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I'm bi with more of a lean towards girls. About a year ago I started seeing a guy and I've actually really grown to enjoy him despite my distaste towards men in general.. our relationship is getting to be pretty serious I guess? Anywho, I just had a question. Even though I'm with a guy, can I still call myself bisexual? And, say maybe down the road we were to get married.. can I still identify as bi then? I still have an attraction to girls, don't get me wrong.. idk I'm just lost kinda.

you’re still bisexual no matter who you’re dating

It’s been a while since I’ve been to my grandparents’ old neighborhood. My mom grew up in a duplex about a half a block from here. At the end of her street is a row of fashion and design houses including Balmain, Oscar de la Renta, Chloe, Equipment, Monique Lhuillier and I’ve seriously forgotten the rest. Like this is seriously fancy. I’m having some pretty serious wtf feelings about this neighborhood right now.

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Here u go! E: Token is often seen out and about with others and having fun N: Token is shown to be artistic, interested in film & singing. It makes sense for him to rely on his own imagination & thoughts F: He is a pretty smart and serious kid but he does have a soft side and is shown to be a caring friend, and have a few different romantic relationships! J: I think because of how he grew up, in a clean and rich household, he is more inclined to be planned out and proffesional instead of random

Thanks anon! Okay, I have a pretty good idea on Token now so here’s what I came to: 

Extroverted: I do think that he is charismatic and excited when around people. He’s a loyal and supportive friend. He’s confident and not afraid to step up when needed (i.e. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers). However, he can feel misunderstood or undervalued at times. ESTJs specifically look to their friends for respect/approval and can be overly concerned with their opinions of them. Here Comes the Neighborhood is a perfect example of this. He got so caught in being the “rich kid” and trying to fit in.

Sensing: Yes, he is creative and has talent. But a lot of Sensing types are creative too. Ask yourself this, does experience speak to him more than words? I think of Token as someone who likes to get to the bottom line of things. In Raising the Bar, he stopped Kyle and told him that complaining about something and not doing anything about it makes them no better and mentions making a documentary(a pragmatic solution that leads to physical results). He doesn’t filter through different theoretical ideas and possibilities. He looks at the facts and doesn’t read too much into anything. People who have an intuitive(N) dominance would be a lot more active and involved in trying to make an ideal world a reality.  Kind of like how Kyle and Wendy are. I don’t really see Token at the forefront of this in the show as much as they are.

Thinking: I wavered between Feeling and Thinking with him. Mainly because of Here Comes the Neighborhood. But I think his extraversion is what caused him to act the way he did. I don’t see him letting his feelings dictate his decision making. He’s very level-headed. In With Apologizes to Jesse Jackson, he was patient with Stan. Although he was not afraid to bluntly state that he was in the wrong. He doesn’t get overly emotional or try to fight Stan. And I think Raising the Bar shows a good distinction between Kyle(who does use Feeling to make decisions) and Token’s preference for Thinking. He makes decisions with his head, not his heart. And he didn’t mind exploiting Cartman for a television show which shows that he doesn’t always value the people involved when making a decision(I also think he just doesn’t care for Cartman but eh). Even in Wing, he didn’t mind going with the other agent. He didn’t really think twice about it(but once again how much does he really care about the main four). He’s also been labelled a smartass by the main 3(poor ken was dead at the time) when they were deciding their replacement friend which makes me think he’s not always tactful or can be blunt with his wording.

Judging: Yep, I agree that he likes structure and organization. He does not come across as spontaneous or as open to new experiences and information. One example is in The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers. My boy was shook to the core from the video(as he should be) and looked completely over it. He was decisive about not playing anymore too.

TL;DR: I typed him as ESTJ. I can’t give him the Intuitive(N) and/or Feeling(F) trait. He just comes across a mellow person that is not afraid to keep it real to me. I hope I didn’t miss the mark there. But limited content can only take me so far. Thoughts anon?

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In spite of everything I love Harley Quinn but, damn, writers treat her so badly. I swear, the temptation to make her actually stupid must be terrible because it’s so often implied, or explicitly stated, that she slept her way through school. First of all, it does not work like that.  Second, she’s not a therapist or a psychologist, she’s a psychiatrist, she’s a fricking MD and a damn young one too. Managing pre-med and collegiate gymnastics that she relied on to keep her scholarship? Harley is fucked up, but she’s not the dumb blonde she plays. (also stop making her stacked, she’s a gymnast. she is 4’11” of pure muscle and is not top heavy)

