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Could you please do a post on ENTJ Ravenclaws? Your blog is amazing, I check it several times a day😘

  • would not be surprised if they captained the quidditch team
  • like the gryffindors would be complaining about how much wood makes them work and ravenclaws would be like ‘…bruh’
  • the type to set up a black market in muggle supplies with heavily inflated prices
  • will use magic for anything and everything as soon as they come of age
  • would also probably be a prefect, you know that golden child who’s good at everything
  • being in ravenclaw is actually really good for them because it broadens their horizons a bit and forces them to look at other perspectives
  • absolutely hate having to answer a riddle to get into the common room who’s idea was that it’s stupid 
  • walk into their career guidance with flitwick with a ten point plan and a powerpoint
  • will stay up for hours working on a spell until they can do it right
  • when someone dares stands up to an entj on debate night the entj instantly wants to befriend them
  • probably very good at transfiguration and would greatly admire mcgonagall 

Pairing: Jimin x You 

Genre: Fluff!

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 "Oh man Jennie! He’s back again! Please you have to take his order this time, I always make a fool of myself around him!“ I beg my best friend and co-worker Jennie, who has been with me for a couple years now.

 "Y/N it’s so obvious that you’re crushing on him! You aren’t going to get rid of it by hiding behind the counter. You still have a job to do! Now go!” She says, pushing me off in the direction of the customer. A very, very attractive customer. His name is Park Jimin. Or at least, that’s what his friends have called him; I haven’t actually met him. Okay so maybe that might be a little creepy, but you’d understand if you saw him. His eyes are so beautiful, whether he smiles or not. 

Oh his smile…I’ll never get tired of seeing his prefect smile. Somehow he’s so cute yet at the same time so…manly. And his hair! It’s so fluffy and it always seems to be amazing. He’s had many hair colors but this is my favorite: blonde. I don’t really know why, it just suits him so well. If I hadn’t seen him here everyday, I would’ve thought that he’s a real life prince. But the thing that makes me wonder the most is how his lips would feel. They’re just so pink and just so perfectly plump I-

 "Hello? Excuse me miss?“ I’m broken out of my reverie by none other than the prince himself.

 "Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I didn’t know that I zoned out in front of you, this is so embarrassing! How long have I been standing here?” I feel my face turning beet red. I’m sure if I looked at myself right now I’d be an equivalent to a tomato.

 "Well, only about a minute. It’s really no problem. You looked kind of cute zoned out like that. Can I get your name? I might as well know it, I’ve been coming here for the past month now; and I always seem to have you as a server. If you don’t mind, of course.“ I don’t respond, what he’s asking not registering in my mind. It isn’t until he clears his throat that I manage to respond.

 "Oh! U-um, not at all! My name is Y/N.”

 "Y/N, huh? Pretty. I’m Jimin.“

 "I know.” My eyes widen in horror as I realize that, this beautiful man that I’ve never formally met before just introduced himself and I go and tell him I already know who he is. 

Great. Fantastic. Why must I be so nervous around him!

 "Oh you do? Well then I must have done something right to get a beautiful girl like you to notice me.“ He winks, and I think that this is his way of defusing any embarrassment I might feel. I smile at him gratefully.

 "Well, now that I’ve turned a normal shade of color for a human being; may I take your order?”

 "Just the usual Y/N, thank you.“ And with that, I walk to the kitchen, put in the order and come back to a smirking Jennie.

 "I saw you out there. You know, for embarrassing yourself that many times in front of him, you did pretty well.”

 "Oh shut up! You don’t understand! He affects me in ways I never knew could be affected! I get so nervous around him that I just freeze and completely humiliate myself! I’m surprised he still comes back!“ I say this all in one breath, feeling frustrated that I can never seem to act normal in front of this man.

 "This might sound like a crazy idea, but maybe, just maybe you have a crush on him.”

“That’s crazy! I don’t even know him!” She scoffs at my outburst, finding it invalid.

 "That’s not true. You know what he likes to eat and what he likes in his coffee. You’ve seen his friends so obviously he’s in college. Maybe you should ask him out?“ I stare at her in disbelief. How does she expect me to do that when I can barely be in his presence for one minute without making a fool of myself. 

“No…with the amount of times I’ve embarrassed myself, I don’t think he’d be interested.” A sigh passes my lips in defeat before Jennie speaks up encouragingly.

