail and if so what is it

this is such a cop-out, but HSR so fundamentally altered my sense of humor that i genuinely can’t pick a single one as my favorite. the “animated by the cheat” toons captured such a specific vibe, i probably think about those the most. get out of here, nebulon, no one likes your style

the gang @ a karaoke bar - hcs

requested by anon! ;) 

  • two knows the bartender??
    • bc they’re tight and know that darry isn’t drinking, they’re fine w the drinks
  • steve and soda up at the bar bring stuff down for everyone and soda is so concerned like
    • “wait what should we get pony he’s just a lil baby”
    • soda’s probably worried that pony will see him drink and
    • “god steve, pony thinks i get drunk on life”
    • “u told him that???”
    • “yeah and he thinks i meant it”
    • “ok, we’ll just say the apple juice is for you instead”
    • LMAO pony’s “guys im 14 now im practically an adult” senses are tingling
  • pony has ONE sip of alcohol and he’s doNE 
    • with the exception of soda, johnny and darry
    • pony can kinda sing but it’s really not the best
  • pony sings "baby one more time” by britney spears
    • he gets so into it, this cute kiddo
  • darry’s singing some elvis!!!
    • he doesn’t drink bc he’s the designated driver
    • he doesnt mind not drinking bc he’s having a grand ol time seeing the boys laugh and smile (esp. dally and johnny!)
  • dally and two are literally screaming they aren’t even tryna sing
    • dal is tipsy af!
  • STEVEPOP DUET #1 !!!!!
    • they were warned that they were gonna be kicked out lmfao
    • and soda responds:
    • and theyre waving the microphone back and forth between the two of them like
    • “I WANNA”
    • “I WANNA”
    • “I WANNA”
    • “I WANNA”
    • theyre having the time of their LIVES
  • steve has a solo bc he’s feelin it
    • it’s a mashup!! and a wild ride lmao
    • “all the time i turn around, brothers gather round always looking at me up and down looking at my UH”
    • johnny is so spellbound
    • like “aW that’s my dally!!”
  • johnnys jamming out to “pocketful of sunshine” and he aint even ashamed
  • in the middle of trying to get through a really passionate rendition of surfin USA, two probably runs to the bathroom to throw up
  • soda’s amping up everyone like “fuCK YEAH LETS DO THIS GUYS”
    • and like 2am hits and the bar doesn’t close till 4
    • and they’ve been there for four hours
    • and he’s knocked out underneath a table somewhere
    • darry is like “wtf man i can’t take u anywhere”
    • and then after steve finishes his drink he’s like
    • "dw darry i got this”
    • steve tries to pick up soda 
    • they try walking together and they immediateLY FALL
  • then they finally (finally!) get kicked out LMAO
    • dal calls shotgun to be an ass
    • pony thinks he’s fucking wasted
    • two is dry heaving out the window
    • johnny hasn’t touched liquor bc he was having fun just fine without it and he’s just ??? at the whole car situation
    • “i’ll just walk home darry it’s fine”
    • *trying to pull around a passed out soda* “loOK JOHNNY ILL STRAP U TO THE FUCKING ROOF OF THIS CAR IF I HAVE TO”
  • steve makes darry’s life harder and argues to drive
    • “i gOT THIS”
    • this night sounded like fun at first until he realized he has to drive these fucks home
    • “bUT I CAN DO IT”
    • darry lunges at steve but dal holds him back bc dal really isn’t tipsy lmao
    • it wore off as the night went on and he’s actually able to drive but
    • he’s not tryna have darry ask him to sooo 
  • when they get to the curtis house (bc darry aint drivin all these children home smh he’s only one boy)
    • everyone is knocked!!!! darry may have no idea where any of the guys fell asleep but at least they’re nearby and asleep
  • when they wake up the next morning,
    • soda and steve found that they fell asleep on each other in the kitchen
    • pony is on the floor near the couch?? why he didnt sleep on the couch idk
    • dally wakes up hanging half off of soda and pony’s bed
    • johnny’s at the corner of the bed sprawled out
    • no one knows where tf two went until darry gets in his car the next morning
    • and two pops up from the back fuckn seat
    • scares the living fuck outta darry
    • vows to never take em out to a karoke bar again unless he’s gonna be drinking
Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast

Raphael x Reader

Note: Okay, so basically I’m obsessed with Beauty and the Beast again lmao. Here we go.