If you want a good Harley backstory it’s simple. She’s ADHD but medicated and slightly robotic because of it. I want to take special care not to demonize meds but, rather, people’s disapproval of neurodivergence and a lack of focus on what is best for a patient rather than what is most convenient for others. So, maybe, around ten years old Harley is a hyperactive space cadet who’s brilliant at tests but sloppy at coursework, who would be a gymnastics prodigy if she could actually focus on technique and put in practice time instead of fooling around. Then the meds come and it’s actually really cool because she can do the things she needs to do instead of just wanting to do them, doing something else entirely, and getting in trouble. People are proud of her, she’s proud of herself. But now there are expectations. Family and teachers and coaches overschedule her, find worth only in her success and don’t care about her mental health at all as long as she’s performing and castigate her when she does fail. Fuck if you don’t internalize that. But she doesn’t look unhealthy and she’s doing amazing. She actually has to choose between the Olympic trials and continuing her grad studies. She probably has some issues with self-harm but it either doesn’t look like self-harm or is well covered up. 

When Arkham accepts her, fresh from her residency, it’s not a mistake. The woman is amazing. All they can see is a mountain of achievements rather than the seething ball of nerves, self-loathing, and imposter syndrome boiling just under the surface. That’s when Joker comes in. He’s got the Hannibal Lecter shtick down. Where everyone else sees an intelligent driven young woman he sees a frightened overwhelmed girl who is working her hardest to convince the world she’s anyone other than herself. Sending her into a nervous breakdown would be too easy so he doesn’t even bother. Instead he’s open with her, almost friendly. The other doctors are amazed, Harley is amazed, she’s not done anything particularly revolutionary but, for the first time in forever, it looks like the clown prince of crime is showing progress. He unravels her and it’s a challenge, she flinches back and gets very serious when he comes too close to the real Harley under the professional. Still, soon she’s questioning everything. She doesn’t even really like her co-workers. She hasn’t had a real friend in years. She’s forgotten how to have fun. Did she ever want this to be her life or did she just do it for other people? It starts so slowly that it looks, at first, like she’s getting better at self-care. Maybe something totally silly one weekend, a trampoline park where she can enjoy the way her toned body moves without stressing out over landings, a face painting booth at a street fair, some garishly colored downright tacky decoration that clashes with her sensible apartment. Suddenly she realizes how much she hates knowing the difference between cream and ecru. The beigeness of her life is repulsive. She hates the person she’s pretending to be even more that she hates herself which is really saying something.

After her weekend of freedom she would have called in sick if it wasn’t so suddenly important to see him. The relief she feels at talking to one of Gotham’s most infamous supercriminals is disturbing but it is relief and she’s been swallowing a slow-motion panic attack for hours. She admits, though she shouldn’t, that she took his advice about doing something fun and he teases her, what would straight-laced Doctor Quinzel do for fun? Did she realphabetize her sock drawer or buy a new clipboard? It’s not important to impress him, it’s really not. He’s dangerous, cruel, and he looks so proud when she admits that she bought a lamp shaped like a lawn flamingo. The only mistake, he says, is that she should have stolen it. She hopes the wicked thrill it gives her doesn’t show on her face. It does. She almost even laughs. He likes it when he can make her laugh and she likes it when he likes things.

It’s wrong and unprofessional, the relationship she develops, and she knows it but her whole life she’s been so high strung. Nothing she’s done has been for her, she’s not sure she knows how to really do selfish things anymore, but he knows the selfish things she needs to do. It feels good when she follows his advice even when it’s small things like the rainbow striped socks she wears concealed under her very bland slacks and sensible shoes. She’s so happy, almost giddy, and he loves her happiness, he loves her, he loves the real her that she’s had to beat down and hide for so long, the her that even she isn’t able to love. She is able to love him, though, and since he loves her she’s able to love herself for him, to protect and nurture something so important to him.

When the choice comes between her old self, the tedious endless labor of making the world proud, and Him, the spectacular man that brought color into her life, it’s not even a question. She kills Doctor Harleen Quinzel, she throws away the version of her that let herself burn just for medals and hollow accolades. She embraces Harley Quinn and it’s so much a part of her nature she can’t even see that she’s still living her life for someone else’s approval, except this time that person is a murderous clown. She hasn’t let her hair down, she’s just put it in pigtails instead of a bun.