 "I wouldn’t be so sure of that hon. Why do you think he’s been coming in here every other day for the past month? Cause let me tell you, he isn’t interested in the food.“ She gives me a wink and a nudge to go back towards the front. But when I come out from the kitchen, Jimin is gone. I silently beat up on myself inside my head, telling myself that I just lost my chance. That after today he won’t come back, not if he has a klutzy waitress like me. I trudge my way towards his table to collect his dishes when I see the receipt. More specifically, the words on the receipt.

 'Although we haven’t actually introduced ourselves until today, I’ve found you incredibly adorable. Especially when you get embarrassed. I wouldn’t mind seeing more sides of you. And I sense that there’s so much more to you than your beautiful smile. I’ll be back in two days, and hopefully you’ll have your response. Until then, Y/N.’ -Jimin 

 A huge smile spreads across my face as I tuck the receipt into my pocket, my answer already in mind. I realize that maybe my klutzy side isn’t such a bad thing after all. 

 Hi there lovelies! I hope you enjoyed reading this! I had to do another Jimin oneshot because I was having withdrawals. Thanks for reading! Sar signing off!

i found this piece of shit fucking prompt buried in my google drive and for some reason, never wrote it

Imagine Louis “Never Even Been a Prefect, More Times in Detention than Class” Tomlinson opening his Hogwarts letter for his final ear and out of the envelope slides a Head Boy badge. The amount of confusion he experiences. The unanswered owls he sends to the Headmistress trying to figure out if it’s a mistake. He tells no one, not even his mum, which kills him, but the last thing he wants to do is tell people he got it and then have to tell them when he finds out it was all a mistake.

He gets to the Platform (almost too late, obviously) on the first day and his gruff Head of House grumbles at him, “There you are, Tomlinson, your prefects are in the first cabin.” And Louis is astounded because this isn’t a joke. He gets told to pin his Head Boy Badge on (you better not’ve lost it, or I swear, Tomlinson…) and get on the train before it leaves him behind, and he doesn’t get to ask any questions.

He walks into the first cabin and surveys who he’s working with – there’s Liam Payne the headstrong do-gooder Gryffindor and Harry Styles the spacey yet surprisingly competent Ravenclaw and Niall Horan the chill Hufflepuff and Zayn Malik the not at all surprisingly competent Slytherin (and maybe the Mixers for the girls and Eleanor for the Head Girl?). Zayn greets him because they’re housemates and they go way back, and Payne looks up at him and asks him if he’s lost, which, please. He’s a seventh year.

But it hits him a little that it’s sort of a fair question (not that he’d ever admit it) – but he’s Louis “My Transfiguration Professor told me I’d never amount to anything” Tomlinson. This doesn’t happen to him.

He’s also got a bit of a reputation for mischief. That bit he’s not particularly ashamed of.

“Sit up straight, lads, your leader is here. Look at the ladies, next to them you look like you’ve just spent three hours de-gnoming your mum’s garden. Get your feet off the seat, Horan, show some respect for the position,” he barks, rising to as much of as his full height as he can manage.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Payne asks, knowing full well the answer.

“I’m Louis Tomlinson, your Head Boy, and I’d watch your tone there, Payne.”

And Zayn smiles and shakes his head because it’s classic Tommo and Niall crows with laughter and Harry widens his eyes, looks vaguely amused but says nothing, and Liam looks like he’s just swallowed a mouthful of earwax-flavored Bertie Botts, and the girls could not literally give a fuck and Eleanor asks him if he’ll need a measuring tape for their dicks if they’re going to keep on at it like this.

Louis is all talk, all bark, all strut, but when it comes right down to it, he hasn’t got a clue how to lead them. But he knows he has to. He knows he has to learn. He’s going to step up for once in his life because he’s been given a chance.

It’s probably Lilo and Liam learns how to relax from Louis and Louis learns how to actually be responsible from Liam. And it’s a lot of trial and error and anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Quelled by the best support system either of them can possibly imagine. Basically an X-Factor era fic in disguise, isn’t it?

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Can you do one for ENFJ ravenclaws please ☺️

Tried to do some research, hope this is accurate :)

- Somehow friends?? with?? everyone?? how do they do it??

- Looove study groups and group work

- Super helpful when OWL/NEWT exam season rolls around

- Spend all their time solving other peoples’ problems and forget to care for themselves

- *Always* selected to be prefect or head boy/girl because they’re amazing leaders

- “You need to copy my homework? No problem but lemme just explain how to do it real quick, no it’s no bother at all!”