You walked down into the lair dressed in your new yellow sundress. A red rose hairclip was tucked into your soft locks, and you clutched a book to your chest. Beauty and the Beast.

“Well don’t you look smitten?” Raph smirked from his spot on the couch. “What’cha got there.”

“I want you to read this.” You shoved the book into his large green hands. He raised an eyebrow.

“Beauty and the Beast?”


“But uh, I ain’t exactly the best at readin’. What if there are big words?”

“I think you’ll be fine.” You hopped over the back of the couch and sat beside him.

“Would uh, would ya mind readin’ it ta me?” he asked sheepishly. “Yer probably busy, but-”

“Of course,” You replied. Raph clicked off the TV and prepared himself to listen to what he knew was your latest obsession. Sure, you had loved the old cartoon as a kid, but the new live-action movie had sparked something indescribable inside you. A powerful new passion for the tale as old as time.

You cleared your throat and began reading.

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle…”


Though Raph wouldn’t really admit it, he loved the book. And he certainly couldn’t complain when you had brought the cartoon down to the lair to watch the next day. There was a secret precious hope in the back of his mind that maybe, possibly your sudden need to spend time with him and share all of these stories with him about beauty being found within, maybe it meant that you shared feelings for him.

He hoped that was the case, because here he was, lying awake thinking of you. Of how soft and warm you were, how nice you smelled, how your smile seemed to light up the room, how he could stare at you for days and never grow tired of the sight, of how your voice found indirect ways to tell him he was wanted and loved.

And with those warm feelings of you drifting around his heart, Raph fell asleep.

There you were, dressed in a gorgeous yellow ball gown. When he looked down, he was dressed in a sharp blue suit. And when he looked up, he was no longer in the lair, but in a gigantic ballroom.

“Are you ready for our dance?” your voice was a clear as a bell and your smile was the warmest he had ever seen. You held out your hands. He offered his: large and green and three-fingered.

“Where are-”

You didn’t give him time to respond before the two of you set out onto the floor, twirling and gliding together. Your head came to rest against his plastron, right above his heart as the two of you continued to move in synch with the music. He didn’t know where the dance skills had come from, but he didn’t even come close to stepping on your feet.

And then, suddenly, without any warning he was in the West Wing, staring at the enchanted rose as one of the final petals began to fall. You were standing beside him. He couldn’t stop the words from coming out of his mouth. It was as though he had no control over himself.

“We gotta break the curse, (Y/N).”

“What curse, Raphael? You’re not cursed.” Your soft hands rose to frame his face and wipe away the tears he didn’t realize he had shed. Your voice was no more than a gentle whisper, quiet and full of care. “You were never cursed.”

“I gotta be human for ya. I’ve gotta be…” another large tear rolled down his cheek. “I’ve gotta be good enough for ya.”

“You are good enough. You are more than I could have ever asked for.” Your words were like a promise. Sincere and ever so sure. “You don’t need to be human for me. I..I love you. I think I always have.”

He moved his lips to reply, but before he could, the scene faded and he was laying on his bed in the lair once more.


A smile tugged at his lips when he heard your voice down on the couch. A glance at his clock told him it was nearly noon. He practically ran down to you.

“Morning, Red.” You glanced up from the copy of Beastly in your hands. Your hair was up in a messy bun, and a pair of round glasses sat on the edge of your nose. He had never been so in love. “Well don’t you look smitten. Care to elaborate?”

“I just, uh, I had a thought.” He sat on the couch. “I…I like ya a lot. And I didn’t know if this whole Beauty and the Beast phase was-” His eyes widened as he suddenly found your lips on his. Quick and needy, but oh so soft and sweet. His giant arms wrapped around you and pulled your body against his own. His heart raced, beating like mad inside his chest. You were here. You were real. It wasn’t a dream. And you really wanted him.

“I love you, Raph. I just…” your cheeks darkened. “I didn’t know how to tell you, so-”

He kissed you again, but softer this time, slower. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours. “I love you too.” He eyed the book you had dropped. Your eyes followed his gaze and a curious smile tugged at your lips.

“Want me to read to you?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, almost effortlessly pulling you onto his thigh with one of his large hands.

You opened the book, gingerly turning the pages. Raph lowered his head onto your shoulder, lips pressing against the exposed skin and pressing several kisses there.