Royal Air Force Pilot - Lena “Tracer” Oxton

I can finally share my full illustration for​ It Takes A Woman Zine Vol. 2! This was the first zine I ever contributed to and I’m happy to have been a part of it. :)

Pre-orders are now closed but there are still a few copies available at @ittakesawomanzine!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: So in 'The Empire Strikes Back' when Vader just offs Ozzel and promotes Piett like five ranks with barely a glance like how exactly did that work out like did he have to argue with other officers that yes, in fact, Darth Vader /totally/ just made him admiral and compile witnesses and a supporting sound file or is this an event that happens frequently enough that the people who document this shit just roll their eyes and go "He fucking did it again, guys" and curse under their breaths because they just got another load of fucking paperwork to deal with another dead fucking admiral and another pile of ranks to give some random asshole and it wasn't even clarified whether he was a rear admiral or an admiral admiral so they'll just have to fucking figure that out, too, then or-

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Opinion on Parker?

the bitsy spider is like… a mildly terrifying combo of steve and tony. he has all of steve’s moral uprightness and willingness to do what he believes is right, regardless of consequences, and all of tony’s i-will-do-science-and-thereby-solve-my-problems method of dealing with life. he’s good people though, despite an unfortunate tendency to eat pizza while sitting on the ceiling and drip hot cheese into my hair. not cool, peterbird.

what makes him kinda terrifying is that he physically looks like steve did pre-superjuice, plus a few inches and a few pounds, but he’s crazy strong. the only avengers who can beat him in sheer strength are hulk and thor. and neither of them really have a calculable upper limit on their strength, so.

but being able to kick both stevie and i across the room doesnt stop him from looking like he needs to be bundled in blankets and tucked in a corner where nobody can bully him. lemmie tell you, it plays merry hell on my nerves when somebody throws a bus at him and he catches it and throws it back


I relate to Pearl in a lot of ways but one of the things I probably relate to most is her uncanny ability to stick her foot in her mouth and say the absolutely wrong thing in any situation, especially when actively trying to be helpful


pretty odd + subtitles

you know, I genuinely think the majority of games journalists and the type of people that write about games didn’t even start playing games until around 2005-2007

and it seems a hell of a lot of games journos or people that think like them are inordinately embarrassed by 90s games

Tomb Raider, Duke 3d, Doom, Deus Ex, Sonic, Mortal Kombat.

Rather than seeing them as landmarks of gaming history, they see them as embarrassments, diseases that gaming must recover from. Tumors to be removed from gaming’s consciousness.

Even the people that played games around this time and are into “gaming culture” seem to absolutely despise these games and games that came before.

You got Leigh Alexander blaming Deus Ex for screwing up her relationship with her dad. You got moviebob calling Deus Ex games “robot shooting games”.
we’ve got nobodies going on bizarre twitter rants about how Doom ruined gaming because it wasn’t a “sophisticated” rpg or Myst

and you got people saying with a straight face

“Sonic was never good”

I’m not even a Sonic fan, and I know that’s bullshit.

Thus this ties back into my theory about when they started playing video games….

Sonic 06 came out right around this time.

So Sonic as a franchise is getting hit by a doubly whammy of like, their first encounter with it being a particularly bad entry in the series, and of him being pretty much the final serious holdout of “Mascot…..WITH AN ATTITUDE” from the 90s.

Duke gets hit pretty bad cause OH HE’S MISOGYNISTIC and by his last proper game not being very good and severely outdated.

Lara Croft got hit by, despite a majority of her games being clever affairs about her agility, climbing and NOT FALLING ON THE GROUND, a bad early case of Fanbase Being Horny For Her, so these sorts REALLY don’t like her. So they like the boring drab dressed reboot Uncharted clone where she keeps falling off cliffs and crying, because they’re under the impression nobody is Horny for her (haha, how little they know)

with Mortal Kombat, you just gotta look at how positively they reacted to it having an actual story mode and more “realistically” proportioned women (though Netherealm honestly still isn’t GREAT at modelling and designing women yet)

Doom has people thinking it’s just a pulpy gore shoot affair, not knowing that you actually need a strategic approach and sharp reflexes to succeed and it has brilliant level designs that influence people TO THIS DAY

and with Deus Ex, you see people trying to eviscerate them for taking a non racial apartheid as a theme, screaming at them for having “Augmented Lives Matter” in a protester’s banner in concept art, even though Deus Ex ALWAYS talked about social issues, political philosophies, and conspiracy theories. and even though Adam Jensen Deus Ex games are probably some of the best representations of an understated dystopia, with augmented humans being discriminated against and legislated into oblivion, and dystopic nightmares about people never truly owning the body parts they need to live, Adam Jensen being only valued because he has a specific mutation in his DNA by his own company and the Illuminati, and with blue collar laborers being further dehumanized by getting augments because the company usually owns their body parts, they become dependent on anti rejection drugs, and often have them going into serious debt to keep a job that doesn’t pay enough to keep their debts. If that isn’t a “Late Capitalism” concept, what the hell IS? robot shooter my ass.

everything starts to make a lot more sense when you realize a lot of these people are neophytes to this art form that have no respect or sense of history to what came before, or bitter old assholes that should know better, but are perpetually enraged gaming hasn’t turned out how THEY wanted and that THEY have no control nor influence