- Takes pity on first-years and helps them solves riddles

- Constantly trying to start up new clubs. “Ancient Runes Club!” “Hippogriff Rights Club!” “Magical Crafting Club!”

- Loves teaching and advising others, needs to connect with others through their work

- Passionate about right and wrong, will stand up for others no matter what

- “What do you mean, you don’t want advice??”

- 100% the protagonist in every story

- Always trying to new ways to become better friends with people

- Tons of house pride, but doesn’t love competition all that much

- Because they’re friends with ALL the houses ?? again, how??

- Will gladly sit in the common room for two hours and listen to you rant

- Everyone thinks they’re a tough leader but they’re actually gentle and non-confrontational as heck

- Trusts people way too much because everyone likes them too much to betray them :’)

- Better at explaining things than the professor is

- Doesn’t need to be in a position of power but everyone wants them to be

- Because they’re empathetic and will try to connect with you 24/7

- The best Ravenclaw leaders and teachers tbh

Thanks for the ask! Feel free to request headcanons anytime, ravens <3


Here’s the trailer for a short film i’ve been working on entitled CHROMA DREAMS: A SNAPSHOT OF SOUNDS IN GRID CITY 2013-2016. 

It features 11 songs from 11 bands that at the time called Adelaide, Australia home. A unique time and place. 

features clips from: 


as well as lots of other incidental bullshit. 

Film will be available from next week. 

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What do you think about Ron being a prefect because that always pissed me off in my opinion he absolutely did not deserve it

By the time he was 15 Ron Weasley had faced down more genuinely terrifying obstacles than most adults. He had demonstrated that his loyalty would prevail even when he was scared or jealous. He had shown that he had valuable skills and knew his limits, and that he was willing to step aside and take one for the team. Why wouldn’t he deserve to be a prefect?

Even if you’re not a Ron fan, though, consider the context. In appointing prefects Dumbledore would have had several goals in mind:

  • Keeping a handle on Harry - no one was going to do that better than Ron, including Hermione, who both Ron and Harry sometimes disregard because she can be so by-the-book.
  • Making sure that Harry had the latitude to do what he needed to do - Ron was going to be understanding of that in a way no one else would have been.
  • Making sure that the Death Eaters didn’t get a foothold in Gryffindor - Ron would never have let that happen.
  • Developing the Order’s bench - Ron’s whole family was in the Order, developing his leadership skills and confidence was the safest bet going.
  • Creating balance in the house - Hermione might be a stickler for rules, but Ron would be a moderating influence.
  • Appointing prefects who could lighten adults’ loads as they focused on the war - Ron would have had important perspective on what really needed adult intervention and what students could be encouraged to work out on their own.
  • Appointing prefects who would stand up to each other and make sure no one abused their power - Ron definitely wouldn’t have had a problem stepping in if anyone else, especially Pansy and Draco, had tried pulling rank on younger kids, and the Slytherins would’ve realized that Ron wouldn’t have been above retaliating if they’d been tempted.
  • Making Ron a prefect also would’ve helped him come into his own among his siblings, given him a better understanding of power and authority (and helped reveal any lurking character issues that power might have brought out - remember how Percy changed when he became a prefect?)
  • And tbh, if Dumbledore saw what was coming he may have understood the virtue in giving Ron some privileges and creature comforts (for his sake and for Harry’s).

Consider the choices, too. There are only five possible Gryffindor boys prefects.

  • Harry was way too preoccupied and wouldn’t have benefited from additional responsibility, nor was it the best use of his energy.
  • Seamus had doubts about whether Voldemort’s return was real and had contributed to people second-guessing Harry, and it would’ve been risky to give him authority if that’s how he might have used it.
  • Neville still had his old wand and his magical strength wasn’t great yet, and he also may not have had the social authority to enforce rules, plus he had shown that he was willing to stand up to the trio and stop them from doing what they needed to do which, while brave and well-intentioned, had the potential to really get in the way of important stuff.
  • Dean was great and probably would’ve been a perfectly fine prefect but didn’t come with the same tactical advantages.

Any way you look at it, it’s gotta be Ron. He was the best choice going in any number of ways. Including because he had shown that he deserved it.

(P.S. - Why Pansy and Draco were the right choices too)