“God, I love ya.” He mumbled against you. You leaned back against him and pressed a kiss to his jaw.

“I love you too…”

My Message to the World

I am not a popular Tumblr blog, right now as I write this I only have 124 followers. This post won’t be seen by enough people to even spread my message but I still need to share it. I want everyone to see this. I want what I am about to write invoke a feeling in the reader. I want people to read this and really think about how they look at the world. This will probably be a more personal post and I will make another more general one. 

If you really are interested in what I am going to say then under the cut will be a bit about myself, a speech I heard, my thoughts on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, and a short story that I wrote to contribute to the movement. If you care, actually care then read this. I am begging you to spread my message. I am so insignificant but I want to do something no matter how small my contribution is

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One thing which I think is really important, but I’ve not seen mentioned (I probably missed it!) is that Mon-El was actually really honest all episode… We’ve all discussed why he didn’t tell anyone he was the Prince and I think we can agree that while Kara was understandably upset, he had valid reasons – but that is the only thing he has lied about. This episode in particular, there were opportunities for him to lie to make things easier (1/3)

– he could have said he didn’t see the Kryptonian and found the pod abandoned, or that he was already dead, but he was honest about what happened. He could have tried to lie and say of COURSE he was going to tell her, he almost did when he thought he was dying and he was planning on telling her on her birthday or something, I don’t know, he could have TRIED if he just wanted things to be easy… (2/3)

but he was completely honest and truthful even when he knew it would hurt him… And I think that’s important. The prince lie was a big one, but it was an understandable one, and then it quickly reached the point where telling the truth wasn’t so simple.. but since then he’s been nothing but honest! And I think that’s important! He lied, but he isn’t a ‘liar’ as such! (sorry for the ramble!) (3/3)

I agree with everything you just said and I’ve actually thought about this as well. He could have lied countless times or make up excuses for himself and no one would’ve been able to refute his lies but he chose to tell her the truth. He really meant it when he said that he was tired of taking the easy way out. It shows how much he has grown and how he is willing to face the consequences of his actions instead of running away.

After thinking today,  I’ve fully decided to delete.

This is hard for me and it’s probably going to be hard for everyone else, but I feel it’s what I must do. Tumblr has taken over my time and it’s caused my time-management and organization to become hectic. With that being said, after this I’m going to be working more on my book I have planned and I’m going to try to be a better human and help around my house more instead of devoting all my time to this hell-site. I’ll probably pop into the discord chat every once in a while, but for the most part I’m gonna try to stay away from that as well. 

Tumblr has been causing too many problems for me lately, so this is mostly going to be an experiment. If things go well and I heal mentally, I’ll stay deactivated. But there is still a chance I may create a new blog. 

Since I’ve decided to delete, I name @wisegirlandseaweedbrainforever as our new Tom Selleck meme leader since she is so devoted to that cause. In my absence, I elect our own smol general @cailstar as the new leader of the smol squad. If I do reactivate, know that I will return to the self-elected leadership position of smol overlord. Smol general, you will still be general but will act as leader while I’m gone. 

Other media you can find me on:


Instagram: aallyyssaatt (it’s a private account so I’d like to know who you are before I accept your follow)

I do have a snapchat, and if you wish to have it, just send a message, but know that I’ll only give it to certain people I feel comfortable with knowing it.

I’ll probably stay on for a few more days to save some of my writing stuff to my computer, but it won’t be for very long.

Well, kids: make sure to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, read books, don’t be toxic, do your school, and live your dreams. 

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♥Laito: Hello Bitch-chan~! I’m going to answer for my brothers, because they would reject your question~ Aaand I know a lot of their little secrets, nfu~

You see, is easier than you think to make Ayato-kun blush. Just say something out of the blue, something he would never expect you to say. And Kanato-kun… Well, probably giving him the attention he wants in many different ways?~

With Reiji-san, you just need to wear something sexy for him. He always talks about being ladylike and all that rubbish, but he secretly enjoys a little bit of misbehaving, nfu~
I don’t really know about Shu-san, he’s always in that… Sleeping state. And he is the one who usually gets to make you blush. So, I’d say it’s hard to find his weaks spots.

Aaaand lastly, Subaru-kun… He’s really easy to read! Every single thing related to girls makes him blush~ He plays as a tough guy, but don’t be fooled with that~

Me? Ah, I almost forgot~ Well, I don’t have shame, Bitch-chan… If I blush, it’s because I feel kinda… Naughty, nfu~ What? I’m being sincere with you~!
I’m afraid I don’t need to ask what makes you blush, Bitch-chan~ I know every•single•detail to accomplish that~

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What do you think sex with jimin is like ??

