is possessing my hair

When Halesia lost her older sister, Yuri, who she was very attached to, she found herself wishing she could bring her back. While looking through her Yuri’s belongings, she found out that Yuri used to be a Hex Maniac trainer in her younger years. Finding what appeared to be an occult book, Halesia felt as if this was her chance.

Against her parents’ wishes, Halesia dived deep into becoming a Hex Maniac, learning of the occult and getting together with a Hex Maniac club. Her exploits into this even allowed her to unwittingly welcome a spirit to enter into her body to bring her closer to the powers necessary to do the job.

Finally, after a long time, Halesia managed to gain enough power to summon her sister back into the world of the living. The only problem, however, was that her sister came back a Phantump. 

It was not how she envisioned her reunion with her sister would go. She had brought her sister back, but at what cost?

slayer-queen-irene replied to your post[PM] Nigel, can an egg become possessed?

[PM] [del: Er,] No. Since my hair flattener decided to take sweet revenge, I have been wondering what sorts of items and creatures could fall victim to possession. Out of curiosity, how would one safeguard an egg?

[pm] I don’t appreciate being lied to, Irene. Why the fuck would you pick an egg of all things if you weren’t trying to protect an egg? Just put it in a salt circle, ghosts can’t cross them. 

your fave is problematic: caroline oldji

-yes. oldji is just youngji…but backwards….

-made a shitpost about me being problematic when i did nothing to u


-always threatens to fight me but hasn’t even thrown a punch

-where u at im expecting u

-ur right about my hair tho my most prized possession

-i haven’t talked shit with you yet??? whwt the UCKFC??

-she sends me things about hara i keep caro in my most prized friends list also @ me in pics of hara of kara

-her hair is rlly cute and she is rlly cute herself

-likes idols w/ big noses

-also idols with big thighs

-she likes youngji @ her in pictures of youngji if you wanna be her friend

-she also said bananamoans to me yesterday through paige? don’t think i forgot about that caro

-will probably swim across whatever ocean separates us to slit my throat in my sleep

-she lives in australia doesn’t everyone in australia live inside a kangaroo or something

I made it!

After what felt like forever, a long delay in a HELLA HOT place, and tons of questioning about what possessed me to dye my hair pink and purple… I am here! 2,090 miles from home with my squidddddie!!

I didn’t have nightmares! Praise the heavens!
I did have a ton of pain, but weh that’s not news. I slept and slept and slept this morning after the boy went to work, so now I feel like a million bucks! Excited to adventure this side of the country for the next 5 days!

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My Opinion on;

Character in general: Lyon, you snarky bastard, you beautiful diva~ You’re so sweet and yet stubborn and clever and UGH. I LOVE YOU.


Do I:

Want to RP with them:  *grabs Lyon’s face and pulls him close, petting his hair possessively* Alwayssssss…..

What is my;

Overall Opinion: 

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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I got suspended in middle school for

- having a blade in my possession (long story)
- dyeing my hair
- piercing my nose

and once for “cyber bullying” this girl when in reality I had never talked to her before in my life & didn’t even know her name till that day

Amphetamine Annie-Dog
Has her leash and a face
Her velvet spleen her shackle spine
Her dimond curse
It comes with mine

A vessel she
For violent I
Confession arms a wake
Mine, mine you were always mine
Possessed by my taste

And below the angel dog
Combs her hair and sings her psalms
The bombs go off
She doesn’t notice
It all goes wrong
She sets things tragic
She is venus
She is mars
She’s electric
And the struggle of

Upon my face we leave no trace
But in her stomach mercury aged

She holds the blood
She carves the knives
She digs the wives in our babies

Amphetamine Annie-Dog
Pulls her trash
And her stories
From place to place
And bed to bed
Gives of herself and the magnet head

Another floor another ceiling
Counting stairs with double meanings

Is it wrong to be swallowed whole
To disappear in her
To give her the priceless peace
Of giving up control

We tumble out into the streets
And Annie-Dog she drags her leash
Pretty face
Ugly mouth
Bitter bred and so released

And by the no
And by the yes
Annie goes if you couldn’t guess

A simple man
A sycophant
Her elephant with the laughing call
She wants clean sheets
And fresh flowers
And dental shots
And the hong kong glue

Amphetamine Annie-Dog
Has her leash and a face
—  Billy Crogan, Smashing Pumpkins, Adore, Annie-Dog

I would be willing to lose my hair, possessions, voice, sight, hearing, etc… before I would be willing to lose Andrew. He’s so much more than just a boyfriend or best friend. I’ve never had this kind of a connection with anyone before and I’d be a fool to believe it could ever happen again with someone else.

I’m so done, I got called in to my principal because of my hair, like THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR MONTHS, WE HAVE A DAY AND A HALF LEFT OF SCHOOL CHILL
and like she called my hair ‘dreadful’ and asked me 'what possessed me to get it cut like this’
and the teacher who all the other teachers have been reporting me to, she was like 'get it fixed’ like its broken or smth
And i was upset, and i was sort of sniffling, and a girl from my class saw me and was like 'whats wrong?’ And i just burst out crying and all i said was 'hair’ and 'principal’
But its ok, cause i got into class and cried into my friends shirt, and our teacher who was a sub noticed. She had no idea who i was but got me to talk to her and when she realised she taught my sister, she started talking to me about her, and told me she liked my hair, and then shared her chocolate with me.
And like i rlly wanted to tell my mum about it because she’d probably yell at them but she didnt come home till 1:30am and when she did she was drunk and came home with this guy whom i had never met but im assuming hes someone from her new work
Jeez this rant is long but idk i just wanted to vent, i feel better now, no comforting obligations here