Fucking intense

Let’s analyse 

He’s very touchy, so his tiny hands would probably be all over you the entire time. He also seems like the kind of person that would lick and kiss a lot during sex since he’s so affectionate. I don’t think he would let you have control over him during sex, he would be the one to take care of you mostly. Also, i think he would be very focused on getting you were you need to go as he is a perfectionist, judging from what I’ve seen in video’s. 

He probably likes to have sex while having slow music played in the background. He would experience sex as something much more than just fucking.  Moans would be a big turn on to Jimin as it will feed his fragile ego. Also i think he loves watching your facial expression everytime he thrusts himself into you. 

I’m guessing Jimin is more into love making than just plain fucking. However after pampering you with sweet kisses and soft touches he won’t go easy on you when he’s finally inside.

CARCINOGEN.  hello amis, i am deathly sick and Dying™️. i’m 95% sure it was food poisoning from pasta puttanesca /weeps no more pasta puttanesca 4 parsons! i haven’t been this sick since i was twelve and ate seafood linguine in mexico ( maybe … i should not eat pasta … ever …  ). anyways, i’ll continue with the starters + drafts once i get better sdhjsk. my cat’s been trying to keep mi warm but i wanna puke every time he sits on me désolé Bl u can lay on the other half of my bed but don’t even touch me or i will Die. i hope you’re all much better than i am and don’t wake up four times in the middle of the night hunched over the toilet :’(

i realized adhd makes me rude as hell (or at least thats how im perceiving it) because i forget what people are saying while theyre saying it to me… and i cant not suddenly get distracted by literally. ambient sounds in the background or the way their hands are positioned while they talk etc god! and i think they probably notice too because i act like harmony korine in the 90s letterman interviews

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If Nikolai sends away Ota in the mafia Au, I just imagine Yurio getting in a serious depression. He is the incarnation of a rebellious angsty teen but if Beka leaves him, I think he probably just stop to do shit and stay in his bedroom crying or staring to a wall. And this just goes ahead for months until Nikolai loses his shit and calls Otabek again.

This is pretty close to what would happen if Otabek was sent away (for any reason… huhuhu). He probably wouldn’t cry, though – Mafia Yuri doesn’t cry much at all, except for a few rare occasions (and during gentle sex, which he gets deeply embarrassed about). He would become such a sad, lethargic mess, and probably veer between that and reckless endangerment of himself  because he truly wouldn’t care much about his well being if he didn’t have Beka (he’s a mess, ya’ll)

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Confession; I'm a bi agender person who's mostly into girls, and I've developed a crush on a girl I know. Her name is Sophie, and I've known her since I was 6 (our parents are good friends too). And i've been thinking about her a lot in a romantic and sexual way, but it all just seems gross and wrong. For all I know, she's probably straight and/or unachievable. What can I do to get rid of these thoughts about her or come to terms that I can never be with her?


Fruity goo, my dear strawberry cheesecake, my lovely child… you are NOT disgusting, gross or wrong for wanting to be with someone. 

You wanna be smooched and snuggled by a pretty girl? GREAT! thats lovely! you wanna be banged till you forget your name by a pretty girl? GREAT! thats lovely! I know is hard to believe when people constantly pushes non-heterosexual couples as disgusting or fetishes, but you are NOT wrong for wanting any of that! much less gross! I am not like… yelling at you or anything, its not my intention! I am not blaming it on you! that would be rude, i know society pushes things into our brains that are.. just.. bad things! 

Please dear, is ok wanting to get laid with a girl and wanting to smooch her and sing her junk and all that cheesy stuff! 

Now that we got rid of that… I think the best is asking her what her view on that is, love is about understanding each other and communication, of course is a lil hard, so first try to know what’s her view on LGBTQ themes! try to start a conversation and slowly develop it to that junk, and if she is ok with that, you can always try to give her a shot and say “hey, I LOVE YOU TONS!”

Now now, please don’t lower yourself! you are amazing, incredibly stunning and super duper lovely! sweet and nice and pretty chilly vanilla! Self-confidence is hard I know, but i feel like reminding you that!! <3 

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what are your favorite songs by green day? personally, my top 3 are nightlife, nightlife, and nightlife

dang i really don’t think i can beat your list i mean you covered it all. if i had to choose it would probably be dominated love slave, dominated love slave (live in chicago 1994), and dominated love slave (live in LA 2009)

(for the mods, hope everything’s okay now!! looking forward to the new update. here’s tom in a dress i hope you like it)

{Mod Ryuu: OKAY TOM IS SO CUTE?????? I love your art so much aosndheuehebe (I’m probably gonna redraw this ‘cause I love that dress on Tom *-*)}

((Ngl, make this blue and you have what I think Tom would wear for the wedding. Thank you for the submission! ~Mod Silver))

Spring Has Sprung Follower Celebration Challenge

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Okie dokie guys.  So the last celebration thing I did was my Rainbow Reading Week Drabbles for 400 followers and now I am almost at 700!  


And I wanted to do something for you guys.  But I (as many of us probably do) have exams coming up and I don’t think I could manage a drabble celebration right now.  So I thought, since there hasn’t been a challenge set out in a while, that I would offer you guys one! 

It is kinda like the follow-up to @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues Challenge (which was terribly fun)!

You can write anything you want: one shots, drabbles, imagines… anything that the prompt inspires you to. 

I thought I’d make it interesting and give you guys some options about what you can ask for.  So send me an ask, asking for any of the below:

1. A prompt only (if you have a specific character you’d like to write for)

2. A prompt and a character (I will supply you with the character)

3. A prompt and a colour (the colour thing is from my last drabble challenge and you can see the colours and their meanings here and examples of colour-based fics here)

4. A prompt, a character, and a colour (the realest challenge)

I am terrible with instructions so I hope this kinda makes sense. 

I am only going to accept Star Trek fics, as that is the only fandom I am currently in, and it will be only AOS/TOS Star Trek characters that I will supply if you ask for one (cuz that’s all I’ve seen haha).   

For example, the ask could look like:

Hey!  Can I get a prompt and a character for the Spring has Sprung Challenge?


Hey!  Can I get a prompt and a colour for the challenge?  I want to use Chekov as my character. 

I hope this is something you’d be interested in!  I will keep track of everyone’s submissions and asks and try to keep them as organized as possible.  

Once it’s written please tag me and use the hashtag #springhassprungchallenge if you can!  

I will be giving out prompts until: Whenever, I guess!  Hopefully I have enough prompts lol - and if you want another one let me know!

And the fics will be due: June 1st (is that enough time?)

Thanks, lovelies!  

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Make of that what you will. I have a whole…wild and terrible headcanon planned around this particular idea but it’s probably better off staying in my head. *props chin in hands* Dick Wolfe, will you share with the class?

I have– sighs. To set this up properly I have to explain, first, how I think Solas might structure his entire organization. This is 100% headcanon, no one has to agree with me and disagreeing with me will not discourage me from this madness anyway. This is not meta.

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I'm trans non binary (they/them pronouns) and I have really long hair. I know that I'm still non binary no matter what I look like, but lately I've been really wanting to cut my hair and I think it's because I don't feel valid and people don't see me as non binary. Is it okay to cut my hair so people see me as non binary and so I feel more valid? This is probably a strange question, sorry.

Kii says:

Yes, you can cut your hair. We can’t give or deny you permission to do that. It’s your hair, so do what feels most comfortable to you.

Lee says

Sometimes you end up kinda having to conform to stereotypes to be recognized as your gender, and it isn’t your fault for wanting to be validated by society! I think a lot of choices we make are influenced by what others think, and it isn’t wrong, it’s just how we are. It’s ok to do what you want to do to feel happy, even if it means you aren’t being the one to defy the stereotype. It isn’t your job to be the stereotype smasher, y'know? Sometimes you just gotta do what’s easiest and best for your happiness and health.

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For asking me about that forbidden topic, you get a 3 part question *cough* Who do you think is the most attractive sim - on your blog? on my blog? & on simblr period?

fuck. Ok on my blog, my most attractive sim has to go to either Rory or prooooobably Carl. Like. Hotness wise. Mav and Maddox are just cute. On YOUR blog fUCK. Toby. I’d say Toby. Because coME ON. On Simblr in general..? Hm…. probably @freckled-pixels ’s Biggs or Jackie. Or Toby. Y'all got hot sims what the fuck.